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Started by M. B. Montgomery, May 08, 2021, 04:30:29 pm

M. B. Montgomery

It was the middle of the night when the fireplace in Sid's quarters had sprung to life. Immediately, he expected the worst. His father, Archibald, was old and frail. Maybe, it was his mother calling to let him know that it was time. He'd been expecting that call to come. Unwelcome as it would be, he was prepared.

Instead, he was greeted by the face of an unfamiliar woman. If he'd been asked to guess her age from the image flickering in his hearth he might have guessed that she was in her forties.

"Are you Montgomery?" She asked as tears streamed down her face.

He nodded, too taken aback to let any tactical considerations inform his answer.

"Then you must come immediately."

The urgency of the voice made Sid shudder. Her tone immediately transported him back to darker and scarier times. He knew despair when he heard it, having had enough encounters with it himself.

As his still-sleepy mind came into focus, questions formed. Where was he supposed to come? How could he possibly help and who was the woman on the other end of the floo connection? Her Scottish accent left him with a few equally uncomfortable options for how this lady would have happened upon his name. Just the consideration made him crumble from the inside. Something about the features of the lady in front of him informed him that he was looking at a relation of his deceased wife Bonnie. He felt pain cut through him like a hot knife.

"To Inverness of course! We were attacked. The wards broke. Bonnie said if we were ever in trouble you'd help us. You must help. I'm scared."

The woman in the floo held up a cameo pendant for him to see and Sid immediately recognised it. He'd once given this piece to Bonnie upon their engagement. How had it ended up with this woman? Sid wanted to yell as he felt frustration boiling up inside of him. Here he was again, confronted by one of Bonnie's secrets. What was it this time she hadn't told him? And how many more of these secrets would come to catch up with him now that she was gone?

"I'll come." He told her, almost despite his better judgement. Getting involved with this mess was likely a bad idea, but he was pretty sure the lady was genuine in her declaration that she'd known Bonnie. And though he didn't feel like he owed the woman anything his curiosity compelled him to come take a look.

Sid wrapped up in a warm set of robes and left his quarters. Being in Hogwarts was a distinct disadvantage tonight. He couldn't just apparate away, but had to clear the perimeter first. He rushed as fast as could.

When he finally arrived in Inverness he understood the severity of what had happened within seconds. A snake and skull mark was hanging in the sky above the house he'd just been called too. The woman who had called him, Vanora Clarke-Emslie, was leaning against the wall of the house crying her eyes out, while her husband Callum was beckoning her to come back inside.

Damn. This was now the second such incident Sid had some personal knowledge of. His stomach somersaulted. He felt helpless and yet, here he was here to somehow make it better.

Both Vanora and her husband had been injured. He supposed they could count themselves lucky that it was only that, though Sid quickly realised the perpetrators had likely stopped on purpose. This attack had been a warning rather than anything else.

No matter how much Sid wanted answers, was even desperate for them, he had to send the couple to St Mungos for proper examination. They could talk once they had both been seen too. In the meantime his duties were simple. Call the Auror office. Get the crime scene secured and checked. Later, he could work on rebuilding the wards.

Once that part was done he went for a walk and crossed the bridge over to Ness Island. It wouldn't do for him to get into the auror's way and his interview was short as had arrived after the incident and didn't really know the Clarke-Emslie family. Walking in the dark felt strange, but the crisp air helped relieving his distress. Just as dawn arrived, he reached a little spot of forest. It was a few hours still till muggles would flood the streets and embark on their daily routines. Longer yet til his first lecture at Hogwarts.

Perhaps, he should have tried to sleep, but how could he? The question of who Vanora was still weighed on his mind heavily. Her age made him feel quite uncomfortable. Too young to be a sister of Bonnie's - not that she'd ever told him of having one. Maybe a niece? A cousin once removed? He didn't dare to even think about what felt like another possible option.

Near a tree Sid spotted a late blossoming harebell flower and picked it. Bonnie had once loved those. They'd been in her wedding bouquet. Being here felt like he'd finally started the last chapter of their story. Sid had no idea if this was good or bad.

Eoghan MacLiuthar

Autumn came, surprising Eoghan at how quickly time seemed to pass by.

Eoghan picked up the Daily Prophet from his mail box and began reading through the news as he drank his black coffee. He savored the bitterness, it reminded him he was still alive. As he scanned the headlines, his eyes trailed to an article about Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The specific article was short, a reminder to those that the school year began without a hitch. Curiously, as he read the announcement there was a sentence that stuck out to him. Muggle born students will continue to be admitted and supported through this academic school year.

