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[Meridian Clinic] Evil Woman / Turn To Stone

Started by Deitha Albron, February 17, 2021, 11:40:50 pm

Odhrán Ó Dálaigh

Finally, Odhrán felt as though he was getting somewhere. Her genuine smile proved that he had made the right decision in trying to help. He thought they'd forged a fragile connection and the words he was hearing now seemed more truthful and genuine than things she'd said earlier. It was obvious that someone she'd once trusted had abused this trust. It was important that he avoided letting her down again.

"I understand," Odhrán said simply. "Let me give you a bit more of an overview so we can decide together if you would like to stay awake for this or if you would rather be sedated. There are advantages and disadvantages to either approach."

He knew he was about to embark on a longer speech and therefore summoned a glass of water to him to take a sip.

"If you are awake during treatment, it is easier for me to perform. I will be able to see and understand your reactions and that will help me place the desired block in the correct place. 

I work with a blend of legillimency and memory charms. Rather than spending hours sitting down with you and talking about what is troubling you and how, I can just take a look directly. If that's painful or not, really depends on the patient and how much they can let themselves trust me. If you can relax while I take a look, the legillimency will be uncomfortable and feel like an intimate invasion, but it wouldn't physically painful. If you're struggling to relax, panic or try to push me out, and to be fair that happens with many patients and is not always under their conscious control, I might have to apply some force to get things done. That can be painful. Think and throbbing headache or severe migraine. Usually a sharp needling pain cutting right through your head.

Setting a block also means cutting your subconscious access to whatever fantasies, memories and experiences are triggering your nightmares. This process can be physically painful if I have to retrieve something you might not want me to access. I suspect, in your case there are some things you are even struggling to let yourself have access to so I am expecting that I will have to be quite forceful to see where I need to set the block. You can expect sharp needling pains and you might see bits and pieces of the memory or fantasy flash before your eyes, which might be emotionally upsetting. Hopefully, only for a minute or two, and I will try to distract you from this process as much as I can.

If I sedate you, you'll wake up with a mild headache and some signs of disorientation. The treatment might take a lot longer and I can't promise you to get the same quality of result. Without your reactions to guide me, I can make a best guess, but there is always a chance we will have to repeat this a few times to be sure I get the block in the correct position to get you your good night's sleep.

No matter which option you go for, I would try to set this up in a way that you can access everything you want consciously during the daytime, but that some things can't be retrieved while you sleep. Being able to cast that at all is a very specialist skill and hard to get right. I might not get it perfectly right the first try. If you have any gaps in your memory after treatment during your waking hours, please come see me again. I can fix that. It's a low risk, but I just want you to know that it can happen.

The good news is that I don't think the treatment will take very long. If we're going to do this with you awake you can always pause me if you're really struggling really badly during treatment. Or if we try it while you are awake and you find it's just unmanageable we can switch approach. I normally agree with my patients that they can raise their hand it they can't handle it. And there is no shame in that. I know it can be a lot.

And I believe I mentioned that this remains reversible, so if you're experiencing an uncomfortable change afterwards it is easy to undo."

Odhrán stretched his hands and fingers and clicked his wrists, expecting that Deitha would want to go ahead with treatment and get it over and done with.

Deitha Albron

Deitha sat there, trying to take in everything that the healer was saying. He was, of course, being very professional and honest about what he was about to do, which was exactly what he should be doing. It didn't matter much to Deitha, to be perfectly honest, and somewhere in the midst of all the talking she found herself quietly trying to talk herself out of going along with it.

Therein, of course, was the problem. She'd talked herself into going along with it, whatever it was, no matter how much it would be awkward or painful but in the moment of him doing his professional duty, she'd started to be less convinced, even though she was nodding and making positive noises, almost as if on some kind of automatic response.

Something about the way he stretched his hands and fingers and, especially, clicking his wrists, caused her to snap back into the right headspace.

Summoning whatever inner resolve she had left, she simply said, "Please, let's just get on with it. The longer we talk about it, the less I am going to be OK with just getting this done." Teeth gritted. "It's going to hurt, it's going to be very unpleasant. I know it's going to bring up things I don't want to think about. Let's just get it done."

But as much as she was trying to project confidence, she really didn't feel it and she hoped that he really would begin swiftly because this was teetering on the edge of some pivotal feeling of "I went and spoke to someone, isn't that enough for a day, or a lifetime?" but he really sounded like he could help, and that he'd do his best to not leave her a drooling puddle on the floor. It wouldn't be good for business that way anyway.

"Do you need me to sit somewhere or lay down or something?"