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Started by Talia Bryce, May 18, 2021, 03:11:09 am

Talia Bryce

May 18, 2021, 03:11:09 am Last Edit: July 21, 2021, 05:31:00 am by Talia Bryce
Talia Elizabeth Bryce
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Talia Bryce

June 03, 2021, 03:54:29 pm #1 Last Edit: June 22, 2021, 06:27:41 am by Talia Bryce
August 1969

August 1st

   I've been spending much of my time packing up my office at Mungos in preparation to move once term begins at Hogwarts. I can't tell if I haven't told Mum or Dad about it yet because I keep getting pulled in other directions to busy myself or I'm worried what their reaction will be. They think I'm moving to my own place for more privacy... I had loosely mentioned last year about leaving from St. Mungos after that one patient in July but... Dad went into a spasm of sorts over the mere idea I go elsewhere. Maybe it was just because he doesn't want me to move, he did say something about not wanting to be jumping across the pond constantly. I guess the news would be better with me leaving to Hogwarts and not across the world somewhere. Gosh, I don't even know if I'm ready for this... what if I can't do my own work and end up grading papers forever?

August 9th

    I swear I've been finding more stuff every time I open a closet door. How is this possible?? Granted it was nice finding that old scarf Gran knit me for my 18th birthday. But honestly ?! Oh and some old essays from Charms... those really brought me back. I can't bring myself to toss some of it into the bin, one of my Potions books had notes scribbled away in the back that I had entirely forgotten about. I bet they could help with that theory on getting a purer concentration of elixirs in smaller doses so we could expand our patients and more can benefit. Well.. Mungos patients now I should say. That feels odd hmm. I should write to Audish again.

August 23rd

    Mostly moved in and met a few other colleagues here in the castle. The office I ended up with has great shelf space! I already set up the collection on Blackthorne's Botanical Methodologies. An owl came with a note however once again the book I've been asking for was on backorder, Figgin's Floriography. I swear everytime I see a copy somewhere I can never get my hands on it. I might check in once the students are settled though the shopkeep noted it would be several months maybe... I think it was a preemptive way of him asking me to stop inquiring every week. Ah well..

Talia Bryce

June 03, 2021, 03:59:05 pm #2 Last Edit: June 10, 2021, 04:39:54 am by Talia Bryce
September 1969

September 3rd

     I cannot believe how exhausted I am this early on. The amount of socializing and memorizing has been exhilarating but also worn me out. Most of my students seem keen on the syllabi so far! Maybe this wasn't the worst idea to put in for the job. Oh... I need to owl home about it. Tomorrow after I meet with a new older students.

September 12th

     These kids are brilliant. Well... most of them. A few of them actually know a good deal on the plants we're covering in some of the classes. Some however are struggling already so I think some weekend tutoring will be a good thing. I actually spent some time talking to one about my own work which she seemed interested in. I think I've made it around to all of the faculty as well. Breakfast always is an interesting start to the day and feels better than breaks at Mungos. I haven't laughed like that in a long time I think.

September 17th

     An owl came from Mags with some mail from home. I really need to tell them... Mags didn't seem to mind though forwarding them along to me. I'm grateful she is kind of covering for me til I can let them know. Dad still sounds worried so I might have to check in with him. Over lunch I can probably let him know.. or maybe with Mum. I should probably tell them together? Okay, next weekend I will visit and tell them.

Talia Bryce

June 03, 2021, 04:06:07 pm #3 Last Edit: June 10, 2021, 04:40:30 am by Talia Bryce
October 1969

October 8th

    Mags and Edith met me in Hogsmeade to catch up. I hadn't been to Madam Puddifoot's in awhile and actually sat inside to enjoy some tea. They caught me up on things back with the others in the hospital. A couple of the patients we worked on had come back worse than before. One in particular but Audish sent them on their way. I don't know what I could do to help... especially from here. Maybe I shouldn't have left... they were my responsibility.

October 13th

    Edith sent an extra box from storing things at her flat. The entire box.. the notes I was told to leave behind at Mungos... a couple files. It dredged up more than I wanted but I need to focus on classes and my students.

October 20th

    More letters from home and Mags seems annoyed now in her last owl. I couldn't tell to be honest if she was just giving me a hard time or actually pressing me to tell them already about Hogwarts. I'm not ready. What if things here don't work out and I go back to Mungos.. if they even took me back. It would upset my parents for nothing. Not to mention be another failure to tick off. I dont know... Alice Perry wrote to me about her daughter, she included a drawing and tiny note from Molly. What if I really did make a mistake. I haven't even had it in me to look at my notes from then. Molly was such a big part of that how can I look at it and not see her face? I don't know what to do.

