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To build a home, a new beginning

Started by Gregory King, August 24, 2021, 12:04:35 am

Molly King

By the time Greg had woken up around noon, Molly had stopped nervously pacing the kitchen, and had finally settled in a chair at the kitchen table. Over the course of the couple hours she had been waiting, in her mind she had been rehearsing what she was going to say, and different scenarios that could have play out. Of course she hoped it would all go well....of course she also knew that the likelihood of them having a civil discussion was slim to none. In between her speech rehearsals, she caught herself thinking of Robert, Just the thought of him seemed to give her some comfort. Their lunch had gone incredibly well a couple weeks ago, and Molly couldn't wait to see him again. She hadn't told him Gregory had moved back to town, and wasn't sure how he would feel about it considering their not so friendly past. As her brother entered the kitchen, all warm and fussy thoughts of Rob quickly went out the window.

Molly took a deep breath as he crossed the room for he liquor cabinet and began shouting. Clearly they weren't off to a great start. Giving her brother a moment to absorb the current situation, she focused on a spot on the table in front of her and hope he'd settled down for a moment so she should get a word in. Internally she desperately hope he'd listen to logic and reason. However, things quickly spiraled when he accused her of allowing Jamie to take Teddy. Standing up and looking at her brother, Molly had the length of the kitchen between them. It was almost as if she was dealing with a large, unpredictable creature. She tried to remain calm and collected, but also had ample space to feel she could run if the situation called for it...she hoped it wouldn't.

Her concern grew ten fold as she watched Greg dive head first into a rage filled panic attack. At least that's what it appeared to be from her perspective.

"Greg..." she said calmly. "Jamie didn't come last night. Teddy is safe. He is with some friends of mine. I didn't think it'd be appropriate for him to see you like this." Molly slowly began closing the gap between them, doing her best to mask her nerves and sound reassuring. She had also purposely left out Teddy's exact location for fear of Greg running straight to Hogwarts to try and collect him. If he showed up in the school in his current state, he'd have a lot more than Molly's concerns to worry about. "He'll be home later today, but right now we need to talk..." Trying to catch Greg's eye for more than a second, Molly reached out to place a comforting hand on his shoulder. "I'm really concerned for you Greg. This isn't like you....going out an drinking every night? That's never been you, and Teddy needs you...last night he really needed you, and you weren't here..."

Gregory King

He couldn't hear Molly. He tried to concentrate on her words, but panic washed over him. When she reached out to touch his shoulder, he crumbled, falling. Her words weren't cryptic, they'll were pointed and tender. He could feel her rub her thumb into his collarbone, and it made him feel like a child. Greg tried to recoil from her touch, but his body betrayed him and he leaned into it.

It was weird. There was ringing in his ears and he felt his breathing begin to slow down. He tried to push her hand away, but his hand lay limp to its side. She made him feel safe, and that scard him. She patiently stood besides him. The urge to gasp for air, choke from a lack of oxygen disappeared. Greg could feel himself regaining control.

He should have thanked her for being so kind, so open, so vulnerable but his mouth wouldn't operate in the ways he wanted it to. "Send a letter to Jamie and get him back." His voice hitched, but he was coherent.

Matters escalated as mid-day mail arrived to the home. Amongst the letters was a howler addressed to Gregory. He opened it up and their mothers words spilled out.

Gregory Milton King, you will come back to the United States and apologize to your older sister. How dare you ruin her reputation by leaving your post. She worked very hard for you to embaress her. Until you are of right mind, Charlotte and I will collect Theodore from you when you come back. You are the most vile, petulant child for hurting us with your actions.

The words screamed at him, he shuttered and made himself small. He was stunned into a stupor. "I-I need to leave." He tried to pull away from Molly, he smelled of his vomit and alcohol. Although he was calming under Molly's warmth minutes before, the howler put him into hysterics and he started hyperventilating. "D-don't," Gregory gasped for air, "l-l-l-ook at me".

