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Godric's Children [Poet's Requests]

Started by Royal_Poet, February 12, 2021, 09:46:58 pm


QuoteHey! Hey you! Yes, you!

My name is Grace Pemberton and I am 11 years old. I am about to start my first year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I was born in Godric's Hollow on September 16th 1958 and grew up there with my mum Rose. We're quite an odd family for Godric's Hollow. You see, my mum, Rose, is muggleborn and she is raising me on her own. I've never met my father, but mum says he isn't a very nice man. I don't know about that. If mum didn't like him at some point, then why did they have me? I've been trying to find out more about that, but my mum isn't really sharing the details.

I love playing outside and spending a lot of time at the playground. I also like playing gobstones. I beat my mum at it all the time. I see my muggle grandparents a lot, but they don't like playing magical games. Instead grandma keeps insisting I should learn about housekeeping. I've tried to explain to her about elves, but she just doesn't get it. I'd also love to try out a broom, but mum says I am too young to safely fly on my own. I don't know about that. I've seen some other children being allowed to fly in their family's back garden. I also really love practical jokes. I mean, who doesn't?

I'm quite an accomplished witch already. I can change the colour of my dresses to my favourite colour: light blue. I went to London with my mum a couple of weeks ago and we bought my first wand. It's really awesome and it makes pretty sparkles when I wave it about. I think I'm gonna be really good at school because I'll get all the best library books from my mum.

I think merfolk are the absolute coolest. For my birthday, my mum bought me a book on the Mermish language and I am trying to learn a few phrases. I can't put them down in writing here, but I can show you when we meet as long as you're happy to stick your head underwater in the bath tub.

Anyway, my muggle biographer is looking for some stuff:

So yeah, I'm looking for 2 or 3 writing partners who would be up for creating an ensemble cast of students who are friends and go through their education and growing pains together. Ideally, I would love the idea that the children know each other from all having grown up in the village of Godric's Hollow. So, I'd be looking for some halfbloods or maybe purebloods.

I like the idea of each character having a personal story to unfold as well as having an overarching group story as well in addition to smaller group plots and activities.

Our students would be working towards graduating and joining the First Order of the Phoenix. They are friends of magical beings and are trying to develop good relationships with them. This might not be without it's struggles. A member of the group could need convincing or their personal story might be that they're going against their families wishes.

During their first year our students are about to get into some trouble. During an illicit excursion to the forbidden forest they come across an injured centaur and decide to help. Where will they hide the centaur? How do they avoid getting noticed? Where will they get the necessary medicine from? And, of course, if someone wants to play the centaur that could be an option too.

Aside from that we can all contribute to each other's personal stories. Grace is currently trying to work out who her father is. Maybe, the friends could get together to go through Grace's mum's belongings to find some clues. They could help Grace making an inquiry with the ministry to quiz some people who knew Grace's mum when Grace was born.

In return we'll explore the individual stories of each group character together.

So here's what's open:

2 - 3 x student:

-          11 years old
-          Is cool with being friends with students from other houses
-          Is halfblood or pureblood
-          Was born in Godric's Hollow
-          Fond of magical beings
-          Likes jokes and pranks
-          Open face claim
-          Open personality

1 x centaur:

-          Was injured in the forbidden forest
-          Is cool with being rescued by some very silly 11-year-olds
-          Is interested in exploring intercultural exchange between wizards and centaurs
-          Open face claim


Hello, hello! I'd be down to make a child.

I was thinking of creating an 11 year old boy with the history you specified. Grew up in Godric's Hollow, has known and been friends with Grace since for years. I think he'd have been a lot more into jokes and pranks when he was younger than he is now that he's a Hogwarts student, however. I'm thinking he's more on the reticent, not-wanting-to-call-negative-attention-to-himself side of things now, but often still willing to go along with the group when they get an idea for an elaborate prank.

On a more internal emotional arc level, I tend to like writing queer characters (Arantor's already seen this whole spiel in the RPG-D want ad  :D), and I'd like this kid to be just beginning to realise he might be different from other boys in that sense. He'd be on the gentler side in terms of personality and responses to things, which I suspect wouldn't be an issue at all for Grace, but he might have had a history of bullying among other peers in Godric's Hollow. Possibly that'd follow him to school but that depends on the other characters he interacts with. On the whole, he'd be a good friend, if on the more careful side of things, calculating how pranks could go wrong but not putting up much of a fight if he ultimately got outvoted on doing one.

Let me know what you think when you have a spare moment!


Hello, hello!

I am stoked for this and I think this will be so much fun. I don't mind a queer arc at all - in fact I think that could be quite fun. I think Grace won't have much of an opinion on any of this yet - she's mostly concerned with playing gobstones, playing outside and having fun. I guess since her preferences match expectations she's not had any reason to think about that yet. In her world the idea of liking anyone that way is still pretty icky.

I think she'd be quite defensive of her friends especially if she felt they were being bullied over something that was just a part of who they are. She's a bit of a righteous Gryffindor about such things.

I'll ping you on discord when I see you there. *hugs*

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This sounds like a lot of fun. If you'll have a new RP-er then I'd love to join!

I was thinking of a little boy that's a lot more bark than bite, tending to overexaggerate his achievements and exploits. The other children would probably see straight through, either from experience growing up or just being more acute. He would probably have an over-protective streak over his friends, which would (hopefully) morph from jealous/petulant to quiet mother-henning as the group grows older.

But that's neither here nor there.

Grace seems like more of a go-getter, so perhaps they might have been some of the main instigators in a lot of childhood antics? Again, all of it is really just spitballing at the moment.

If this sounds acceptable, then I'll happily go through the due procedures once I figure out what those are!

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