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Inside is the only way out [Ain]

Started by Ain, February 25, 2021, 06:35:55 pm


February 25, 2021, 06:35:55 pm Last Edit: February 25, 2021, 06:44:27 pm by Ain
Hi all!

I'm Ain (AJS on Discord). I have been out of the RPing world for several years and am excited to dive back in on this forum. Offline, I'm a full-time writer (author, technically, although it still feels weird to say that!), and an avid reader who will devour almost anything I can get my hands on. Over the past year, I've grown especially fond of novels in verse. And anthologies! There've been some solid ones out in the middle grade and young adult spaces recently.

As a writer, I'm interested in telling stories from queer, autistic, and Jewish perspectives (sometimes all three), and I'm excited to explore various angles of queer experience in the late 60s and early 70s UK on this board. I'm also just stoked about getting to write my character(s) into some fun situations on the whole :D

All right! Onward to my characters.

Oliver "Ollie" Jayne

Ollie's an incoming Hogwarts first year who hails from Godric's Hollow. He's a sweet kid, if a bit reticent to try new things outside of the protective sphere of his existing friends. He'll be in Ravenclaw (though he assumed it'd be Hufflepuff, from which his parents graduated). He really loves creative pursuits, especially sewing and making clothes with his younger sister, Kate. Or he did. Some of the local boys in his neighbourhood have been teasing him about it lately, so Ollie's less sure whether he should be open about his interests once he gets to Hogwarts. Time will tell.

I'm excited for Ollie to meet his schoolmates and potentially make some new friends. I'm also interested in exploring gendered expectations of what boys should be interested in versus girls in terms of hobbies with Ollie. I think a lot of who he becomes as he grows up will be determined by interactions in his early years at school.

Margoyle Albron (TBD)

This character and his family are Arantor's creations, with Margoyle being the one for whom I'm in the process of filling out a profile sheet. I'll be relying quite a bit on the profile Arantor created for Margoyle's younger sister, Deitha, and hoping to expand on it as relates specifically to Margoyle.

Margoyle's super new for me as a character so I may tweak this intro for him as I go, but I currently see him as an early 30s bachelor who lives to help run his family's business. He's logical, level-headed, and straight-laced (some might call him insufferable or stuffy ... pah, semantics!) and prides himself in always having a plan in place. He sees the family business as a calling and, indeed, has been repeatedly told it's his duty to oversee it as the eldest Albron child. Having grown up in a pureblood family, he views purebloods as superior to halfbloods and muggleborns. That said, he tolerates them for the purposes of advancing his family's business interests, and so too with muggles.

While Margoyle is seen as the dutiful eldest Albron child, he also struggles with the realisation that he's queer--something that doesn't align with his family's expectations of a proper pureblood wizard. He's thus far managed to avoid any serious inquiries about when he plans to marry and start a family, due in large part to how ardently he's thrown himself into the administrative side of the family business. But he's also aware he can't avoid the subject forever. Margoyle expects that the time will soon come to accept a respectable match. When it does, this may very well be the first time Margoyle doesn't have a plan for how to live up to his family's expectations while preserving his own happiness.

And I'm gonna stop now before I end up writing his entire bio XD

But in a nutshell, I'm imagining Margoyle running into a halfblood or muggleborn wizard who throws him off-kilter, ultimately for the purposes of developing a friendship or even a clandestine relationship. I've been reading up on queer UK history and it seems like the late 60s/early 70s were a time when queer men especially were starting to meet up in underground safe spaces for the purposes of socialisation, etc. So it might be interesting for Margoyle to end up having to straddle two worlds. I'm open to any plot ideas that facilitate this angle, as well as threads with other purebloods and dark wizards just in general, as I suspect that would be his standard crowd.