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New Player Guide

Started by Royal_Poet, February 05, 2021, 06:46:31 pm


Welcome to Floo.Network!

We're very happy that you have already joined us or are considering joining us. Please make sure you look at our Roleplay Rules.


We're a semi-canon roleplaying environment, set in 1968/69. This means that canon characters such as Dumbledore, Voldemort and the Potters exist and that we plan on roughly following the established time-line of the Harry Potter franchise. Our timeline will start as Voldemort rises to power for the first time and move along the canon timeline of the series through the first wizarding war and beyond. The details, however, are up to you. We're happy to make some alterations such as having different professors teach at Hogwarts or having events unfold that were not mentioned in the books, if it fits the general mood, look and feel of our source material.

You have complete freedom regarding your individual plots, but we would like to ask you to keep things true to the feel of the books and movies where possible.

Site wide events will be announced via The Year Book.


We're pretty chill about post length and post frequency. There is no set word count or set time frame you need to reply in.

We'd like to ask that, in general, you try to aim for two to three paragraphs minimum. There may be situations where shorter, rapid fire posts feel appropriate or where longer more ornate pieces may convey the mood better. Please make sure you communicate with your RP partners ahead of time if you plan to deviate from the usual 2-3 paragraphs so nobody is stressed out or disappointed.

Naturally, nobody loves waiting, but try not to pressure your RP partners into responding immediately. If you have not received a reply in more than a week it is okay to send a friendly reminder message.

 School Year

Each school year lasts 6 months in real time, staring either on April 1st or October 1st. You can join at any time throughout the school year and applications are always open.

Students may take as many or as few classes as they desire. Passing or failing at the end of a term is your roleplaying decision.

In order to not overload anyone's schedule, we will limit available classes to up to 2 classes being available per real time month. If you are planning on playing a professor character, please coordinate with your fellow professors to establish a schedule.

Important events (beginning of term, a class starting, a big plot event) will be recorded in The Year Book. It might be worth leaving a bookmark there so you will be notified.


If you don't fancy playing a student, don't worry. We have a cheerful community of adult characters that is looking forward to welcoming you.

 Making a Character

As mentioned in our rules, you may have as few or as many characters as you desire. Every character must have an approved application (SHEET) before they can post.

Our character system allows for the creation of different character types to suit different needs. You can access the character creation menu from the top bar of the forum. Applications templates will be available within the character sheet function. You can customise your sheet with fonts and colours, but please keep it readable.

You can work on your sheet for as long as you like. The system will allow you to edit your sheet whenever you like. When you are ready, you can submit your sheet using the submit button. We do track your edit history each time you save your sheet, so no information should ever be lost. Once a sheet is submitted, approval may take a couple of a days.

If you are planning to play a professor or canon character (like Dumbledore), please make sure the subject you teach or the character you want to play is available. (LINKS)

 Choosing a Character Sheet Format

The full character sheet allows you to create a student or adult character without any post limitations. We would recommend you pick a full character as a first character. Our templates contain some hints about the expected level of detail.

You can create a minor character with a minimal character sheet to try out a new idea quickly and get roleplaying as soon as possible. This option is great if you want a side character for just a couple of threads or aren't sure you if you want to commit to a character long term. If you end up liking the character and want to keep it, we ask that you update it to a full character after 50 posts.

If your character has a rare and extraordinary ability, we require a little more information than we do for a minor or full character. This applies for animagi, metamorphmagi, parselmouths, lycanthropes/ werewolves, occlumens, legillimens and so on. Rare abilities are open to new and old members of Floo.Network alike. There is no minimum length of membership required to apply.

You may create original abilities if you desire, but we may choose to decline such applications if we don't feel they match the Harry Potter canon. It might be worth discussing with the Floo.Network team first to save later disappointments.

We are very happy to allow non-human characters of various kinds: house-elves, goblins, ghosts, portraits, merfolk, centaurs, giants, veela, werewolves or various halfbreed characters are welcome. Please note that we do not accept vampire characters despite their brief appearance in canon. We believe that there are other fandoms that are better suited to the exploration of vampirism in RP. If your character has very distant non-human heritage (ie. 1/8th Giant) it is perfectly acceptable to use the student or adult template instead.

You can update your existing characters at any time by editing and resubmitting your sheet.

You can give a character to another member of the site if you so desire. Please note that we require an update or roleplay sample in the character sheet after transfer. We do not allow transfer characters as a first character.

 Face Claims

The list of currently valid face claims can be accessed from the badge icon on the forum sidebar.

Face claims can be entered from the character profile page. A claim will stay active as long as there has been an in character post within the last 6 months.

 Avatars and Signatures

Avatars are 125px by 200px in size. We would appreciate if you uploaded an avatar for each of your characters.

Signatures should be kept small. We will accept images up to 200px by 400px. However, signatures are not required and are completely optional.