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To build a home, a new beginning

Started by Gregory King, August 24, 2021, 12:04:35 am

Gregory King

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Out Of CharacterScary violence depicted

Read with cautionHe pushed her back when he ripped his arms away from her grasp. He didn't want her sympathy, he was livid and tired of being treated like a child. Gregory grunted, "I feel miserable, Molly. I just want to feel better. Can't you see that?" He tried to grasp onto her shoulders, maybe if she looked at his face she'd see he was growing despondent. It was so much easier to give up, then it was to go through this pain.

His grip on her shoulders was loose, easily allowing her to get out of his grasp if she choose to. He pushed her aside, towards his bed, and tried to open the bedroom door. Gregory planned to get back to the first level where he'd start searching for anything to get himself out of this hell. If Molly saw him, she'd have seen a feral look to his eyes, and he stumbled out of the bedroom. Another wave of nausea built up within him, and he scrambled towards the open bathroom door.  Only through the grace of luck he made it to the toilet in time to chuck up the water he'd just drank. Loud wrenching sounds came out of the bathroom as his stomach emptied. His stomach calmed for a moment, long enough for him to scream out to his little sister from the bowl, "You like taking a piss on me, Molly?" He gagged again, dry heaving into the toilet.

An analysis of the situation may have indicated his panic was causing the waves of nausea to hit him harder then had he tried to relax. His shoulders were tight, and his white shirt was drenched in sweat. It was impossible for him to think straight, he'd all but forgotten he even had a son. The gagging stopped, and he washed cold water over his face. Unfortunately he met his reflection and disgust filled him. Without thinking, he punched the mirror with his right hand as hard as he could muster.

His hand made contact with the reflection in front of him, and the mirror shattered under the pressure of his punch. Time slowed, he watched as the pressure from his punch created webs from the point of contact. The small shards of the mirror fell, and he felt the wall reverberated against his fist. Small shards of the mirror cut his wrist, hand and he bruised his knuckles. "Bloody hell!" He shouted into the right hand, as though that would take away the pain he was experiencing. Adrenaline pumped, and he felt like a superhero. He'd be able to take anything on!

"I need to leave," he declared. The man made a mistake. He looked at his hand and watched the blood drip into the sink. In his daze, Gregory wasn't sure what he was supposed to do. Panic started to set as realized what he'd done. His hand ached, and there was more blood then he was comfortable with. He tried to open and close his hand, and it made him wince. "W-what have I done?" The fog of anger, and desperation for alcohol was dissipating temporarily. What in the hell was wrong with him? Gregory felt out of control.

His voice hitched, and he took a deep breath in. A sea of nausea overwhelmed him and he heaved bile into the sink. It mixed with the blood from his right hand. Fuck. How was he going to get around to cleaning this mess he'd made? Guilt and embarrassment swarmed throughout him and he wanted to disappear.

Now he was in a predicament. He was bleeding, bruised and trying to get sober. The worst part of all of this was it was hard for him to think without desperation and he couldn't calm himself down. Stupefied, he stood in the middle of the bathroom, wiping away the bile with his blood hand. Why was he so stupid?

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Molly King

Molly felt frozen as Greg held her by the shoulders. He looked like a wild animal. As he released her from his grip, pushing her towards the bed, and disappeared through the door, Molly felt suddenly very small. How was she going to deal with this? Until Greg's arrival she barely ever spoke to her brother, and now suddenly she had to get him through alcohol withdrawal? Yes she agreed to help him when he had asked, and perhaps he didn't know just how he'd react, but either way Molly felt like perhaps she had been asked to bite off more than she could chew. To compound matters, despite all her efforts to accommodate her brother and nephew, she had yet to see any sign of sincere gratitude from Greg. Sure he had been rather civil to her earlier in the kitchen, but now she was feeling a bit pushed around in her own home. Of course she knew he wanted to feel better, what did he think they were trying to achieve. Logically she knew that Greg was still not in his right mind, but she also felt unsure of how he'd behave once he had regained control of himself. The sound of the bathroom mirror breaking pulled her back to their current situation. Molly hurried down the hall and gasped as she saw Greg bleeding from the hand, and her bathroom mirror destroyed. In that moment something snapped inside Molly. Enough was enough.

