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Just a little homework tonight

Started by Xavier Miles, July 20, 2021, 09:49:13 am

Xavier Miles

Xavier lay on the floor in the Common Room on his front, his Charms book was in front of him, along with a scroll of paper, spread out and held down with a few paper weights. He kicked his legs slowly in the air and balanced a muggle style pen on his upper lip as he twirled a quill between his fingers. He was almost halfway through an essay the class had been assigned and he was stuck. He'd been working on it for almost an hour and even though he made it a point to stay on top of his homework, he still had other classes to do work for! He wanted to finish in time to work on one of his designs tonight! Or maybe sneak in a game of night Quidditch after hours! But it didn't seem like he'd be able to do such a thing!

"Stupid essay..." He grumbled, "These are the worst!" Maybe if he set aside the essay for now and started on another one? He nodded to himself and rolled up the paper, then was about to pick another book from his bag when he dropped his pen and something dive bombed it as it rolled away. It was his cat S'mores! "H-hey! S'mores! Stop that! I need that!" But the cat was too busy chasing the pen as it rolled away and soon, it went under the couch. The cat meowed and reached under, trying to get it but it was too far away.

Laughing, Xavier drew his wand from his arm holster and summoned the pen, then began making it hover around the room to entertain his kitty. "Haha! Get it S'mores! Almost had it! Gotta try harder than that! Woo-oo-oo-oo! It's over here now!" he teased as he made the cat chase the pen all over the room, over furniture, under chairs, on top of tables and across the rug.

However, what he didn't know, was that while his back was turned, another cat was busy playing with his scroll of paper, swatting it ever closer to the fireplace....

Lillian Miller

Lillian had, for once, gotten most of her homework done. All that was left was charms. Unlike the boy in the common room she was soon to meet, it was only to practice the levitation spell. Not to be bothered by something so simple, she brought a book along with her wand and her bunny on her shoulder.

When she entered the common room she didn't  see the boy at first, she heard him first. He was being very loud. Ah, well, that could be her "distraction" She sat on the chair and watched the boy for a moment before setting her wand aside and opening her book on plants instead. She had plenty of time to practice the spell. There was no need to rush. Besides, she had reached the chapter on dangerous plants and when to avoid them. She couldn't stop now!

Maybe she needed a break. Ot maybe it was a lucky chance. But Lillian let her eyes wander from the book after a while, thinking. Then her eyes rested on a scroll that was being played with by some random cat. At first, her brain didn't register. Then she realized. "Hey, is that your paper?!" She asked, reaching for her wand. It seems she should be getting her practice after all. 

"Wingardium Leviosa!" She said. And her luck was going on well now because the scrolls rose from the now confused cat. Lillian moved her wand so the paper slapped the older boy in the face. "There ya go." She said, a smile on her face.

Xavier Miles

What? Xavier turned, just in time for his paper to smack against his face. He lost focus on the pen and it dropped to the floor and his cat tackled it, chewing on it and bunny kicking it, clearly teaching it a lesson for making him go through so much effort to get it. Xavier reached out and took the paper and held it away from his face to read, then glanced over it at the girl. "Yes! This IS my homework. Thanks! I forgot all about it...." He said sheepishly, "Looks like my cat has a little partner in crime. He distracted me while that one got his paws on my essay!" He had holes and bite marks in it, but it was still legible and he wondered if he should take the time to copy it over onto another sheet of paper to make it neater looking......nah! The Professor would understand that a cat had thought it was a toy. ....Right?

He smiled and headed for the girl, holding his hand out to shake "Thanks! You saved me having to work even more! I'm Xavier Miles! But you can just call me Xavier. If there's anything I can do to repay you, let me know!" S'mores seemed to finish with the pen now that he'd 'killed it' and went over to the two of them, wrapping himself around Lillian's legs, he meowed and purred and then, flopped across her feet on his back, clearly begging to be petted. Xavier laughed "And that's S'mores. Like the muggle treat! You know? With the toasted marshmallow, the cookie and the chocolate? He's all white and toasty brown on the edges, like a marshmallow."

He wondered what year she was in, first? ....Maybe third. She looked too young to be a fourth year! But maybe she just had one of those faces....