It was known in the community that Albus Dumbledore was a "mudblood sympathizer," and he continued to make Hogwarts a haven for the talented half-blood and muggleborn students. Though it was not in the announcement itself, Eoghan could hear in his mind the disparaging language used by wizards who felt superior to the muggleborn community. To make it worse, it was not uncommon to hear that language be used by some of the paterons of his nursery. Though he wanted to correct them, he couldn't. He needed to be patient. It required him to still himself, and work patiently on project to provide shelter for those who opposed the one who must not be named.

Eoghan spent the month of June, of July and August working on his secret project. Although his nearest neighbor was 10 kilometers from his farm, he didn't want to alarm anyone with a building that disappeared overnight. Instead, he decided on a basement that would be easier to conseal. Outside of his regular duties, Eoghan was using charms to help carve a hole in the ground.

At the end of the three months, Eoghan had created a basement underneath his secondary greenhouse. This greenhouse was where he grew his special projects and rare plants, so it was not alarming that he spent so much time in there. He was impressed at the depth of the basement, the main meeting space could easily hold comfortably 20-30 individuals. There was four rooms, a large meeting space and three smaller spaces adjacent to them. One of the smaller rooms appeared as an extension of his greenhouse. He cast the Quietening charm on the rooms beneath the basement and the secret was kept.


Eoghan continued to scan the Daily Prophet, he noticed an article about a muggleborn, Jane Cory Smith, who disappeared. Her family paid the Prophet to put a "missing persons" article in the newspaper and these 'missing persons' artcles seemed to be published with more frequency. The incidents appeared to happen more often in London and her suburbs so he didn't suspect anything to happen in Inveress. That night he fell asleep to a false sense of security.

That security shattered as soon as he woke in the middle of the night to Ginger screeching in the Owlry and Weiny barking and growling at bedroom door. He snapped up from his bed and quickly slapped his glasses on his face. Eoghan rushed to his dresser where he put on a shirt and pant before running out to the Owlry. It was not often that his animals acted so bizarrely. He could feel the adrenaline rushing through his body, his breathing became more heavier.  A note was clutched in his owl's feet and it read, Help - C.

Callum and Vanora were local neighbors and dear friends to Eoghan. Eoghan joked that Vanora was an owl whisperer and his barn owl, Ginger was fond of the couple. If he couldn't find his owl at his own home, he knew that she was spending time with the couple. He didn't mind because it meant freshly baked goods for breakfast when Ginger was over there.

However, this wasn't normal.

Eoghan focused on their home and with a snap he disappeared from his home and appeared in front of their porch. Horror filled his heart, he balked and felt his esophagus burn as he swallowed down his puke. "W-what are they doing here?" he whispered to himself as the dark mark burned above their home.

Were they still alive? His heart dropped, and he wondered if they disappeared too! The article and picture of Jane Cory Smith that he read earlier burned in his mind. It seemed that he was late to come as an older wizard was already helping Callum and Vanora and directing them to St. Mungos. Eoghan didn't want to interrupt the intervention and felt a wave of calm overcome him as he tried to take deep breaths and control himself.

Before the couple left to St. Mungos he finally gathered the courage to rush to their side and held them both in a tight hug. "I came as quickly as I got the note!" Eoghan assured the couple as best as he could before Sid gently pushed them to leave to the hospital. The lad gave them another hug before they left.

He was caught by the kindness of the older wizard and approached him as the eerie night disappated to dawn. It was kind of confusing to see the man approach the small clearing in the forest, and even weirder for him to feel compelled to follow.  "Campanula Rotundifolia Harebell," Eoghan's eyes lit up as Sid picked the blossoming harebell flower. "Everlasting love." he murmured. Who needed sleep when you have second wind. "I-I wanted to thank you, sir, for helping my friends."

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M. B. Montgomery

It appeared that in his need to be alone with his thoughts and process he hadn't noticed that another man had followed him. Only when Sid heard the man speak did he realise that he was not alone. He felt irritated with himself. He'd been sloppy and careless to not notice. What was he thinking letting his guard down in a situation like this? It had only been a few hours since the attack and yet...

He turned slowly, taking in the stranger. The man now in front of him sounded Scottish, but certainly didn't look it. Usual really to see such an individual in rural Scotland, but Sid rather enjoyed it. He always liked meeting kindred spirits.

