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[Viridian] Ol' Lads and Ol' Tales

Started by Eoghan MacLiuthar, February 12, 2021, 05:13:36 pm

Eoghan MacLiuthar

Eoghan stood nervously in front of his mirror and took a deep breath in. "You can do this." He picked up his glasses from his vanity and placed them on his face. Looking back into the mirror, again, he whispered to himself, "You can do this." From below him sat his short-haired friend. His dog whined a little bit. "It's okay, Weiny. I'll be back soon." Turning back to his bed, he grabbed his forest green jacket before hapzardly pulling it over his arms. He took another deep breath in. "You know him, it's Declan! It's going to be fine." Before casting Apparition, he remembered to grab his the satchel with the new products. He bent down, petting Weiner before leaving the comfort of his home, his farm.

Poof! From his bedroom his body was pulled towards Viridian, in London. It made him feel queezy, he could never get used to the quick jerk from the spell. His ears turned red, and his stomach hurt a bit, but he managed to land quite gracefully in front of the storefront. "Not sure how I landed that. But I'm here!". It seemed as though his internal dialogue never stopped. He looked around the allyway, noticing the bustling of the city life. A rarity. The sun was out, the warm rays kissing his skin. It felt good.

Eoghan had fifteen minutes to spare. He was early!

As he gathered his baring, he bumped into a shopper leaving Viridian. It was all it took for him to notice that his best may not have been good enough. To make matters worse, the shopper leaving had a stiff lip, "Watch where you're going!" He grimanced, "Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry." It was the first time this day that he heard himself speak, his words tumbling out. He took a step back before turning his body ninty degrees, holding the door open to give them a way out. It was unbareable to feel so disagreeable.

Ten minutes left.

Eoghan found himself in the store and began perusing the different fragrances. "Right. You're on a mission. Remember that, chap. You've got this." He thought to himself as he idly stood. Eoghan made sure to not make eye contact with any of the other shoppers in the store and found himself at the sales front. "Erm." He puffed, building confidence in himself before making eye contact with someone besides himself. "I've got an appointment with Declan O'Dwyer. The head of the shop." He tried on his posh London accent, though the Scot in him bled through.

He missed his cottage. He missed the clean air and his plants and the associates that worked with him. Next time he would ask Declan to meet him at his cottage.

Declan O'Dwyer

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The day had followed a different pattern than usual. Declan had gotten up early to start preparing for some custom potions that had been ordered. It was a nice change of pace to work on some merchandise completely unrelated to perfume and fragrance. The downside of the endeavour was that he didn't have all the necessary ingredients in stock. There was only was only so much he could hold on premise and of course certain ingredients could only be used fresh.

After making a list of what was needed, he'd handed it off to one of his apprentices to arrange an appointment with one of his suppliers. When working on fragrances the Dublin flower market was perfect for supplies, but today he was engaging in some medicinal work, so he recommended approaching Eoghan MacLiuthar. The Scottish grower was a reliable sort and Declan had known him since his school days. They shared some fond memories of working side by side in the greenhouses and hunting for rare plants at the edge of the Forbidden Forest.

Seeing how they hadn't caught up in a while and that he probably hadn't been to his new store in London yet, he asked his assistant to request the appointment to take place there. It probably wasn't quite Eoghan's pace and a little too fancy for his liking, but perhaps he could buy his friend a drink in the pub down the road to make up for it. He quite fancied a bit of a chat and he was curious to hear what sort of crossbreeds Eoghan had come up with since they'd last spoken. Maybe there was something interesting there he could use in a potion.  

It wasn't long after until one of his front of house staff alerted him that the other wizard was waiting on the shop floor. Declan stepped through the vanishing cabinet connected to the London branch and a couple of moments later emerged from behind the counter.

"Eoghan!" he exclaimed cheerfully. "You're a lifesaver. Please tell me you have a crop of mandrakes I can use. I am completely out of them and I have this impatient customer who's already chased me twice today."

He gave Eoghan a court nod - the only acceptable form of greeting between Irish men - and paused awkwardly.