Lillian Miller

Lillian smiled as the paper slapped the boy. It was rather fun, and she tucked the idea away in her brain for later. Just saying, Kian Thorne might want to watch his papers next time they meet. She watched as the boy enrolled the scroll. She peered at it to see it had some holes. Though the boy didn't seem bothered, Lillian thought he was bleeding a bit reckless. Though she couldn't talk. She was very reckless herself. She nodded as he thanked her. "No problem. I needed to practice my spell work anyway. So, win-win, really. I guess. " She said, shrugging. "What are you writing for anyway?" She demanded. It couldn't be too important if he let a cat steal it.

She shook the boys hand. "I'm Lillian Miller."

The boy mentioned the cats were partners in crime, and Lillian raised an eyebrow. Very possible. Sound like something she would say. "That's why I don't have a cat. Tricky little things, they are!"She said. As if on cue, the cat walked up to her and cozied up with her legs. "What-" She started. Her tone was almost accusing the cat of something. But it rolled over. "Oh fine, you little beggar." She bent down. "Mind if I pick it up?" She didn't wait for an answer. She scooped it up and scratched behind the cats ear.

She tried to hide her smile as the boy told her the name of the cat. Then Xavier proceeded to explain what S'mores were. Her face was amused. "PFFT! Of course I know what those are!!! I'm a half blood. Grew up with all that awesome muggle stuff."

Xavier Miles

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"Charms." He replied, "I'm.....easily distracted! I was supposed to be writing about the history, evolution and practicality of the summoning charm. I got bored and then S'mores acted up and next thing I know, you're literally shoving the paper in my face via magic to make me remember I still have to write the rest." he said, sounding a little bit disappointed that he didn't get to keep goofing off like he wanted to.

Oh s- " He was about to tell her to go ahead, when she did anyway! S'more purred like a fluffy little lawn mower and nuzzled at her hand before settling into her arms. He was a total cuddle bug toward pretty much anybody who was willing to give him the time of day. And he was so fluffy and cute, that he rarely found someone who'd just ignore him.

"Nice to meet you Lillian! And it's good to know you're half-blood! I am too. Best of both worlds!" He said brightly, "Though it IS pretty amusing to see dad trying to struggle to understand Quidditch and mom get a handle on football." he chuckled and then, noticed how S'more reached up a paw to attempt to give Lillian's bunny a thump on the head. No claws were used, it was more of a curious, 'What are you doing up there?' sort of bump. He tended to get along with other animals well enough.

"Anyway....you said you need to practice your spell work? I suppose I can help with that! What kind of spells are you having trouble with? Wouldn't hurt to review anyway for my own sake! The OWLs test you on all five years after all!"

Lillian Miller

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Lillian raised her eyebrows. "I'm working on Charms, too! Just... no essays haha." She said. She set the cat down, but not before she noticed the boy was right. S'mores really had the perfect name... She held her hands on her hips, holding up her chin slightly. "You're literally shoving it-"Slapping." She corrected. "I slapped you in the face because you weren't paying attention And I would gladly do it again ha ha." She said, teasingly.

She eyed the cat again and took her bunny from her shoulder and he'd the bunny in her arms. She preferred this over the cat any day... no matter how cuddly or cute kittens may be. "yup. Pretty cool being a part of two worlds." She said. She let out a snort and a laugh as Xavier claimed how funny it was. She clamped a hand over her mouth and nose before shaking her head and bringing down her hand.

"Bloody shock, too, for the other parent when they find out, right?" She said. The subject moved to charms again (ugh) and Xavier seemed eager to help. "Just practicing and stuff. Honestly, I'm proud of myself for even making to that class on time. Got held up by Peeves- nearly didn't make it. " She said.

Xavier Miles

He shrugged, "Shoving, slapping. Either way, I'm grateful you saved it from the other cat. And you really should watch who you sass. Other upperclassmen aren't as....nice as I am. Some of 'em will hex you for things like that." He pointed out, trying to be kind to her.

"Yeah, according to dad mom told him she was a witch on the first date. He thought she was kidding until she made the cushions fly around the room! Dad says he hid from her for about two weeks after that but she wouldn't let him be a 'little chicken shit' in her words." He said with a laugh.