October 24th

    I can't even bring myself to unpack the rest of my boxes or get them from Edith. I feel sick.

October 25th

    I spent some time talking to Rose and it helped put things back into perspective. I still have this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach but we talked and she mentioned a small holiday? I don't really get time for that or hadn't before. I suppose teachers get that now and then. I'll have to talk to the Headmaster about it. Mags and everyone are going to the IAC this year again this year. It would be the first time in a long time I would miss out. It's supposedly being hosted in Ireland. Not too far away.. especially by floo. If they needed me here I could be back quick as a diricawl. Minus... the apparating.

Talia Bryce

June 04, 2021, 03:57:42 am #4 Last Edit: June 22, 2021, 07:00:50 am by Talia Bryce
November 1969

November 5th

I'm so happy for Rose, honestly. She has been such a good friend since I arrived here. I feel much lighter about this trip and being able to get away for a few days. The International Alchemical Conference is coming up quick so I want to get some notes together beforehand and scope out the speakers.

The students will be in good hands while I'm away. I have no doubt they'll be fine and I won't come back to the greenhouses ablaze. This way I can come back in a better frame of mind as well. I owe Rose for sure. Something.. I'll treat her to something when I return. I'm so excited!

November 12th

Feeling much better recently and actually back to not forcing a smile in front of the students. I spoke to Mags about the letters and she sounded fine with them continuing there for a couple more weeks until I'm back in my office. I'm going today and next week to get the last of my things tonight from Edith's then all should be right with the world once more! I plunged back into all that work I carried over my Mungos and sorted a few ideas to bring with me to IAC. I heard someone mention in one of the Diagon Alley shops that Declan O'Dwyer was going to be speaking. It'll be interesting to see him again. I can't remember the last time I saw him but he really knew his stuff from classes. No surprise he is doing so well for himself! I think this trip calls for a new note journal

November 17th

Day one and I'm excited !! We are all getting breakfast and then venturing in a bit earlier than the first lecture begins. There seems to be a load of interesting speakers this year, last year was a tad iffy. Here's hoping I can present my work to one of them!

November 18th

When I planned to come here to Glenbally after my talk with Rose and the Headmaster..  I thought it was going to be another year just doing workshops and listening to lectures. I don't think I can put this down onto paper... I don't trust myself. This is insane. I've gone mad.

Plus Mags might check my journal so there's no way I'm putting all this down in here. And... I just want to keep it as close as I can for now. At least for tonight.

November 19th

I really wanted to stay here longer with the conference but I took the morning to take a walk and clear my head before I head back to Hogwarts. Rose was right this was exactly what I needed. I still don't know if I can share what happened with anyone. I'll sound crazy... I don't even know what came over me. I keep having this thought if I say it all aloud even to myself it'll just jinx it. I found a nice little spot to sit and can't help but wonder what he's doing. My cheeks hurt from smiling constantly.

November 21st

Classes are going so much smoother lately and I managed to write up a couple drafts to my parents for a time to meet so we can talk about Hogwarts. The students have been great and really doing good with their studies. I think doing more hands on assignments will be beneficial. There are a few I'm worried about falling behind but have arranged some meetings the next few days with them to get everyone back on track.

I wrote out a few versions of a letter to Odhrán but I really don't want to bother him while he's working. I know I could use the Floo network but what it interupts something. I can't imagine his face popping up and.. distracting me during class. His work must be tough enough without having me just insert myself. Mags was telling me about the type of things he did for work and I can't imagine the energy it takes. She also said some other stuff but really it was just gossip from the hospital. I can probably catch him when he returns, though she did say it's the man's responsibility to owl first. Seems ludicrous to me especially with how things ... ended... why does the woman have to wait?

November 22nd

I'm getting anxious but Edith assured me I'm doing the right thing. I still haven't told them everything that happened that night. I can't really believe it myself in all honesty. No idea what came over me... Mags said it was well..  him doing things. Twisting my mind? I did have a drink of two so that sounds more like she is simply getting over protective.

But I keep seeing that image of his eyes over and over. Especially before I go to sleep. I wonder how Germany is going and if that boy is okay. If he is okay.. This is much harder than I thought it would be. Here I used to make fun of girls fawning over boys and I can't even teach class without accidentally daydreaming or giggling thinking about him. One of the students even found one of the owl letters I had tossed out in the bin inside my office!!! Thank Merlin she didn't open it. I don't think. Okay that's too much to consider.

