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lost in the dangling conversation

Started by Rose Pemberton, October 12, 2021, 01:58:45 pm

Rose Pemberton

Warmer weather had come at long last. Outside the skies were bright and Rose was longing to spend time anywhere but in the castle. However, as the librarian she had little choice as to where to spend her hours during the daytime. Books needed checked in and checked out. Howlers for overdue library loans didn't send themselves. Oh, who was she kidding! Everyone who could was spending their time outside enjoying the weather. She didn't really blame them.

Underneath her desk, her dog Easton paced in his basket. Of course, Easton wanted to be outside as well. "I know, I know," Rose whispered to the dog. "I want to go for a walk too." During the colder months of the year there were usually students around who were happy to take Easton out whenever he desired, but with people coming to the library less, there were fewer opportunities for that now. Rose stepped to the library door and looked out into the corridor. It was practically deserted. The only thing missing was a tumbleweed rolling through the hallway.

Okay, back inside. She turned on the wireless to fill the empty space with music and then perused the shelves to find some reading material. There were a few books in the Ancient Runes section she hadn't read already.

Shyla Bartlett

Shyla hated today. the amount of people that kept bugging her to go outside was crazy but she didn't want to. She just wanted to sit down and read a book. She wasn't an outside person unless it was something to do with Care of Magical creatures.

So she decided to head down to the library. Not a lot of people that she knew went to the library because they found it boring. She thought different. She thought it was like her home, just filled with endless books that she could read over and over again.

She reached the library and carefully opened the doors before shutting them behind them and heard music surrounding the room. She smiled and walked over to the desk to see if Miss Pemberton was over there.

Shyla loved talking to her. She always had amazing chats with her and the best thing about it was that she could cuddle with Easton, her dog. It made her feel comforted every time she came in here to talk.

When she got to the desk, she noticed that Miss Pemberton wasn't there. She looked around in confusion before calling out "Miss Pemberton? are you in here?"
Shyla Bartlett

Jake Carter

Meanwhile, Jake had the same idea. The library was his favorite place in Hogwarts. Partly because it was quiet and partly because it was filled with books. The librarian was okay. He was about to enter the library when he heard someone talking. He did not want to be pulled into a conversation. In fact, that was just about the last thing he wanted to do. He decided to sneak in and hopefully they wouldn't see him. If they did, he would just say he needed to find a book quickly, but he didn't need any help because he already knew where it was. If that didn't work, he didn't know what he would do, but luckily he wouldn't need a Plan C because the plans prior to it would work. He walked in, hoping that they wouldn't talk to him. Little did he know that the two people had not been having a conversation and that he would be seen and roped into talking to Gryffindor.

Rose Pemberton

Rose had gotten lost in a book about some Slavic runes round at an excavation site near Varna. It probably wasn't very useful knowledge she was acquiring here, but she did enjoy getting lost in a topic she didn't know much about. It was fun to gain a little bit of an insight into something new. She eagerly turned the page when one of the students called for her. She let out a soft sigh, marked her place with a bookmark and made her way back to her desk.

"Good afternoon, Shyla," she greeted the Gryffindor that had just arrived. She was a first year and a classmate of her daughter's. Shyla visited the library pretty frequently and seemed like she was a studious type. "Did you stop by to do your homework? Take any table you like. Or if you're looking for some books, what can I help you find?"

Rose had the books organised systematically and in a way that should allow her students to find things by themselves easily, but she liked talking to the kids and helping them. Of course, not all were equally open to her assistance. In the corner of her eye she watched a Slytherin boy come inside, trying to make his way past them. Rose didn't know if the boy was weary of her for some reason, or if it was just that he was shy around everyone. Likely the latter.

Shyla Bartlett

Before Shyla could answer, she saw Easton poking his head out from under the desk. She giggled to herself before getting down to his level and petted him gently, causing him to come out from under the desk letting me pet him fully "hey there boy. haven't seen you in a while now have i?" she giggled instantly once she started licking her face. She let him continue for a few minutes before stopping him and looked up at the kind librarian.

Shyla smiled at Miss Pemberton and nodded softly "yeah I'm here to do some Charms homework and I was hoping if you could show me where the Char books were.. especially the ones with all the spells in as you know... i can't do the spells". She blushed out pf embarrassment and looked down at Easton before standing up and looked back at the librarian

"If that isn't too much of a bother as i know you would want to go back to reading a book right now"
Shyla Bartlett