It was embarrassing to admit. Charlotte had allowed him in her home, but she wouldn't listen to him when he tried to share his heartbreak. She told him to, "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" and expected him to continue working. He'd really tried, but the grief of the end of the relationship messed him up. Their mom was no help to matters. She blamed him for the break-up, even when he tried to explain he was doing what was expected of him. Greg couldn't see how Molly would react any differently.

Greg's legs wouldn't move and he fell to the ground and put his head between his legs, his hands covering his neck in a fetal position. "S-Shite!" He screamed between gasps for air. His face was burning and he held back tears. He was going to lose everything.

Molly King

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Molly had braced herself for Greg to scream at her, pull away from her touch, or even swat her hand away, but was surprised when he seemed to give in to her attempts to console him. As his breathing slowed back to a normal rhythm, and he seemed to calm, Molly saw there might actually be an opportunity for her brother to really listen to her for once. Maybe they'd actually be able to have a productive conversation? For once, maybe he'd see her as a person worth hearing out. His request for a letter to Jamie snapped her back to reality.

"Wait...What? No. Jamie doesn't have Teddy. Talia and my friend Rose do. You remember Talia Bryce, don't you? From school? Teddy isn't gone, he's just with her and Rose..." Molly was desperate to make it clear to her brother that he hadn't lost his son. It seemed like the only thing he could fixate on, and rightly so. Bobbing her head around a bit, she failed to get her brother to actually make eye contact with her, and bring him to reality. As the mail arrived at the home, Molly spotted the red envelope sitting on the mix, their mother's handwriting clear on the front. A howler. Oh shit! Nothing good ever came from that woman in general, but a howler? One was better off running for the hills if they got a howler from Celeste King.

"Greg, I don't think that's a good idea..." Molly had tried to stop him from opening it, but their mother's shrill voice bulldozed over her words. Molly held her breath. The letter was shockingly cruel, even by their mother's standards. As the letter ripped itself to shreds that drifted to the floor, Molly stood frozen, stunned by the hateful comments and demands that had been made. Despite a life time of harsh behavior directed towards her, she had never in a million years expected their mother would turn on either of her older siblings. Apparently, once you were "perfect" there was no going back, or slipping up in their mother's eyes. Molly, having always been a disappointment, never considered the immense pressure Charlotte and Gregory were under. She had assumed their perfection had just come naturally to them.

Greg announced he needed to leave, but instead crumpled to the floor, leaving Molly blinking in disbelief. She never thought she'd  see her strong, confident big brother so broken. Despite him being taller, and physically larger than herself, in this moment he seemed so small to Molly. She hadn't prepared herself for this. She had rehearsed a multitude of different screaming matches, and heated conversations in her head...but this situation never even crossed her mind. As Greg screamed out a pain laced profanity, Molly grimaced at just how deep into darkness her brother had fallen, and an overwhelming feeling of sadness for him washed over her.

In defiance of his request not to look in his direction, Molly knelt on the kitchen floor in front of Greg and wrapped her arms around her brother, a moment that would mark the first real and genuine hug they most likely had ever shared. Without speaking she held her brother close for what felt like an hour. The odorous nature of Greg's clothing didn't matter in this moment. He needed someone, and she'd step up to the plate no matter the conditions. Molly understood how terrible it could feel to be shunned by their family members. As time passed, she contemplated the demands her mother had made. They were completely unacceptable! Teddy couldn't be taken away from Greg, not like that! She wouldn't let them! Her nephew was far too innocent to be poisoned by their insane standards. The audacity of her mother made her blood boil. Slowly Molly pulled away from her brother, and lowered her head to look at his face.

"Greg....Greg look at me...." She instructed, and when he wouldn't on his own, she forced him to, using her hands to move his face. "Look at me!" she demanded, her voice becoming uncharacteristically stern. "Now listen to me, carefully! You and Teddy are not leaving this house and going back to the states. Not back to them. Do you understand? I don't care what anyone else says!" Molly gazed was locked with his, her expression deadly serious. "You do need to shape up a bit. But I will not let them take him from you! Understand?"