November 26th

It's been a week and I can't recall how long Odhrán said he was away for. Mags still insists I hold off on any correspondence. I don't understand why but Edith even agreed this time. They're meeting me at the Three Broomstick tonight after classes and I finish the last few tests I have yet to grade. Edith seemed pretty upset so I have no idea what's going on, I hope she is alright.

Second Entry

I'm so angry I have no idea where these two get off thinking they can ambush me like that. They're supposed to be my friends and after a couple butterbeers Mags jumps right in telling me all this nonsense about Odhrán and his father. I thought Edith was ill! They both had me worried and it was just some idiotic excuse to get me to listen to this toxic dribble. Something about his father and Azkaban.. Some woman he was seeing or had seen? I couldn't listen anymore when they got to his sister. I had to leave, scene or not. I don't care if Rosemerta never lets me back into that place. They don't know anything! Ugh now I have to finish this grading and my head is pounding.

November 28th

I can't focus! I rewrote out the study I had of a port of Gamp's Law for something I don't know how many times. I know this front and back why is my brain blanking? I even struggled with a few questions today with the second year class in regard to the medicinal properties of a flippin' shrivelfig leaf. A LEAF! A leaf I've stared at for how much of my life? One out of plenty okay but what is my problem.

I'm hoping to catch up a bit with Rose tonight. I need some insight and perspective... badly. Maybe she has heard differently about Odhrán and his family..

Talia Bryce

June 04, 2021, 04:11:04 am #5 Last Edit: July 09, 2021, 02:10:22 am by Talia Bryce
December 1969

December 2nd

Was it really so much to hope for a single owl or something, anything? I had to cave and tell my parents about Hogwarts since they want me to come home for the holiday. It will be a good excuse to stay. I don't think I can face them like this. I'm barely holding it together long enough for classes. Someone left lunch plans dinner outside of my office the last few days but just the smell of food made my stomach queasy. Edith tried to write me but I sent her owl back and Mags hasnt spoken to me in awhile. That's just fine with me. I can't handle anymore of her ridiculous accusations right now about me or otherwise. End of term is coming up fast and I need to focus. All of my work has been shoved aside as it is. I hate this.

December 6th

I can't bring myself to get rid of this drawing. I came across it trying to get ready for work with some students this afternoon but I couldn't even bring myself to stay and dish out a detention, it was driving me cray. So.. I went to Meridian after and stood there like a helpless savant just staring at the windows hoping a curtain would shift and he would be in there and I wouldn't have to go up to the door myself. I wanted to, I did but. What is happening to me.. he should have written me. I can't even go to Scrivenshaft's without everyone staring and whispering. One of the shop attendants actually huffed at me yesterday and turned her nose up when I asked for extra quills like it was some ridiculous request. It wasn't until I left and heard her say Helene's name that I realized what the problem was. Me. I might have to ask Rose to get any orders for me in town that won't come by owl from now on.

December 9th

Six. Six letters today but oh no not from him, from home. My parents mostly but one from Maisie and another from Gran. Mum has a sneaking suspicion something else is going on but I can't tell her. I don't know if she heard something or worse my father from the Ministry.. these people are truly ridiculous to do nothing but spread gossip! Gran was even long winded about her severe disappointment when hearing of course.. from my mother about leaving for Hogwarts. I would have thought they would be happy I'm teaching and around kids. No, I'm just playing around according to her instead of getting my priorities sorted aka a man. That only made things worse and bring up..him.

I have a ton of pre-holiday work to grade and the greenhouses need to be ready for next term. I don't want to spend all break in there by myself. Though that does sound nice... Rose might worry however if I become a hermit.

December 12th

I may hex his head right off his perfectly broad shoulders if I see him. Alright not.. entirely.... true. But what did I do? I wonder if it was the kiss? I'm such an idiot. So so.. so dumb.

Rose and I are heading into Hogsmeade to get some errands done for the holiday and I can't fight this need.. want.. whatever it may be, wish? That he and I could do that.. walk down to town and enjoy each other's company. It made me think of that question he asked. If I had more time.. well- I want more time.

December 19th

I went to the Ministry to catch up and have lunch with the old man today. My hands are still shaky so I'm unsure if my writing is going to really hold the entire entry but... He was there. I have no idea what is going on with the universe 'slingshot' us back and forth. I have a bit of a headache from it though it isn't in a negative, I feel sick way. Just kind of a lightheaded dizzy feeling as if I'm coming down from all the adrenaline. I'm still in disbelief that today happened. We were able to talk, after some arguments and back and forth. I... I should have written him. Apparently Germany did not go very well and as for all the things that were said to me, well... that was cleared up in short order. I know there has to be more but I'm not going to pry. We settled on some version of... friends? Had lunch and the way he- I don't know. I'm going to need to talk to Rose!!

