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CMC-101 Bowtruckles

Started by Molly King, August 29, 2021, 08:07:43 pm

Molly King

August 29, 2021, 08:07:43 pm Last Edit: October 09, 2021, 12:57:01 am by Royal_Poet
Molly had gotten up bright and early that morning to prepare the classroom for the new round of Care of Magical Creatures students. Her first batch of students had to bare witness to her trying settle in to her new role as a professor, but now, Molly really felt she had found her stride when it came to managing students and live creatures at the same time. It was all rather exciting so long as everyone behaved, and followed her directions. From her desk at the front of the class, she gave a quick wave of her wand, sending a flurry of papers into the air and settling on each desk. Molly found it rather appropriate to have a syllabus for each student as it limited the amount of lame excuses she had to deal with regarding assignments and test.

To the left of her desk stood a large potted ficus teeming bowtruckles. Molly always found it best to start of her class by getting a feel for her students and their ability to follow her direction, by beginning with the rather tame and shy bowtruckles. The worst anyone would walk away with, if they chose to disobey her, was a rather sharp poke to the hand from one of the creature's long sharp fingers. She had gotten the plant from the cabin her paternal grandparents owned that she frequented several times a year. A colony of the small creatures had settled in to the ficus that had been on the cabin's front porch, and Molly seized the opportunity to win over their trust, and incorporate them into her class. As student began to file in, Molly rose from her seat, and waited for them to all find theirs.

"Good morning everyone." She began, looking around at her fresh batch of students. "Welcome to Care of Magical Creatures. I am Professor King. You will notice you all have a syllabus on your desks, which has an outline of the lessons I will be teaching, and the creatures you will be meeting, as well as my office hours which I encourage you to take advantage of. Do not lose it. It also has the dates of exams, and the dates on which the various portions of your final paper are due. Please note that your written proposal for the creature you'd like to research for your final paper, is due in a week. I suggest you get thinking of your creatures as soon as possible."

Molly circled around to the front of her desk.

"Now I know some of you are already wondering 'Professor, will you grant me an extension on an assignment?' and you'll be pleasantly surprised to know that I am very much open to giving extensions. Simply mark the assignment on your calendar three days before it's actual due date, and there you have it, I have just granted you a three dey extension. You're welcome!"

Walking over to the ficus, Molly allowed one of the bowtruckles to jump onto her shoulder. Next to the tree was a cart full of potted plants, small enough to fit on each student's desk. Carefully she began removing one animal at a time from the tree, and placing each onto a potted plant. As she did so she explained their lesson.

"Today we will begin by learning about bowtruckles. Each of you will receive a small potted plant with one bowtruckle on it so you may more closely observe their behavior throughout our lecture. You will also receive some woodlice, and a pair of tweezers which you will use to offer the bugs to your bowtruckle. These creatures are rather shy, so you will need to gain their trust in order to make them more comfortable around you. A little treat should help do the trick."

Molly paused, looking around at her students again.

"Before we begin, allow me to make something very clear. This is not a petting zoo. This is a class just like any other, and I expect you to treat it as such. If you do not follow my directions, and do not do your work, I can guarantee you will have a rather difficult time passing." Molly took her teaching very seriously. She had learned the hard way that many students assumed this was a class they could sail through with minimal effort. She wasn't about to allow students to walk all over her, especially if their carelessness jeopardized the health and wellbeing of an animal.

"Alrighty then." she said with a smile, "If there are no questions, we can begin. Please come up and carefully bring your plant and woodlice back to your desk."

Ruby Moore

Ruby fussed with her robes as she walked down the halls to her class. She knew care for Magical Creatures wasn't exactly a fashion show, but as she always likes to say, the world is a fashion show. Or maybe someone else says that, she doesn't pay attention to quotes. Taking out a hand mirror, she tilted her head to look at her hair. She had spent a while debating about what she should do with it. In the end, she decided to just place it into a pony tail. It still looked good, though. Anything looked good on her. With a satisfied smile, she put her mirror back into her pocket, then straightened her neatly tucked-in shirt. Her black flats were shiny because she had just cleaned them this morning. Yes, fashion was everything.