Gregory King

Relief washed over him, but the howler did little to ease him of his insecurity. Scrarching at his neck, firm hands pulled them down to his side. His sister took him into a hug and gently rocked him back and forth. Time seemed to slow, and his breathing naturally shifted to match the slow rock his sister set. Their roles transformed. Molly became the parent, Greg the child. He didn't know how long she did this, and he wasn't sure why she kept showing him kindness. Despite the running doubts, his shoulders began relaxing into the hug. Then she demanded to see his face.

He tried to keep his head down, but she pulled his chin up with her hands. When did she become this strong? He tried to close his eyes in defiance, but she spoke softly, yet sternly. He opened his eyes and looked into hers. They were red, bloodshot and tired as though it'd been months since he'd last rested. The past few weeks, when he slept he was restless, waking up throughout the night expecting Jamie to come back.

Greg reviewed every interaction, every moment that he could recall and could not see why she would leave. It broke him even further when she told him he could keep the child, she wanted none to do with him. Thus, he'd been surprised when Teddy was not in sight and assumed the worst. That Jamie was interested in taking his son away from him. Leaving him was one thing, but before his announcement of getting on track to becoming a partner at the firm he worked at! He worked tirelessly to make her happy, to provide her with everything and anything she desired. Yet. Yet it was not good enough for her.

So it stung when she left him for his boss.

He came back to the present, cajoled by Molly's voice. She dared to fight against their mother and he wasn't sure if she was insane. He nodded his head, dumbfounded by the courage surging through her. Except he couldn't help but be weary of the promises she made. "Why are you doing all of this for me?" He asked, unprompted.

His eyes searched hers for answers. It was confusing. He'd purposefully tried to push her away, he'd yet to really thank her. Greg had made it a point to make Molly despise him, but here she was radiating tenderness and love. He'd spent years making her life miserable and she opened her arms to him. Why? What made him worth it?

It puzzled him that his sister cared, she was compassionate and kind. How? Lottie and Greg ostracized her because she couldn't meet their mum's standard. He took her toys and made her cry. He ruined her date to the Yule ball. He'd tripped her at school, and pranked her often. When he left school he did all he could to make her feel less then. He'd shown off his material things and she was never jealous. She was happy for him when Theodore was born, celebrated his wedding and union. He never felt bitterness from her.

Molly King

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Molly looked back at her brother's exhausted eyes. Why was she doing all this? Truthfully her reasons were a bit complicated. After a life time of torment, she still cared for her siblings, and wanted them to find happiness in their life. Despite the ridicule, and bulling she had received from both Charlotte and Greg, she'd never wish the same on them in return. Molly had also had time to come to terms with the behaviors of her mother, and how hurtful she could be, where her siblings probably had not yet realized how controlling she was. Surely her reaction to all this was a bit surprising to Greg, who had been one of Celeste's golden children. In this particular situation, there was also Teddy to consider. She saw how much the boy loved her brother, and the thought of him being ripped away to be fed to the lions that were the rest of their family was gut wrenching. Even if after sharing this moment with Greg, he went back to his arrogant old self, Molly would take that bullet if it meant Teddy was happy and well taken care of by his father. At the moment, explaining it all to her brother seemed like a lot to lay on him in his fragile state. Besides, they were here to talk about him, not the baggage of her childhood. For a moment she broke their eye contact and let out a little sigh before looking back up at Greg and answered his question.

"Because you're my brother, and I care about you." Molly offered him a small, reassuring smile. Adjusting herself a bit, she sat cross legged on the floor in front of him. "I'm also worried about you. All this..." she motioned to his vomit and booze stained sweater. "...it's not you. You're not going to find what you need at the bottom of a bottle Greg. If you're not going to stop for yourself, at least do it for Teddy. He needs his father, especially when he is afraid at night. I might not always be able to keep him from seeing you like this."

Molly paused her speech there, waiting to see how Gregory would react to everything she had said. She had hoped everything they had just gone through would keep his temper from flaring up and cause him to become angry with her for crossing a line. It felt like eternity waiting for his response.

