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A new adventure for us

Started by Shyla Bartlett, October 09, 2021, 10:43:39 am

Shyla Bartlett

Shyla has always wanted to know what was in the forbidden forest. She read that there were dangerous creatures in their but she never believed that. she always thought that the creatures were very misjudged and always were judged for who they look. She decided to be her confident and nosey self and head into the forbidden forest. once everyone was asleep, she quickly got changed into something comfortable and quietly ran out of the common room and the castle, towards the forbidden forest.

Once she entered, she looked around in awe. it was amazing how looks can deceive the human eye as she saw creatures that were like to family with each other. the one creature Shyla found mesmerising was the Hippogriff. She had always wanted to meet one and always wanted to know what it felt like it was to ride one. She noticed that the hippogriff had spotted her an she tried not to move or make any sudden noises. She finally remembered that to gain a hippogriffs trust.. is to bow.

She slowly bowed to the hippogriff whilst freaking out internally. oh my godric. oh my godric. this is really happening. just don't mess this up. She lifted her head slightly to see the hippogriff bowing back. she smiled ide and cautiously made her way towards him and gently places her hand on her beak "Wow... you are so beautiful.. and gentle. people misjudge you too much"

After a few minutes, i heard a twig snap and i turned around to look around to see what was there before yelling out into the pure abyss in front of me"Hello?! is anyone there?!". i tried not to show that i was scared so that i didn't fright the hippogriff
Shyla Bartlett


The stars had given Lincei pause in recent times. The elders in his village, in the heart of the Forest, continued to teach the wisdom that the two-legs, especially the ones more... he shuddered to even think the word 'magic' were to be treated with suspicion at the very best of times - and yet he had recently spoken with two of the professors at the school and was no longer sure if this teaching was as correct as the others believed.

But this evening he had been watching the stars, looking for meaning and something told him he needed to head into the forest. It was not a clear warning, or guide, or anything of the like; the stars were always ambiguous in their meaning, preferring to leave it to individuals to act as their morality saw fit, the stars did not judge, merely watched and gave counsel for the centaurs to follow or not as they chose.

He made sure to stop and collect his bow and trident. The stars had been clear enough about that point, that danger was afoot, even if they were not clear how. It was up to him to be prepared. The stars were bright tonight. Bright stars were always a sign of something untoward.

As quietly as he could, he made his way through the forest, noting with some surprise that there were a small flock of Hippogriffs. This was unexpected; in many ways Lincei and his tribe regarded Hippogriffs as distant aerial cousins: proud, noble, with their own sense of duty and honour that commanded respect from outsiders and loyalty from within.

He saw one of them drift away from the pack, further and further it went into the forest - so Lincei followed, in case it needed guiding back to its flock. Not that he expected to assist, but the stars were unclear on what he should do.

The trail went cold for a moment as the forest canopy thickened and let in less light - but he soon found the Hippogriff, they were difficult to miss - and he found it talking to a... a youngling. This was no place for a youngling, not at night, not alone.

While trying to get closer, to assess if the youngling was in danger, he snapped a twig underhoof, causing the youngling concern and distress, the things he had sought to avoid. But he admired the youngling for remaining composed - vital to the relationship with the beast nearby.

His voice was ever calm. "You need not be afraid, either of you. I am Lincei, one of the centaurs that lives in the forest. The stars were bright tonight and I felt I should patrol the forest. Are you both well?" He had no way of knowing if the Hippogriff understood, but a wounded beast would not be this calm or composed.

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Shyla Bartlett

Shyla noticed something come out from behind the trees that covered where the creature stood and saw a majestic centaur come out. She looked at him in awe and smiled to herself before nodding. "I'm doing well thank you. I was just petting this Hippogriff as it looked a little lonely. It's nice to meet you Lincei. I'm Shyla. I'm a Gryffindor"

She blushed when she started rambling and stopped herself from talking more then turned back around and carried on petting the Hippogriff. She giggled when it nudged her cheek with his beak. She petted him near his beak before checking over him to make sure he wasn't injured. Once she knew he wasn't, she kissed his beak and smiles "I've got to go now. It's late and i shouldn't be out here for too long. I promise to come back tomorrow"

She turned around and looked at the grand centaur before bowing to him "It was nice to meet you Lincei but I should be heading off now. Goodnight". She sent him a smile before heading back into the forest and back to the castle with a big grin on her face  
Shyla Bartlett


Lincei watched as the youngling looked over the Hippogriff, with respect, with care. This was not what his tribe had taught him. The tribe taught that all the two-legs were distrustful and dishonest but Lincei could not find it in his heart to find this youngling so.