Ruby walked into the classroom, letting her eyes wander around so she could take everything in. Interesting. She wondered just how many creatures would be permitted in this classroom and if they would ever have to venture outside of the room to study creatures. Surely, because no professor could make every creature come into this classroom to be studied like a trophy. No, they deserved to be free. She couldn't help but think it would be more smart to do this outside where the creatures would feel more at home, but she didn't say anything about it. Obviously, this professor knew what she was doing.

The professor. Ruby glanced over at the professor, trying to hide the judging look on her face. This was all normal. She usually judged the professors in her mind by looking at them, because first impressions were everything. This professor had a nice face, easily finished off with the right amount of makeup. Ruby raised an eyebrow. Not a very fashionable lady, is she. However she bit down the distaste, knowing it wasn't all about the looks sometimes. She sat in a seat, waiting for the teacher to begin the class.

She looked over her shoulders as the students filed in, then picked up the sheet before her. She glanced at the words, spotting some dates. It seemed this professor planned ahead, by much. And it seemed this class would give a lot of work. Ruby sighed. That was never good. She perked up when the teacher mentioned extensions, but rolled her eyes when she heard the rest of the sentence. Wow. Ha ha.

She watched the professor take sticks from a tree, and place them in pots. Ruby was extremely confused, until she realized they were bowtruckles. Of course. She mentioned them being shy, and Ruby stared at the creatures.

"Woodlice?" She exclaimed to herself. She looked at her perfectly painted nails mournfully, knowing this would not end well. She sighed, and looked around the room to see if any students were asking questions, because she had no questions.

Grace Pemberton

August 31, 2021, 05:01:14 pm #2 Last Edit: August 31, 2021, 05:08:33 pm by Royal_Poet
Care of Magical Creatures. Grace was cautiously optimistic that she would like this class better than Arithmancy. A low bar to clear for sure, but she could really do with a positive experience. Before the term had started she'd been certain that she would be nothing short of an absolute success, but ever since classes had started things weren't going her way. Grace was hopeful that Professor King would be nice too. She looked young, which was probably a good thing. Hopefully that would translate into a fun lesson that wasn't as stuffy and boring as History of Magic.

Clearly, her hopes had been pegged too high. Almost as soon as the Professor started speaking, Grace thought she sounded a bit sour. Syllabus, papers? They'd barely started the session and already the mood in the room was quite tense. They had to write a term paper on a creature. The way Professor King was talking sounded like she was supposed to know that already. Great, she was behind again and nothing had even happened yet. A written proposal on which creature to study, well that seemed manageable. She could write about crups. Or maybe puffskeins? Grace had a books on both of the in her dormitory with big, glossy photographs.

The topic of today's lesson was the bowtruckle. They had these long spindly fingers that could quite sharp and they liked woodlice. Grace remembered reading about them in the text book. They were quite common in Britain too. Maybe, Professor King had gotten them from the island in the Great Lake. There were quite a few of them living there naturally as Grace had found when exploring the area with her mum's dog Easton.

When asked to do so, Grace made her way to the front of the classroom to pick up her plant, bowtruckle and woodlice. After Professor King's warning she felt fairly uncertain about what could have been a fun assignment. Not a petting zoo. How was she supposed to get the bowtruckle to like her if she was not allowed to be nice to it? It didn't make an awful lot of sense, but she'd figure something out. Maybe the bowtruckle really only cared about the food.

She returned to her desk, positioned the plant and bowtruckle in the centre of it and sat down very, very quietly. If they were shy, they probably didn't like loud, startling noises. The picked up a woodlouse with her allotted pair of tweezers and of course her silly bowtruckle wasn't interested. Figured that she would get an uncooperative one. Get it to trust her. Okay. Grace brought the pair of tweezers to her mouth and pretended to eat the woodlouse herself. Maybe, the bowtruckle had to see her eating it to know that it was safe. Easton had been like that as a puppy. He'd only taken milk and cream cheese after she had dipped her fingers in his food bowl and licked them clean.

She held the woodlouse to the bowtruckle again. Still nothing. Yikes, did she actually have to eat one of the woodlice to convince her bowtruckle they were safe? Not her preferred method, but she supposed that could be plan B.