From the other room Susie came trotting into the kitchen, taking a moment to rub against both Greg and Molly before pouncing on the scraps of the torn up howler. Molly watched as her cat batted a piece around the room then looked back at Greg.

"By the way, I wouldn't worry too much about Mum. Her bark is much worse than her bite. You'll get used to it." Truth was Molly was no stranger to her mother's howlers. She had received on weekly when she decided to study magical creatures, and travel around after graduation. Based of Celeste's reaction, you would have thought Molly committed murder instead of having simply followed her own path.

Gregory King

He was beginning to feel a bit awkward looking at his sister in such a close proximity, so when she sighed and broke the eye contact he felt a sense of relief. She readjusted, pulling back from him to sit cross eyed. A silence fell between them, and it was not awkward. She took a deep breath in, and reconnected their eye contact. He'd been tempted to move his head back down, but the action would have been disingenuous.

Because you're my brother, and I care about you." The significance of her admission would not be lost on her brother. She gave him a smile and then began digging into his appearance and recent behavior. He braced himself for her lashing. "Fucking hell, Molls. I get it. I get it." Swatting his hands away, he acknowledged she had a point. It was kind of hard to object when she wasn't telling him something he wasn't aware of. Surprisingly, the the perceived pain he believed he'd endure from her comment landed softly in comparison to their mother's.

Susie arrived in the kitchen and seemed to break the tension. The cat rolled and swatted at the ripped letter. "Does Susie eat paper?" He asked incredulously. Susie grasped a piece of paper and started gnawing at it. "Get used to it?" He'd not been used to Celeste King's verbal barrages and hadn't been a victim of them until his recent separation from his wife. His relationship with his mom was 'okay' at the best. He was used to their mother's passive aggression, but he did not know her for reacting this way. His brain swarmed with thoughts, it was difficult for him to think clearly or recall any of his education.

The smell of his vomit hit him, and his stomach grumbled. He looked down at this sweater, and noticed dried crust and stains. Guessing it was a mix of the bar food he'd had and the alcohol. A funny look overtook his face. "Gods." He frowned. This was more then embarrassing. The yelling, shouting, hyperventilating seemed to have taken aware the remaining morning buzz he'd had, and it made him feel embarrassed that Teddy would have seen him in this state. What was he thinking?!

So he thought about how he'd have to make this right between them, but showing kindness was harder then he expected. A simple thanks could have taken care of this.

Molly King

Molly chuckled a little at Greg repeating "get used to it". He seemed surprised she had suggested that their mother's outburst was so normal.

"What?" She asked, standing and offering a hand to help her brother off the floor. "You think you're the first King child to get a howler like that, or the first to disappoint Mum?" Molly crossed the kitchen, put the tea kettle on the stove, and pulled two mugs out of the cabinet. "She used to send me howlers every week when she found out I wanted to study magical creatures. She stopped when I got my teaching job...I guess she finally gave up on me."

It was a hard truth that Molly had learned to accept a long time ago. Her mother had always made it incredibly clear just how much Molly had disappointed her. She used to try and win her mother's approval, but before she graduated Hogwarts she had settled with the fact that she couldn't expect to get something her mother couldn't give. It was a hard pill to swallow. Most girls couldn't imagine a life without their mother's love. Molly on the other had was content with the distance between her and Celeste. At least their father hadn't been as awful. Sure he allowed Celeste to rule with an iron fist. But he had never gone as far as to say some of the hurtful things that his wife did. Molly poured the the two of them some tea.

"Welcome to my life big brother." she said, a bit solemnly as she handed Gregory his tea. Knowing just how little respect her family had always had for her still stung a bit. Quietly she sipped her tea, trying not to think too hard about her relationship with her mother.

Gregory King

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Greg took her offered hand and put some weight on her as he lifted himself up. "Hold your thought, I've got a bit of fry on my shirt." Pointing at his shirt to show Molly, he turned away from her. Without much thought, he pulling his shirt over his head as he headed towards the stairs to go to the room she designated as "Greg's". From there he headed to the bathroom to put toothpaste on his toothbrush. Walking back down to be with Molly, he finished brushing over her sink.