"Ah...Peeves. He's such a pest! He's always trying to look at my sketchpad when I'm drawing, or mimicking my voice when I'm singing! Or....trying to. Man couldn't carry a tune in a bucket!" He grumbled and then, brandished his wand "Anyway, you're lucky you ran into me! I'm fantastic at charms! Let me show you one that's a little advanced but not too much! It's third year, but it helps with concentration and it's fun! Both things needed in charms. It's the Aquamenti charm." He said and took a stance.

"It helps for those starting out to pretend they're dancing, left foot forward, right foot back, wand hand makes a swirling motion like this, left to right like you're stirring a big bowl of icing! Who doesn't love icing? AH-gwah-MEN-tee!" He said, and a stream of water shot from his wand and hovered in the air like a snake, "Flow with the water, move your arm with it! Direct it like you're directing a dance partner! Around and around and around and finally, into the vase!" The water hit the vase with such accuracy, not a single drop slid down the sides or dripped onto the floor. He smiled and marched over, vanishing the contents.

"See how it works? Let's focus on the stance and the follow through first! We'll say the charm later! For now, it's important that you get the movements down! Then once you're fluid in that, you can try filling the vase!"

Lillian Miller

Lillian smiled at the boy before plopping in the chair behind her. Nearly missing g the chair, she slid of the edge onto the carpet and tried to hold a laugh as she mouthed "ow". She said nothing, though, as she sat on the chair, trying not to bring attention to her stupid action. Lillian shrugged as the boy said she should watch her sass. "Well then if they hex me Ill be prepared for next time " She threw up her hands as if to say "what can you do?" "Oh well." She said, smiling.

"Wow, she jumped right into that. My mum told my dad after they were married. He wanted to believe her, but he was skeptical. That was, in till she made a bunch of flowers grow 4 feet tall in a few seconds. Then he believed her." She said.

"You draw and sing? That's cool." She was impressed. "Peeves Is probably jealous of such talent. Yeah, he was pouring water on the floors so I slipped. Luckily I caught myself."

Back to charms. Xavier obviously knew what he was doing. He had a good way of explaining things. She loved icing. Very much. "I dance with about as much gracefulness as a rhino in heels, so Ill just pretend to ice a cake."She stood up, gripped her wand, and tried to copy what the boy had just done.

Xavier Miles

"......That's one way of looking at it I must say." Xavier said in surprise, watching as she nearly missed the chair, pretending nothing had happened and then, changed the subject, saying that if someone tried to hex her for sassing them, she'd just pre prepared for it for 'next time'. She certainly was a character this one!

"Yeah, that's how she is. Always jumping into things head first! Never mind 'Look before you leap'. Mom leaps and doesn't bother looking." He laughed at the idea of a muggle reacting to flowers suddenly growing instantly in front of them. They were fascinated by the simplest of magicians, when faced with real magic, it blew their minds sky high! It always amused him to see his dad react to the most basic of magic. It was the most interesting thing in the world to him to watch his wife make a cushion hover to the bed while making it instead of placing it by hand.

"With my voice being the way it is, I'm a natural at singing and I've drawn since I was a child but...singing is what I like best." He laughed lightly, "I don't know about him being jealous. I don't think he cares on whit about anything but causing trouble! And I'm glad you didn't get hurt. That's his problem! Peeves never knows when enough is enough! He torments people until they can't take it anymore and then when they retaliate, he just sees it as an opening to make things worse! I just wish there was some way to give him a taste of his own medicine. You know?"

He watched as she took his advice about the icing and ran with it, "Yeah. I can see you have two left feet. and they're not even yours." He teased lightly, "So yes. Ice a cake! Nice and smooth. No lumps! No peaks! You need it to be as smooth as possible!" He then shut up and watched her form, standing there with one hand on his hip, one leg at a bit of an angle, with a tilt to his head. Hardly a 'manly' way of standing, but he hardly noticed or cared. "Hmm..." He hummed and tapped his upper lip with his free hand, "Something isn't quite....right." he muttered and then, "Ah! Its your free hand. Sometimes it helps to use both hands! Sort of...guide it! It doesn't actually DO anything, but I find it helps with focus if you use your non-wand hand  to pretend you're pushing the water, directing it where it needs to go. Or in this case, you're using that hand to help smooth the icing out. Alright."

