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Practice Makes Perfect

Started by Artemis Vernatis, September 01, 2021, 04:01:11 am

Artemis Vernatis

"Grrrah! Why can't I get it?! What am I doing wrong?" Artemis growled and lamented at his failed fortieth attempt at the spell he was practicing. He took a deep breath to try to clear his mind again before he focused on the makeshit target he made out of a pile of rocks and pointed his wand shouting, "Expulso!" A blue spark fizzled out of his wand and Artemis gripped the piece of wood tightly in his palm before sinking down to his knees. He didn't understand. Why was he so weak? He was following the instructions in the book precisely! Hell, all he had to do was focus and point his wand! There wasn't much he had to do to cast this blasted spell! So why wouldn't it work for him?

"It shouldn't matter that I'm a measely first-year or only twelve. I'm focusing and I'm doing this spell exactly right! Why..."

He grabbed the book and read through the spell carefully making sure to take careful note of the way the he was supposed to move his wand and the enunciation of the spell as well. He tried again once he looked at the book and practiced fiercely without his wand, but the only result he ended up with was another fizzled out blue spark. Frustrated, Artemis tossed the book away from him and laid down in the grass. He could feel the tears of frustration well up in his eyes, but he rubbed his face hard before allowing them to fall. He was just upset with himself. He wasn't going to be weak. He didn't want to be weak. He wanted to be stronger than most first-years and never rely on someone else to protect him like he had to rely on his weird potions professor during his detention. It was proably an unrealistic thought; he was only a kid and the adults were supposed to protect the kids until they were old enough to protect themselves. However, seeing as Artemis was now the man of his house and he had to protect his mother and sister, he wanted, no needed, to be able to learn advanced spells in order to protect his family.

It was terrifying running from and staring down at death when those spiders cornered him. He still hadn't told anyone else about that night and he wasn't sure he wwas going to. He was embarrased that he couldn't protect himself. He only knew the simple non-offensive spells from Charms class that he learned and the one DADA spell that didn't really do damage to protect someone. If he was going to learn how to protect himself, his friends, and his family, Artemis knew that he would have to work harder and focus in order to be the best wizard he could be.

But right now, he had to relax and recouperate. He exhausted himself with his continuous attempts at the spell and he knew that he needed to recharge if he was going to try again in a bit. Artemis closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, taking in the damp Spring air and holding it in before releasing the held breath slowly. He was trying to clear his mind, though that proved to be futile as he opened his eyes and became distracted by the clouds slowly floating by. Today was a rare clear day and the sun was covered every so often by the overcasting clouds that Artemis was currently watching. He was never one to pretend the clouds took different shapes, but he couldn't help but be amazed at the way each cloud just seemed different. His eyes drooped slightly and he felt himself getting tired. The first-year tried to stay awake but his mental and physical exhaustion from practicing that spell was taking its toll on him. Maybe if he just rested his eyes he would be fine.
Artemis Vernatis

Kian Thorne

With the days getting longer and weather far more suitable to be in outside, Kian had started taking to slipping out of the castle every chance he could get. With O.W.L s looming he had been taking to venturing out more and more, a few select spaces by the lake the perfect spot for him to practice. The study group he and some of his peers had together was good enough but he was always far more focused on helping the others than actually getting in any of his own practice for some of the other more advanced spells. He never would hear the end of it from his family should he fall behind because he was helping others. Sacrificing his own future, helping was a weakness in his father's eyes. He could almost hear the berating that would follow should his grades reflect anything less than a perfect score on everything.

Humming to himself and hands tucked into his pockets, Kian made his way along the edge of the lake to a more secluded spot. Curiously enough his green eyes settled on the small form of a... first year maybe? Kian had seen the boy around or at least he looked somewhat familiar from this distance. He couldn't quite tell with the boy lying half masked in the taller grass. Lazily he glanced over his shoulder to be sure no one else was around before closing the distance between him and the figure. Towering over the boy, Kian blocked the sun from shining on the young boy's face.

"Mandatory first year nap time is it?" Kian smirked. Now getting a good look he realized it was the Vernatis boy. Artemis. He had known him from a few other family gatherings with other purebloods more so than classes. His parents had drilled it into him that he needed to memorize faces and names as they could be useful in any situation, 'you never know.' Tilting his head to one side, he motioned down at the Ravenclaw. "Or just out here enjoying the sunshine?" Truthfully, Kian was exhausted from having to be so stiff this past year with other students. After what had happened with his father last term, he was starting to lose interest in staying on the straight and narrow.. Wavering pureblood mentality,  a scary thought to the snake.

Artemis Vernatis

With a jolt, Artemis sat up from his position, startled by the presence of the older boy. He interally berated himself for allowing his guard to be down enough that the Thorne kid could sneak up on him. He was already wary of the kid because he was older and in Slytherin. It was worse because he hung out with the likes of that Yaxley girl. Who knew if he believed in her stupid pure blood rhetoric and agreed that his mother, sister, and himself were blood traitors? If he did, then this interaction would be more trouble than Artemis was prepared to handle. He didn't know any spells but this was exactly why he was out here, wasn't it? To learn a new defensive spell in order to protect himself. However, Artemis knew that it was rude to ignore the kid as he asked him a question. If he didn't answer the Thorne kid and he reported Artemis' supposed rudeness to his mother, she in turn would tell his grandparents and it would be a whole different situation that Artemis didn't feel the desire to deal with.

"Uh...no. Not napping. Just trying to figure out this spell. It's a simple spell but for some reason I can't seem to get the spell to work even though I'm making the correct wand movements." Artemis explained his plight but he didn't exactly know why. This kid had never proved himself trustworthy to Artemis for the first-year to trust him enough. And what if Thorne made fun of him because he couldn't cast such a simple spell?

At least, he thought it was a simple spell. It couldn't be more than a year or two advanced than his current level. From what his mother told him, he could cast any spell so long as he put his mind to it. Standing up, he moved into position to cast the spell again. He was determined to cast it. Artemis would admit that he felt a bit weird with Kian Thorne standing nearby watching him, but he couldn't focus on him. He had to focus on what he was doing.

Taking a deep breath, Artemis moved his wand in the correct movement and said, "Expulso!" This time, he felt a bit of power course through his wand, but nothing really came out to significantly say that he managed to cast the spell. The young kid groaned loudly in frustration. If wands weren't so damned expensive, he would have snapped his in two for being useless. His hands fell to his sides as tears of frustration appeared again in his eyes. This time he was so focused and concerned about what he couldn't accomplish that he didn't stop them from falling. He was getting worked up and he knew it. He just couldn't help it since this was something that he really wanted.  "It won't work. Why won't it work?" he asked out loud to himself.

Artemis Vernatis