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Life is hard… it’s harder for me

Started by Riley Stagg, October 12, 2021, 01:43:01 pm

Riley Stagg

Riley was in absolute awe the first time she came into Hogwarts. She loved the magic as she got to do it herself instead of watching her mother, the wonders of the magical creatures but now... she wishes she stayed at home. She's never been this stressed or homesick in her life. She would always be with her family so this is new for her.

The work piled up everyday, causing her to stress even more to the point that she even started getting detentions because she wasn't getting work in. This leads to her, at 2 in the morning, getting her work done for tomorrow Defence against the Dark arts.

She was halfway through the assignment before accidentally knocking her ink pot over her work. She groaned and through her head back and without thinking, yelled loudly that the whole of Hogwarts could hear "WHY CAN'T NOTHING GO RIGHT?!". She instantly covered her mouth, internally slapping herself for not thinking of everyone that is asleep
Riley Stagg