Then, she had an idea. Opening up her notebook, she removed a piece of light green blotting paper. Maybe, if she folded it into a cone, she could give herself long, sharp green digits similar to those of a bowtruckle. Worth a try. She divided the paper in two halves, making two cones to push over her fingers. It was a little bit tricky to get them to stay on, but she managed. Now, if she transferred the woodlouse from her tweezers to hold between the tips of the two cones... yes... that was perfectly bowtruckle-like. Had to work, hadn't it?

She held the louse next to the plant, waiting to see if the bowtruckle would approach her green paper digits.

Molly King

"Right then. Now that you're all settled at your desks I'll give you a bit to win over your bowtruckle before we begin getting into today's lecture." Molly said.

As her students began working with the little creatures, Molly took the bowtruckle that had hitched a ride on her shoulder, and tried to return it to the large ficus. Instead, two more decided to join the first, one on her other shoulder, and the other on the top of her head. Sighing to herself she attempted to remove them, but ultimately gave up when they only clung harder to her. Alrighty then, looks like she was going to have some friends today.

Slowly she began strolling around the classroom, observing her students and helping a few who seemed to have rather stubborn bowtruckles. One on one she was much less stern. Sure she was tough, and expected her students to put in the effort, but she wasn't a monster by any means. Moving amongst the desk, she came to Ruby Moore, studying her nail polish. Molly pushed the tweezers that were on the desk towards her.

"Spit spot Miss Moore. Your bowtruckle won't be able to appreciate your manicure if he is hiding behind your plant." she said. When it came to address students one on one, while in a class setting. Molly always tried to keep her voice low enough so only the student she was speaking to, and possible the few sitting in the immediate vicinity would hear. No need to embarrass people unnecessarily. Molly wasn't fond of making an example of students unless she absolutely had to.

Moving on throughout the room she could see Grace Pemberton had managed to pick one of the more stubborn bowtruckles. Quietly she watched as she began rolling up blotter paper. Well that was interesting. Most students didn't stray too far from using the tweezers. Occasionally one might attempt to use their hands, which usually ended it a swift poke from the creature's long fingers. But to make her own tool? Molly was impressed, especially when she saw the bowtruckle peek it's head out and take the woodlouse from her. As she approached her desk, Molly gave her a little smile.

"Clever thinking Miss Pemberton. Keep it up." she said as she passed by, heading towards the front of the room. "Now then, have we all managed to make a new friend? Is anyone still struggling? No? Brilliant! Let's begin out lecture." Molly asked, double checking everyone was ready to continue. Moving on Molly projected a larger image of a bowtruckle on a screen so everyone could see exactly what she was pointing too. Using her wand as a pointer, she began her lecture on bowtruckle anatomy and physiology. Glancing over her class she noticed some students sitting and blankly staring at her.

"This lecture will be covering information you'll be needing on future exams, I suggest you all be taking notes."

Ruby Moore

Ruby took her pot to the desk and sighed. She wouldn't enjoy this, she knew it. However, the rather unfortunate thing was that she had to, obviously, if she wanted to get a good grade. While she didn't approve of some of the ways teachers taught ("because what they wear does mean a lot, too!") or WHAT they taught ("I need to learn how to dig and love plants.. why?"), she wanted to pass. If she passed, it would be crucial for her future as a lawyer in the ministry, because finding loop holes in everything can only get you so far in life. Apparently. But even as she told herself she had to do this, she couldn't pry her eyes from her nails, perfectly painted, shaped to perfection in it's own perfect way. It would all be ruined... for dirt, or otherwise, moving stick thingys.

She sighed as the professor made a comment towards, her, and rather annoyed snapped back. "I know, Im just getting one last look at the nails I spent countless hours on, that will be ruined for some twigs." She knew she was a bit harsh, and that she would probably get in trouble, but maybe, just maybe, the professors would think better of priorities. Looks first, dirt absolutely Last! She stared at her little.. moving twig.. what was it? A bow tickle? Something like that. She folded her arms. "Look, twig guy.. I've got some.." Her voice turned to that of disgust. "..wood live for you! so come out!"

She waited expectantly. The twig did not budge, and if possible, it cowered further in it's protection from the pot. "Please?" She tried, because manners always worked. It seemed... to glare at her? Can twigs even do that? "don
t give me that look, stick thingy! Come on out!"
Her angry tone did NOT scare the twig into obeying. How dare it not listen to her.
She turned to the red head girl. "Hey, you seem smart, tell this twig to listen to me!" She thrust her finger at it, maybe a bit too far, because she accidentally poked it. It slapped her finger, and she was shocked. "Ow!"