"Anyway, this is Viridian London. I thought I show the new branch off to you., What do you think?" Declan made a grandiose gesture indicating towards the fancy display cases containing jewellery and exclusive fragrances.

Eoghan MacLiuthar

When Declan appeared, Eoghan felt a sense of relief wash through him. He found his color, his cheeks warmed. "Oi! You're just in time." A grin found its way on his face and he cracked a smile, nodding back to the extravagant wizard before him.

Slowly, Eoghan emerged and his body language began to transform. He straightened his back, opened his shoulders and raised his head. Clumsily, he moved his glasses up his nose and made eye contact with Declan. His eyes filled with a fondness and joy as he reminesed of their shared youth. "I'm not sure how you do this." He waved his hands around, indicating the store. "It's fashionable, I wouldn't expect anything different from ya." Fuck the posh. He let his accent seep through, forgetting he was in a stylish establishment. Knowing Declan well enough, he figured the lad before him would see through the frill and come to the Earth. He grounded his feet into the flooring, imagining himself as a steady tree. The visualization exercise steadied him and let him focus on the present.

He snipped back, "''course I've got those. Any well established joint is going to have 'em." A thoughtful pause. "I'll have them brought later." Eoghans right hand clutched his satchel. "I've got a few product I'm thinking about selling." Within in satchel were three vials of a new product. From his days researching, he learned the value of finding product he could grow from around the world. It was more his pet project to collect and attempt to perfect the right environment to grow these rare ingredients. Most of his sales were things such as mandrake roots, dittany and Venomous Tentacula. His high grade ingredients allowed him some flexibility in choice when it came to customers.

Eoghan then looked down, noticing a vial of a delicate fragrant that had not been purchased before looking back to Declan. "You see, I've got some connections who have brought me things I've never seen before. A year ago, before I opened doors, I received a seed of a flower that produces an intoxicating agent. When the bees produce honey from it, the honey supposedly opens doors to new realms... I wanted to see if you'd be interested in it." His voice grew in excitement. He caught himself raising his voice and became aware that people were looking at him. His shoulders closed and he quickly looked down. Shrinking. He felt the tree disapate, and wished he could melt into the floor.

"Don't be too loud. You're embaressing yourself." His negative self talk took root and the thoughts swarmed his mind. He had to fight them with all his might. "Take a moment, come back to the tree." His face flushed, he took a deep breath in and re-centered himself. "Back to the present. Back to the earth."

Ooc: I'm replying on my phone so it might be short. The honey is also like a hallucigenic/likened to dmt. Apparently I'm really into drugs

Declan O'Dwyer

Thank Merlin, his project was saved, and he would be able to brew the requested batch of modified Wiggenweld for his customer this evening. That was one item off his list, all done and dusted and would hopefully save him from further calls via the floo where he would have to justify why the potion was taking some time to prepare. He supposed it was a good thing that the customers were keen, but it certainly could be annoying at times.

Of course, it wouldn't have been a meet-up with Eoghan without the man having some strange plants and products to show off. Declan always enjoyed looking at the various things his old friend came across. He was less thrilled about discussing them openly on the shop floor. While there was nothing wrong with magically interesting honey, he wasn't sure the shop's patrons would care to hear exactly how the fragrances and products on sale were made. Sometimes, knowing less detail was more.

A flower with an intoxicating agent? Now that was interesting. He could immediately see a wide array of applications for such a plant. In a low dose it could probably perform beautifully in a gourmand. He had a sudden flash of inspiration, thinking of a light summer fragrance, combining nectarine, white, orange blossoms and maybe some of this honey Eoghan had just mentioned. He could easily see that making for a delectable combination that would be popular with all ages of witches. Something universal and fresh.

"And it's just the pollen that carries the intoxicating agent?" he asked. "What do the petal look like? Does the blossom have a pleasant fragrance?" Declan's eyes lit up. He always liked getting into the details of a new cultivar and explore all potential uses.