"For fucks sake Greg! What have you done?!" she snapped at him as he stood there frozen and a bit glazed over. Swearing was far from ordinary for Molly and it was clear Greg had tested her patience long enough. Molly disappeared from the bathroom doorway, and soon returned with the first aid kit from the hall closet. "That is it! I have had it with you and your fuckery." Molly grabbed Greg's injured hand and quickly cleaned his cuts. Being a bit more rough than she intended to, Molly began to bandage up his hand, continuing to speak as she did so. Her voice was firmer and a little louder than it had been before. "You want to take your anger out on me, and push me around like a jackass? FINE! But, I will not have you destroy my house in the process! Finishing up his hand, Molly grabbed him by the left wrist, and dragged him behind her down the hall and grabbing her wand off the hall table as she passed.

"Now for the love of Merlin, it's time you get a grip and deal with your shit! I am done coddling you! Teddy is the two year old in this house not YOU!" Molly was angry she had allowed him to push her around in her own home. It was time to stop tip toeing around her brother. She had sacrificed enough. It was bad enough she had to cancel plans with Rob because of Greg's foolishness. When he had sent an OWL asking to stop by that day, Molly had practically ripped the poor bird out of the sky to keep it from flying away so she could quickly tell Rob she wouldn't be home. She was done letting Greg call the shots in her life. "It's time you grew a pair and stopped thinking of just yourself for a change. I will not let you fuck up your son's life simply because you can't get your head out of the liquor cabinet long enough to be a father!"

Molly stopped at Greg's bedroom door and turned to face him. Narrowing her eyes she pointed her wand at him.

"Now go sleep off this mess before I make you! Understand?"

Gregory King

From the hall way he heard his little sister shouting, it seemed to wake him up from the daze he'd put himself in. He couldn't really comprehend the words, but he felt the anger coursing through her. It snapped him back to the present, and he looked again at his hand realizing it was still bleeding. Molly didn't seem perturbed by the bleeding though, and gripped his hand with her own. He stood stunned as she worked diligently. Then it started hurting. She pulled a few of the mirror shards from his hand; she didn't seem to care that he was complaining or making noises indicating he was in pain. "Goddamnit, It fucking hurts." She was taking none of his complaining and shot daggers at him before giving him a railing. This registered, and Gregory realized he'd never known his sister to be so...forward.

She maneuvered him out of the bathroom, gripping his left wrist and pushed him towards his bedroom. "Now for the love of Merlin, it's time you get a grip and deal with your shit! I am done coddling you! Teddy is the two year old in this house not YOU!" Did she just imply he was acting like a child? He was deranged, but couldn't help and shrink at her pointed observation of him. There wasn't much he could respond in this moment. Was this when he would apologize? It seemed like he should try. Before he could turn to her and open his mouth to reply, she took a dagger and shoved it up his proverbially ass. 

His mouth hung open. He gulped the air in, he could feel his adam's apple rise and fall. She was not playing, and perhaps he should just accept defeat instead of run headlong into a battle he'd lose. In her hand she held her wand up at him as she directed him towards his room. It would be impossible for him to fight her and have a chance of winning. He may be physically stronger, but he was too exhausted to use magic. Testing it out, he tried to close his door but it didn't work. His magic seemed to depleted, he couldn't even feel the tendrils of it from his fingertips.

So he accepted defeat. She held up her wand and pointed it towards his room. "Uhhh..." He forced himself to express something. "I-I'm s-sorry". It was like he ate peanut butter, his mouth was dry all of a sudden. He could taste remnants of his bile from his earlier panic attack. Bile was not very good. "..uhhh" he forced himself to keep going, "I-I'll replace the m-m-mirror." Suddenly, he realized he was tired and irritable. He'd accepted defeat and went to gulp down the potion she'd set next to his bed.

The potion was a mix of several medical herbs that were meant to help with the symptoms of the withdrawal. Had he drank it earlier, his stomach would have settled and he'd stay hydrated and mayhap he wouldn't have lost his mind. He looked down at his bandaged hand, and turned to see Molly glaring at him, as though she was waiting for him to settle down. Getting comfortable, he curled up into a ball on the side of mattress that was furthest from her.

Molly King

Keeping her wand raised, Molly carefully watched as Greg gave in to her demands, and stepped into his room. As he apologized for having destroyed her mirror she sighed.

