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Summer of 69
[Sark] Black as the dark night she was

Started by M. B. Montgomery, March 10, 2021, 10:12:07 pm

M. B. Montgomery

Sark was cold, but thankfully dry. As Msaed arrived it was already dark, stars shining in the sky. Really, he shouldn't be here. He was getting too old for this. He had better things to be doing. He'd just been hired as a professor and term would start soon. And yet, here he was, with his niffler Inaya in tow, seeking yet another adventure. Just one more time, he told himself. Just to say goodbye.

Msaed looked back on a long career as a curse breaker. He'd worked his way up the ladder at Gringotts only to be sidelined when he was just hitting his stride. Others would have called becoming head curse breaker an honour, but Msaed knew what it really meant: retiring from active field work to become a paper pusher and teacher. He'd done the job for a year before quitting to pursue independent work. Since then, he'd been in constant contention with his former employer. Who could get to the treasure quicker and secure it? Sometimes he won, sometimes he lost. Tonight, he was hoping for one last victory.

The Astromancer's Tower on Sark was an old magical structure rumoured to contain the gilded telescope; a device thought to have been created in the 16th century for the purpose of making predictions. What made the telescope so valuable was its rumoured usefulness in the area of financial predictions. It's original owner, a certain Henri de Beauvoir, didn't have any descendants and had therefore sealed his belongings in his tower at some point before his death.

Over the years, several curse breakers had tried their hand at this site, but without success. The enchantments on the gates didn't seem to yield to magical force.

Msaed had been to the place before at various points of his career. His latest theory was that since the locking mechanism had been designed by an astromancer, it would make sense if the magic was related to constellations being visible on the night sky. The Beauvoir crest had a lizard on it, so he'd timed his visit to coincide with Lacerta being visible in the sky. Hopefully the theory was right, because Msaed doubted his ability to make much sense of the Sercquiais inscriptions around the door. Obtaining a translation hasn't been hard, but understanding the hidden meaning was another matter entirely.

He set niffler Inaya down on the ground in front of the tower. Maybe she'd pick up on a way in he didn't.

"There we go, my girl," he said to her. "Try not to be too excited."

The niffler wasn't. For a few moments it didn't move at all before setting off into a direction leading away from the tower. Msaed turned to look behind him.