"Tell you what," Declan interrupted himself before Eoghan could even reply to his questions. "Would you like to see the lab? We can have a sit down there and catch up. Might even have a cold pint in storage somewhere." Making potions and drinking alcohol didn't really mix, but he usually had a few bottles in the lab anyway. Beer was rather useful for cleaning up plant foliage before adding it to the cauldron and often improved the overall colour of the potion. Of course, for healing potions or general-purpose items the colour of the potion didn't really matter. When making magical perfume, on the other hand, it was quite important. Beautiful, pleasing pastel tones always sold way better than murky shades.

Eoghan MacLiuthar

Eoghan lit up at the prospect of being able to talk about the different components of the flower and the honey. His excitement was palpable. Declan didn't disappoint him on this date. "Yea, that sounds good. Leading the way?" He figured that he'd misspoken, but it seemed to have caught Declan's interest. His focus on positive self-thoughts assisted him in steadying himself.

It had taken him several months to properly grow the flower. It was a variation of rhododendron, grown with a spindle of unicorn hair and fertilizer produced from kelpie droppings. The hair of the unicorn caused the rhododendron to take on the appearance of a light green iridescience, shimmering in the lights. He imported black mediterranean water to assist in creating the chemical reaction in the fertilizer to produce the hallucigenic in the honey. To perserve the delicate flowers, he'd cast a perservation charm on the flower. It held suspended in one of the vials.

For Eoghan, the scent of the flower replicated a light ocean breeze, injecting a strong sense of nostalgia for his childhood. For one of his assistants, the scent brought them back to sweet mandrain oranges that they ate with their late mother. It appeared to make individuals relive the scent of a strongly associated memory. The scent was light, and playful.

Eoghan wasn't quite sure of the full effects of the flower, outside of his prilimary research. He'd learn  from his experiments that the plant took on magical compoents quiet easily, taking on several of their traits.

He stood, waiting for Declan to bring them back to the lab. It seemed like they often spent time in the lab, where they would break down the componets of the new plant. Eoghan often brought along with him the notes he would collect from his research. "I won't say no to a cold pint. You know me too well." His laugh bellowed. He'd found his center, he was excited to share more of his findings.

Declan O'Dwyer

Declan led Eoghan to the back of the shop where they entered the staff room. Almost immediately the mood appeared to be relaxing. They could be less formal here without facing any repercussions. Declan stopped in front of a tall mango wood cabinet. It was a beautiful piece of furniture with hits intricately carved door, but of course the reason they were here was not to admire a random cabinet. He opened the door and motioned Eoghan to take a step inside.

"I've connected the lab via a vanishing cabinet," he said by way of explanation. "It seemed silly to have one in Dublin as well as one here in London when it is only me brewing. For that reason, I decided to consolidate and move into a new location altogether. I haven't shown it off much yet. Mind you, I have very few friends that would get excited about seeing a lab. Except you of course."

And that was maybe why they got along so well. It was always pleasant to have somebody to have a good nerdy discussion with over a nice pint. Sometimes, these simple pleasures did more than make up for all the difficult things life tended to throw at him.

Declan let his mate go first, as it was too crowded to use the cabinet with two people. The last time he had tried that had been with Farren Abercrombie-Rosier and the thought of it still made him blush every so often. Thankfully, by the time he arrived after Eoghan the flush was gone, and he found himself standing near the gigantic landscape painting spanning almost the entire back wall of his lab. Perhaps contrary to public image of potion brewers, his new lab was in a scenic location in the Wicklow Mountains and affording a gorgeous view of the lake and forest outside.

He made his wait to the centre island with its smooth, black marble surfaces and rummaged around in one of the drawers before retrieving two bottles of beer. He handed one to his mate. "There you go. I hope you like the new location too. It's a bit more spacious than the previous location." That was an understatement if ever he'd made one. The lab was massive, owed to the fact that the room had indeed served as a ballroom some generations before had Declan chosen to convert it.