"It's fine. I can fix it." She said flatly, even though she realized this was probably the first time Greg had ever apologized for anything. Molly wasn't in the mood for pleasantries at the moment. As Greg settled in to his bed and drank his potion, she finally lowered her wand. Finally he seemed to have calmed down enough to potentially fall asleep. "Just call if you need anything." She said as she backed out of the room and closed the door behind her. Walking back down the hall Molly went to investigate the damage her brother had done to her mirror. Carefully she raised her wand and cast a spell. Slowly all the shards of glass replaced themselves in the mirror, and the cracks disappeared as she repaired it. Finally she took a few moments to clean up the blood that Greg had managed get all over the sink, and a little on the floor.

Back downstairs, Molly found herself holding back tears as she settled in for the night on the couch. If Greg was going to try and leave, she'd have to stop him. However things were feeling a bit overwhelming. As small teardrops streaked down her cheeks, Molly wiped them away and tried to collect herself. She needed to be strong right now for her sake, and for her brother's. Susie leapt up on to the couch with her owner and snuggled into her side, purring and nuzzling Molly in an attempt to console her.

Hours later, Molly woke up to Susie's sand paper tongue licking her hand. Rubbing her eyes and sitting up, Molly shewed her cat off her and glanced at the time. The clock on the mantle read 7:00am. Had they really managed to make it through the night without further drama? Feeling hopeful, and also somewhat bad for how harshly she had spoken to her brother the night before, Molly decided to make some toast for Greg. Perhaps he'd be well enough now to hold down some light food. Softly she knocked on his bedroom door with her free hand as she held the plate of food in the other, and another electrolyte potion tucked under her arm.

"Greg?" She said gently, poking her head through the door. "I brought you some breakfast and another potion." slowly she lowered herself down and sat on the edge of his bed. "How are you feeling? Did you manage to get some sleep?" She asked nudging his shoulder a bit to wake him up.

Gregory King

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Greg slept fitfully. He'd woken up several times to heave, but was too exhausted to leave his room. The rest of the night was spent sweating, swearing and rolling around on his bed as he tried to get comfortable enough to rest. When Molly arrived, he'd just fallen asleep, again. From his dreams, he heard what sounded like Molly's voice coming from somewhere, but wasn't sure where it was coming from. Awakening from his light slumber, he opened one eye, the other, then propped himself up on his elbows. He didn't look like he'd rested well.

It annoyed him that she came into the room, all sweet like and gently nudged at his shoulder. "Not much. Do I have a fever yet?" He asked her. His hands were clammy, and he'd shivered at her touch. His eyes looked sunken in, and from the corner of his eyes he could see shadows skirting away from his view. In all reality he wanted to tell Molly to piss off, to get the fuck away from him, but he managed to curtail the anger. Remember, remember. He'd angered her the night prior and the last thing he wanted was to be put out of her home. Especially when he had no where else to go.

Molly shared she'd brought breakfast, but he didn't know if he could actually hold anything but liquids down. He eyed the plate of food she'd brought in the room, and it looked like bland porridge with a little bit of brown sugar and banana's. Just what the doctor ordered. He watched her put the offering of peace on the bedside table.

"...Thanks." He responded as he pulled himself up to lean against the headboard of the bed. The situation was a bit shameful, he'd not expected her to come into the room this early to check on him, and in the privacy of the bedroom he slept in his under ware. He pulled the comforter up with him with his left hand so she wouldn't see too much of his bare skin. The pain in his hand ached and throbbed. It seemed like he'd need new dressing for his right hand. Within a fragmented thought, he saw himself punching the mirror again. It was distressing to not understand why he'd done it. Denial. It was real.

"C-could you leave the food. I'll b-ring it d-downstairs." In all honesty, he wanted to shower, dress properly and not smell like yesterday's dumpster. The other part of his inquiry was to see if she'd leave him me. He was sure his lack of sleep was causing some of his current problems, including his hallucinations. In the back of his mind he also remembered Teddy was safe with one of Molly's friends.

What in the bloody hell was going on?  Not only was he completely fatigued, his whole body was sore and he couldn't access his magic reserve. When he was drunk, it wasn't hard for him to access, so why now? He'd gotten a few hours of sleep, simple charms should be in access by now!

He still couldn't connect to the core of his magic. There seemed to be some kind of blockade, and he wasn't sure why it was happening, now. Greg was doing what was asked, to start sobering up, so his magic should come back, right? He thought that maybe it was worth asking Molly about it later. He could picture himself shouting at her, civil discussion be damned. How did he talk to someone he'd barely held a conversation with in the past 10 years, since he'd left the family home to work.