Grace Pemberton

October 06, 2021, 09:55:55 pm #5 Last Edit: October 14, 2021, 05:11:40 pm by Royal_Poet
Grace looked at Ruby in surprise. She didn't think she'd ever spoken to the Slytherin before. She kinda had a healthy respect for them, seeing how her own house, Gryffindor, wasn't usually on the best of terms with them. Was this a trap?

Looking at Ruby's bow truck leg though the request seemed genuine, and being a good sport Grace was eager to help. She knew all too well what it felt like to fall behind in class and she didn't really wish that fate upon anyone, enemy house or not.

"I think it's scared, Ruby," Grace offered up diplomatically. "It's pretty loud in here with everyone talking and that's probably a lot of unfamiliar things on top of a lot of unfamiliar sounds. You gotta be patient with the little guy." She leaned over to look at Ruby. "Just hold out your woodlouse again," Grace suggested, "and stay really still and quiet for a bit."

She thought she'd phrased that rather diplomatically. Ruby clearly wasn't the most comfortable around lice. Grace couldn't really blame her. They were a bit icky, but then so were a lot of things to do with magic. Just last week they had been crushing beetles in potions. Honestly, this was probably not as bad. At least the lice didn't seem to ooze any liquid as they were being eaten by the bowtruckles.

Advice given she focused her attention on the teacher again and made sure to copy down all the information given into her notebook. Professor King had given the hint that there was information that might be useful in a future exam and she definitely didn't want to miss out on that.

Shyla Bartlett

October 09, 2021, 01:13:47 am #6 Last Edit: October 09, 2021, 01:15:42 am by Shyla Bartlett Reason: not in third tense
Care of Magical Creatures. The one lesson that Shyla was looking forward to. It was also the first lesson that she was going to be late for. She slept past her alarm clock ten minutes and had to rush to get ready. she quickly grabbed her bag and textbooks before putting her hair in a quick ponytain and sprinted out of her dorm and out the common room.

If you looked at different past experiences of her being latr and how fast she would of ran, this would of been her fastest sprint. ever. once she arrived at the classroom, she stopped for a couple of minutes to take a few deep breathers before walking into the class wiht a shy smile on her face. she looked around before looking at Professor King before looking down "I'm sorry Professor. i slept through my alarm and got here as fast as i could. i promise to never let it happen again".

Once she finished speaking, she quickly walked over to her seat, ignoring the glances of everyone else and sat down as she sorted out her hair, already knowing it was a mess and sorted out her tie and robes after quickly rushing to get them on.

Shyla looked around the classroom to see what they were doing and noticed it was Bowtruckles and woodlice. She smiled to myself, knowing a lot about these creatures knowing that you have to earn their trust through a treat and that they may be innocent but they are quite deadly creatures. She lifted her head and looked at Professor King, already knowing she was gonna be in big trouble for being late
Shyla Bartlett

Maeve Foley

Animals had always been something of a mystery to Maeve. She had gotten along well enough with cats and dogs back home, birds were alright. Her family had, had dogs in the past but mostly they stayed outside with the goats and chickens. She had heard plenty of stories growing up about fantastical creatures, mostly from her grandfather who always managed to worst times of night to bring up the scarier ones. Sitting at her desk waiting for class to begin, she struggled to wrap her head around the fact that those stories could possibly be true and that she would actually come face to face with them! Thankfully there hadn't been any banshees or great big black horses to greet her first thing. Just some small potted plant on Professor King's desk.

Tentatively, the young lion eyed the syllabus in front of her as the professor spoke. Her eyes lifted momentarily to inspect the woman. She seemed kind and didn't speak in a harsh manner. Reading over the paper in front of her she didn't recognize any of the names listed for the creatures they were going to study. Maeve's mouth twisted and brows furrowed. Another class she was most likely going to become hopelessly behind in. Her mouth went dry as the professor noted already they had a weighty assignment coming up. So soon?? Maeve shifted in her seat.