He moved to the vase and placed it on the table, then stood behind Lillian. "Alright Lil! Let's see what you've got! Try the incantation! Picture whatever flavor icing is your favorite! The vase is the cake! You need to get the icing directly on the cake! Don't worry about missing. No one gets it in on the first try. This isn't about being perfect. This is about practice!"

Lillian Miller

Lillian nodded with a big grin as Xavier see me surprised. Well, Xavier, this is Lillian, you better get used to it. He seemed to find what she said amusing, too. Well good for him. Lillian had been one thundered percent serious, so. She shifted in the chair she had just fallen off of, her backside no longer hurting. Pain was something Lillian knew well, clumsy as she was, and she was fast to recover.

Xavier agreed with Lillian, saying his mum "leaps before she looks". Lillian nodded slowly, looking impressed. "She seems very interesting. My mum is pretty cautious." Although Lillian did not enjoy it, she still loved her mum. It was just hard. Her being her.... and her mum being her cautious self.
Her father, though, was all into everything. Lillian couldn't understand why her father had been so shocked at the magic. "Yeah, my dad fainted in the garden that day." She said.

To Lillian's joy, the conversation went back to Peeves. Sure, she hated him. But did she really hate him? Lillian nodded, impressed. "That's so cool! Yeah, Peeves couldn't sing for his life." She said. Then she smiled evil when Xavier claimed he "wished there was a way for him to get a taste of her own medicine" Then she burst out laughing. "That's why he torments me so much! Okay. So it was winter, right? Me and three others were having a snowball fight when Peeves joined us. He was tormenting everyone, so I grabbed a giant snowball, threw it at his face, and called him a few silly names." She said, smiling at the memory. Dumbledore had arrived after that and gave her five points for being brave.

Lillian couldn't help but laugh when Xavier agreed with her statement. She wasn't offended at all, because it was true. He said something wasn't right. "What do you think it is?" Then he seemed to know. He said it was her other hand, her left hand. She nodded. "Oh.. okay!!" He moved the vase in front of her, and Lillian instantly thought of strawberry icing." AH-gwah-MEN-tee!"   Just as she expected, nothing great happened. A little bit if water came out, but it barely made the vase. She gave an exasperated sigh.

Xavier Miles

He laughed at the image of a grown man fainting right there on the spot! He imagined the aftermath, the 'I didn't faint! I took a sudden nap' that any 'manly man' would say. Or something like that. He could imagine his dad passing out over something and then denying it, making up excuses. He was the old school 'tough guy' sort. He'd never admit to fainting. Not in a million years.

"Hm. Kudos to you then!" He could imagine Peeves being ticked off that some second year girl had the guts to not only stand up to him and fight back, but to insult him too. It had probably impressed but also, embarrassed the weirdo.

"Hey it's alright. It's your first try! And this is a third year spell!" He pointed out, "Just try again." He told her, "It's not like you're being graded or anything! You got some water to shoot out! Better than most!" Maybe if he could think of another way to motivate her..... "I'll make you a deal! If you can get a water stream that's the length of a pair of scissors and as wide as three fingers....I'll show you one of my sketches! Or sing for you. Whichever you like! That'll give you something to work toward!"

Lillian Miller

As Xavier laughed, she laughed right along with him. It was a funny image, it really was. Her father always tried to tell a different version of the story, one that didn't exactly include him fainting. "Every time my mum tells the story he claims he just had a long day and was very tired, that he didn't faint." But everyone knew it wasn't true, now matter how hard her father tried to convince them it was.

Lillian felt her face go red with pride, she was proud of that moment when she gave peeps a taste of his own medicine. It had given Kian a glimpse of her reckless self, though. Dumbledore, however, called it brave because she was doing it to distract Peeves from the other girl he was angry at. So, maybe it was brave.

Xavier assured her that she was doing pretty good, as it was a hard spell. She looked at him as he suggested something. "Gosh, am I being bribed right now?" She said with a smile. "You can show me one of your sketches." She said. Then she cleared her throat. "  AH-gwah-MEN-tee!" A little bit more water came out, but not enough.