"When I c-come down, I'll need s-some help with red-dressing them." And where the hell did this stutter come from? He'd not had one since he was very young, and he didn't even remember having it. Thinking too hard seemed to make his headache worse. Luckily, Molly was a step ahead and brought the recommended potion to alleviate some of the symptoms.

Molly King

Molly took a moment to feel Greg's head. Despite his somewhat ghastly appearance, and obvious trembling, he was still cool, clammy, and fever free.

"No fever." She told him, a look of sympathy on her face. At least it was a good sign that he wasn't taking a turn for the worse. "I'll leave you be until you're ready." she said, turning to leave his room. As he mentioned needing help, she nodded in agreement before quietly slipping out and closing the door behind her.

Back in the kitchen, Molly sat at the table, first aid kit by her side as she sipped her coffee and waited to come downstairs. She normally didn't like coffee, but having had a restless night's sleep, she felt it called for something a little stronger. Looking back, she wasn't sure how she felt about having been to harsh with Greg the previous evening. Sure it seemed like the only way to get him to stop spiraling into an aggressive state, but now she was worried that it meant she'd have to continue being hard on him if they were ever going to get through this process successfully. Molly rested her head on her arm on the table top. This was emotionally exhausting, and to think there was a possibility that they still had days ahead of them. It was unclear just how long it would take to get Greg back to normal...and even then, Molly realized she wasn't sure what his "normal" would look like. Pre-divorce Greg wasn't someone who had been all that kind to her. What if after having to drag him through detox, she went back to being nothing but his useless little sister? Just because Molly cared about Greg, didn't mean he cared about her. Molly wasn't sure how she'd be able to make it through this herself. While Greg had been leaning on her for support, she had been left to stay strong on her own. As Greg's footsteps echoes on the stairs, Molly lifted her head off the table.

"Ready for a bandage change?" she asked, opening up the first aid kit, and pulling out some fresh gauze.

Gregory King

Her hand touched his forehead, and Molly verified Gregory was going to survive the day. He watched Molly traverse across his designated space and lightly close the door behind her. The click of the door indicating she'd finally left him to be alone. He threw off the blanket, and went to his loaned drawers where he'd found a pair of clean clothes. He didn't recall doing his laundry recently, but in the drawers were clean clothes. They smelled like lavender, and reminded him of his sister. Slinking out of the room, he went to the bathroom and noticed that she'd already cleaned up the mess he'd made in there the previous night. He couldn't remember what had compelled him to punch it in the first place. The memory of the previous night felt like a nightmare.

He'd thought of taking a hot shower, but decided on a self-inflicted punishment with a cold one, instead. It expedited the process and he nearly jumped out of his skin when the cold water hit him. Gregory would take the torture. Taking his razor, Greg tried to shave, but nicked his cheek. Damn. His hands were shaking too much to shave, maybe he'd ask Molly to bring him somewhere to get it done or she could do it for him? Putting the razor back down, he finished up in the bathroom and headed downstairs in a plain white tee-shirt, and shorts. Being clean and not smelling like yesterday's trash was a relief.

"Y-yeah." He'd taken the wet bandages off in the bathroom and rolled toilet paper around the open scab. Peeling off the toilet paper over the bin, he noticed more fresh blood. "Shite." A few of the cuts were deep enough that they'd leave scars. His right knuckle had turned a nice shade of purple, black and green. He turned from the bin, and flexed his right hand in front of Molly. When he pulled his fingers back, they hurt. With his free hand, he touched a few of the scabs and his knuckles, noticing there was still a prickling burn.


Closing the distance between his sister, he held his hand out, with his left hand putting direct pressure on the open scab to try and stop it's bleeding. His hands shook, it was difficult for him to keep still. "H-hurry." He demanded from his sister. He felt a welling of shame, and felt shy and vulnerable. It was uncomfortable feeling so vulnerable near her and having marks on his skin that reminded him of his idiocy.

Molly King

As Molly began tending to her brother's hand she shot him a quick glance as he demanded she hurry.

"I think you mean 'thank you Molly'..." she muttered to herself, noting that his rather commanding attitude sounded more like his old self than the Greg who had been a puddle on the floor the previous day. At least it was progress she supposed. Molly re-cleaned Greg's cuts, doing her best to be gentle, but efficient.

