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Diary of Harold Prendergast

Started by Harold Prendergast, February 15, 2021, 07:31:13 pm

Harold Prendergast

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June 1969

11th June
Received owl from Dumbledore; there is a new teaching position at Hogwarts - and it caters to my specialty. Rather excited really.

14th June
Hogwarts feels different; it has been rather many years since I walked through these doors, felt the raw magic of this place surround me. It is every bit as engaging of the senses as I remember but, well, I wonder if the excitement of my youth has been replaced with a wistfulness of the years, or whether my experiences give me an acuteness of sense that allows me to perceive the magic steeped in these walls with more precision than ever before.

16th June
The library is larger than I remember. There are also a good many books here that aren't available in any other institution in Europe. I am certain I can further my studies here. I hope I can impress upon young minds the wonder of the thing, as I had impressed upon me in my day.

21st June; Midsummer
Turns out I accidentally stole a library book from the Hogwarts library. The new librarian - well, new to me, anyway -  in the form of Miss Rose Pemberton is, well, rather awkward. Or perhaps I am awkward around her. [Now I'm not frightened of this world, believe me]

Went to visit the Hogwarts lake; always meant to before but there were always more important things to do. Unexpectedly met Grace Pemberton and her delightful canine companion out on the lake. She is uncomplicated unlike her mother. [Misty Eyes on a Windy Day]

Grace was most insistent that I should return with her for dinner, in spite of my protestations. But I shall never underestimate the wit and brazen audacity of a fiery if well meaning eleven year old again. But on some level she was right, and I did attempt to stay for dinner. [No one I think is in my tree, I mean it must be high or low.]

I rather suspect I need to avoid Rose for a few days.

23rd June
Met a new member of faculty today after a rather embarrassing incident with a niffler trying to snaffle my pocketwatch. I should rather consider more protective measures. [[Library] Karma police, Arrest this man]

24th June
Had planned to go to Hogsmeade with Rose, but she had to cancel. Have taken up reading again in the hopes of unlocking a few questions I need answers to. [[Library] Don't ask for favours. Don't talk to strangers. Don't ask me why.]

25th June
Having spoken to Montgomery and now Rose, I find myself asking questions more than I have answers; I am less inclined to believe my wife's disappearance is what it seemed.

27th June
Now I come to think about it, I don't remember speaking to Northgate about Sylvia's "disappearance". Have sent Bubo with a polite message.

30th June
Message received by owl, suggesting I don't poke around in this any further in case I "disappear" too. Curiouser and curiouser.

Harold Prendergast

July 1969

6th July
Unsigned note arrives: "drop the matter". Looks to have been cut from a Muggle newspaper - or perhaps two of them. Clearly someone is invested in me not digging any further.

10th July
Have discovered refreshing new blend of tea; three parts keemun to two parts assam, blends enough for a large teapot; captures the strength of both full bodies but the smoothness of the keemun softens the occasional bitter notes of assam. Could add a dash of cacao on occasion. Not sure whether to tell Montgomery; suspect he might find it distasteful on principle.

13th July
Offered my new blend to Montgomery. He seemed far too polite about it, I have no earthly idea if he likes or dislikes it!

31st July
Received a message from Sid, asking me to head down to Godric's Hollow in time for the Lammas festival. I think I'll go. [Bad Moon Rising]

Harold Prendergast

August 1969

27th August
Staff meeting - we receive word that one of the third year Ravenclaws, a boy named Finlay, will not be joining us on 1st September after his muggle parents were attacked by, seemingly, a group of bloodist agitators. They are recovering, but he will remain with them for a few days into term.

Harold Prendergast

September 1969

1st  September
Ah, the Sorting Ceremony. I remember this from my own school days. I am not sure whether Rose is amused or upset that Grace is in Gryffindor rather than Hufflepuff. [In The Great Hall]

Second week of  September
For some reason I cannot quite fathom, I have agreed to venture to the Bannatyne Ball with Rose in the hopes of discovering more about what happened to Sylvia; she and Montgomery both suggest that Sylvia isn't where I think she is and that there is some kind of Ministry coverup. She may very well be right - so hopefully we are going to learn something about it. [[Mayfair] Destiny is calling me]