December 20th

Eoghan came to Hogwarts to help with organizing some of the greenhouse while the student's are away. It was so good to catch up with him again, though I'm pretty sure my attitude left him somewhat annoyed, hah. Ah well... I can't help it. Yesterday really did something to me and I had to tell someone before I exploded so unfortunately for him he was the victim of my babbling. What are brothers and best friends for?

December 26th

I think I'm in trouble. What have I gotten myself into, honestly? Odhrán needed my help at Meridian, of course I went... In my defense it seemed more of an emergency than it was. He had a patient that was... well.. I can't even write it let alone think it. I'm sure it's the reason I'm not going to really sleep and not the fact he is downstairs on my couch. Just to give a proper example as to just how much trouble I'm in.  Things got a little out of control... and I suppose that is my fault. Let me rephrase that, I got out of control. I don't know what came over me and I'm scared to admit that I don't even care what it was, it felt amazing. Thinking about it makes my hands shake or maybe that's just nerves from having a man in my house that isn't my father this far into the evening. He said some things and I just... I couldn't wake him up and make him go home, not like that. And if I'm being completely and utterly honest with myself I feel safer with him being here. I guess that's a bit selfish again on my part... ugh.  We're supposed to be friends but I can't shake this desire to want more. What am I going to do..?

December 28th

I'd love to say I won't be able to sleep tonight after today but I'm so exhausted between holidays and the last couple days in general. I can barely keep my eyes open writing. Keeping this going however, has been a good way to make sure I'm not going completely mental. I had every intention of just having a lazy day doing prep for term but someone sent a note through floo asking about an actual date! Did a little castle tour at Mallow and was interrupted by some Muggles, that was exciting. I've never seen Odhrán so animated! It was-well I have no words. Then we went to this gorgeous place with Irish marble all over and baths.. and-for lack of a better word it was truly magical. Ridiculous, I know. Anyway, things seemed to be going really well despite a snag here or there. We actually were able to talk a little more about 'us' and whatever that means. I'll admit I've been riding that high all day of 'us.'

December 30th

Finished all my term prep so I finally feel free to focus more on some things at home. Wrote to Odhrán and we chatted a bit through floo the other day, though he is awfully busy and the conversations are quite short. The last couple of times I mentioned floo he was too busy to meet. He did say things would be hectic. I still can't help but feel a tad worried that I might have pushed him? I hope he isn't overdoing it, I might send another letter just to keep in touch.

December 31st

The end of another year! Insane to look back and see how things were at the start and then be here now. Having a little something with some of the students who stayed behind. I think I might be attempting to convince myself it's more for them than it is me. Keep myself busy and not be alone on the holiday. I doubt they want to be as well, a dinner and some music and sweets couldn't hurt. Even if my mother disagrees. I'm sure I'll hear from her soon about it. Oh well! Here's to the new year and the end of a decade!

Talia Bryce

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January 1970

January 4th

Not much word from Odhrán lately.. find that strange. He's been really quiet, not NOT attentive. Miss yous and talk soons. It just... something feels different and I can't really put my finger on it. Other than that I've kept myself busy organizing that extra space at home into a second office/greenhouse. It isn't that I don't trust some of the students but I'd like a space to keep some of the plants Eoghan and I have worked on together without the chance of them dying or growing feet and suddenly disappearing.

January 6th

I can only spare a few minutes but needed to write something down while I sit here trying to let the events of today catch up to me. It feels more like a horrid dream of some sort rather than Aoibheann, Odhrán's sister, showing up to explain that he's been in some sort of accident after a trip to-well I dare not write it...   I'm still piecing all of that together in my mind. Anyway, he ended up in the hospital and thankfully she came to let me know. If she hadn't I'm sure I wouldn't have had any clue, if ever... I don't think he would have been so forthcoming with that information. I went to St. Mungos to see him, managed to sneak in with some help from Mags. I never thought I would see him in this state... truthfully it was beyond terrifying. So frail and lifeless, completely out of it. Anyway, everyone managed to move him safely to Meridian for now. I'm just home quick to gather some things... and my thoughts then head back so his mother, sister, Helene and Seive-Mauvernay can leave.

January 7th