"Sorry. It might sting a bit..." Molly said apologetically as she sprayed a bit of antibacterial spray on his hand. Pulling some butterfly bandages out of the kit she put them over the cuts that were deeper so they'd have a better chance of healing. It was obvious that this wasn't her first go around having to deal with some fairly nasty cuts. She'd had her fair share of cuts and wounds from animals and magical creatures and had learned to dress them appropriately.

"Right then." She added as she finished wrapping his hand in a new, clean bandage around his hand. "That should do nicely for a while. I'll check it again this evening if you like." Standing from the table she cleaned up the scraps of bandage wrapper and put away the first aid kit. Now she wasn't quite sure what to do with herself. Greg wasn't in shambles, but he hadn't suddenly turned into a chatty Kathy. If anything he seemed just as distance and demanding as he had been when they were young. Molly's instincts told her it was best to just lay low and see how things played out. As the silence became deafening between them, she busied herself with cleaning up the dishes from breakfast. Had a stranger walked into the kitchen, they would have thought Molly and Greg barely knew each other...and they'd be right. As soapy water ran over the dishes, Molly realized just how unfamiliar they had become with each other's lives. Still she stayed quiet while she dipped her hands into the warm water. Sure she could have used magic to clean up, but having a muggle for a father, there were just some things Molly rather enjoyed doing without the help of magic.

Gregory King

He didn't seem to notice that she made a comment about how he should have thanked her, and he gave her a curt nod. It wasn't that he didn't want to thank her, it was just awkward. How long would he stand behind the veil, how long would he hide from his appreciation. It didn't seem like this moment would be the time he'd show her some genuine kindness. He looked over her shoulders as she did the dishes. Gregory tried to cast some magic, but found that he still couldn't. He still felt exhausted and found that he wanted to go back to sleep. His head still ached a bit, but the potion seemed to have helped.

He kind of stood there, and the silence between them engulfed the room. There was tension between the siblings. He wasn't sure how to talk to her, he wasn't sure what he was supposed to say. "U-uh." He began, "I'm going to go back to bed." He pointed towards the hallway, and headed towards the bedroom.

Several hours later, Gregory came back downstairs after taking another nap. His head ached, his arm hurt. He'd not woken up despite falling asleep on his arm. When he came downstairs, he noticed that the house was quiet and Molly was grading papers in the living room. It annoyed him that she was still in the house, and wasn't willing to leave him to explore the house on his own.  He went to the kitchen to grab an apple and went over to her, sitting adjacent to her. He supposed since he wasn't going to be doing anything the next few days it might be a good time to get to know her?

"So...at Hogwarts. H-how's teaching?" Struggling to procure any value in the conversation, he couldn't help but nervously laugh. He wasn't sure how to broach getting to know his little sister, since he'd never had a desire to know anything about her personal life. However, understanding that he was living with her, it wouldn't hurt to have some idea of who she was? Greg didn't have a job, and wasn't sure when he'd be well enough to work again. Teeth connected with the skin of the apple, and he pulled a chuck out. At least, with food in his mouth, he could prolong the awkward attempt at getting to know his sister.

Or he could just leave.

Molly King

By the time Molly had turned around when Greg announced he was going to bed, he had already disappeared upstairs and into his room. Part of her was relieved to be alone for a little. At thing point living with a complete stranger would have been easier. It was their history that made things awkward. Perhaps if they had shared more in their childhood they would have had an easier time now as adults. Unfortunately that was not the case, so here they were awkwardly tip toeing around getting to close to really knowing each other.

As the hours passed, Molly had fixed herself lunch, cleaned up her mess, checked in that Teddy was still doing well, and did some general tidying up around the house. A few times she caught herself feeling like it was just any other day, then reality quickly reminded her that things were not normal by any means. Once or twice she had thought to check if Greg wanted something to eat, but soft snores coming from behind the closed bedroom door caused her to decide against it. Best to let him sleep as much as he needed.

Molly had long since settled in on the couch to do some grading when she heard Greg's footsteps on the stairs. As he passed the living room on his way to the kitchen she remained silent, not wanting to pester him too much. Keeping her eyes on her work she could hear him walking in her direction. Initially she had assumed he was just looking for something, or perhaps coming to ask for help with he bandage again, so it surprised her when he sat himself down in her general vicinity. Without moving her head Molly looked up at her brother as he asked how her job was.

