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Some Lights Cast A Long Shadow [Elias]

Started by Eleanor Greengrass, August 15, 2021, 04:20:23 pm

Eleanor Greengrass

Another Saturday evening, another grandiose social event planned for some-such-fundraiser. The Greengrass family had of course been on the list of attendees meaning Eleanor's mother had stopped in at her flat in Kensington to be sure she was fully prepared for the night ahead. Talking her ear off the entire time, Emilia Greengrass had trotted her daughter into every store she could. Eleanor had been poked and prodded, turned this way and that while suffering through chatter about who else had been invited and the latest gossip. Ever since she had moved out of her parent's home, her mother had seemed rather clingy when they had the opportunity to visit one another. Trying to be attentive as she could and giving a gasp or nod at the appropriate times, Eleanor played along to appease her mother.

Eventually the pair settled on a gown they both could agree upon from cut to color. The shoes had taken another hour but she surmised it was just a way for her mother to try and milk their little impromptu shopping trip. The only hiccup to their afternoon had been Eleanor fumbling with a few bags trying to peek inside to be sure that the shop girl hadn't jammed her hairpiece into its box after her curt response to Mrs. Greengrass bugging the girl for the fifth time about the temperature in the store. In her haste to check on her accessory neatly set into a velvet covered box, the bag slipped in her hand and she took a step forward into the back of someone. A dark hair man that seemed less than pleased, Eleanor apologizing but her mother stating it wasn't her fault he had been in the way. Pleasantries exchanged, the women made their way to the Greengrass estate to prepare for the event.


It had been a few years since her last trip to the Lestrange estate. Her family often rotated each year where they went for various functions and the more political the family became, vocal on their stance with blood purity, the less Eleanor's father was inclined to attend anything they hosted. Except he had already lined up a few deals that needed smoothing over hoping the evening would be a good place to do so. That meant the entire family was going to be there for support. Unfortunately this had meant that she was going to be expected to help her father and at one point in the evening it had been brought to the attention of a few others guests that Eleanor had recently been composing a new song. She was used to being guilted into performing at one event or another and by now had learned to have a few tunes on standby just in case. All the same, she felt a wave of butterflies having to sit at someone else's piano and play. She was often too picky about her setup and the way the tuning was, not everyone seemed to keep up with their instrument's maintenance.

Thankful to be finished, she played her part and gave a gracious bow, as well as some nods and thank yous trying to slip back into the crowd and away from the limelight. Gareth, her brother, had been waiting in the wings... of course he had. In an attempt to shake him, she turned and struck up a quick conversation with an older couple, blocking her brother's view before he could realize. A passing of how is your family, wonderful to see yous, Eleanor excused herself with a bright smile and melded with a group passing from the side room back into the main ballroom.

Checking over her shoulder, she found herself free from the brooding face of Gareth. Eleanor circled the edge of the room and paused at a table with two ornate fountains with some sort of sparkling liquid twinkling over the edges of each basin and siphoning back up to the top. A number of stemmed glasses were already poured and rather than take a chance of spilling anything on her gown by fighting with the fountain, she lifted a glass from the table and took a sip.

A giggle burst from her lips, a hand raising to her lips as she glanced from one side to the other hoping no one had heard. Oh great, gigglewater? Who thought that would be a good idea...? Why were some families suddenly so enamored with American things? Well, it wouldn't be polite to set her glass back down and no one was walking around with trays to collect empty glasses.

Stepping just outside the open doors leading to the gardens, Eleanor took up a spot next to the carved granite fountain outside, a few enchanted light wells bobbing around the bottom just under the water. Swirling the bubbly mixture, Eleanor turned to face the guests floating along the edge of the arched doorway. A smile danced on her lips as she lifted her glass to take another tentative sip. A large part of her enjoyment from these social gatherings was seeing everyone dressed up and interacting with one another.

Prepared for another giggle, she pursed her lips and felt the bubbles rise into her nose, stinging at her eyes. Blinking and wriggling her nose to try and force away the sensation, she watched as a swarm of young ladies her age swept by. As they moved out of view, a familiar figure was just on the other side of them and appeared to be making his way over. Dark hair. Hazel eyes. Oh no! Eleanor's stomach flip flopped. The man from earlier! Should she turn around? Maybe he hadn't seen her yet. Panic fluttered in her belly as she tried to decide on how to react.

