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Just a little homework tonight

Started by Xavier Miles, July 20, 2021, 09:49:13 am

Lillian Miller

July 23, 2021, 03:06:33 am #15 Last Edit: July 23, 2021, 04:26:51 am by Lillian Miller
Lillian watched as Xavier struggled to put things to words. She's never been in that situation, she's always known what to say, and sometimes she speaks without even thinking about it. She has a big mouth, which is where her sass Xavier pointed out earlier came from. But as he spoke, she stayed quiet. She let him talk.

So that was the problem. He had a feminine side, and that wasn't exactly welcomed. Lillian knew that, so she could see the struggle. "I would never shun you for being you." She said quietly. She wanted him to know that someone would be by his side. It was weird, talking to an older student as if she was an equal.

When he was finished, for the first time in forever, she couldn't speak. She had to think her words through. "Xavier. Think of life as walking forward. You always trip at some points, right? But when you trio, you can fall forward or backwards. Backwards might be harder to catch yourself, but that doesn't mean you just turn around. You get up, accept the fall, and keep walking. Besides, you'll always be welcome at my house, you know. "   She said.

"It's not your fault everyone is stupid! Girls can't even wear boys clothes, and boys can't wear girls clothes for some Damn reason and it's their fault!" She said angrily. The 1900's were cruel times, not very accepting. Then something dawned on her. "I'm sorry... this is about you.m but I- I got an idea... I- could you design me a suit for Valentine's day?  I want to show people I don't care what they say... and if you want.. we could do it together."

Xavier Miles

"...Thanks." Xavier said with a small smile.

He thought about what she'd said about moving forward and making mistakes. He'd never thought of it that way, his father had always gotten onto his case whenever he'd messed up on something. 'Failure is never acceptable' was something he'd heard a lot growing up and it had affected him greatly. To hear otherwise was refreshing and welcome. "I think I'd get permission from your folks before you offered that! I hardly think it'd be a happy surprise if I showed up at your door one day with my luggage and said 'Your daughter said I'm welcome to stay in your house! When's dinner?'"

"Yeah....things are changing for girls as for whether or not they can wear trousers but....it IS annoying to be restricted that way." then he added, "But you won't catch me in a dress! That's where I draw the line." He laughed at the image and then nodded at her, perking up almost right away. "Oh I was hoping you'd ask!" He summoned a bag filled with art supplies, "Alright! Color and style! Don't worry about price, I can always help you reduce it by using fabric from my mother's craft store and put you to work helping me cut, measure and pin!"

Lillian Miller

Lillian beamed at Xavier. Then she shrugged as he claimed she shouldn't just offer that. "I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you really needed somewhere to stay." She said, picking at one of her nails. But she laughed anyways at Xavier's humor. "what's for dinner" was exactly what her dad said when he came home from work. But playfully of course.

Lillian nodded as Xavier agreed, she wanted to joke.. because it was a hit tense, but she knew it wasn't the time. Laughing made her feel better, so she laughed when he said he would never wear a dress.. "I'm not a huge fan of dresses, either." She said, as if a boy would wear a dress any day.

She couldn't help but grin as Xavier seemed happy again. "Pink, I think it would go nicely, you know? I think I want.. a tuxedo. But make it have a. Girly, you know? Maybe a slight boot at the shoulders... something like that." She said. "But I want to help either way, you know." She said, looking at all the supplies than back at Xavier.

Xavier Miles

Xavier nodded and began sketching right away, humming a song he'd been working on for many months now, it was almost complete, he just needed to perfect the lyrics. He paused every now and then to make a comment, "I'm think we won't go full on .....manly? You know? More like.....a power suit! Like a power tie! Except....a suit! Pink will be  the main color and there should be a design that keeps it from being....PINK like...slap you in the face with it!"

He seemed to be in his comfort zone right here, sitting in the chair, drawing away and talking about fashion, "As for shoes...you could do with a little height! But not too much! I can put enchantments on the shoes so that no matter the shape, your feet will be as comfortable as if you're a pair of every day shoes! Since you'll be wearing pants, I think we'll go with a pair of basic pumps. You'll have to have someone else do your hair though. I'm no hair dresser!" he added "But in this house, you'll find no shortage of help in that department!"

He went back to humming and sketching, using colored pencils and his thumb to smooth them and make them look as good as they could before moving on to another section. It took about a half hour, with him pausing every so often to talk about his cat, or to assure her that while she couldn't look until it was done, that he wouldn't be happy with it until SHE was happy.

Finally, he set his pencil down "Alright. Let's see what you think! I can change anything! These are just suggestions." And he showed her his concept art without another word, letting her take it in and process it.

Lillian Miller

Lillian shrugged as he sketched away, planning the outfit. She didn't want to stop his thinking, and tried multiple times to peek as he scribbled away. She nodded to his statement, holding out her hands. "Okay! You're the designer!" She said. She liked his description, and had to laugh. "aw I like colors that slap you in the face... just kidding! Or am I?" She said, laughing.

"Are you calling me SHORT?" She asked, trying to look offended but failing. "That sounds super cool! As for the hair.. ill hafta figure that one out." Lillian wasn't one who stood in the mirror every day so things like fashion and hair and make up wasn't her strong suit.

Again, at this time she tried to peek multiple times. She got bored of trying and flicked him with a crumbled piece of paper before opening her book and reading. After what felt like forever, he said he was finished. She shut her book very loudly and rolled off the couch to be exaggerate. She looked at the drawing and gasped. "Wow wow wow wow! I love it! "

Xavier Miles

"You're twelve. Of course you're short! But you'll grow!" He said with a grin.

He watched her slam her book shut, roll dramatically off the couch and bound over to him. She reminded him of a puppy, all energy, hyperness and friendliness! Her reaction was instantaneous giddy joy and he couldn't help but smile. Leaning back, he twirled one of his pencils like a drumstick, trying to pull off the 'cool look'. "It's what I do!" The pencil flew from his hand poked him in the cheek, "Ow." He whispered, though it hadn't really hurt. His pride hurt more than his face! He smiled ruefully and rubbed his cheek.

"Glad you like it! It'll take a while, but mom's got fabric with that design! All I'll need are your measurements and I'll get mom to send me the fabric on the cheap! She and dad know I like doing this. They don't really understand but.....they're okay with it." He said with a smile, "It'll take a few days to arrive, but once it does I'll let you know and we can get started! The earrings are just costume jewelry of course and they'd come from my mom's store too! But costume jewelry still looks nice!" He pointed out, deciding he'd be upfront with her from the start. "The shoes....well those will come from a store, plain and we can use magic and charms to alter them to look perfect!"

"As for everything else, I prefer to the cutting by hand instead of with magic, it's more....precise and easier to control. Same with the pinning! The magical sewing machine though....that's great! All I have to do is work the pedal with one foot and the enchantments guide the fabric around the needle and I can focus on other things!"

He smiled, "The cut will do wonders for you! And the color of the roses will bring out your eyes!" It was clear that he loved doing this.