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Avenger's Assemble [Tyrone]

Started by Tyrone, February 15, 2021, 11:38:27 pm


February 15, 2021, 11:38:27 pm Last Edit: July 25, 2021, 02:05:22 pm by Tyrone
Avenger's Assemble

Hey everyone,

My name is Tyrone, a long term role-player who couldn't resist the opportunity to join in when Royal Poet and Arantor mentioned they were starting a forum. I enjoy reading with Harry Potter and Wheel of Time being particular favourites of mine! Amazon's Wheel of Time Adaptation hell yesssss. I also watch a lot of television and movies with the MCU (who knew) and The Boys being my particular interests of the moment. I really need some new shows. Offline I work in an admin position for the NHS.

At the moment I play three characters here on Floo.

Pyxis Abercrombie an uptight pureblood who works for the Ministry as a diplomat and less known Unspeakable.

Daisy a Hogwarts House elf who has been assigned to help the staff with keeping their quarters tidy and general needs. Daisy has the unfortunate habit of referring to the humans around her by a mildly insulting nickname with Miss Dirty Girls and Mr Slippery Feet being the most notable.

Sebastian is a fifth year Hufflepuff student. He aspires to become a west end star one day and enjoys getting up to mischief, playing the guitar and writing song lyrics in his free time.


Of course Pyx's fantasy is that he's an Avenger :P <3


Quote from: K on February 15, 2021, 11:46:53 pmOf course Pyx's fantasy is that he's an Avenger :P <3

Whoops I fail at posting as the right person tonight.

And of course he fancies himself as Captain Britain, but I dare say he's more of a Hulk :p


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Wish I could donate to pyx search for a wife. I have hope for you!! One day you'll find a fine wifu.

I'd donate myself if it was reasonable....lmaooo


I mean you totally could make him a wife... just saying.


Who knows. We'll see how i feel in a few weeks if he's still open :ooo. No promises.

5 months later


Updated this a bit to reflect my new characters!

Come say hi everyone!