Elias Redgrave

 Elias sighed as he moved to the refreshment table and grabbed another cup of whiskey. The house elves that were supposed to be walking around with the trays seemed to have disappeared; probably went into the kitchen to prepare the next array of finger foods and snacks for the guests. His feelings toward this party was similar to how he would feel as a boy whenever his father would drag Ezra and himself to these galas and pureblood festivities. Bored, tired, and sick of the fake roles that everyone plays at these things. It only got worse as he got older and the get togethers started to become these blood purist parties where they discussed muggleborns and muggles as if they weren't humans. As if they were theives. Most of the bullshit talk Elias heard sounded more like bitter resentment that these people who weren't born in their magical world turned out to be better at magic than the so-called pure bloods were. And if Elias knew these routine parties as he did, the Lestrange brothers would gather all of the men into a room and go through the stupid spiel about Lord Voldemort and joining the ranks of the Dark Lord so that they may eradicate the theives who dared to steal what was not their birthright. It was talks like that that Elias avoided these parties. He only came at the request of his father who couldn't go on his own anymore due to his failing health. His brother always attended those meetings. Almost religiously, and the older brother would narrow his eyes each and every time before shrugging and walking the other way. His brother was a Death Eater...or a sympathizer to that terroristic cause. It wasn't Elias' place to care or be concerned about his brother's actions and behavior. He was a grown man. He didn't want to be involved in his brother's choices or his lord.

Truth be told, Elias would rather be in his bed with a very willing and active woman.

"You should consider listening more closely to the words of the other men, Elias. They speak truth." His brother had insisted after one of the winter social gatherings.

"I listen. I just pay you and your little gaggle of friends no attention. If you wish to follow the ramblings of a mad man and his terroristic ideals, then that is your perogative. I, on the other hand, have other business to attend to and don't intend to share any interests in some weirdo's soon to be failed attempt at mass genocide." Elias had replied that night before apparating away back to his manor.

At the memory, Elias had swallowed the bit of whiskey in his glass in one go and poured another half way. Taking up the cup, he walked through the crowd, greeting people and making pleasantries. If anyone asked about his work, he deflected the question to something the person was wearing if they were a woman or to the most recent issues within the Ministry that was passed or the wizarding world. If a witch who was not yet married or bethrothed came along, he would send them a casual flirty smile that spoke of all the things he would do to them between the sheets. If he happened to walk out of this party with a night cap, so be it. But Elias wasn't there looking for a one-night only. He was just biding his time before he could sneak out. That time was quickly approaching and he went to place his half drunken cup down on a table when he heard the most magical sound from the center of the room. Scanning his head around, he found the piano and the woman sitting before it. The music she was playing was wonderful and the sound was almost as if she were casting a bewitching spell with the notes that she played. He wondered who the amazing woman behind the piano was until she finished the last note. When she stood up, Elias took up his glass again and swallowed the whiskey in two gulps. He quickly filled the cup up again, this time nearly to the top only to drink it down half way. It was a good thing that he could hold his liquor. Any other man would have been nearing two sheets to the wind by now.

It wasn't as if he disliked the young woman. He had only met her the day before...or was it earlier that day? He didn't have much of an opinion of her. The girl's mother on the other hand was a piece of entitled work and he had to wonder how she managed to even get a husband let alone have such a musically gifted daughter. He hoped that he wouldn't encounter the delusional woman before he left the party, but since he had to be there for a little longer anyway, he decided that he would go get some fresh air near the fountain outside. He never realized the eyes that had locked onto his profile as he moved through the room to the garden doors.

Eleanor Greengrass

Eleanor fussed with the front of her skirts, fluffing out some of the material with one hand. Part of her wondered if she should apologize for earlier or not. Her mother had been a little over the top and bumping into him really had been her fault. She had been too preoccupied. What if this man was someone who had ties to her father that she didn't know about? Or future connections he might need. She couldn't just let her own moment of social blunders possibly put a kink in her father's business.

Alright... and maybe she felt a smidge guilty so apologizing would alleviate her of that. Deciding that two reasons were better than none, she straightened her posture and walked over to where he was standing.

"Pardon me." She started, her expression matching the soft tone in her voice. "I don't want to take up much of your time," Standing just off to the side as to not block his view, she felt herself waver slightly. Rarely did she find herself having to apologize to someone and for something as silly as this but... it had to be done. All too often people assumed they know whose connected to who only to find out they made a misstep and suddenly were found being left off certain social invitations or business deals.