She shook her head. "Lemme try again" She tried to clear her mind and focus. " AH-gwah-MEN-tee!" She said. Much more water came out. She wasn't sure if it was exactly as much as Xavier wanted, but she had expected much less.

Xavier Miles

"Sounds like my dad. A 'manly man!'" He said and struck a pose, arms crossed over his chest, legs apart, his jaw set and his brow furrowed before he lost it and laughed again.

He didn't say anything for a while, just letting her do her thing, observing and waiting and when she failed a second time, but tried a third Xavier whooped and punched the air in triumph, "And third time's the charm! .....Literally!" He smiled, "That was fantastic! You're a fast learner!" And he cast a drying spell on the floor and the places surrounding the practice area. No one would be the wiser and they wouldn't get into trouble for soaking everything.

Smiling, he summoned his sketchbook and cast a few counter charms on it. "I keep it....hidden from other people. They don't.....they don't understand." He said softly and handed over his sketchbook. Inside, were several examples of clothing designs, including one that was dated just a few days ago. "That's my newest one He said "I just like fashion. That's what I draw. I have one in particular in mind for the Valentine's day even but....I'm afraid if I wear it.....I....I'll be beaten up! Or worse....but if I don't wear it......I won't be happy with myself. I'll feel like a .....like a coward..."

Why was he telling Lilian this? She wasn't interested in hearing about his personal drama!

Lillian Miller

Lillian watched Xavier make a pose and she couldn't help but laugh as well. A Manly Man. That was funny. But she was laughing more at Xavier's pose. " He may claim to be manly, but we all know the truth!" She said, referring to her dad. Her laughing died out and she shook her head, slowly, a smile on her face.

The Water spell was complicated enough, but she's never been one to give up on something if it was hard. It always played off, like now, when she was able to cast it her third try. A wide grin formed on her face as she watched Xavier punch the air. He was almost excited as she was about it, maybe more. "Thanks! You're a good teacher!" She said, feeling very extremely happy.

She watched Xavier summon his book and cast a few counter spells. Her smile faded slightly as she looked at his face. She took the book gently in her hands as if it might break. Xavier pointed out his newest and she looked at it. Her eyes widened and she gasped. "Woah- Xavier! Wow..." She said, very impressed.

She looked at him as he spoke. Beaten up? Lillian inhaled sharply. "Xavier! Don't! Don't think that! Who cares what everyone thinks? If they want to harm you- hex them or something! Don't let anyone stop you from what you want. " She said. If anyone tried to harm Xavier, Lillian would personally send Peeves on them or prank them herself.

"You are not a coward. You are brave and have courage... that's why you're here. So let it shine and wear whatever the heck you want

Xavier Miles

"That's just it.....I don't know if what people think is ....wrong or right. It's not about wearing the wrong shoes with the wrong pants! That's opinion. No one's going to care if my shoes match my pants, or my shirt matches my belt! It's more like...." How to explain this properly? ".....It's not about being brave ....or maybe it is...." Why was he opening up to this kid? Maybe it was because she was so honest and open herself! She gave off trustworthy vibes left, right and center! "......The thing is... I don't know if I like.....who I'm 'supposed' to like." He said, using air quotes "I'm a guy! I'm supposed to like.....guy things! And I do! M-mostly. I like sports. Muggle and wizard included! But I also like singing! And fashion! And......I don't really have ....romantic feelings for girls! I know they're pretty! But it's like ....they're all my sisters! I don't FEEL anything for them. But guys? I notice things I shouldn't! And I'm afraid that....if I show my .....feminine side...then ....I'll be shunned."

This was both easy and hard at the same time. It was easy to talk to Lillian because she was so open and honest! But it was also hard because he was admitting to things he couldn't take back! "I don't know if I'm brave enough to be who I really am ....inside. And if I am brave enough.....then there's no going back. My parents would kick me out of the house for sure! And here at school? I'd be judged. And.....people wouldn't understand. They fear things they don't understand. And they react violently toward what the don't understand and fear! I'm not .....strong enough for that...."