"Funny you should say that," Sid commented absently. "My wife used to say the same thing.  Though I'm not convinced it's true. Love didn't last forever in our case."

Probably too personal a thing to tell a random stranger, but it felt oddly satisfying to lash out at Bonnie in some way after finding out she had lied to him yet again. Who was Vanora that his wife had not told him about her during her lifetime? The question still weighed on his mind, trying to understand and discover the reason behind this little mystery.

"Oh, you know Vanora and Callum. Sorry, yes of course you do." Come to think of it, he'd seen the guy giving Vanora a hug. How had that not registered in his brain earlier? Trauma and shock always manifested in strange ways. "Was my pleasure to help, though honestly not much I could do for them by the time I got here. I guess once the aurors are through I can set a new combination of wards to secure the home."

Sid realised he was probably being rude. He hadn't even introduced himself and here he was talking about the home of two people he barely knew.

"I'm Professor Msaed Montgomery, by the way. Sid if you like. I teach Defense Against The Dark Arts at Hogwarts. My wife's a Clarke, well, was one."

He felt self conscious trying to explain his presence to this stranger when he didn't know what the connection was himself. Vanora was the right age to be Bonnie's daughter. Was that how? The mere thought sickened him. She'd would have been born around the time Bonnie had told him she couldn't have children. Maybe the age was a coincidence. Vanora could just as easily be a cousin, right? He tried to cast his mind back the relevant time period, but he couldn't remember Bonnie saying anything about a new relative being born.

"And you are?"

Sid found himself staring awkwardly into the middle distance. He felt to perturbed to make charming conversation while a war was raging in his mind.

"Do you know Vanora and Callum well?"

As he said these words he wondered if Vanora also suffered from a malediction. Maybe, he could ask about that. It would give him an idea where Vanora might fit on the Clarke family tree.

Eoghan MacLiuthar

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Eoghan was caught off guard after catching a glimpse of Sid's spontaneous fear. He was not sure why the disturbance had shocked him until he realized that he was the unexpected piece in the puzzle.  He took a step back as Sid turned to face him. A nervous tick overcame him, and he took his glasses off to clean them off. It let him avoid direct eye-contact with the older wizard and he took a deep breath in.

Remember, Eoghan, you were the one who surprised him! You followed him into the forest.

It surprised him when the gentleman in front of him replied with a quip about his personal life. Though the predicament that brought them together sowed fear, the initial warmth of Sid's words twisted into bitterness and held in Eoghan's mind. He half-frowned before replying, "Sorry to hear that." He held the silence between them, the sharpness of Sid's observations stung!

He took out his wand from his pocket and closed their distance, tapped the blossoming harebell in Sid's hand. With a quick swish of his wand, the wizard cast Herbivicus which caused the blossoming flower to begin wilting. It felt appropriate to him to provide a physical representation of the pain Sid shared with him.
After the flower wilted, Eoghan took a step back. "Msa..Sid Montegomery." He tried to pronounce his first name but immediately gave up and adopted his anglicized name. It was easier to pronounce for him.

 "My names Eoghan MacLiuthar. It's nice to make your acquaintance." He noticed the use of past tense and wondered if something had happened to his spouse? He thought it was not appropriate to bring up such a sour subject up.

"Ah, yes. The community out here isn't big. Callum and Vanora are good with my animals." The words slipped from his lips. He almost felt compelled to keep speaking, it was strange for Eoghan who usually found himself clamming up. "I'm really glad you were there to help. I'd be useless in a dangerous situation!" His chuckle fell flat.

The early dew of the morning greeted the pair as they stood in the forest. Eoghan felt a sense of safety in the man before him. "Vanora's particularly good with my nursery owls. She acts almost like a veterinarian around these parts. Her husband, Callum, is a good sport. He was quick to help me when I moved out here a few years ago." He felt himself smiling.

Sighing, the man shared, "I don't know why they'd be targeted." However, it was clear to Eoghan why they were targeted. Though they lived in a small community, the pair was well known to be outspoken against any perceived wrongdoing.

Eoghan couldn't quite trust the man before him with that information. He didn't want to endanger him.

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M. B. Montgomery

"Great to meet you, Eoghan, even if the circumstances are not very pleasant." He meant that. Sid liked meeting people and making new friends. It felt like now wasn't the time and place for it, but he was determined to do so anyway. In Sid's opinion it was important that likeminded people got together and acted before things got any worse. He didn't like the state of the world lately and the relative complacency with which wizard kind allowed these things to happen.