"But," This apology was much harder than she anticipated. Really she should have better prepared herself. "I believe I owe you an apology, sir. If I'm not mistaken I might have tumbled into you earlier today? You might recall my mother if not me. Rather shrill voice when she's upset." A smile slipped over her painted lips and lifted to the corner of her eyes.

Elias Redgrave

Elias turned to the voice that had stopped him mid stride. Truth be told, he was hoping that the young woman wouldn't have noticed him. He knew himself. He wouldn't resit the temptation of trying to woo the girl out the doors with him later on. But he knew in his heart that she wasn't some random slag that he could convince into his bed witha few whispered words in her ear or nip on her earlobe. This woman was an elegant one, and Elias wouldn't tarnish the woman in that manner. She was much too cute for tarnishing. He actually felt an irrational sense to protect the woman and her virtue, though he was sure that she would be able to handle herself. She seemed to be quite shy and to herself.

And it was always the shy ones that people needed to worry about.

Elias took a sip from his drink as he looked the girl in the eyes. Her hazel eyes matched his own and he raised his head slightly in acknowledgement. "You might just be right, M'lady. However, you needn't apologize over a simple accident. I will accept it though so as to not make this encounter all for naught and cause any embarrasment," Elias paused as he quickly asked himself where in the bloody hell did this Old English accent come from? As if he were a blasted knight in shining armor or some such rot. "I do remember you and your...mother, you called her? I wouldn't have even known that she was related to a beauty such as you until you told me just now. You don't seem to behave anything like her or even seem to look like her at all," he smiled as he gently grasped the woman's left hand and raised it. "My initial assumptions must be correct then. You must be an angel sent from heaven and gifted upon any who would encounter you, for we are all fortunate to have met such a lovely woman as you." Elias finished the sentence with a gentle kiss to the back of her hand.

Shifting back into his standing position, Elias looked around the room. He noticed a few people looking in their direction, which he personally didn't care about their opinions, but for hte young lady, it would be a bit controversial if someone decided to start a rumor about the elegant beauty in front of him and the playboy Redgrave. He knew that he had to end their conversation or at least make it seem as if he wasn't interested in the woman but was just having a nice conversation with her. Which was what he was doing in the first place, but humans were humans and the majority of them were idiots. It was why he preferred the company of his technology in his penthouse. Technology never backtalked him or started weird rumors about him.

He gave the girl a wink before taking a sip of his drink again. He noticed what she was holding and saw that it was that ridiculous Gigglewater from America. He didn't think she would be the type to drink that fruity nonsense. It should have been made more for kids than for adults. Though he wouldn't mind hearing her laughter, he would rather draw that sound from her mouth himself instead of it being forced by some drink. With that, he reached for her cup and switched his drink with her own. She would thank him for the trade later, he was sure of it. He needed some air anyway and planned to refil his cup before heading out toward the fountain but he wanted to ask the young woman something before he left her side. "I'm terribly sorry. I just had a nealy one sided conversation and yet I still don't know your name. There must be a lovely name that matches the lovely beauty before me."

If she decided to give her name to Elias, he knew that he would remember it. Whether or not she decided to give her name, Elias would turn and continue his initial journey to the outdoors near the fountain, briefly stopping at the refreshment table to fill another cup of Firewhiskey and place the flute of ridiculous Gigglewater down onto the table for the House Elves to clean up.

Evangeline Delacour

     London had been a welcomed distraction from the hustle and bustle of Paris the past year for Evangeline. Her family's business had been doing quite well recently to the point they had been looking to expand further. Taking this as a sign, she had written to her close friend, Eleanor Greengrass in the hopes she could stay with her for awhile and scope out new shop locations. There were a few close enough to Diagon Alley's entrance but Evangeline wasn't exactly sure that the buildings would be up to snuff and not need a whole revamp of anti-muggle glamours.

Part of her missed going out every night to some new restaurant or social function, staying out until the early hours of the morning but instead here she was in London and more importantly accompanying her friend to some supposed upscale function. So far it was less than impressive... right down to the drab outfits most of the staff were wearing. Evangeline's blue eyes studied one of the wizards by the door to the outside gardens. She had followed Eleanor into the room after her little piano tune earlier. That girl was always able to throw off her brother but shaking her was another story. Eleanor couldn't ever do it when they were at Beauxbatons what made her think this was any different?

