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Started by Eoghan MacLiuthar, March 03, 2021, 06:56:25 am

Eoghan MacLiuthar

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Eoghan left his bedroom and headed to the owlry. In his hand was a parchment to his dear friend, Silas Bennett.

May 7, 1969
Inverness, Scotland

Dearest Silas,

it's been a while since I've sent a correspondence. I want to apologize dearly for the lack of communication. It's been quite hectic at the nursery and I'm afraid it keeps me apart from those that are most important.

The nursery is coming along nicely, I must admit. I have been able to expand the business and have started to dabble in rare and exotic plant life. In addition, I have been able to employ a full time worker, and assistant who has become integral in the running of this business. They have been helping me with tending to the crop, which has led to me having a free fortnight. If it isn't too much of a bother, I'd would be so fortunate to spend the evening discussing your newest creation.

At the same time, if I may please I'd like to explore the library. There is a book about the uses of Mooncalf dung that I'd like to borrow. I have been exploring the uses of different fertilizer and their magical impact on the growth of the plants that have taken crop in the gardens. As much as you enjoy the books of philosophy, I too, enjoy reading of the plants that grow amongst us.

Through this labor, I have come to recognize the delight of my self-esteem. It seems as though I'd become disconnected from myself when I reside in the city and worked the corporate job. It's strange to say, but I've finally found something that I can claim as mine. It  reminds me of the times you wrote from Russia and learned of the enchanting charms of experimental magic. I'd felt quiet jealous of that vigor you discovered and hoped to find and achieve that burning passion. From an abrupt change in my life, I finally understand how unadulterated knowledge can let us live with purpose.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Your friend, Eoghan.

Carefully he melted blue wax over the candle and poured the wax at the seal. He sealed the letter with his business logo. Eoghan tied the letter to Georgie, the small tawny screecher, to secure it for the flight. The owl cooed as Eoghan tied the short note to his friend and he watched as it went out into the chilled night sky.

Silas Bennett

It was a typical Saturday for Silas. His small two bedroom flat was full of bright pink smoke and something in the glorified closet that had been billed as a 2nd bedroom was on fire. He had been working for two weeks on a potion to make someone invisible. Despite his attempts to make it stop smoking and burning.

Whipping his wand out of his pocket he waved it clearing the smoke. Choughing he made his way into the lounge and as he raised wand to clear the smoke from the space he saw a small tawny owl sitting in his open window. As far as he knew he wasn't expecting mail. The bird hopped into the window fully and sailed over to to the table closest to him. Patting him on the head Silas unwrapped the letter from his leg. Flipping it over he smiled when he saw the seal. Aha.....surprising but nice.

Ripping the seal open he skimmed Eoghan's letter. It was nice to hear from old friends. Silas was pretty bad about keeping up with people, busy with projects, slightly anti-social, there were reasons. Eoghan wasn't much better though and that's why it worked. As soon as he'd read it he summoned his little writing kit from the desk in his room and sat down at the dining table to write a reply.

Dear Eoghan,

Don't worry about being busy and light on the communication. Summers are always crazy busy.

I'm so excited that your nursery is coming along well. I really need to get up there to see it. Perhaps next weekend we could arrange something? I'm happy to tell you all about my latest project. It's an invisibility potion. It keeps smoking pink but I tested it on my cat last week and I haven't seen his tail in a week so at least part of it is right.

At this point I don't know if it's a good idea to visit the library. As you're aware the library is at my aunt's estate in Cumbria. I don't know how much background you have on her but in the current political climate...I haven't spoken to her much lately. If you'd like to meet my cousin Farren - she would be your ticket into that place no matter how hairy family politics get but I'm not sure she's your kinda gal.

That said, London is bound to have more book shops than Inverness. I'm sure we could find something? Maybe you come down and check out my projects, we pop to the book shops, and then up to your nursery? Saturday at 1pm maybe? I'll even make you a sandwich for lunch.


He sealed the letter and before tying it back to the birds leg ran to the kitchen to get the beast a piece of fruit and to pour some water into a saucer. He left the water and fruit on the table. He returned to check on his potion and gave the bird a break before returning to the living room to attach the letter and send the bird on his way.

