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First Time For Everything! [Molly]

Started by Talia Bryce, July 21, 2021, 03:52:24 am

Talia Bryce

July 21, 2021, 03:52:24 am Last Edit: July 21, 2021, 07:46:16 pm by Royal_Poet
Hogwarts Express - Castle

    Having shoved her face up against the window of the train door, breath steaming up the lower half, a young dark haired girl stood on tip toes watching her family disappear from the platform as the train pulled away. A small leather bag slung around her torso, hands gripping tightly to the strap, she let out a small sigh and took a shaky step back. A few older children were passing behind her from one car to the next, laughing hysterically at some joke or another. Talia turned around and nervously watched them go by. She opened her mouth at one point and tried to gain their attention, a hand raised but they were simply too absorbed in their chatter to notice her. Wiggling her mouth back and forth, she puffed out her chest and decided to follow.

For years her parents had been telling her about Hogwarts and how wonderful it was all going to be! Her first year, how exciting! Her mother had made sure to tell her everything about the dorms in Hufflepuff and her own sorting experience. On the other hand, her father had focused more on reliving his glory days on the Quidditch team for Ravenclaw. All of it had been so overwhelming but also sent a thrill through the eleven year old. Sorting had of course been a bit of a nervous topic. She was a tad worried what her parents would think should be be sorted into another house than they had. Her grandmother was convinced she would wind up in Gryffindor for some reason.

Tugging at the bottom of her jumper, Talia stood up a little taller as she passed a number of compartments. Everyone seemed to be settled with the exception of a few stragglers traversing the hallway leading from one train car to the next. Anxiety prickled at the base of her skull as she walked deeper and deeper in. Maybe she should have taken a seat when everyone else had? Everywhere seemed so full! Stopped a few times, she peered into some of the windows but the benches were crammed with students and trunks. Something skittered under foot and Talia let out a sharp squeak, jumping to one side of the hall as an orange tabby rushed between her feet. "Get back here!" A squat little boy with blonde hair bumbled past her, clutching her bag to her side she tried to squeeze herself against the compartment door.

Blinking in confusion, Talia fussed with her braid. A soft click sounded behind her and she realized she must have hit the latch when she jumped back. Oh! Was this compartment actually empty? Her brown eyes lifted as the door from another car slid open and a group of much older looking boys were rough housing their way through it. Gulping, she decided to take that as her sign to just choose a spot to sit. Sliding through the door, she closed it quietly and let out a sharp breath.

Well, if anything she could get some reading done! Turning on her heel, she froze and realized she wouldn't be alone. A girl with pigtails was already taking up space on one of the bench seats. Talia blinked at her, words flopping around inside her skull. She had talked to plenty of children her age, for goodness sake she had siblings she played with on a daily basis. Surely, a chat with someone who appeared to be her age anyway couldn't be that hard? Could it?

Clearing her throat, Talia gave a nod in greeting and plopped down on the seat across from the girl. "Mind if I ride with you?" She pulled off her bag and set it down next to her. "Talia!" Leaning forward she held out her hand like her parents had taught her, proper greeting, first impressions and all that! "Nice to meetcha!"

Molly King

July 21, 2021, 06:06:56 pm #1 Last Edit: July 21, 2021, 07:48:20 pm by Royal_Poet
Theodore and Celeste had ushered their three children to Platform 9 3/4, then them all up for a quick picture before they boarded the train to school.

"Ok everyone smile!" Celeste said in a sing-song voice and snapping a few pictures. "Alrighty then. Off you all go! We love you all!" she cooed, grabbing her children in to a tight group hug before nudging them towards the train.

Molly watched as her her older brother and sister, Gregory and Charlotte, bid farewell to their parents and started towards the open car doors. Hesitantly she tugged on her father's sleeve.

"Daddy, do I have to go?" she asked, hoping deep inside that maybe he would say she could go back home. Theodore looked down at his wide eyed baby girl and knelt to her level.

"Peanut, you're going to do great. Just stick with Greg and Lottey, they'll keep you on the right path." he assured her before giving her a squeeze, and planting a kiss on the top of her head. Celeste, on the other hand, was feeling less patient towards her youngest daughter.