With a clean shirt and shorts, and better breath, he took a seat at the table. It was much easier listening to her talk when he didn't smell of day old garbage or have vomit breath. "I wouldn't have known that if you didn't tell me. Are you telling me this is what I have to look forward to for the next several years?" He chuckled at the thought of his mother's shrill chasing him wherever he'd go. There would be no escape!

A large contagious yawn erupted, "A life I'd rather not." It was strange to be talking with her. He couldn't recall their last natural conversation, but he'd take up his sister on her offer of vulnerability. "I don't know what's wrong with me, Molly." The tea warmed his hands and he sipped it along with her. "I tried to sleep with some lassie I met, I don't even know her name." Maybe he was bordering the territory of oversharing, "I saw you took the alcohol out of the liquor cabinet. I think you're right to do so, which is hard to admit." He kept going, "and I've never felt like such a failure, mum's completely disappointed. I left because she would not let up about me quitting work."

His expression dropped, he frowned. "I've got a bit of a problem though." This was a hard one, it might have been easier if he was drunk. "I can't remember the last night I haven't had a drink." Sometimes he would even drink during the day, he'd been able to hide his alcohol abuse for so long, he never connected it to his present problems. Maybe. Maybe it wasn't all Jamie's fault their relationship fell apart.

"I'm not sure I can do this." How scared he was at the thought of being sober, being present and leaving his vices. It felt like a large ask.

Molly King

It was a relief when Greg returned in clean clothes, and had brushed his teeth. Even though his hair was a bit disheveled still, and his scruffy facial hair was not his typical style, he still looked a little more like the brother she had expected to see at her front door. Molly shrugged her shoulders as Greg asked if his future was going to hold dozens of howlers like her past had.

"Just because she send them to you, doesn't mean you have to open them." she said, rather matter-of-factly as she settled into the chair across from him. She knew all too well that nothing good came from opening those wicked letters from her mother. After the first dozen or so left her in tears, she had started tossing them in her fireplace. She didn't need to listen to them. She knew what her mother had to say about her, and she knew it was nothing good. Despite Molly's calm and collected demeanor in that moment, it was hard for her to admit to herself that the fact that her mother would probably never love her, or be proud of her, had left a deep wound in her heart. Deep down inside, Molly wished her mother could be happy for her, and the life she had built for herself. However, for her own sanity she didn't dwell on her relationship with her mother for any extended period of time. Such an activity only ended in frustration and sometimes even tears. Besides, today was about Greg, not Molly, a position she was fairly used to being in. It was easy for her to put everyone else before herself.

For the first time in her life, she watched her brother pour his heart out to her. It was odd, almost like he could be considering her his equal. A bit of anxiety bubbled in her stomach as Molly considered the possibility that once Greg had pulled himself out of this rut, he'd go back to considering her to be below him. The realization that she had a rather long, potentially difficult road ahead of her was a bit overwhelming. Up until now her life had been pretty routine, and simple. Most would have called her crazy for opening up her home to someone who had been so cruel to her, and could potentially go back to that behavior. But looking at Greg across the table, and having seen him so broken on her kitchen floor, Molly couldn't help give him a chance at the very least.

Quickly she pushed her concerns for herself down, and turned her focus on Greg. She wished she had answers for him. She wished she could tell him how to fix his problems. However, she also realized that he probably wasn't looking for her to try and fix him. Instead she reached across the table and gave his hand a squeeze.

"You can do this. Teddy needs you to do this." she said. "And you don't have to face it alone."

Gregory King

It really amused him that she took jabs at their mom and warned him of the upcoming and unending howlers she'd be mailing. If there was something notable about Celeste, it was the fact that she never let go of anything. She could hold a grudge for so long she'd forget what it was about! Not that this fact was something Greg was really aware of. Molly's admission gave him a nugget he'd hold onto. Maybe he'd use it later if he needed to complain to their mum later. The thought lingered for a moment before he chucked it out of his consciousness.