Eoghan MacLiuthar

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The morning came and Eoghan went outside to take in the fresh air before heading to the owrly. Over night, Georgie had made it way back to home. Eoghan entered and closed the door behind him and woke up the sleeping bird from his nestbox. Georgie hopped to the corner of the box before coming towards Eoghan. It seemed to have taken a moment to recognize him. Eoghan leered at the proud bird before taking the roped parchment off of it. Georgie turned his head and blinked, his large eyes dialating as it adjusted to the light streaming into the opened nest box. "Oy, cutie, you've made it back."

Georgie began trilling before he pulled down his tuff'd ear-feathers. He was getting impatient and wanted to go back to sleep! Eoghan went ahead and closed his box and carefully opened the note. He grinned and immediately went to his office desk where he pulled out a quill to write Silas back. Thoughtfully, he dipped the quill in ink.

"Dear Silas,

Formalities aside, I'm excited to know that you're doing well. It excites me that you've been working on a new project. I can see that the invisibility potion could come with many uses! Though I do worry for your cat's tail! Can you still feel it? Does your cat look a bit queer with it's tail missing?

Yes, I do believe I'll be available Saturday afternoon. My mistake, I'd had a lapse of judgement believing your family would be amendable to ..."

He stopped writing temporarily, dipping the quill into the ink. He looked at the paper before deciding to scrap it and start over.

"Dear Silas,

I'm excited to know that you're doing well. It always excites me to hear about your new projects. I can see the invisibility potion could come with many uses. Though I do worry for your cat's tail. Carl was it? The laddie must be distressed his tail disappeared! Can you still feel his tail? What's Carl look like without it?

Yes, I should be available this Saturday afternoon. I will heed your warning and agree that we can probably explore the book stores in London. I'm sure that they will also have the information that we're looking for. I would like to see Sir Carl. Do you think he would be pleased if I brought Weiny along?

- Eoghan"

As he wrote back to Silas, the little weiner dog found himself underneath the desk. The dachshund barked to get Eoghan's attention and began wagging his tail. His tail shook with an intensity that caused his whole body to vibrate. "Let's get to work, Weiny. Are you going to follow me along this day?" The dog responded, as though he could understand his owner. Eoghan headed back to the owrly where he found Ginger arriving back to the home with a note from a regular customer. He refilled Ginger's water. She appeared as though she was ready to go back out so he sent her on her way to Silas.

Silas Bennett

Silas recognized the owl this time. When the bird landed on his window sill he grabbed his diary and waved the owl into the room. Taking the letter from the bird he sat down at the desk and ripped it open. Ah, looks like the plan to meet up this Saturday was going to work out afterall. Now he would have to work out which book stores would best serve them. Not that Eoghan would mind wasting time in book shops. Grabbing some paper and quill he jotted down a quick message:


Perfect. Why don't you meet me at my place then at 1pm on Saturday. I'll prepare a light lunch. You can check on Carl yourself then. I can feel some of his tail but could swear it used to be about half an inch longer. Maybe it's just my guilt that's making me think that.  Thankfully he is unharmed apart from this likely fixable issue and is as fat and loud as ever. I'm not sure he'd take kindly to a visitor though. I mean, he may be embarrassed for another animal to see him sans tail. That said, I could definitely use your opinion on the tail situation and the potion so I think I'll leave Carl as is until Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you.


Folding the letter in half he tucked it into an envelop and sealed it. He tied the letter to the owls leg again and sent him on his way.

Eoghan MacLiuthar

Eoghan sent a note back to Silas that confirmed his attendance to their outing. Soon, he found his work week pass and Friday night turned into Saturday morning. Before he left his home, he prepared several packages for delivery and set his owls off for the morning. Eoghan allowed Weiny in the owlry after the birds left and he cleaned up and freshened the hay in their nesting dens. The great thing about magic is he could set a few cleaning charms to reduce the effort of completing his chores! After completing his morning chores he, himself, got ready to head towards Silas house.

Normally, Eoghan would feel anxious when he left his home but he'd been friends with Silas for so long it had not occured to him that he should feel that way. He took his trusty laurel wand out and flicked it before casting Apparition.

Destination, Determination and Deliberation

Within his mind's eye he envisioned Silas flat in South Kensington. He cleared his mind of distractions and held in his stomach. The whirl of the movement began nausating him, but he continued to hold the image of the flat in his mind. Apparition had this ugly tendency of making an individual feel their worst. Still, he moved through the moment and found himself stumbling into the front door of his flat. It wasn't one of his best landings! His glasses made the journey but fell to the ground. He swept them up and put them back where they belonged, on his face.


Eoghan knocked the door after catching his bearing.