"So, tell me more about this new flower. I am curious." He reached for a rag in the nearby sink and cleaned over his countertop again, just to make sure it was free from any contaminants. "I still want to add another fragrance to our fall and winter offering and maybe this is the right ingredient for it. Have you done any testing? Is it safe to use on the skin?" He couldn't see why not, but it always was a good idea to be cautious.

"And what else is new with you? Anything I should know about?"

Eoghan MacLiuthar

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He'd forgotten that there were things such as vanishing cabinets, but he preferred this mode of transportation over apparition. At least it wasn't unpleasent and he didn't feel quite the jerk and pull from the spell or portkey. You'd think that with this much living it would have become easy to handle. His foot made it through the cabinet and he entered the lab.

Now this lab was pretty amazing. Though it wasn't the first time he'd been in it, it never ceased to amaze him that Declan had such a prestine lab with such a scenic backdrop. He could tell that no. expense. was. spared. It made him recognize their social difference, but the warmness of his friend made him forget about it temporarily. He grabbed the beer and a crisp pop echoed in the open lab as he opened it with a simple charm. Then he took a deep swig, unceremoniously. "It's nice. I could tell it was your shop which helped. I like the motif of the store. It's..very you." He laughed.

Swig two. From his satchel he took out a schematic of the flower. Atop the paper he had glued a portrait of the flower. "You might enjoy this flower." Digging in his satchel, he found and took the vial with the flower out of before popping the top open. Muttering a spell, the flower fell from it's suspended hold. The delicate iridescence green of the petals hit the light, and began shimmering. "Try taking a wiff and describe what you smell." Before handing it to Declan, he smelled the plant himself.

It took him back to the ocean. It reminded him of one of the last memories where his mum and dad were getting along, before his father realized wife was a witch. He fell into the memory. The sun was beginning to set when his family hit land after spending a day out in sea. Though the flower did not impact the other senses, it became easy for Eoghan to recall the full warmth of the memory. He smelled of the salt, of the water and freshly caught fish. He ran his hand through his afro, remembering his damp greasy hair after a day out at the sea. He focused. Eoghan licked his lips of the beer, but the alcohol tasted of the sea as he concentrated on the memory. Fishing was a hobby his parents enjoyed when they had the pounds to take out a boat. He held the image associated with the scent in his mind, it made him feel homey.

The memory was brief, although clear in his minds eye. As soon as he entered the memory, it left when he pulled the flower away to hand it to Declan.

"Tell me what you smell. I'll tell you mine after." It was notable that Eoghan appeared relaxed, more relaxed then he did when he drank.  "I'll tell you more about the flower after you do." He thought this would be the best way to introduce the product. It was fairly expensive and difficult to grow so he hoped this retailer would be interested in it. With that he took another swig.

Declan O'Dwyer

Declan was intrigued as soon as he saw the light green flower. It was one of the rarer colours to see and it immediately made him hope for something fresh and grassy that would combine well with white florals, moss and ylang ylang. He briefly raised his wrist to his nose to ground himself in his own smell. It was a habit he had developed during his apprentice years to deal with the inevitable issue of olfactory fatigue all perfumers tended to struggle with.

"Its beautiful," he commented as he carefully took the blossom from Eoghan and examined it. The texture of the petals seemed so very fragile and delicate.  The colour shifted between that first impression of pale green, to shades of blue and gold, depending on the lighting. It was an incredibly unique look and quite elegant. He could certainly picture the blossoms in a close-up photograph for some marketing material - provided that the scent would combine well with other ingredients or stand out as the basis for a soliflore.

"Curious," was Declan's first comment on the scent. He wasn't sure what he was supposed to smell or what to expect, but he thought the scent he was getting didn't particularly match the appearance of the flower. "It's so complex. I would say it reminds me of violet and jasmine tea." Even as he said the words they didn't seem quite right anymore. There was something sweet about the smell too and quite nostalgic. "Hints of warm caramel and creamy vanilla." Really, it rather reminded him of his time in Russian working in St Petersburg with Master Penhaligon. "There's nectarine's and some green foliage, maybe sandalwood? Lily of the valley too."

