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The Heck with Enemies

Started by Ophiuchus Yaxley, September 06, 2021, 04:01:17 am

Ophiuchus Yaxley

"Hmph," she opened up the textbook, filtering to the page 200. In front of her was a separate parchment with the assignment details. Professor McGonagall, the Transfiguration professor, paired second year students, with first, to complete a project for class. Students were required to write an essay on the use of transfiguration changing inanimate objects to animals. The paper required five sources on it's practical uses, with a practicum component where the partners have to demonstrate in front of the class.

Ophelia looked up from the textbook and glared at the student sitting across from her. For whatever reason, the snotty-eyed booger filled butt-faced Ravenclaw met her gaze. Oh! She just wanted to give him the biggest wet-willy in the world. Looking down at the parchment next to the book, she picked it up before reading out the instructions of the paper, "Find five sources on the practical use of changing inanimate objects into small animals. Three sources should reflect on the practical uses of the spells. Two sources should detail it's Transfiguration use by; Helena Emerson, Lucas Keegan, Jonathan O'Naugghten (choose one). Decide and practice a practical use to demonstrate for midterm exams with your assigned partner." She read the instructions in her posh accent, and looked over at Art to see if he'd react to her reading.

She put the paper down. "We need to divide the work." Looking up at her classmate, she flashed him a winning smile. It was lucky he couldn't hear her thoughts, her languishing at the fact that she needed to share a space with him.

In class she'd tried to reject the assignment with him, but their Professor insisted, gently, that reassignments were not allowed. So, she was stuck working with him, and she wondered if the Professor was aware of the torture she'd set on her soul with this arrangement. So she waited to see if he was in agreement of dividing up the research for the project. The worst part, she suspected, would be practicing with him. Ugh.

Artemis Vernatis

Of course...of bloody course he would have to get a partner in the subject that he was pants at. What made it worse was that he was partnered with Yaxley. Who in their right mind set up classes with first years and second years in the first place? Secondly, who in their right mind would put the two years together in a group project? Wouldn't it have made more sense to have first years with first years and second years with their own age group? But nooo! Mcgonagall was an evil witch who had to partner him up not only with a second year but with that Yaxely girl! She was so...haughty taughty with everything and even though Artemis never let the emotion show on his face outwardly, he would usually roll his eyes if she spoke in class or groan internally.

He turned to the page they were required to use for this project and looked up at the girl across from him. He didn't intend to meet her gaze, but it happened anyway. He sneered as he looked away back at his textbook and began reading to himself about what they were supposed to do. That was, he was going to read the instructions to himself until she took it upon herself to read them out loud. He looked up again with narrowed eyes as she read from the paper, focusing his gaze back onto his textbook just as she looked up at him after finishing. He sighed. Transfiguration was not one of his strong suits, however, that was just the practical part of it all. The theory part was quite easy for him to get a hang of. But Artemis really didn't want to do this project. Even alone he probably would have groused about it.

Pick a Transfiguration Master and write two sources detailing their use of Transfiguration; find five sources on the practical use of changing inaminate objects into small animals;find three sources that reflect those practical uses. Then he had to decide and make a practical demonstration for the mid term with the little witch! Artemis rolled his eyes, this time not bothering to cover up his annoyance and placed his quill in his textbook before closing it and putting his head on his desk. He heard the girl he was a reluctant partner to say something about dividing the work and he raised his head back up to give her a withering look. He grimaced as she smiled at him and he looked away disturbed. Why on earth would she smile at him? What the heck was that about? He wanted to get away from her as fast as possible but he knew he had to wait for the bell to ring. He decided that he would go along with her idea.

"Yeah...sure. I'll find the five sources on the practical uses and the three sources for those first five sources. You can do the rest." Artemis said quickly opening his textbook to page 200 and beginning to read. He was going to try to ignore her but he knew it wouldn't last long before her voice demanded his attention soon. He picked the bulk of the assignment to do because for some reason, he just knew that she wouldn't do the work as effectively as he would. He needed the O for this assignment. And the faster he could get the written part over and done with, the sooner he could find a random room or go outside near the forest and practice.
Artemis Vernatis

Ophiuchus Yaxley

It felt like he was sucking out all the air in the room, and he was making this assignment simply dreadful! She wondered if she wrote to her mother, that she could write to the Professor McGonagall to have her reassigned to someone more pleasant. She swore she could smell the mudblood on him, and it made her want to gaggle. It was even worse, because she could feel the ugly faces he had to be throwing her way. Well, today was the day where she'd show him that she could be cordial. She'd make him think she thought he was okay and then make a really snide comment about something. This plan would require her to...get to know a blood traitor though. The thought of it weighted on her mind, but she supposed that maybe it would be an exercise to get better at lying. Yep, that's right. She'd work on her lying.

"...you expect me to write the whole thing?" She raised an eyebrow at him, quizzingly. Was this assignment going to be much easier to complete then she originally thought. He wasn't clear on his intentions, it almost sounded like he was just going to throw the books at her.

"Well, I guess I can help..you." The words creaked out of her mouth, as though she was acknowledging the dire situation they were in. Reality hit her like a brick, and it was hard to admit this would mean she'd pass or fail the course. "Give me a few books on the recommended reading list to look for..." She whispered to him across the table. She didn't want the other students see her trying to work cooperatively with him. Afterall, he is a scum-butt looser.

Artemis Vernatis

'Help me? This was their group assignment, for Merlin's sake!' Artemis thought as he closed his textbook, highly annoyed at the girl's audacity. "You can go back to the classroom and look at McGonagall's bookshelf or look at the transfiguration bookshelves yourself. This is your part of the project, not mine. If we fail this assignment then at least everyone will know that it's because of you. I have my own researching to do." Artemis said as he stood up and moved to another part of the library to search for some books of his own. Honestly, did the girl think that he was going to do everything? She was probably used to that sort of thing, the prim and proper rich girl she was raised to be.

He could do this whole thing without her, if he were honest with himself. He just didn't feel like doing it because it wasn't a sole assignment. He would most likely do her part anyway just in case she failed to do her part. That way, he had a backup plan to get that O he needed.

The first year sighed as he collected a few books off the shelf. More like ten books; he carried five while levitating the other five next to him. Once back at the table, Artemis proceeded to place the books down, turning the binds of the books at an angle so that they both could read the titles, and opened one of the books to begin skimming the table of contents. He turned to the correct page of that book to read up on the sources for the practical uses. Some of the books had some information that Yaxely would need for her end of the project, and he wouldn't stop her from looking through the books if she wanted to, but he sure as pie wasn't going to do her work for her and let her take the credit. If he did her work, he was taking the credit for himself and damn her own grade. So she had better pull her weight.

Looking through the first book proved to be of little help to the boy and with a sigh, he closed it and opened the next book. Skimming through it, he managed to procure a few notes from that book about a few uses and scribbled away, making short hand notes that he would be able to put into full sentences later on. He even made sure to write down any special wand movements to demonstrate to the class or draw onto the parchment if they had to present this. Artemis was determined to be the best in the class for this project. And he was determined to make this project work even with one of the most spoiled students in the school. Looking up briefly from his notes, he remembered the question the girl had posed to him before he went searching for books earlier.

"I hope you don't expect me to write up the whole thing," he stated pointedly. "You better get started. If your part isn't completed, I'll let McGonagall know that you refused to do your end of the project and take the grade for myself." He couldn't help himself. The girl was infuriating and unless she changed her pompus ways, Artemis couldn't see himself ever being cordial toward her or even considering being her friend.
Artemis Vernatis