"You really want to know?" she said, raising her right eyebrow. Quite honestly she was surprised he had even thought to ask her a personal question. She couldn't think of a time he ever had before. Her eyes flicked back to her grading as she finished up the sentence she had been reading, before looking up to fully face him. "It's good. Most of the students are wonderful to work with. Others are more wild than the animals..." Molly paused, unsure of her next step. Cautiously she carried on. "Some of them remind me of you and Lottie..."

She hadn't been lying. Some students did remind her of her siblings. They were smart, brilliant children who were unfortunately rather snobby when it came to their classmates. Now having found herself in a position of power over these rather pushy students, Molly did her best to encourage them through her teaching to be kinder to others. Often times her creatures were the main teacher for that lesson. If they could find patience, kindness and understanding for the animals, they certainly could for the classmates they had previously determined were lesser than themselves.

Gregory King

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He wondered if she was making an innocent observation or a passive aggressive jab about his treatment of her. He put the half-eatened apple down. He couldn't help a half-hearted grunt as the words sunk in. "W-what are you t-trying to say?" He spilled out, allowing his statement to bellow out into the open. It was odd, in this fatigued state he felt more vulnerable and the observation, though true, was painful to hear from her. That was really how she saw him. His mind jumped ahead of himself, and he tried to take away some of the accusatory bite from his question. "I-I mean, what do you m-mean by that?" The last thing he needed to do is make the situation between them worse.

Shite. Gregory still had unquenchable, unresolved anger and shame stemming from his experience in childhood that he hadn't been prepared to examine. Anger prickled in his mind, he could feel his cheeks warm and pulse increase despite his attempts to calm his nerves. He really didn't know why he was putting in such an effort, and wasn't sure if he was staying miserable for himself or for the sake of his son and he supposed Molly?

A memory shared itself to him in this moment of weakness. He remembered coming back from his first year at Hogwarts, and their parents sitting him down to go his marks at school. Their mother wasn't pleased with his first semester performance and dug into how disappointed she was. He remember their dad just sitting next to their mom, and he said nothing. The absolute worst part of the memory was knowing he had done well. From outside of his child's body, he watched a figment of himself cry.  The experience was strange and invalidating at the same time. Gregory thought he'd locked that memory away, in the back file of his mind, never to come out again.

He almost wanted to explain his own brand of dog shite their mother threw at him. Perfect was something that Gregory tried to strive for, but it always felt like he couldn't achieve it. This meltdown that lasted for several weeks, was a testament to the broken efforts he'd made to make their mother proud. A sense of pride and achievement that he wasn't sure he'd ever achieve. Every time he met a benchmark, the carrot was put slightly out of reach. No amount of items he acquired, 'perfect marriage', child, gifts to mum, job, [the list goes on] he participated in was ever enough. The short time he spent at Molly's home made him recognize, to some degree, that she experienced the same thing. She just choose a different path and way to deal with it. That, in itself, was admirable. 

"What kind of creatures are you showing them?" He interrupted her while she was explaining what she meant. It made him too uncomfortable to address anything of substance and he didn't want her to linger on it. Well, he hoped she'd be amendable to the redirection. He yawned, rubbing his eyes, and tensed his calves into the breath out. When he drank, he could forget these feelings, and he wasn't sure how to handle this without the fog of substances. His fist, in his good hand, tightened into a fist and he gripped the end of his short. All he wanted to do was reprimand Molly for even mentioning him as a kid. Fuck her. Fuck this.

His mood fluctuated so quickly, he wanted to borrow Molly's wand and leave already, to find solace in a bottle.  It took everything in him to not move and keep listening. Fuck her, fuck this. He just needed an escape. Fuck her, Fuck this. Close the door, and lock it again. Fuck her, fuck this. The raw feelings were too overwhelming, he wasn't ready to deal with them. Fuck her, fuck this. Even if he'd never be ready. Fuck her, fuck this. At least with a bottle, he could brave himself. Finally it came out, "Molly, I'm g-going to be honest with you." He paused. "All I w-want is a b-bottle. I-I-I-I" The stutter exasperated him, "FUCK!" He howled in frustration, "I-I'm feeling too much." The admission freed him enough to make connections.

How was he supposed to explain this pain to her? He wasn't sure. He came to recognize he didn't want to drink anymore, but his resolve wavered. Drinking solved many of his problems in the past, didn't they? Drinking made the black pit of criticism in his mind go away, and it took away his stress of his reality. Some of the feelings he was experiencing right now, were feelings he'd tried to forget. Fuck her, fuck this. He wanted to give up. He wanted to succeed. This was so hard.

