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Butterflies in the Wind [Open]

Started by Lucas Reywood, February 23, 2021, 11:41:21 pm

Lucas Reywood

With not much planned that day, Lucas had decided to go out for a walk in the local park that was near by his flat. He would spend a lot of his time there when he needed to think. It was peaceful, quiet, and beautiful. The perfect place to clear ones mind, or to focus. There was a bench near a fountain that he loved to sit at. It had a good breeze, and lots of beautiful flowers surrounding the seating area. It sort of reminded him of his mother. She loved to garden and flowers. She lived away from London, so Lucas was unable to see her at times.

Lucas got dressed. A button up white shirt with his sleeves rolled up, and dress pants on. He knew it wasn't very casual, but he felt comfortable wearing them. He grabbed a note book and pen in case he wanted to write some notes down for a future lesson with the upcoming school term. He left his flat, and walked to the park that was a few streets over. The place was slightly packed with many people enjoying the warm weather.

"Ice cream!" A man pushing a cart around shouted, "Get it while it's cold."

Lucas decided to buy a strawberry ice cream with two scoops. After paying the man, Lucas made his way to the bench that had yet been taken. He smiled and sat down placing the notebook and pen down next to him as he began to eat the ice cream while looking around at the beauty of nature in the park. There were some butterflies near by flying around a bush of flowers.

Odhrán Ó Dálaigh

As the afternoon progressed, Odhrán's office at the top floor of Meridian Clinic got unbearably warm. Clearly, the building had not been set up to cope with the summer heat. For weeks now, Odhrán had been trying to book a specialist to place down a few thermal insulation charms, but magical builders, much like the muggle kind, were always very hard to get a hold of. In all truth, it was starting to get into the way of Odhrán's business. There was no way he could treat patients while they were uncomfortably warm. As luck would have it though, he'd seen his last appointment for the day and was free to close the clinic early. His receptionist would also appreciate a couple of hours off to enjoy with her family.

Odhrán didn't feel like going straight back home to Arranmore, as there was nothing waiting for him there. His mother and sister had taken advantage of an invitation from family abroad, meaning he had the family estate to himself. And while Ard na Mara was beautiful, being there on his own was depressing. He'd fill the empty space with dark thoughts, consumed by the woes and worries of his patients; replay every moment previously discovered through Legillimency. Maybe, staying in London for a while would help. He could visit the nearby park and take his sketchbook. Then, later on, he could grab a bite to eat somewhere and save his house elves the trouble of having to cook just for one person.

As he walked away from Knockturn Alley, he aimlessly strolled towards one of the nearby residential areas. It was strange: He'd worked in London for so many years now, but he still didn't really know his way around. He'd never taken the time to explore. Getting to know London had fallen by the wayside as he'd been consumed by his work. He could easily foresee the existential crisis in the making if he didn't take the time to slow down soon. Maybe, today was the perfect opportunity to look after himself for a change.

He entered an unfamiliar park with a pretty fountain and nice flowerbeds. Had that always been just a five minute walk from where he worked? How did he not even know about this? It felt calm and restful. Maybe he could come back here between appointments to reset his mind and emotions. The last couple of treatments he'd given had taken their toll on him. Yes, he could finally admit it to himself now: he was exhausted.

Odhrán settled on a bench near the fountain and shrugged out of his dark green, cord jacket to make himself more comfortable. With the sleeves of his shirt rolled up and his tie loosened, even the heat wasn't bothering him as much anymore. He flipped open his sketch book and took a short, stubby pencil out of the attached pen holder. With a few, confident strokes he had outlined a butterfly. Squint. He took a moment to focus on the pattern of the back of the wings. It was gorgeous, but a little complicated to reproduce in black and white. Still, he would try.

Odhrán fell into an easy routine. Look up, check some details, go back and revise what he had on his page. Small revision after small revision, until his drawing became a pretty good approximation of the real thing. He rather fancied the idea of trying an animation. Pressing his palm to the page he muttered the incantation under his breath, preferring to cast wandlessly. He didn't know the area. Maybe, there were muggles around. It was hard to tell.

Bobby Cashmore

Bobby and his father had left the boarding house they'd stayed in, and their route towards the Charing Cross Road - and eventually to Diagon Alley - took them through a pleasant park. While their home in the Midlands was far less densely urban than London, Bobby definitely appreciated the fresh air that could be had. Even though he was looking forward to going to Hogwarts, he knew his studies would be more detailed this year and there'd be less time for exploring the Hogwarts grounds again. It always had seemed so new each year to him.

But they were in this park - Bobby noticed his father observing the fountain, and the inherent joys of some well-crafted engineering - and there was an ice cream cart being pushed around the park by a chap with an enthusiastic voice.

Bobby smiled, pulled out some coins from his pocket, looked them over to be sure they were muggle money, and bought both himself and his father a cone. While some might have objected and said that parents should provide for their children, Bobby liked being able to give something back for once.

But it was warm and the ice cream a little bit on the melting side, and the scoop wasn't sitting right and... his ice cream went awry.

Bobby looked around - his father hadn't noticed yet, and the few other people here in this park looked too busy to be paying him any attention, so reaching into his bag and holding his wand - just out of view, just in case - he cast a subtle Wingardium Leviosa and levitated most of the ice cream back into the cone. He was fairly sure he'd left enough that there weren't any germs or anything in what he had salvaged.

And then just as though nothing had happened, he tucked into the ice cream.

He cautiously looked around, there were a couple of gentlemen sat on benches, but they both seemed too busy with their respective notebooks to pay him any mind.