"You really like your platitudes, don't you." He said. "Has anyone ever told you, you're too nice?" He took another sip of the tea, it was getting closer to lukewarm. From the flavor, he'd noticed that Molly seemed fond of floral blends. Breakfast or lunch was nearing and Greg realized he was getting a bit hungry.

He got up from the kitchen table with his mug and started preparing sandwiches for them both. There was no need for asking Molly if she was hungry. He was sure she'd eat if he offered. "Did you say Teddy is with Talia Bryce?" He was beginning to gather his thoughts coherently and from his sisters response wasn't sure she was interested in hearing anymore about his troubles.

It worried him a lot. He'd drank daily for so long that he never realized it. It was common for him to end the night with a glass of wine or an American beer, and that one often transformed to several more then one. The few times he thought to quit, he became so ill that he gave up. He didn't like admitting that he couldn't always manage his temper when he drank, either. The circumstances around their separation seemed to have exacerbated his problems with alcohol.

To make matters more complicated he wasn't sure how he could engage in treatment while watching his son. He felt a slight guilt for involving Molly in the situation. Maybe he shouldn't have come back home to England. "Ham or turkey?" He asked Molly while he dug around in the fridge to look for the components of their simple meal.

Molly King

As Greg asked if anyone had ever pointed out that Molly was too nice, she let out a soft laugh, a little smirk tugging at her features.

"Careful Greg. You start saying things like that and people might begin to think you actually like your little sister." she jested, although it was not lost on her that this was probably the closest Greg had ever come to saying something nice about her. Compliments were not something often said in the King household, especially if it had to do with Molly. As Greg mulled around the kitchen, Molly twisted her mug in back and forth in her hands for a moment, before bringing the cup to her lips and finishing off her tea.

"Yes, as well as my friend Rose. We all work together. Teddy seemed to warm up to them fairly quickly. I'm sure by now he has them wrapped around his little finger." she said, hoping Greg wasn't winding up again, ready to tear into her about leaving his son with people he didn't know well. She knew she had made the right choice, but wasn't sure if he'd feel the same. "I told them I'd let them know when to bring Teddy home.....I wasn't sure how things would go..." Molly admitted, staring down at her empty cup.

While Greg rummaged through the refrigerator, Susie perked up at the sound of the bag of lunchmeat being moved, and immediately abandoned her paper scrap toy to go to Greg's side. Eagerly she rubbed against his legs, chirping and chattering little meows at him. Lunchmeat was her favorite. As he moved about, Susie made an extraordinary effort to get in his way, weaving between his feet and pawing at his pant leg whenever he stopped for a moment. Having not instantly received a little treat, the cat's sweet chirps turned into loud and demanding meows, as if it was her only goal in life to be noticed by the human with the lunchmeat.

"Turkey is good." Molly said with a smile, watching her cat endlessly begging Greg for a nibble of food.

Gregory King

The afternoon waned, and Greg became more and more irritated. He shifted uncomfortably in his bed. "Molly, god dammnit! Why'd you take my wallet, too?" He winced, shouting from his room. His hands shook, and the over-the-counter potion he took for his headache did not alleviate the splitting headache he experienced. Although it was his idea, he didn't really think she would listen to him.

Molly was kind enough to make arrangements for Teddy, he tried to remind himself. If he could get through the next few days he might survive. Nausea bubbled up from his stomach, and he jolted from his bed, going to the bathroom. There was not much left in his stomach, and he dry heaved into the toilet. His head pounded and he needed to get some more water. It wouldn't be good if he became dehydrated in this process, he knew that much.

Clumsily dragging himself down the stairs, he made a beeline to the kitchen. Behind him, he could hear Molly was on the couch, she seemed to be camping out. Did she not trust him? "What'd you doing down here?" He sounded between a grumble and a growl. He filled up a cup of water, and began chugging it down. His stomach twisted in a knot, and he felt terrible. He could feel beads of sweat fall down his face, and he pulled his palm over his forehead.