Molly King

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Molly eyed her brother cautiously as he demanded clarification on her statement that some students happened to remind her of him and their older sister. She hadn't expected the comment to cause such a reaction. While Greg tried to rephrase his question, anxiety bubbled in her stomach as she processed the fact that he seemed very much on edge, and she'd have to be very careful with her choice of words if they were to get through the rest of the day in any sort of civil manner.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it in a bad way." she explained, hoping he was with it enough to grasp her sincerity. "I just meant some of the students are very smart and very driven...probably bound for successful careers...I didn't-" her sentence was cut off by him asking which animals she was currently showing her class. There was a long pause before she answered him. She felt like she was about to try and navigate a field of landmines, incredibly unsure which topic was safe, and which could cause him to explode.

"I...uh...We always start with bowtruckles." she slowly began putting her work away, tucking the essays into her grading ledger, and gentle placing it on the coffee table in front of the couch. "During the wintertime, when it's too cold to go outside, or if the weather is bad in the spring and summer, I bring what I can into the classroom...." she was struggling to continue speaking as she watched Greg fidget in his seat, appearing more and more agitated. "Recently I got approval to take the students to the black lake and study the creatures living in it...." he was clenching his uninjured fist, it was obvious to her he wasn't actually hearing her words. She let herself trail off as she kept a close eye on him. She wasn't sure if it was something she had said again. He was barely keeping his composure, like a put about to boil over on the stove.

Soon he was admitting his want for a drink, and despite all the warning signs, Molly still flinched as he startled her with his outburst of an expletive. Feeling too much? Had he really been drowning his sorrows in booze to such a degree that he managed to make himself numb until now? A look of concern washed over her. While he had screamed obscenities before, they were in a different way. Before they had been laced with pain, sadness, and hysteria. Now they seemed angered and harsh, like within him he was holding an angry hornets nest, ready to swarm at the first sign of irritation.

"Greg...I'm sorry." she was trying to sound calm, collected, and reassuring. "You've come this far. You can't give up now. You have to do this...for Teddy..." Hesitantly she leaned over and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. For a moment she searched his face for some sort of sign she had made the right move. Was she on the right path, or had she poked the hornet nest? She was hoping by reminding him of his son that she'd be able to ground him somehow. "You can talk to me...about how your feeling....if you want to."

Gregory King

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One would have believed that the comfort of a sibling reaching out would temper the quelling beast. He was unpleased and uncertain and her touch felt like a burn. Physically it did nothing to harm him, but mentally it solidified his failure. Oh how could he put himself and his family through this pain. He whimpered, making a sad noise. She did everything to try and make him feel comfortable and to help him with adjusting into the new sober version of himself.


However it did nothing to help him find his resolve in this situation. Gregory felt exposed and couldn't deal with the vulnerability of this moment. He instinctively turned towards her touch, and looked up into his sisters eyes. He could see the signs of worry that she held for him, he wondered if she'd actually rested. It occurred to Greg that maybe this situation was as straining on her as it was himself. "Why are you in pain, too?" He wasn't sure what compelled him to take himself away for a moment to ask her about herself.

It would do no one good for him to revel in his pity. "You've not lost your fucking livelihood." He snarled, "Lost everything in your life like..." and he snapped his fingers to indicate how quickly he'd drowned in the bottom of a bottle. "I thought she'd come back, but how wrong I was to believe it." He pulled a tear away from his eyes. "You know. I figured she married me, it means we'd be together until the end. I was such a fucking fool." Gregory surprised himself. He didn't think he'd actually felt this poorly about losing his wife so suddenly. "She never loved me. She loved my galleons. None of which I have here." To be frank he'd put himself in debt to keep the lifestyle she wanted.

He thought for a moment to leave the house and forget that any of this happened to him. He could forge his new life in Britain or maybe go back to the United States. The figurative bottle yearned for him, and he knew its calling. It would put his problems at bay. A little longer he supposed.

"So if you really loved me, Molly, you'd buy me a last bottle of whiskey." He knew the ultimatum was a shitty proposal and believed she'd say no. Maybe he'd have a bit of a tantrum after she rejected him, he supposed. His body still hurt, he still felt exhausted. The idea of one more drink seemed to keep him momentarily afloat. Demons didn't seem to die as easily as one would hope.

