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elpida — not your average wizarding world! (jc prem, HP plus powers/abilities)

Started by Elpida, July 27, 2021, 10:22:36 am


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real-time wizarding world roleplay with an original centralized school -- elpída -- greek for "unity" -- located on an island more affectionately known to wix as the "lost" city of atlantis in the north atlantic ocean, near the bermuda triangle.

generally, we operate semi-sandbox style with a pre-built world but no real overarching site plot, but as of early 2021, we are running a (very optional!) site plot that will open our world up to supernatural powers, abilities, and elementals with an anticipated natural plot climax/conclusion in early 2022.

some of our features include...
• all-inclusive site, staffed exclusively by BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and/or ND community members
• jcink premium (18+)
• dynamic skin with accessibility widget
• real life comes first attitude with lax activity requirements (quarterly AC's)
• NO WC, with NO "but matching is nice" caveats -- we truly mean NO WC
• full magical world available
• technology-friendly
• monthly bingo and development challenges
• awards/points system
• lively discord server with game and movie nights
• original characters (oc)'s only!
• open for over one year!


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