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YOU again? Great...

Started by Quillan Cadwick, July 21, 2021, 09:09:26 am

Quillan Cadwick

Quillan never lingered for long in the library, he made a trip there every two weeks, got five or six books and left. He never stuck around shooting the breeze with the librarian, he didn't browse the shelves for long and he didn't sit in the chairs and read his books. In fact, the longest he'd ever spent in the library, was forty-five minutes, and that was when he was weighing his options between a couple books that seemed promising. If Rose spoke to him about his choices, he'd just ....shrug and tell her it was fine or that he didn't like it. He was never late with his returns either, nor did he return a book with dog-eared pages, or with scuffs or tears that weren't there before. In short, he was a good customer, but not one for idle chit-chat.

Today however......today was a little different, in addition to a few books by a muggle author, he was looking for something else entirely. As he limped up the stairs and onto the second floor of the library, he looked around, the card catalog had told him the music books were here. It wasn't like he didn't know a great number of pieces by heart, he wanted to learn some new ones! So, he searched the shelves in silence and when he had enough with interesting pieces, he made his way back down and to the front desk.

He quietly set his books down, aware that the sheet music books were wildly different than the ones he usually got, which were usually mystery novels and daring adventure books. Without a word, he removed his library card from his wallet and set it on top of the books, then stood quietly. He realized that he and Rose didn't exactly get along.... and normally he wouldn't have cared but.....she seemed to have some sort of misperception of him and while he didn't care if people thought he was a jerk, or anti-social (because he was both of those) he DID care if she thought he was some sort of weird pervert!

"......Do you like uh....Doyle?" He'd gotten 'The Lost World' by him, along with some of the classics like The Hound of the Baskervilles' and 'The Valley of Fear' in addition to his music sheets. "Only just getting to reading them. My um uh.....brother....mentioned liking them when uh...he was a ...a kid. Thought I'd let my nephew read them if they're not uh...too frightening f-for him. Thought he might enjoy reading something his old man liked reading. I'd find out what his mother liked but I never asked her before....uh they both...died."

Oh yeah. That was a REAL good conversation starter! Hi, I'm reading these books because my dead bother used to read them! My sister in law's dead too!"

He wanted to kick himself for that... "N-never...never mind. Um...are there any other ....books with modern songs for the piano? Or...maybe even cello or violin? If you're creative you can make a piano sound like...j-just about anything." There. That was better. Only now.....Great job dumbass. Now she's going to want me to prove I can do it! I should just shut up and get the hell out of here before I say anything else stupid." He really should've just collected his things and checked out without saying anything. Just let her continue thinking what she wanted to think about him.

Rose Pemberton

Rose had been enjoying a quiet day in the library. With many classes still in session, she had turned on the wireless, enjoying a little bit of upbeat swing music while filing some book returns that had come in earlier in the day. After the upheaval of the Christmas period, life was finally settling into a routine again and her heart felt lighter for it. She hummed along to the tune playing and used some wandless magic to send a particularly heavy book to one of the top shelves.

Do you like Doyle?

The question came seemingly out of nowhere and Rose had to spin around her own axis to see the man it had originated from, for she did not recognise the voice. Ugh, Professor Cadwick. She supposed it could have been worse. What if it had been Prendergast instead? She nervously fidgeted with the cuff of her richly pleated and belted blouse, while trying to figure out where her second least favourite colleague was going with this. His dead brother and sister-in-law had enjoyed Doyle? Well, she supposed if he had muggle relations that made perfect sense. Why he felt the need to tell her any of this she was less certain about. Did he want her to check if they had one of the books available? Probably, that was what people generally came to a library for. Borrow books.

"I'm certain we have a copy of 'A Study in Scarlet' that was returned just this morning. I'd have to check for others, but I think it's highly likely you would be in a luck. Is there any one title in particular you would like to share with your nephew? And how old is he if you don't mind me asking?" Really, how was she supposed to tell if the books would be scary for his nephew when she had no information about the young man in question. "I'd say most of the Doyle books are suitable for children twelve and up, of course depending a little on individual disposition."

A second request followed the first almost immediately. Music. "Contemporary wizarding music?" Rose asked to confirm. Between Celestina Warbeck and Engelbert von Friedrichsrain there had been a good couple of catchy tunes in the last decade, though she struggled to picture Professor Cadwick taking much enjoyment in easy listening. He seemed to be more of a complex soul. She'd have not batted an eyelid at him asking for Rachmaninoff or Wagner's GötterdÀmmerung, but this was a little unexpected. "I'm afraid the library isn't particularly well stocked in this area. We do have a few things though. Perhaps you'd like this beautiful song book by Yusuf Al-Shammari." She summoned it to her and opened it to a page containing a soft but complicated ballad.

"Is there are particular occasion you require sheet music for?" She produced her wand and fired a spell at one of the shelves containing index cards. It sprouted little feet and slowly waddled over to Rose, opening up the relevant drawer without requiring further guidance from Rose. She might not have liked Cadwick very much, but she was determined to give the man excellent service. It was bad enough that she had fallen out with one of her colleagues. This time she would keep her temper in check and make sure she had a pleasant, professional relationship with Mr Sparkly. Okay, she was doomed.

Quillan Cadwick

Oh good. She'd ignored his comment about his relatives. That had been a conversation he'd wanted to avoid! At least she seemed to as reluctant as him to delve into such things. "Nothing in particular. I figured I'd just throw some of Loch's old books at the boy and see what sticks! You know?" How old was he? "Third year. Might be the right age for him."

"Or muggle. And...doesn't have to be contemporary or classical. I just like...complicated pieces." he said and then, with a small nod of thanks, he took the book, careful not to let his fingers brush against Rose's skin. It was out of habit mostly, he didn't like the way people responded to his touch. Nor did he like touching people in general. He scanned it over, it did seem nice. "Yes." He muttered, "I imagine you'd be lacking in music sheets."

A special occasion? "Not really. I've been playing the piano since I was in my early twenties. So....a very long time. I'm always looking for new pieces....thinking of ways I can alter them or use them for my own compositions." It sometimes helped him sleep at night. Specially around this time of the year. "....Do you play too? You seemed to know several off the top of your head!" Eventually they'd run out of things to talk to and the subject might turn toward why he was so ....weird. He'd have to explain himself as best he could. Wouldn't he? He would if he didn't want Pemberton to continue to have the wrong impression about him. Maybe he should change the subject now and try to explain himself a bit?

".......Okay." He muttered, "Enough with this...small talk. I don't do .....conversations very well. I think we need to....clear the air between us. Normally I wouldn't care but.....I think we got off on the really wrong foot and....that's probably my fault. So .....let me explain what sort of person I am. Alright?" He didn't expect to become best friends with Rose all of a sudden, or even sort of friends! He just wanted to make sure she didn't think the worst of him.