Maeve swallowed hard and sat up in her seat. Apparently she hadn't been the only one concerned. Another girl who looked extremely done up had piped up about it as well. No one else had seemed keen on inquiring so Maeve thought it best to keep to herself. Oh please don't be magical lice.. what would magical lice even do? Jump higher? Make you itch more? She didn't want to think about it any longer and stood to get her own plant and woodlice.

Back at her desk, she didn't see any sign of the bowtruckle. Turning the pot in front of her, she tried to poke her head this way and that to see where it could be hiding. "Hello?" Maeve whispered, glancing left and right to see how everyone else was fairing. "You in there?" She tried again, leaning closer into the plant. No response. She supposed she couldn't blame the little guy. If someone woke her up and stuck their nose into her room she might not be thrilled to meet them either even if there was a promise of snacks.

Maeve prodded some of the lice with her tweezers and rested her chin in her hand, elbow propped up on the desk. "Guess you're a little scared like I am huh." Still whispering, she wondered if the bowtruckle could understand her. "I'm Maeve by the way." Might as well introduce herself. Her mother always made it a point to drive manners into her daughter, said they would take h er a long ways. Perhaps that went for creatures as well as people?  "Nice to meet you." She brushed a few fingers past some of the leaves. The professor moved the lecture along but Maeve didn't have the heart to raise her hand and admit to being most likely the only one, again, to be struggling. Other students seemed to be getting on. Except for the one girl...

"I don't think you're supposed to yell at them." Maeve sat up straight and muttered under her breath. No one deserved to be talked to that way. "Least I wouldn't come out being talked to like that." She continued to herself in a huff and focused back on her own plant and bowtruckle who was still being rather elusive.

The doors to the class opened and a girl stepped in, apologizing for being late. Maeve recognized her from the common area but didn't remember her name. She was much better with faces. A small rustle in her plant made her turn the pot once more. "Finally coming out?" Maeve picked at some of the woodlice with her tweezers and held it out. A little twig like creature revealed itself from under a leaf but still wasn't willing to come out too far. "Alright.. we can just sit then." Putting the lice back, Maeve smiled at the creature and took out her notebook and pencil. "You can help me take notes." A hand held to one side of her face as she winked at the little guy. 

Shyla Bartlett

Shyla had finally gotten up and gently held a Bowtruckle on her hand and some woodlice just in case if they wanted more than one. She sat down in her seat and placed the Bowtruckle on the table and placed the woodlice on the table. She smiled slightly at him and picked up one of the woodlice and hands it to him, watching him take it and eat.

Shyla's smile widened watching him taking the food and being able to trust her straightaway. i whisper softly to the Bowtruckle "thanks for trusting me little guy. i might as well introduce myself. My name is Shyla. usually, i wouldn't be late to a lesson but I ended up sleeping through my alarm". She chuckles to herself and shakes her head at her elf before looking back at the Bowtruckle "how stupid am i for doing that? I'll probably be getting a detention for coming in late which is gonna suck but... hopefully Godric can help me out" Shyla watches him walk over to the woodlice and starts to eat them before sitting up straight and looks around the classroom to see what everyone else is doing with their Bowtruckle's.

She watches Grace feed her Bowtruckle with green pieces of paper wrapped around her fingers, making it look like that they before turning around, and watches Ruby basically yell at her Bowtruckle. she rolls her eyes and mumbles under her breath " stop yelling at him. he's terrified of you now". Once she finishes watching her, she turns around and watches a girl she recognises from her common room, thinking her name was Mavis or something, whisper to her Bowtruckle. Shyla smiles to herself and watches, not noticing that she is basically staring at her whilst she whispers to him.
Shyla Bartlett

Molly King

Molly had been mid sentence when suddenly Shyla Bartlett burst into the classroom. Stopping her lecture she listened as the girl went on about how she was so sorry for sleeping in, and how she'd never let it happen again.

"Ms. Bartlett. Perhaps you should consider going to sleep earlier if you are tired enough to sleep through your alarm. Don't let it happen again." she said firmly before motioning to the supplies needed for class, and an empty desk. "Go on now. Spit spot."

After covering the full anatomy of a bowtruckle, and their usual eating habits, and routine behaviors she turned to address the class.