Then, unexpectedly, she bowed to him as she must have bowed to the Hippogriff. He found it made him the slightest bit uncomfortable, unused as he was to such things.

"It was pleasant to meet you, Shyla. May the stars guide you safely, but be warned, they are bright tonight."

He watched her disappear off back to the castle, satisfied that she would be safe on her journey back - but he was troubled by the thought she might return. The exuberance of youth was commendable, but something nagged at Lincei; the forest was not safe at night, not even for its regular denizens, and yet, the youngling would be returning tomorrow night by her own admission.

He idly watched the Hippogriff rejoin its flock and, satisfied that he would not be needed, began the trek back to his tribe. He determined that the stars had lead him to meet this Shyla, and that - against all expectation - he found himself contemplating tomorrow night and being on patrol should she return.

He was wondering if, after his experiences, he was tentatively contemplating some of the younglings as friends. It was a surprisingly pleasing thought.

Shyla Bartlett

The next day passed quite quickly and before she knew it, night came. She waited for the girls to fall asleep before getting up and out of bed and headed out to the forbidden forest. She started walking to where she saw the Hippogriff last night and smiled seeing it there but with even more Hippogriffs. She then realised that it was his pack. Once he noticed she was here, Shyla bowed to him and waited for him to bow before walking over.

"Hey there buddy. I missed you today. i hope you had a good day today and did something productive. All i had was lessons and get bullied for being a muggle-born. That wasn't fun but then i remembered that i was seeing you so i was happy again". She giggled when he nudged her head but what took her by surprise was when he put his wing around her and pulled her close to him, looking like it was a hug.

Shyla smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging back and closed her eyes, happy that nothing was gonna ruin her love for magical creatures and the wonder of their lives
Shyla Bartlett


As he had promised himself the previous night, Lincei withdrew from his studies of the stars and took up his bow in a patrol of the forest. It eased his doubts to know that this evening the stars were not so bright. Their message muted, withdrawn... one might even call it satisfied. It would seem that he had understood the stars' message after all.

The forest was quiet, it was peaceful. Almost a shame to spoil it with the noise of hooves but he had set himself the task of venturing through the forest; the youngling was excited to meet Hippogriffs, no doubt she would find the flock. He did not anticipate any trouble; she understood how to be respectful to a Hippogriff, something not even the older younglings fully appreciated. But the forest was not safe, in spite of how quiet it had seemed.

There were things in the forest even Lincei, who had lived there all his life, did not know. Things rumoured to be in the heart of the forest - where even his kind were not welcome. But he pushed the thought of his mind.

Sure enough he found Shyla out of bed and talking to the Hippogriffs - and he was astouned that the one she had befriended the evening before pulled her under his wing. It was a gesture of trust and solidarity that few humans ever witnessed, and a sign that this youngling was a kind soul with nothing but love for magical creatures. Something simple and yet so profoundly rare in the magical world - especially as Lincei had been taught.

He stood for a few minutes simply watching. It was a touching sight to observe.

"Good evening, Shyla," he said quietly, not wanting to disturb. Perhaps the tw-- humans were not so bad as he had been taught. Besides, even the centaurs could interpret the stars differently, and not for the first time.

Shyla Bartlett

She had heard a soft but very quiet voice behind her. She turned around and saw Lincei watching her with the Hippogriffs. Shyla smiled at him and nodded her head at him "Good Evening Lincei. What re the stars saying tonight? They don't seem very bright tonight so it's got to be something important hasn't it?"

Shyla was very interested in Centaurs: in the way that they used stars for directions or help for future references. She always found them to be a type of creature that was very misjudged. People always thought that they were very brutal creatures but that was only they had to protect themselves or the group they travelled with as they always classed each other as family.

She turned back to the Hippogriff and started to stroke his wing with such car that it felt like a fresh breeze to the Hippogriff "So.. what are you doing out in the forest Lincei? I thought you would of been with the other Centaurs. Making sure that everything was as it should be"
Shyla Bartlett


Almost in spite of himself, Lincei smiled. "The stars shine brightest when their message is most significant. It was yesterday when the stars were brighter that their message was for me to come into the forest."