It took him a moment to realise that he was recalling what Penhaligon's lab smelled like when he had first started working there. Fresh out of school Declan had just wanted to work with potions. It was something he had always been good at and an opportunity to prove himself. However, once exposed to the world of fragrance creation he had fallen in love. It had been the best part of being an apprentice and learning. He could watch Penhaligon work for hours perfect the perfect jasmine scent, while stuffing his face with those sweet vanilla tea cakes from the shop down the road. Him opening a bottle of nectarine essential oil while Penhaligon was working, measuring out just the right quantity required.

"Hmm," Declan was still trying to pinpoint exactly what this fragrance was doing. "Good memories? Nostalgia?" He held the flower away from his face to take a break. "Reminds me a lot of being an apprentice in St Petersburg, learning about something I love." He took another sniff to sea if the impression changed if sniffing the flower for a second time, but the imagery remained solid. He felt as though he was almost looking at Master Penhaligon cracking a smile. He put the flower down quickly this time before it made him overly emotional. He missed Russia and the simplicity of his life there free from obligations and family responsibilities. Not for the first time he caught himself thinking that it would be nice to be able to go back.

"I imagine that this will be difficult to work with, but I am interested." He wondered in fact if there weren't multiple applications to this. Scent was often linked to memory, which might give an interesting angle to approach some efficiency gains on memory potions if used correctly. Tapping into good memories to improve learning and retention. It had potential as a concept and warranted further investigation.

"What does your production capacity look like?" He was less concerned about the pricing. The mark-up, especially on fragrances was always generous. Declan was confident that having this ingredient at his disposal would pay off, especially if it were rare and could be kept exclusive to Viridian. 

He took a drink from his bottle and gave Eoghan a smile. The man never disappointed with his merchandise.

Eoghan MacLiuthar

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Eoghan was quite pleased with himself as he watched Declan fall back into his nostalgic memory. He observed Declan become momentarily absorbed in his thoughts before coming back to this world. "For me, it's one of the last times my parents got along. We were coming back from a fishing trip." He held a thoughtful pause, creating space, "and it brings out fondest of memories." A small smiled peaked out from the side of face. He'd researched the historic uses of the flower and was not the first to discover that it took on aspects of the magical components it grew with.

"Though I should warn ya." He wrinkled his nose, his glasses pushed up and hid his eyebrows. "The person has to be in a good mental space to retrieve such a memory." A frown overtook his face and his view drifted to the scenic mountain scene. "The kelpie fertilizer makes the flower fickle. In a bad mindset the person will live their worst memory." He clutched the pint and took a deep swig before continuing, "Though the memory disapates as soon as you take away the scent." He kicked himself for revealing the faults of the flower, but he couldn't, in good conscious, sell a product without the disclosure. "But I'd suppose that when you've got everything that shouldn't quite matter."

Eoghan sighed.

He deepened the sigh and watched as the trees rustled in the poster before him. "From my preliminary studies I found that the unicorn hair to be unstable. Since unicorn shit is so hard to track I needed a fertilizer that would be similar in structure. However, from my research it seemed that both unicorn hair and fertilizer could have a disastrous effect and cause the smeller to get permanently lost in their fond memories. Kelpie fertilizer appears to prevent this from happening, but as you know Kelpies are fickle creatures."

He'd found out first hand that the flower could cause terrible memories to resurface. It reminded him of the moment he realized he was black and living in a segregated community. The smells of collar greens, curried spices and goat filled his mind. To be honest, the memory itself was not terrible, but the realization itself was. It reminded him that he wasn't good enough for the muggle world as he wasn't good enough for the magical.

There'd been whispers of a pureblood supremacist who was looking for members to join his brigade. Eoghan's mom, an auror, had mentioned it in passing during tea. From his days in Hogwarts he'd heard the derogatory terms for half bloods and muggles so he thought the rumor to be somewhat plausible. Frankly, It had actually surprised him that an O'Dwyer would even consider him as a friend? He wondered if the wizard saw him as less then.