"Now, can anyone tell me where bowtruckles can be found, other than England, there are three other countries where they tend to inhabit some forests." Molly paused to scan her class room. Most seemed fairly engrossed in either taking notes, or still trying to befriend their bowtruckle. Since no one was chomping at the bit to raise their hand, Molly resorted to something she wasn't a huge fan of doing, having hated when it happened herself in school, picking someone at random from the class.

"Uuuuh-Miss Foley. Can you tell me which three countries we can find our little sticky friends?"

If they had read ahead at all they'd know it was Germany, Sweden, and Norway, but Molly wouldn't exactly hold it against them for being a bit shy and nervous on the first go around. However, after the first day of class, keeping up on the reading was crucial.

Maeve Foley

Maeve scribbled away in her journal, the bowtruckle starting to show itself more and more as the young Gryffindor asked a question or two of the creature off-handedly. At one point she could feel eyes on her and nervously looked up to see the girl who had come in late glancing in her direction but as soon as their eyes met, Maeve buried her nose deeper into her notes.

Her pencil lead was swirling around the last few letters and giving a small flourish to 'England' when Professor King saying her name produced a squeak from the girl, sitting bolt upright and cheeks burning. "M-me? I-ah..well.."

Her eyes bore down on her tiny green friend as if he were about to whisper it into her ear. "They-well-ah...They're also-" Stuttering hoping to buy some time, she dug deep into the recesses of her mind to try and pluck the knowledge. Maybe if it had been there she would've stumbled on it but her attention had been elsewhere recently and not on reading for class. More importantly on learning something called globstones.... reading had fallen far down the lion cub's list of priorities.

The bowtruckle trilled up at her and tilted to one side, resting its bent, trendril like arms on her hand in a comforting manner as if knowing fullwell she was about to make a mess of herself. Panicked, one thing sat loudly in her mind's eye or maybe just her eye. "England." Maeve blurted almost wincing herself at how sharp the answer had left her. A few giggles sounded from her peers and made her cheeks burn brighter. Puffing and sitting up straight she shoved on, the little stick at her band tugging on her finger almost pleading her to stop.

"Ah-America." A nasty snicker from a group behind her, crimson flooding the young girl's face and sparking her to yelp another country. Any country! "Berlin!" Wait... Maeve's lip quibbled as she realized what had flung from her mouth.

Shyla Bartlett

Shyla noticed Maeve looked at her and she blushes before turning around and looked back at her Bowtruckle to see him looking at her. She smiles and puts my hand out for him, letting him climb onto it.

She didn't realise that Professor King has asked a question until she called out on Maeve to answer the question. She turned around to look at her and noticed how shy and nervous she was. She listened to her and looked around at the people that snickered at her.

She knew she was gonna get in trouble for this but she didn't care "I wouldn't be laughing if i were you guys. you wouldn't like it if something happened like that to you would you? knowing you guys, your brain would go to mush and you wouldn't be able to speak. at least she had the guts to"
Shyla Bartlett

Ruby Moore

Ruby glared at her stick thingy angrily. Grace had turned around and offered her help, which she was glad for. Of course, she wouldn't of not expected help. THAT would of been SO rude. "Am I seriously scary to this guy?" She scoffed, clearly amused. Flipping her hair, she took on a smug tone. "I wasn't even trying." She had decided she liked Grace. Looking at the girl, she examined her face. She was certainly pretty. She could imagine Grace wearing adorable dresses that Ruby designed.

Grace suggested to hold out the woodlice again. Ruby sighed. "This woodlice is like... SO gross." She made a disgusted face. At this point, she wasn't sure there was a chance for this stick to ever trust her. Whatever that wasn't HER problem. She didn't understand the point of this. There was no rhyme and reason to learning stuff like this. She turned as a student came in late, and she shook her head. Imagine being Late.

Ruby turned when she heard a voice. The young Gryffindor girl [Maeve] had spoken, but Ruby didn't hear what she said. She was just sure she didn't like the tone. "Sorry?" She turned to the girl, resting her arm on the back of the chair. "Did you say something? You'll have to speak up, darling." She looked at the girl with fake pity. Then the other girl muttered something. [Shyla]

"I'm sorry? Were you speaking to me?" Her eyes scanned the girl up and down. Then, suddenly, Maeve was called on to answer a question. Ruby had no clue whatsoever, but she knew they weren't from AMERICA. Then BERLIN? She snickered, and a couple of others joined in. Hm, possible minions.