"Unfortunately, it was already too late to do much of anything when Vanora called me. Everything had already happened by the time I got here. A real shame, I would have cursed these bastards to kingdom come and then some." His anger was swelling. Even though he didn't know Vanora and Callum at all, he was still offended. These followers of Voldemort were starting to really infuriate him now. Who were they that they thought they could just take justice into their own hands and attack people? And for what?

"I really don't think they need much of a motive. As far as I know they attacked the parents of one of my muggleborn students as well. There's some nonsense they spout about muggleborns witches and wizards being impure and evil and Merlin knows what. I don't suppose that applies here though. I'm fairly sure Vanora must be a halfblood or pureblood. Maybe Callum? I mean not that that would be a reason for anything, but I do believe it's how they justify things to themselves."

His face had contorted into an expression somewhere between anger and disapproval. Sid was struggling with how it was possible for people to seemingly switch off their humanity and act in blind aggression.

"Vanora is good with owls, you said?" That titbit of information proved hard for Sid to stomach. He narrowed his eyes. "I know this is a very, very strange question, but have you ever seen her turn into an owl? It might be relevant."

Yikes, he sounded like a lunatic. Still, if Vanora was affected by the same malediction that Bonnie had been he wanted to know. And it might really be the start of an explanation on some level. Sid cast his mind back to the conversations he had with his wife about the nature of her blood curse. He'd never found out who'd cursed her family, but there had been a story about it having something to do with an ancestor engaging in muggle relations. Being affected, would definitely out Vanora on the map in a political sense.

There was also that the Clarke family had always been politically outspoken. If Vanora was even half the firebrand his wife Bonnie had been, he could understand how she might have gotten herself into trouble and mixed up with the wrong kind of people. Sid pressed his fingertips against his temples as if to ease an oncoming headache.

"Maybe we should find a bench to sit down," he suggested wearily. "This all seems rather a lot to take in, doesn't it?"

Eoghan MacLiuthar

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Woah. What was happening? There was another who held similar beliefs to himself! Eoghan's heart swale as he looked at the older gentleman. "It's nice to meet you, too." It was a strange sensation. Generally at this point the wizard before Sid would be shaking or directing himself to stop feeling anxious. It was different in this circumstance and he wasn't sure what was happening to him.

It took a moment for him to recognize that he was feeding off of the anger that Sid expressed. His words were compelling, and he wanted to follow him. "I hold the same sentiment! The wizarding world would do better without this nonsense." He mirrored Sid's expression and took on a stronger posture. His shoulders straightened out, and he connected with Sid. The feelings of defeat that welled in him were quickly forgotten. Was this confidence?

"They're hurting innocent people who have done nothing to deserve this. Blood purity means nothing!" He caught the tone of his voice and realized he was speaking louder then he normally did. "It's disgusting that they feel justified in throwing their rubbish into our community." Similarly to Sid, Eoghan felt himself steaming, the pot about to erupt. He'd been closely affected by the opinions and actions of these sullen wizards that held no reasonable grounds in this living world. He wished them to disappear!

Let people live in the peace that they deserved. It flabbergasted him that individuals in the wizarding community would be so offended by an unobservable fact. From the surface there was nothing to indicate an individuals blood purity. It was all a hogwash, only meant to sow fear and confusion into the ordinary persons life. Eoghan could only imagine the impact on the students Sid care for and protected.

It caught Eoghan off guard that Sid asked more about Vanora. "Yea, she is good with my owls. Do you mean like an animagus?" Confusion overcame his expression. So he found himself trying to recall the times he visited them, and if he'd ever seen her transform before him. "I'm not sure if she is one. They do have a particular owl that has some weird markings that Callum's closest to. I'm not sure if that's what you mean?" He wasn't sure if he could help in this instance.

With the morning dew came the singing birds alerting all nearby that fall was coming. Green leaves faded to brown and orange and they littered the pathway to the bench that rested at the end of the pathway. As they walked together, the fresh crunch of the leaves echoed softly through the forest. Nearby he could hear the distinct calls from the eurasian dotterel, the scottish crossbill amongst the other common bird species.

As they fell into the rhythms of their pace, Eoghan began reciting the scientific names of the plants they encountered along the path -- it was an effective coping skill that helped him relax, but did not delay his desire for rest. His stomach still felt sour.

The relatively quiet walk to the bench gave Eoghan enough time to formulate a conclusion, "Are you suggesting that owl is Vanora?" He asked inquisitively.