"Is it something you'd still consider?" His gaze went back to Declan.

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Declan O'Dwyer

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Declan raised an eyebrow. The outcome was unpredictable? That changed things. He couldn't create a fragrance around something that could potentially resurface horrible memories. His customers wouldn't be impressed. Viridian was all about creating a world of delicate beauty and escapism, rather than providing for a harsh confrontation with reality. Maybe there was a way to isolate the positive properties during the brewing process. He would have to experiment with that.

On the medicinal side of things, this unexpected property made the plant even more interesting. Maybe it could help with resurfacing traumatic or repressed memories. Medicinal work wasn't his specialty, but he was certainly eager to give it a try. The question that remained was if he would have a solid customer base for this flower. He still thought he might, but Eoghan's admission made him question his earlier, unbridled enthusiasm. There were some issues he would have to address before buying into a large consignment.

"Yes, of course I would consider it. And I am willing to take two dozen of them off you right away just to run some further studies. But I think you want somebody with a stronger background in healing to pitch this to. I think they'd have more use for it than I do, and you might be able to sell higher volume there."

It really wasn't in his best interest to suggest this deal should be anything but excusive, but Eoghan was his friend and this flower was quite remarkable. An interesting ingredient like this shouldn't be limited to a single commercial outlet. Maybe it could be used to genuinely make a difference in the care of certain patients.

"You probably want Ó Dálaigh over in Knockturn. I reckon he'd give you a small fortune for a steady supply contract. Or you could try St Mungos as well, though my understanding is that they aren't always able to pay fair prices." He didn't know for sure but given how many annual fundraisers he had attended in the honour of St Mungos the hospital had to be spectacularly bad at managing its assets. Despite a steady stream of donations, they were still always looking for more.

Declan looked at the flower again, tempted to take another sniff. He wondered.

"Any chance this is addictive?" He wasn't sure if this was his nostalgia for Russia talking or something else and it was probably good to check about this now, just in case.

Eoghan MacLiuthar

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He mentally kicked himself in the butt for telling the truth. He couldn't help but tell the truth, though, because it was part of his moral ethics to be open about his products. Eoghan didn't want people to purchase something from him and then regret their choice. The products he produced were full of the devotion and love for his craft. He hoped that others could feel it.

"I can! I will have the product sent in the next few weeks." It took him for a moment to catch the last of Declan's statement. "Hmm, I never thought of it's uses outside of this. You have a good point about pitching this to a healer." Eoghan stored the mental note to the side. He would have to go back to that and try finding others to talk about the new discovery.

The idea of trying to sell the product to another person made the lump in his stomach grow. Like he had to build up courage to come to see Declan, he'd have to do this all over again. The thought was overwhelming. Put it aside for now, Eoghan. You don't need to do it yet. His thought comforted him, he remembered he had the drink in his hand. Sip.

Who was this Ó Dálaigh fellow? He wasn't sure, but went ahead and nodded his head as Declan gave him suggestions for retail sellers. As Declan went on, he took a gulp of the pint, finishing it off. He tried to put the names and places in his head but they seemed to slip out of his mind as Declan spoke. It was as though his brain had turned into a sieve, he couldn't keep anything from pouring out of him. "Yeah. I'll have a talk with them." His voice drifted, he looked down at his drink. It was gone. Disappointment.

Eoghan hadn't done enough testing to find out if it was addictive. "I'm not sure about it's addictive properties. From my research it doesn't seem so. The nature of the kelpie fertilizer prevents the person from staying permanently in the memory. Though I could be wrong. It would need more testing and I don't have the means or subjects to test it." 

Declan O'Dwyer

Declan knew the signs of defeat when he saw them in another. Eoghan was a sensitive fellow and his confidence levels weren't the best. Declan didn't quite understand why. His friend was an excellent grower and there were so many potential customers in need of quality ingredients. Sure, there was a lot of competition already out on the market, but what Eoghan had to offer was unique and the quality was impeccable. There wasn't any reason why the other man shouldn't be more financially successful. Of course, not everyone had the luxury of growing up with a family who could teach them. Declan's grandparents had spent a lot of time on instructing him on business practises, how to socialise and how to bring a new product to market. He doubted that Eoghan had the same privilege given his humble upbringing.

