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In Character / Out Of Character

Started by Arantor, October 09, 2021, 10:58:13 pm


I did a quick patch to the site today (which I apparently made a typo in causing some white screens for a few people - sorry if that happened to you!) to add a new feature.

It's always been the case that you couldn't post in in-character boards (like the castle, or classrooms etc.) as 'out of character' and conversely you couldn't post in the out-of-character areas in character but for some people that wasn't immediately clear.

Today I added a little notification to the board to make it clear if this was the case since we'd had a few people being confused about it. There's also a message as well about posting in-character without an approved character sheet - it is something that's always been in the rules but I'd forgotten to add the code that actually checked it before now, and I found it again so that's now there.

As ever, any questions please either PM me here or you can always DM on Discord - Arantor#7683.