"Molly, honey, it is time to go." she said, taking her daughter's hand and pulling her toward the train. Gently she nudged Molly onto the first step of the train car, adjusted her pigtails, and smiled. "You're a big girl now! Time to follow in your sibling's footsteps." she said before yelling over to her two older children. "You watch her! I mean it!" she said sternly.

Gregory, Charlotte and Molly waved to their parents as the train pulled away from the station. The moment the buildings faded into the distance, Gregory and Charlotte unceremoniously ditched their baby sister.

"WAIT!" Molly called after them, trailing behind her siblings. "Where are we going to sit together?" Gregory and Charlotte exchanged sideways glanced before bursting into laughter. Charlotte leaned down to her little sister.

"Didn't you hear mom? You're a big girl now. We have more important things to do than baby sit YOU. Go find some other little firsties to sit with." she said before they both turned and disappeared in the crowd of students. Molly sighed. She should have seen that one coming. Her older brother and sister could never be bothered to spend time with her. They were always acting like they were all that, and a bag of chips, while Molly was just their annoyingly average little sister.

Molly strolled down the hall of the train cars until she came to an empty compartment, and plunked herself down next to the window. Part of her hoped and prayed that she wouldn't be sorted into one of the same houses as her siblings. Another part of her wasn't so sure how she'd fair in a house of complete strangers. Molly rested her head on the window, watching the world fly by. She was just about to fall asleep when suddenly a girl appeared in the seat across from her and introduced herself.

"Yea you can sit here. It's nice to meet you Talia." she said, smiling a little and shaking the girl's hand. Maybe this wouldn't be as awful as she had started expecting it to be. "I'm Molly."

Talia Bryce

Talia beamed at the girl across from her. "Have..have you been yet? This is my first year." She wasn't sure if Molly looked much older than her or not. It would be nice to have someone her age. She heard the first years broke off from everyone after the train arrives and feeling like she might have found a friend in the young girl it was concerning to think she'd have to be flying solo again so soon.

"My parents told me a ton ever since my letter came. I'm kinda nervous about sorting though..." She was chatting away nervously, her fingers fussing with the hem of her shirt. "What houses were your parents in? Mine were Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. What houses you reckon you'll get?" She smiled. It wasn't as if she hadn't been told about non-magical children attending but having mostly been around other magical children the thought that Molly may not be hadn't crossed her mind before asking.

Wriggling out of her jacket, she flopped it on the seat over her bag and sat back with a sigh. "I like your hair."

Molly King

"Oh...thank you." she said smiling a little when Talia complimented her pigtails. "My mom did it for me before we left the house......she was in Ravenclaw when she was a student."

Molly debated explaining that her father was a muggle, so he had never heard of Hogwarts until a few year into dating her mother. However the conversation her parents had with her on the car ride to the train station replayed in her head. Celeste had made it crystal clear that it would be best if her three children didn't mention their bloodline. She knew first hand how cruel children could be to halfbloods and hoped that her precious babies could avoid being targets for mean comments and insults.

"It's my first year, but I have a bother and sister who have already been here. Greg is in Gryffindor, and Lottey is in Ravenclaw......I don't know where I'll end up though" she said.

Molly pulled the sleeves of her school sweater over her hands. Her parents hadn't shared too much about the school when Molly's letter had come in the mail. It wasn't that big a surprise after Gregory and Charlotte had already been going to the school. Molly was just bringing up the rear.

"Greg told me that when they put the sorting hat on you it feels like someone tickling your brain...." Molly said, trying to share in Talia's apparent wealth of knowledge. "He makes things up sometimes though..."

Talia Bryce

July 22, 2021, 10:09:11 pm #4 Last Edit: July 22, 2021, 10:13:26 pm by Talia Bryce
"Oh!" Lia squeaked at the mention of siblings. She wondered what they must be like. How come they weren't sitting with her? Odd, if the twins were here she would've wanted to ride with them their first time to Hogwarts! "I have two siblings myself! Maise and Megan, they're twins but won't be at school for awhile. Kind of exciting though when they do go. Shame yours aren't here but then we get the compartment to ourselves!" Meant more snacks for them as well. She had begged her mother to go shopping and helped bake some things to bring in the hopes it would be a fairly decent icebreaker should she need one.