Then SHYLA turned around and shot a remark at her. The snicker and smile slid off her face and morphed into a poisonous look. "How cute, the baby is talking. What? Is it because you're in Gryffindor? Do you think you can say anything? Thought you'd be a brave little lion, huh?" Ruby looked around the room."oh, no one's cheering for you. How sad." She smirked again. How dare a girl such as she speak to RUby that way. She flipped her hair.

Turning around, she looked at Shyla again. "Oh, and sweety? A little blush can really make a face look... presentable."

Grace Pemberton

Shyla came in late and Grace have a brief glance and tentative wave. She has been wondering at the breakfast table when she hadn't seen Shyla. Really, she should have gone back to the dormitories to check on her, but Grace had been so absorbed in reading the text book again before class. Well, nothing much she could do about it now. Thankfully Professor King didn't seem to be very mad. She made a strict remark, but Grace noted that while the words had been a bit harsh she hadn't taken any points from Gryffindor. That was a good thing.

Her attention snapped back to the Professor when a question was asked. Grace thought that maybe she knew. She remember a passage about the bowtruckle liking Scandinavian forests because of the many wand quality woods that grew there. Apparently, wiggentrees in particular were a popular habitat. She was debating to raise her hand, but truthfully, she was scared about speaking in class and had to hold in a relieved sigh as Maeve was called instead of her. She'd gotten lucky this time.

Then chaos ensued. Ruby was laughing at Maeve's answer. Grace didn't understand why. Berlin was a reasonable guess, wasn't it? Shyla immediately came to Maeve's defense. Grace admired that. How could Shyla just be so confident? Now Ruby was getting quite aggressive and Grace felt quite uncomfortable in her seat. She hugged her arms around herself and tried to look somewhere else. So what if that made her a bit of a cowardly lion. She was going to keep her head down in class and not get on the bad side of another teacher. Bad enough that she had already messed up in Prendergast's and Montgomery's class.

She felt a little sorry though for the bowtruckle on Ruby's desk. Okay, one small risk. She leaned over to carefully pick up her flowerpot before it got knocked over in the crossfire of hair flicking and smart remarks.

"It's alright little guy," she whispered to the bowtruckle. "Are you hungry?" She picked up one of the lice to hold out to Ruby's bowtruckle, hoping Professor King would quickly intervene on the argument that had broken out.

Molly King

Molly felt completely awful as the young girl stumbled over her words, trying to come up with some sort of answer. She hated having to force students to participate, especially when she just so happened to simultaneously humiliate the poor Gryffindor. However, as the talking in the class progressed, and Ruby Moore decided to take things to a rather petty level, Molly's mood shifted from feeling bad, to feeling rather irked by the girl.

"THAT is quite enough!" she said, loudly projecting her voice over the students, causing them to immediately silence any residual chatter.

"Miss Bartlett. While I do appreciate you're efforts to stand up for your fellow housemate, I am fairly confident that Miss Foley is perfectly capable of standing on her own two feet." she began, her voice was serious and firm. "Now...Miss Moore" she continued, her eyes narrowing. Crossing the room, she positioned herself directly in front of Ruby, while remaining at the front of the class. Despite lowering her tone of voice, her words were loud and clearly projected for all to hear. This kind of behavior had no place in her classroom. "Should you deem in necessary to comment in such a distasteful manner again, I can assure you that your time spent in this class will be cut short very quickly. If I hear any of it again in my class, you will be written up, and points will be taken from your house. I suggest you leave your attitude in your dormitory, as it will not be tolerated in my classroom. Have I made myself perfectly clear, Miss Moore?"

Molly centered herself again at the front of the class room.

"Consider that a classroom wide rule." she said, addressing the entire class now. "When you enter this room, you are here to learn, and I am here to teach you. Do not waste my time by using this class to throw petty, and childish remarks at each other. You will not last long here if you do."

Turning back to the projector screen, Molly flicked her wand to the next slide.

"Moving on. The three other locations you can find bowtruckles are as follows, Germany, Sweden, and Norway...." she said, continuing on with her lecture.