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Molly King

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Though she had never experienced it first hand, if you had asked Molly what sitting next to an angry lion was like, she'd say this was probably pretty close. Greg seemed on edge, despondent, and completely unable to gain any sort of outside perspective on the situation. Clearly his desire for alcohol was all encompassing, as Molly wasn't even certain he had heard her mention his own son. Anxiety brewed as she wondered if he was truly so severely unable to see past his own wants, that the topic of Teddy was completely lost on him. Quickly she removed her hand from Greg's shoulder as he hissed remarks regarding her concern for him, and the toll this could be taking on her. Quietly she listened as her brother opened up about the emotional load he was carrying when it came to Jamie leaving.

"You're not a fool." she interjected as he spoke. "She's horrible for doing what she did." she hoped her words could manage to ease his sorrow, even a little bit.

But, just like that, Molly watched as Greg used his own heartbreak, and her obvious concern for him, in an attempt to manipulate her into giving him booze. Part of her felt a little surprised he had turned it around so quickly, like if she felt sorry enough for him she'd humor him and erase all the progress they had made. A hurt feeling crept up in her chest. While taken aback by his sly attempt at manipulation, the words he had used stung more than she expected.

If she really loved him? Who was he to talk about that? As if he had ever once shown even the slightest bit of affection towards her, or given her any real reason to love her brother. Molly still wasn't sure a familial sort of love even existed between them! Of course she wanted the best for her family, although she wasn't sure they hoped the same for her, and sure she wanted to see Greg healthy and stable at the end of all this...but the expectation of any thanks was something she was actively trying to suppress. So for Greg to suddenly try and appeal to her heart felt like a punch to the gut. He had begged her in the past, but he hadn't stooped as low as to toy with the makings of their relationship.

Molly quickly averted her eyes and removed herself from the spot on the couch she had been occupying next to him and busied herself by picking up the handful of toys Teddy had left strewn about the living room. Silently she held her breath and tried to hide her hurt that bubbled to the surface as she realized she couldn't conjure up one single memory where she felt loved by her siblings. As she placed the armful of toys into a bin under the window she kept her back to him and let out a shuddered sigh.

"Love, and enabling, aren't the same things Greg."

Gregory King

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Grow bigger, and grow fiercer. Threaten her. Make her want to give in and provide the jewel. Put fear into her soul. Throw all of this good will away. Grab her wand. Take it, and leave. Abandon everything you've worked for. Leave your son, he deserves better then you. Greg's head pounded with the negative distortions. He could deal with the pile of shit he'd laid or he could man up and admit he was wrong. When. When was this going to happen? The problem became glaring, he'd have to admit he'd made a sodding mistake.

As much as he wanted to blame Jamie for leaving, he knew in the back of his mind he contributed to their failure. The resentment was thick and palpable. Greg wanted his way and he wasn't getting it! Molly seemed to read his intention and removed herself, putting distance between them. It made him angrier that she would turn her back to him. "Right, Molly." He held his tongue, but barely growling his response. What he really wanted to do is scream, throw everything in the living room and shove his sister to get her wand. Of course she'd put herself on the moral high ground, that was lil Molls after all!

Why did she need to just continue to piss him off. He left her to the toys, and went into the kitchen where he'd left a pack of cigarettes in one of her kitchen drawers. At least she didn't take these! Weren't they as bad as the alcohol? Turning on the gas stove, he lit one of the cheap bastards and took a deep breath in to help himself calm his nerves. Greg had never smoked inside the house, respecting Molly's wishes that he keep that habit outside. In his own self-hatrid and tantrum, he puffed away in the kitchen. It was as though he protested against the rules he knew he could. Realistically, it was evident from Molly's tone, she would kick his ass if he did much more.

Then he realized what Molly had done. She held the silence between them, as though she was prepared for him to push her even further. He forgot about Teddy in all of his selfish blundering. Embarrassed, he opened the window over the kitchen sink to air out the kitchen. The act of smoking seemed to have let him regain some semblance of sanity. But. He. Would. Not. Apologize.

Every time he thought about saying, "Sorry" it was like his throat became bare and his mind blanked out. Sorry implied he did something wrong, and that meant he'd have to put his pride to the side for a moment. His pride was like an ash cloud covering the room, impeding him from accepting the cherished gift of love from his own baby sister. He'd wade through the cloud, but he couldn't blow it away and he didn't want to formally ask for help. Maybe if he let her, she could cast Ventus and help him see more clearly. "S-sor-shite, Molls." There was an effort and he failed the test, again.