M. B. Montgomery

"It's a possibility," Sid admitted reluctantly. It was beyond strange to be talking about this out loud and in the open. He hadn't in a long time and now he'd been made to confront the issue twice in short succession. First when his colleague Harold Prendergast had pieced it all together and now again with this stranger. It was bizarre how this matter he had deemed past him was suddenly at the centre of his being again.

"The Clarke family has always had enemies," he offered up as an explanation. "My late wife was a maledictus. It's possible Vanora is somehow caught up in all of this. I don't actually know - but I suppose it might start to explain some things if...? Maybe?"

His voice cracked and he felt his emotions well up. He was so angry at Bonnie he couldn't even put it into words. She'd never been forthcoming with information about her blood curse and it was frustrating him once again when there clearly was scope for those details to be relevant. He didn't even know when she'd been cursed or how or by whom. Maybe it was even inherited? He'd never been given the answers he felt he deserved. There was only hoping that his lack of insight wouldn't end up hurting Vanora even more. He wasn't sure he could live with that.

Sid sighed.

"I'm sorry, I must sound like a lunatic. My wife was caught up in a lot of strange things and didn't really talk to me about it before she passed. She was a curse breaker, pretty high profile one at that."

And Vanora's about the right age to be her daughter. The thought was getting louder in his head, but he just could nit bring himself to say it. She could be her daughter, but judging by her skin tone and general look she definitely wasn't his. Sid just wanted to scream out in frustration but of course the stranger he was talking to was not blame for any of this.

"Do you have any theory why or what? You obviously know these two better than I do. I'm .. willing to help with whatever is needed. I suppose I owe my wife that much." The word didn't rang true. He owed his conscience that much. In this moment he didn't care what Bonnie would think of him if she was watching from above. If anything, he hoped she'd feel guilty, guilty, guilty for what she'd done to him with all her lies.

"Something must be done though. I don't think the ministry is dealing with this the right way. There should be wanted ads out for these criminals. Seriously."

Eoghan MacLiuthar

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A breeze picked up a few of the fallen leaves and lifted them up. Eoghan's fist tightened around his wand before he whipped it in a swift motion to produce a charm that created a lifted windflow. Though this show was unnecessary, the burst of concentration taken to cast the spell helped him pull the sleep from his eyes as they eased themselves onto the bench.

Eoghan mused, listening intently to Sid's words as delved into his families history. His left hand weaved his wand through his fingers, idly. "Hm, that could explain why she's so good with owls.." He replied, his words escaping softly. To be frank, Eoghan had not spent time thinking much about Venora or Callum because his work at the nursery consumed him. His owls would have been able to provide more information to Sid! His stomach churned, he hated disappointing others.
He mulled on the reveal about Sid's wife, and he found himself empathizing with Sid's plight. A lump formed in his throat, and he cleared it, awkwardly. "T-that sounds terrible. I'm sorry."

There wasn't much that Eoghan could add to the conversation, besides staying open and listening to the older man. He thought that Sid may have needed to express his feelings and thoughts about whatever happened between him and his passed wife. It was uncanny, but he reached out with his free hand and placed his palm on the end of Sid's knee as though he wanted to comfort him.

"I don't know?" He signed. "Though we're part of the same community, hold the same political values, I don't know the intimate details of the family." He whispered, "sorry to disappoint you." He pulled his hand back, and his stomach flipped, he frowned because he felt useless in this situation. Anxiety, the familiar friend he couldn't abate. Eoghan wasn't sure if the feeling was coming from himself, or if he was taking on Sid's demeanor again. He seemed to have difficulty with separating his own emotions from Sid's.

"Yeah, I agree with you. From what I've heard, there are some sympathizers in the ministry itself. It's caused delays in action." He hung his head down, he looked a little defeated. "It's hard to believe that the world has become so perilous." He paused before a lick of courage empowered him. "I want to fight for a safer future."

M. B. Montgomery

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Eoghan didn't seem to know much either. It was frustrating, but Sid could hardly blame the man for it. He was probably just another soul taken in by the Clarke families' lies of omission. He sighed.

"It's alright. I was taken by surprise too. We'll figure it out."

Sid was clinging onto some half-baked notions. Maybe they could establish a timeline of Vanora's whereabouts for the last little while. List out all the places she'd been and all the people she had met. Something, somewhere was bound to provide a clue if Vanora was honest and cooperated with an investigation. Ah, there was the crux of the matter. Sid wasn't so sure that she would.