Icy gaze trailing lazily from the, well alright he might be somewhat handsome, staff to her right and following her friend outside she noticed another man making his way over. They seemed to be having some sort of discussion and judging by the look that had been on Eleanor's face, it was going... not so well. Eva bristled as she lifted her hand, a slender cigarette tucked into the gold wire vine coiled around her pointer finger. Heels clicking against the floor, she stepped closer to the open doors leading outside and leaned a hip against the frame, end of the cigarette grazing her bottom lip before she took in a long draw.

What exactly were they discussing she wondered. The man didn't look familiar, he couldn't be all that important? Though Eleanor had that look on her face like she was guilty. She better not be apologizing. Eva rolled her eyes and gently tapped her thumb against the base of her pointer finger to flick off some ash and snuff out the light. The vine coiled back around her finger as she took the cigarette and tucked it into a small brass compact from her clutch. Best she go make sure.

Circling around the back of the wizard, Eva stepped around him to Eleanor's side, the base of her dress swirling around her ankles as she turned to face him. Arms lazily draped across one another over her torso, she let a curt smile play across her features.

"There is." Eleanor still looked to be in some shock from the man's compliment. Her blue eyes raked over the dark haired man, sizing him up. Quite good looking though there was something about him, that look in his eye and way he spoke to Eleanor that stuck in her craw. Men. "You have the pleasure of speaking to my dear friend Miss Eleanor Greengrass. Although, I should inform you the last part of her name won't be such for very long and not due to your obvious advances ." A slender brow lifted on her face as she tilted her head to one side.

"Except I believe it is only polite for a gentleman to have given his own name before asking a lady?"

Elias Redgrave

Elias sighed as he was, once again, stopped from continuing his journey outside to the fountain. He turned with the cup of whiskey in his hand and gave the woman who had spoken an inquiring raised eyebrow. "I wasn't aware that Miss Greengrass was in need of a bulldog as her bodyguard," he said, unamused. The woman came from nowhere, almost as if she poofed into the surrounding atmosphere from an alternate dimension. And she was just as unpleasant as the quiet girl's mother! But Elias knew how to play the game.

He would either charm this woman or drive her so insane that she would leave him and Miss Greengrass alone to mingle on their own. That, or he would finally leave and make his way outside. Truthfully, Elias didn't know what it was about this gorgeous beauty that iritated him, but maybe he was judging her a bit too early. Similar to how he could tell she was doing to him. Nevertheless, she was correct about one thing.

With a bow, Elias took the young Greengrass maiden's hand again, this time leaving a kiss on her inner wrist. "My apologies, Miss Greengrass. Your guar-" Elias cleared his throat, "Your friend is very much correct. It was remiss of me to forget my manners. My name is Elias Redgrave-Price, though the Price name is reserved for other occasions." He moved his lips to kiss the inside of the woman's palm this time, looking directly at her friend the whole time. This was all to iritate the woman's friend...though he also wouldn't mind to get to know the young woman after this night. The kisses he was leaving on her hand were very subtle desires from the wizard and Elias knew that if the woman whose hand he was accosting at the moment knew anything about the various kisses and what they meant when placed in specific parts of the body, she probably would have slapped him into next week. Or blush herself into a puddle of repressed sexual desire.

Her friend, however, seemed to be less sheltered in the fine art of love and if Elias was guessing correctly, the woman would know exactly what he was doing and what his wishes were with her friend.
But knowing this Redgrave brother, he wouldn't act on it. There was something about Eleanor Greengrass; something the made Elias want to protect her instead of bed her. He may be a giant flirt but he wasn't a cad. He would never take the woman's virtue as he was sure she has never known a man the way he knew women. Now her friend, on the other hand...she may still be virtuous herself, but that didn't mean she didn't know how men behaved or how their desires were met. Elias stood up to his full height and smirked at the friend. "I hope that was to your liking Miss...oh dear me...I'm afraid that I didn't catch your name either. You now know mine. May I inquire as to who you may be?" He said with semi-faux interest. He was quite ineterested in knowing who the little minx next to Eleanor was, but he wanted to annoy her some more. For some reason, the little mix of irritation toward her also made him burn with desire for her as well.