Gregory didn't think he'd become this familiar with the taste of failure. Groveling, he turned to his sister. "Molly, please tell me where you hid my wallet. Or where is your wallet? Let me borrow some money, please." He tried to sweeten his voice, to disguise the desperation. She'd even hidden his wand, he wasn't sure if it was in the house or she'd dropped it off at someone's house. The alcohol withdrawal was making it difficult for him to cast wandless magic, he couldn't concentrate hard enough to muster magic.

He looked around the living room, his eyes jerking around the room for a familiar shape, something that resembled a place where they could store money. "Molly. Please." He whimpered. His eyes were sunken in, he looked worse then he had when he woke up earlier that afternoon.

Could he convince her that this was a bad idea? Maybe she'd listen to him long enough to let him get just a small drink. He knew a sip would make him feel better.

Molly King

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Things had begun to slowly go downhill after the two had finished their sandwiches. Their conversation had fizzled out, and it was clear to Molly that the more irritable Greg was becoming, the better it was if she was more of a silent participant instead of a vocal one. He didn't need her jumping down his throat with encouraging words, or heartfelt advice. She figured that'd just irritate him further. Over the course of the next few hours they had coexisted in almost complete silence, so it surprised her a bit when her brother approached her and asked that she take his wallet from him so he couldn't go out and buy more alcohol. She had assumed they'd be in for a rather long evening when that request had been made, but when it was followed by them agreeing she would make arrangements for Teddy to stay elsewhere for the night, Molly felt apprehensive about just exactly how horrible he was anticipating things to get. On her way to go hide Greg's wallet, she had noticed his wand had been left unattended and grabbed it when he wasn't looking. If he was going to get belligerent, the last thing she needed was him angrily shooting random spells her way. Alone in her bedroom, Molly hid her brother's things under a loose floor board under the window, and covered the spot with a rather large trunk she had been keeping quilts in.

Later, when Greg had grumbled something about going to lie down in his room, Molly had reached out to St Mungos to see if there was something they'd be able to do for her brother. The news had been a bit disheartening. Unfortunately, Greg would most likely have to just muscle through the next several hours, as there wasn't all that much they could do except wait it out until his body was back to a more natural state of homeostasis. All Molly could do was lend her support, and keep an eye out for any sign of a fever, which could possible indicate a more serious reaction to the withdrawal, in which case admitting him would be appropriate. They did, however, offer to send of a package full of electrolyte replenishing potions to help keep him hydrated and give him some energy, which Molly had immediately said yes to.

Molly had just plopped down on the couch after putting away the potions in the fridge when Greg began shouting at her from his room. She hadn't answered, as she knew his inquiry was mainly rhetorical. Letting out a sigh, she settled down with some papers to grade by the light of a small lamp that sat on her end table. She had taken it upon herself to lower the lighting throughout the house, and draw the shades. The kind nurse at St. Mungos has also suggested that a setting with dimmer lights would be a bit more comfortable to be in considering Greg's....condition.

The sound of stumbling quick footsteps, followed by retching coming from the upstairs bathroom made Molly visibly cringe, and to think they had only just begun. As Greg made his way downstairs and questioned her spot on the couch, Molly again chose not to answer him. The truth was she was afraid he'd try to leave the house if she went to bed in her own room, but the squeaky old stairs were much more audible from the couch, and there was no way she'd be able to miss it if he tried to sneak out. Quickly she began to set her work aside, but before she could get up, he was at her side practically begging her to give in to him, and let him drink.

"Molly. Please." He had pleaded. Molly chewed on her bottom lip as she took in just how sickly he looked, and how desperate he sounded. He was glistening with sweat, and looked more ghostly than human. Before she answered, Molly quickly placed her hand on his forehead. It was clammy, but not feverish, at least not yet. Pulling her hand back she sighed.

"I'm sorry Greg. You know I can't do that."

Rising to her feet, Molly offered her arm to him for some support. Seeing him looking so ill was difficult to process. She so badly wanted to take his pain away and help him feel better. But if she gave in, they'd be back at square one, and it'd only make doing this again that much harder.