He breathed in deeply. "Today the stars are not so bright; whatever they have to tell today is less immediately important, though no less important. As for why I am here..."

There was a pause. Why was he here? The stars had not warned him of danger in the forest, nor danger from this youngling or even the Hippogriffs. It was as though something else had gotten into him, something dutiful and yet... curious.

"I am not precisely sure," he said at last, carefully. "The forest is alive with many creatures, some noble and beautful such as these Hippogriffs, and some fouler creatures that we are prepared to tolerate but that a youngling is no match for."

Truthfully Lincei only knew of some of the fouler creatures in the forest; the trolls and orcs that occasionally strayed. There were rumours of a creature called an acromantula in the heart of the forest but it was only a rumour. He did not wish to discover first-hand if the rumours were true but something about this youngling had touched his heart and made him realise that humanity might not be so bad as he had been led to believe.

"And, I suppose," he smiled faintly, "I was curious about you. I know of your school's rule that students should not be out of bed at night, let alone in the forest, and yet here you are, such is your care for the Hippogriffs that you would defy the rules of your people for what you believe in. I find this... admirable."

"Perhaps the question should be why you are here. Not because I wish to judge, but simply to understand."

Shyla Bartlett

Shyla listened to Lincei carefully, not wanting to miss a word of what he said as she found it quite calming the way he spoke and agreed when he mentioned 'fouler creatures'. "Yes there are. If you went deeper into the forest, you would be met with Acromantulas. I nearly made the mistake of walking into their home"

She blushed a little when he mentioned that he was curious about her. She found it weird but also intriguing as she hasn't got any friends and for someone t say that they were curious about her and found her actions to see the magical creatures 'admirable' was something she didn't expect at all in her lifetime, especially from a centaur.

Shyla looked at Lincei and sighed softly. "well. the truth be told... i haven't got any friends because of me being a muggle-born. I talk to the librarian, Miss Pemberton, every day and play with her dog Easton but that's it. I don't talk to any of the students because they find me weird.." She loos down ashamed and embarrassed
Shyla Bartlett


Lincei tried to follow what the youngling was saying but it was full of confusing names and words he did not recognise. "A... muggle-born? What does that mean? What is a muggle?"

He could sympathise with the feeling of being an outsider; despite the most earnest teachings of his tribe, Lincei felt much like an outsider himself. He found himself questioning the old traditions, the codified rules of the tribe, especially when it came to the two-l-- humans, he corrected himself. So far he had only met humans worthy of friendship.

He was, however, deeply uneasy about the mention of an acromantula in the forest; humans were not meant to know of it and its presence was a closely guarded secret since while its stingers are valuable for potions, it is dangerous to all who go near it. Even his tribe do not speak of it openly, though of course were aware of it as it was deposited in the forest some thirty years before - within the tribe's time here.

"I do not think you are weird. I think you are young, enthusiastic and if your tribe considers you an outsider, it is their loss to not know one such as you. A curiosity about the world is a rare enough find, and when it is filled with care for others, rarer still."

Something occurred to him. "Pemberton? I feel I know this name. Does Pemberton have a youngling? A flame haired child?"

As he spoke though, he felt deeply uncomfortable.

Something was moving. Something large. Something foul, and dangerous.

"I think you should leave for tonight. Quickly. Something comes. Something I think you would do well not to meet."

At that moment, the Hippogriffs turned and almost in perfect unison took flight - away.

Shyla Bartlett

Shyla didn't find it shocking that Lincei didn't know what a muggle-born or a muggle. So she turned to him fully and stepped out from under the Hippogriffs wing, not noticing that it followed her slightly. "a muggle is someone who doesn't do magic and doesn't know anything. about this world. A muggle-born is someone who has non magic parents but can perform magic"

She felt a nudge against her arm and she turned around to see the Hippogriff. She petted his beak and whispered "I'm gonna name you Alcemei. i hope you like that name as it was the only name that came to mind"

She smiled slightly and looked at Lincei "Thank you Lincei. that is very kind of you. i wish other people saw through your eyes of who the real me was but they take one look at me and don't even try"

Shyla nods instantly with a bright smile "Yeah Grace. she's very sweet. We've spoken a few times and she's the only one so far that doesn't bully me"

She looked at him in confusion before watching the Hippogriffs fly away "w- what? a- are you sure? but if i run... won't it come after me anyway?"
Shyla Bartlett