"Eoghan," he tried to reason, "you've got to put yourself out there more. Look at this brilliant product. It could make a huge difference to a lot of patients in the hands of a potioneer primarily focused on medicinal work. You don't want this discovery limited to what I can make at Viridian."

Even as he was speaking, he doubted that his words would make much of a difference. If he made Eoghan promise to try, would he find a way of backing out? Should he offer to make some introductions? It would be easy for Declan to sell the flowers on his behalf but doing so wouldn't really help his friend in the long run. He needed to develop his own network of contacts and develop the necessary skills to market his products.

"Just try to make a pitch. Look at it this way: even if they don't buy anything, you're no worse of than you would otherwise be. You only stand to gain from giving it a try. And I think Ó Dálaigh will take as many of these off you as you can produce. He runs that memory clinic. You know, maybe your plant works with obliviated people. That could be huge."

"Anyway, more beer? Was there more you wanted me to have a look at?" It wouldn't surprise him if Eoghan had another plant or two to show off. He didn't know many people that were as passionate about their work as his friend seemed to be.

"And maybe I can get your opinion on a potion in a bit? There's something I'd like to show you." 

Eoghan MacLiuthar

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He wasn't much for affirmations, and they made him feel uncomfortable. He didn't know why he had such a hard time accepting them.  He fiddled with his glasses for a moment and listened intently to the words coming from Declan. It wasn't that he didn't want to sell his product, he didn't enjoy the pitch?. It made him realize that there were things he still needed to work. Declan seemed to have come to the same conclusion. Mentally dusting himself off, he realized he needed to center himself to stay present with Declan.

He smiled, and nodded. Gestures indicating that he was listening in earnest. "Oi. I do see your point. It's just not my...fortè?" He grimaced. "I hadn't thought of the other applications for this. I'm starting to see the potential..." His interest was peaking. It seemed as though the Ó Dálaigh fellow might be a good candidate for purchasing the product. He wasn't so sure though. He waffled.

The potential use of the plant in the memory clinic was well beyond him. He had a through understanding of basic applications of his products, but he had no experience in the realm of memories. It intrigued him that there was a potential market to be filled. Just...how? Communicate to more strangers?

"I'll have to check out this Ó Dálaigh fellow as you say?" His words fell half-heartedly, though speaking the name committed it to his own memory. "I'm not sure where to find him though. Knockturn alley isn't exactly a place where I'd want my wares to be associated with..." Eoghan paused as he caught himself say that outloudm it's in the universe now! He had heard there were dark wizards who affiliated themselves with the Pureblood movement. It pained him to see the community torn over the acceptance of muggles. Eoghan, himself, had no problems with it. He fell between the two communities -- a bit of a hybrid himself.

"Yes, I'll take another." He grinned, giving a curt nod as he grabbed another pint from Declan. "Thank you." He did have another product to show. It was the honey produced from the flower. The honey was sweet, yet had an earthy undertone. This also allowed him to change the subject and discuss something he'd more prefer to speak about. "The honey I showed you back in the shop. Well, I'm not too sure it would make a good product but it does give you quiet the high." He bellowed a laugh as his confidence began to pick up. "Just put a drip in your pint. Like the flower, itself, it affects your taste instead of smell."

He'd discovered that it didn't take too much to get high off the honey. He also found that the honey made it easier for him to tolerate longer conversations. It simply puts the individual at ease and made things less frightening. Clearly, he needed it!

"Course I'd like to see the new potion!".

Declan O'Dwyer

Ah, politics. As usual, things boiled down to that. It seemed to be the curse of their time. Declan longed for easier days we well, a wizarding world standing united and without conflict. Alas, fortune didn't seem to be on their side. In fact, things were moving in a direction that left Declan with a deeply unsettling sense of foreboding. They hadn't seen the worst of it yet. The squib riots on the streets, the vitriol in the press; it was the beginning of something rather than the end.

