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The feathers go a-flyin' [Owen]

Started by Apprentice Magizoologist, March 31, 2021, 07:14:36 pm

Apprentice Magizoologist

Hello everyone, I'm Owen! I was directed toward this site by someone who's acutely aware of my crippling addiction to this universe and seems hell-bent on enabling me further, so that's fun!

When not messing around online, I spend my time studying zoology, and I work in a museum dedicated to the same subject as a tour guide/information desk worker. I'm an experienced writer, RPer, and TTRPG player with ties to both the Tyranid hiveworlds of the desolate year 40,000 and the necromantic cults of the DnD table. There's nothing I love more than building worlds, creating scenes, and just generally having fun, and I've been playing around with this universe since the days of Wattpad.

At the moment, I have only a single character, Lazlo, a super-stressed pureblooded Slytherin in his third year. His family are cold perfectionists, his personal friendships are tentative at best, his Animagus training is costing him sleep, and the poor boy just really needs a hug more than anything. Please be kind to him, he's a fragile little thing.

I have other characters in the pipeline as well - one for each of the other houses, and maybe a professor as well - and all in all I look forward to getting to know everyone over time and having fun with all of you!  :fireworks:


Hi Owen,

We talked a bit on PM, but nice to see you here. I'm Poet one of the admins round these parts.

I'm about to start our first DADA class of the school year as the DADA Professor Montgomery is mine. Schools be up tomorrow if you want to join. @Arantor is currently also getting the feast in the great hall ready.

I have a cute Gryffindor first year - Grace - that Lazlo could meet as well. She's a bit of a handful, but if he's the adventuring type they might get on. Grace is a halfblood though... so he might find her beneath him.

Anyway, let me know if you'd like a 1-2-1 thread some time. I have a few characters though my cast is primarily grown ups.


Hey Owen, great to meet you!

I have a wise but academically slow Ravenclaw third-year Salem, who can't resist a person in need. I'd be super interested in a thread with Lazlo if you're down! I also have a rambunctious Hufflepuff firstie if that interests you.

PM me if you'd like to do anything, I look forward to the fun! ^-^

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I hope you come back! If you do, don't be afraid to dm for a thread. :)