"Come on now, I'll help you back upstairs to bed, and I'll bring you some water and an electrolyte potion for you to sip on." She said, trying to keep her cool and speak calmly. Based on their experience that afternoon in the kitchen, and the growling tone in which he had spoken just a few moments ago, this could go one of two way. Either he'd give in to her help, and she' get him back upstairs, or he would have none of it, and become angry. Bracing herself for the worst, just in case, Molly stood and quietly waited for her brother to respond, praying this wouldn't turn into an all out war.

Gregory King

She wasn't listening. She wasn't listening! "Molly." He pleaded. "Molly. I can't do this." Her hand went to his forehead and she noticed that he was safe enough to stay in the home this night. "I'm sorry Greg. You know I can't do that." A flash of red overcame him, "Molly. Don't you love me? Can't you just do me this one favor?" He shouted at her, clearly agitated.

And yet.

Yet she ignored his pleading, and told him with a clear, firm voice that she would meet him in his room. He pouted, before becoming agreeable enough to head up the stairwell. He pounded the railing, and stomped his way back to the room. Molly followed behind with the water he'd forgotten and an electrolyte potion. When she came into the room to set the water and potion next to his bed, he tried to walk around her to block her from leaving the room.

"Molly. Please help me." He thought in his addled mind that maybe if he pleaded and begged her resolve would go down and she'd support him in a way that brought him comfort. Maybe she'd even give him some money so he could leave the house and hit up the pub. It would just take a lager and he'd feel so much better. He'd be able to start looking for work, and maybe he'd even help with Teddy more. Oh the denial. He'd been in such a denial since his wife left him. He didn't want to admit that he was putting much of the parenting on Molly. As soon as she got home, he'd dump and go.

The guilt was hard to live with. When he drank he could forget he was hurting his sister. He could forget he was hurting Teddy. He could pretend that everything was okay. "I don't know why you convinced me I should do this. I'm a good father, Molly. A good father." He seethed, as though he couldn't believe what he was saying. He retched. There was nothing that came out, just air.

He held himself on the wall, looking quite sad. He couldn't stop thinking about where he'd buy his next drink. He was unhappy.

The hardest part of this situation was he asked Molly to help him just a few hours prior. He knew if he could get past the withdrawals, it'd be easier to commit himself to his son. The fog of this delusion would make it difficult for him to remember what he was doing this for. The feelings were uncomfortable and the physical pain of it sucked. He wondered if he could really get past the few days it would take him to start his journey with sobriety.

Molly King

Molly eyed her brother carefully as he blocked her way out of the room.

"Greg, don't be like this." She said taking a step back as he begged her to help him. "You know that's what I'm trying to do!"

It was becoming clear to Molly that she'd have to have enough strength and will power to get them both through this, as Greg's resolve was failing more and more with every passing minute. She was going to have to dig deep if they were both going to see this to the end. Earlier in the kitchen, all it had taken was some gentle encouraging, and sympathy, perhaps that same method would work again. However, Molly had a nagging feeling that this was different. He wasn't collapsing in tears over his miserable state, he was working himself up, shouting like a child being told "no". As her brother braced himself against the wall and made an awful retching sound, Molly tried not to let his stubbornness get to her.

"No one is saying you're not a good father! You can do this! You're already in the middle of it, so there's no going back now." She said, trying to reason with him. "Get in bed, and sip your potion. It'll help!"

Reaching over Molly tried to take hold of his arm so she could lead him towards his bed, and get him settled in. Greg seemed to have over plans though, and rather aggressively ripped his arm away from her grasp. The quickness of the gesture startled Molly and she instinctively took a step or two away from him again. She wasn't feeling to keen on their current situation, with Greg growing more on edge while also blocking her only way out of the room. Inside she felt a little rattled, it was no news to her that her brother was taller, and bigger, and stronger than she was. Sure she had quiet a bit of muscle from having to wrangle some fairly large creatures over the course of her career, but it wasn't enough to overpower her brother. Various scenarios played in her head about how she might need to handle this.

"Greg please. Just trust me." She said feeling a bit warry of the situation.