"Not everybody in Knockturn is a crook or criminal," Declan objected to his friend's commentary. Sure, there were some questionable individuals there, some known followers of the Dark Arts, but Declan knew of many perfectly respectable places where the same was true as well. Society was strange. Practising the Dark Arts was frowned upon, but only if you were poor. Attend any fancy pureblood affair and the room would be chock-full of wizards and witches that had done a great deal of questionable things.

"But to be honest with you, I don't know Ó Dálaigh well. He's from an Irish pureblood family. I think I danced with sister at some ball or another." Declan paused trying to cast back his mind to any details about the family. "No, I've got nothing on them." There were some half-remembered bits about his grandfather saying that there were some inappropriate relations with muggles, but Eoghan would probably congratulate the Ó Dálaighs on that rather than think of it as an offense.

He shrugged and produced two more bottles of beer. "I'm sure there's more healers could be targeting. Just try some of them, okay?" Declan didn't have a horse in the race here, and who Eoghan sold to ultimately didn't matter to him. It was just that he wanted his friend to do well.

Declan retrieved a measuring spoon from one of his drawers and added a bit of honey to his beer. It wasn't usually a combination he would have gone for, but it seemed like his mate was in dire need of a bit of uninhibited fun. He handed the spoon over to Eoghan and smiled.

"Will I be able to go back to work after this, or should I take the afternoon off?"

While he was talking, he pulled out another drawer and looked for the potion he had mentioned. Eventually, he produced a bottle containing a pink liquid. The colour certainly wasn't an aspect of this creation Declan was proud of, but it couldn't be helped given the combination of active ingredients.

"Bit of a hobby project this one," Declan explained. "Started out as a growth accelerant to use in my orchid breeding. But it ended up being useful for controlling at which point in time a plant will blossom." He slid the bottle across the counter towards Eoghan. "You can try it out on that sorry specimen of an orchid over there. It's been through a few trials. Would recommend adding a drop to the soil one at a time." He indicated towards a scrawny looking potted orchid plant that had clearly seen better days.

Eoghan MacLiuthar

It wasn't much like Eoghan to become overly involved in the politics of the wizarding world. He'd ignored much of it in his youth, and had tried to pretend that it didn't exist. However, the honest truth was that it did exist and it permeated the wizarding world. He figured that Declan did not see as much of it in the same way that Eoghan had. Simply their status difference in society would dictate that their exposure, and perspective, would be different.

For Eoghan, this felt close to him because his mother was becoming involved in the squib riots, as she was a protector of the people, an Auror. He had pride in the accomplishments his mother had made in the force, though he couldn't seem to extend the sense of pride to himself. It was a challenge for sure. "Yeah, I cognizant of that. It's just...hard." he frowned as he grabbed the drink from Declan. "You see, my mum's involved in the mess because of her job and I just worry about what will happen with that bunch."

Eoghan took the spoon and dipped it into the honey before mixing it into his drink. The honey seemed to disapate in the drink despite the drink's temperature. "Yumm. Thank you." He took a swig of the drink. "I might take the afternoon off."

He took the conversation back to the point. "As I was saying, though, maybe with some liquid courage I'll make it to that Ó Dálaigh fellow." His lived experience of anxiety made it difficult for him to engage in the world in a meaningful way, sometimes. It deeply frustrated him, but he didn't know what he was supposed to do to really address it in a meaningful way. Could Ó Dálaigh do something about that? He did work with memories. Maybe if he obliterated his early memories he would be fine? He mentally shrugged.

Excitedly, Eoghan looked to the pink liquid. He became intriqued at it. "Wow. Maybe we could trade!" He grinned. It would take some time before the affects of the honey would hit them.  "I will try that out." He took the vial of the pink liquid and dripped some into the depressing orchid. It almost reminded him of himself.