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Great to have you here! Floo.Network is a new roleplaying game set in 1970.  We are currently looking for students, professors, original characters and canon characters. You can check out our classifieds to see what characters are available.

Update, February 5th 2021

What's going on for Students:

We are about to start our first term on April 1st 2021. Until then students can enjoy their summer vacations with their friends and family. Wizarding Britain is ready to be explored. New students of any year my correspond with school librarian Rose Pemberton to continue their studies over the summer.

For the coming term we have just recruited a brand new professor of Arithmancy who will be teaching next term.

What's going on for Adults:

We are currently in the a year before the first wizarding war. Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters are rising in popularity and bloodist sentiment is sweeping through the Wizarding World. Of course, not everybody agrees with with Lord Voldemort and his politics. Albus Dumbledore is currently moving behind the scenes, looking for new members to join a secret organisation to oppose the Dark Lord: The Order of the Phoenix.


Update, March 14th 2021

Global Events: Lammas

The English festival of Lammas has come to Godric's Hollow. Observed annually on the 1st of August the town is preparing for merry celebrations and is decorating with wheat wreaths, bushels and flowers. Make sure you pick up a traditional Lammas loaf at the market. This year, Mrs Addington's Bakery is offering them in the shape of owls.

Witches and wizards may use the Lammas bread for eating as well as protective purposes. Local spell books claim that if the lames bread is broken into four parts and to be placed at the four corners of a building, the place will benefit from a special ward for the year.

Our Irish- and Scottish-speaking characters may refer to this holiday as Lughnasadh.

What's going on for Students:

We are about to start our first term on April 1st 2021. Until then students can enjoy their summer vacations with their friends and family. Wizarding Britain is ready to be explored. Maybe, you fancy a thread buying your books and wands?

Students have new professors to look forward to this term. @M. B. Montgomery  and @Lucas Reywood have joined the staff teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts and Muggles Studies respectively.

What's going on for Adults:

London is being troubled by the Squib Marches. In fact, squibs all over the country are making a stand for increased rights. Firm opposition is encountered by purebloods and Dark Lord sympathisers. Some of the marches are resulting in open violence on the street, requiring aurors to step in.

Shop keepers in London may be boarding up shops or reinforce their wards to make sure their properties remain safe.

The Dark Lord continues to recruit for Death Eaters.


Update, April 1st 2021

Global Changes: It is now September/ October 1969. Playtime will advance to November/ December on May 1st.

What's going on for Students:

Hogwarts school term has begun. Please attend the beginning of term celebration.

The first lesson of the term is Defense Against The Dark Arts. All students of all years may now join Detection I.

What's going on for Adults:

The social elite is whispering about the most anticipated event of the fall season: Bannatyne's Ball.

Squibs are still marching for their rights in the streets of London.

Hogwarts faculty are investigating what is behind the absence of a student.


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Update, 18th May 2021

Global Changes: It is now November/December 1969. Playtime will advance in June.

What's going on for students:

Term is in full swing, Arithmancy class is open - Arcana Obscura I is open; students of all years are encouraged to attend as Professor Prendergast explains a few fundamental concepts of magic, appropriate for all years.

There will be a Christmas feast in the Great Hall in December.

What's going on for adults:

The Squib marches are still ongoing. It seems the unrest is showing no signs of slowing.

There is a case of a Muggleborn going missing in mysterious circumstances - friends and family were investigating and it has been brought to the attention of the Ministry. It is not yet clear if it is in any way related to the attacks on the Finlay family at the start of term.


Update, 17th June 2021

Global Changes: It is now December 1969. This is a special playtime segment dedicated to celebrating Christmas and New Year in character. Playtime will advance again in July.

It is officially Christmas break for students. Students may still wrap up ongoing classes (Arithmancy, Charms) and enjoy the ongoing snowball fight outside the castle. Otherwise, students can visit home or locations outside of Hogwarts for the duration of the break.

Christmas gift exchanges and threads should be wrapped up until mid-July.


Update, 4th July 2021

Global Changes: It is now January/February 1970. Playtime will advance in August. Christmas threads may still be wrapped up this playtime.

What's going on for students:

Students are returning to Hogwarts after the winter break. A Charms lesson is still ongoing. Herbology will also be taking place this month.

A group of adventurous first years has set out to explore the forbidden forest.

What's going on for adults:

Attacks on muggleborn witches and wizards are increasing. Several cases were reported in the press of homes being invaded at night and Dark Marks appearing in the sky.

These cases are being investigated by the auror office. Any leads should be forwarded to Auror Rynne.

Minister for Magic Eugenia Jenkins has delivered her New Years address and has committed to seeking justice for those hurt in the recent attacks on muggle homes.

Hogwarts is being visited by the school governors for a routine inspection.


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Update, 29th August 2021

Global Changes: We're back after our real life summer break. It is now March/April 1970. Playtime will advance in late September.

What's going on for students:

Care of Magical Creatures will be in session this playtime. Students may wrap up activities in last month's herbology lessons.

The Hogwarts theatre club is looking for more students to join.

What's going on for adults:

The Dark Lord has summoned his followers. Death Eaters may join in on the call.

The social season will be opening up at the Greengrass manner shortly.