Eoghan meanwhile was commenting on the nature of the world they were living in.

"The world has always been perilous," Sid responded darkly. "The bit that makes me angry is that we just do not learn. Doesn't this all remind you an awful lot of Gellert Grindelwald and the kind of things he'd be doing for the greater good? I'm reminded in all the wrong ways of the post-Fawley era and I've already lived through that once."

He only belatedly realised that Eoghan was probably a bit young to have memories of the Global Wizarding War. He was bound to have heard of it though as entrenched in public consciousness as it was.

Sid breathed out slowly, trying to calm his temper before it could build up to a proper storm. Better to save his rage for another time when there would be a chance to have an opponent at the end of his wand. "Oh, well fight them. I have half a mind to track down whoever did this and take matters into my own hands. You're right. This ministry is full of ineffectual bureaucrats weighing the good people down. We need swift and decisive action."

"Shall we go back to the house and have another look? I'd imagine the aurors will have been though by now. Maybe there is something that they missed we can find."

A weird though crossed Sid's mind. "Do you know where those two keep their owls? Maybe that's worth checking too."

Eoghan MacLiuthar

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Eoghan was a bit bewildered and taken aback by Sid. He felt pushed into a situation he wasn't sure he wanted to be apart of, like he was caught in the middle of a web of mysteries. Vanora and Callum had never treated him poorly and he viewed them as outstanding members of the community. So when he insisted he was taken by surprise he wasn't sure where the statement stemmed from. "Would it be proper for me to ask what we're figuring out?" For Eoghan, he felt Auror's could still sufficiently complete their jobs without their interference.
Sid's darkness lingered in the air, a reminder that there would always be something to fight for. "My mum's told me about it, but I couldn't tell you I remember it myself." He went ahead and confirmed Sid's suspicions that he was significantly younger then him.

In spite of everything, it comforted Eoghan knowing that it was possible to live and persist through tumulterous political times. Thinking about it, he recognized that Sid was almost like a relic of the past, living today despite his pain of his yester-years. The longer he thought about it, the more it turned him off of the prospect of sharing his life with another person. He couldn't imagine what it would be like to find out one's spouse cheated and had another child? At least with himself, he wouldn't get hurt like the man before him. He brushed the thought aside, it didn't make sense to focus on the other man's turmoil in the moment...it wasn't as though he'd spent the morning doing so already.

Eoghan turned to watch Sid breath slowly. He preferred the electrified determination over the downcast version of the man before him. Despite not wanting to get caught up in this mess, he found his curiosity had peaked enough to follow along with Sid. At least he could humor the older man even though he felt the plan was complete utter bollocks. He was going to invade his friend's home? What the heck was going on here? Was he sane?

Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he stood up at the suggestion of making a 'swift and decisive action'. Now was the time! "They have an owlery that's outside of their home. I've visited it plenty of times." His glasses slipped down his nose and he pushed them back up and he stifled a yawn. He didn't want to suggest he was tired to the older wizard.

"Since I've been to their home plenty of times, I suppose I could apparate us back there."

M. B. Montgomery

"I'm trying to figure out what's happening." Sid snapped at the younger man. Something about his sweetly passive manner was extremely grating to him. Had he no fire? No fight? Did he not feel that their world was changing and not for the better. Evil succeeded when good men did nothing. Hadn't Grindelwald's reign of terror sufficiently illustrated this point? He could feel his temper flaring again, as he was getting closer to bursting out of his skin. Why weren't more people angry about this?

Well, at least there was some useful information. The owlery was next to the house. Having made up his mind, Sid turned back into the direction he had come from to walk back. He knew where the house was as well, but he felt too tense for apparition. Splinching himself was not going to help anything.

The younger had offered to take them there, but Sid ignored it. He had no rational reason for his reaction, but something about that guy was making him uncomfortable. It was just a vague sensation that he was somehow... off. Part of him almost wished he could take back inviting him along. It had been the wrong thing to say. He'd been hoping for an enthusiastic 'Yes, let's find out what happened' not a tepid 'They have an owlery that's outside of their home.'

Sid was surprisingly sprightly and athletic for a man his age, falling into a brisk walk that was hard to keep up with. He found himself unconcerned weather Eoghan kept up or even came along at all.

As expected, by the time he arrived back at the house, the aurors had already been through. Sid decided to check out the owlery first. Opening it up, it looked like a warzone. Someone had definitely been through here, and Sid didn't think this was the handiwork of aurors searching the place.