"Tickling your brain!" Talia sat forward in her seat and nodded slowly in thought. No one had mentioned that but it did seem possible. "I did hear that it does some strange things... says even stranger. You hungry?" The young girl's thoughts flitted from one to the next in excitement.

"I brought some things to share if you are! My parent's don't have a ton and they told me this lady comes with a trolley and all..." She trailed off and chewed nervously at her lower lip. She wasn't sure how Molly would feel about simple baked goods compared to nicely wrapped wizarding sweets. Though, she had a spare chocolate frog...

Shifting to one hip, she dug into the bag she had brought and dumped the contents onto the space beside her. Hands rifled through to organize each item by kind. "Right! A few pasties, we made them this morning so I think they're still warm." Unpinning a square of fabric, she situated most of the goodies onto the little side table after pulling at the makeshift leg to prop it into place. "Honey lemon, raspberry, and ah an apple? Yeah, apple!" Pointing at each one before returning to the other things. "A couple treacle tarts, think mum packed some cookies... aha!" More food for the table and two blue boxes.

Looking from the blue chocolate frog boxes in her hand to Molly, she held one out to the girl. "Whatever you like! And this one's yours."

Molly King

Molly didn't think it was a shame her siblings weren't with them. They liked to poke fun at her far too often, and it got old really fast. Plus with Gregory and Charlotte's larger than life personalities, Molly would have easily fallen to the wayside if they had stuck by her side. Sitting here with Talia, Molly was secretly hoping that this could be a start to a wonderful new page in her life. One where she had her own friends to get through school with.

"I'm starved." Molly admitted, watching Talia dig through her bag. Her eyes widened at her new friend revealed her buffet of delicious looking items. "Wow! Your mom did all this for you?! That's amazing!"

Celeste had packed all three of the King children a small lunch to take on the train, but in the chaos of getting everyone out of the door Molly had left hers in the kitchen. When she admitted her mistake to her father, Theodore has snuck some money into Molly's pocket, and told her it would be there little secret. Molly was even more surprised with Talia offered her a chocolate frog.

"Really? Are you sure? Thank you so much! That's so nice of you!" she said as she took it from her. Molly then dug in her pocket for a moment before pulling out the coins her father had given her. "My dad gave me some money for the trolley. Let's pick something out together and share it! I insist!" she said beaming. Molly was thrilled to be making a new friend so soon.

Just then the trolley pulled up to their door. A sweet older woman knocked and asked if they'd like anything. Molly quickly counted what she had.

"I have enough for two things. How about you pick one thing, and I'll pick another? Then we can both have some of each." Molly said, handing her money over to the woman, and picking out some cauldron cakes.

Talia Bryce

"Well, for us.. whoever us was. We weren't really sure honestly. I was a bit nervous I'd end up sitting alone. I'm happy you're here!" Picking at the corners of the chocolate frog box, she peeled it open just enough to slide the card out. Eating the frog bit always made her feel badly but the card was more or less what she wanted anyway. She turned the card over in her hand and grimaced slightly. Bowman Wright, not a bad card though she had one at home already.

"Oh!" Talia blinked down at the coins. She really hadn't expected to meet someone so kind and certainly not on her ride in.  "If-If you're sure!" The idea of sharing made the young girl smile so wide it reached her deep brown eyes. Her feet fidgeted against one another and she nodded quickly before eyeing the trolley options. So many things... A prickle of anxiety ran along the back of her neck.

"I-um... well hmm.." Bertie Bott's appeared to be the best option for sharing. Picking out a box she thanked the older woman and returned to her seat. "I've only had these once before and managed to escape any of the scarier flavors." She laughed nervously. It was exciting to pick one out and not know until you tried it, even so the thought of a vomit flavor made her slightly queasy.

Setting the box of beans down on the table among the rest of the hoard, she held out the card to Molly. "I've got one already but if you need him for your collection? I'm still missing a ton but... if you collect maybe we can trade sometime? I could ask my mum to owl me my booklet!" Bouncing in her seat, Talia popped open the lid to the box and pushed it closer to Molly before taking a few beans out. "Thanks for letting me choose something! I don't have many friends back home, least not my age and I definitely don't count my sisters..." She plopped a bean onto her tongue. Fewf, fresh grass.