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Don't do the crime if you can't do the time

Started by Quillan Cadwick, July 19, 2021, 11:30:16 pm

Quillan Cadwick

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Quillan wasn't the type of Professor who gave out detention for no reason or took away house points for the sake of flaunting his power. So far, he'd only given detention or deducted house points from students he really thought needed it. The problem was, that when he did give detention, they were so severe, that students tried making it a point not to get into trouble around Quillan. Unlike most teachers, he didn't make his students clean, or write lines, or do boring tasks. No. He actually took the time to figure out the worst possible punishment he could for each student. What was a punishment for one, might be a pleasant task for another! And besides, he had to suffer alongside the students making sure they stayed on task! So why should he subject himself to watching a student write lines on a paper and then read through every single one? He wasn't the one who was supposed to regret his actions! His students were! He'd quickly become infamous for his horrible detentions. There was a certain first year who was going to discover first hand exactly what Quillan could do to a student if he was pissed off.....

Quillan had been teaching some of his first years, in the gloom of the dungeons, he was extra intimidating but he didn't care. If his students would focus on their potions, they wouldn't be afraid of him. He was working on his potion, right alongside his students. "Now..." He said, the mirror above him showed off exactly how he cut his ingredients, "The Firelizard's tail isn't alive, but similar to a normal, muggle lizard, its tail continues to move after it's detached from the body. Only differences are, the tail wriggles for days afterward and two, touching it bare handed will result in mild burns, so keep those gloves on. Don't be squeamish about cutting it up either, just pin it down with your pushpins and you'll be fine!" He said, demonstrating as he worked, slicing it finely "Once you add your firelizard tail, you go ahead and add extract of lemon, at least three drops but no more than seven, followed by adding two drops of fresh flobberworm mucus." He then stepped back from his potion "Now they need to simmer for ten minutes. While it's simmering, you'll all need to prepare the final ingredient, which is four dried frog hearts, two dried frog kidneys and the lungs, also dried. They have to be crushed. The finer the powder the better the results."

He went to every students' potion to inspect their progress so far, making a quiet remark to them about how they could either improve their potion or whether or not they were doing well enough that they didn't have to improve. Then, he got to Arty's potion or rather.....Captain Sticky as he'd come to call him in his own head, for obvious reasons. Captain Sticky wasn't paying attention, at least not to his own potion! He'd taken it upon himself to add ingredients at random to another person's potion! Sabotage! His seat mate, whoever they were, were frantically trying to warn Arty that Quillan was standing right behind him. Oh this was TOO easy.

Quillan leaned forward and whispered directly into his ear (thankfully Quillan enjoyed eating mint mice, similar to sugar mice) "Busted." And shot out his hand to grab Arty's wrist, "Don't add that. It'll turn the potion into a highly toxic poison and we'd have to evacuate the classroom. Now. You and I are going to my desk and we're going to discuss exactly what you put in this potion." He hovered the cauldron into the air and limped for his desk. He cast a vanishing spell on the potion, but whatever the little idiot in tube socks had done to it, trying to make the potion vanish set something off.

It shot straight into the air, bounced off his mirror and mostly landed on top of him. "Shit! Hot hot hot hot!" He yelped and then, as he was trying to stay upright, his cane skidded to one side and down he went. Then.....the scent hit him. Several students ran for the door, it smelled like a mix of rotten eggs, spoiled meat, expired milk, cat pee and dragon dung. The potion was also slippery and slimy. He shuddered in disgust and discomfort. There was potion in places potion ought not to be! And the stench was horrendous.

The entire class went silent and stared, either at Arty or at Quillan. Aside from the occasional 'Ew' and the sound of several students getting sick, (which only added to the smell) there was total silence. Quillan cast a cleaning charm on the floor and the cauldron, and struggled to his feet. He looked like he was torn between screaming at the boy until they were both blue in the face, and beating him half to death with his cane.

If anyone was standing near Arty, suddenly....they weren't. It was like a scene in a comedy. Quillan had the unfortunate boy in his sights and he wasn't letting up on the death glare. "Class....is...dismissed." He said slowly, through tightly clenched teeth. "Mr. Vernatis...you will report to me for detention in the Entrance Hall tonight following dinner." And he went off toward his office, his footsteps squelching as he went.

He spent the next thirty minutes in the shower.


That night, Quillan awaited his victim.....student.... in the Entrance Hall. He was carrying a large cloth bag, a long handle protruded from the end, along with the ends of a rope, and a few other ominous things that anyone with a wild imagination would find alarming.

Artemis Vernatis

'Crud! How could I have gotten caught by the scariest teacher in the school? And it wasn't even all my fault! That prat had it coming to him for bullying Maeve! I wasn't going to stand by and let it happen without consequences!' Artemis griped to himself about his impending doom and the unfairness of it all. His trek to the Entrance Hall was a slow one, which was why he left a little earlier so that he could take the miserable walk down from Ravenclaw Tower to the Entrance. What horrendous task would this man make him do? His mother worked in an Apothecary and would have Artemis and his sister harvest ingredients as punishment at home. So truthfully, the smell of all of those ingredients didn't bother him as it bothered everyone else. But the professor didn't call him to one of the Potion labs, so Artemis couldn't see him having to do those unpleasant tasks.

What other torturous things would he do to him? Would he make him pull mandrakes without earmuffs? Would he actually take him to the dungeon and string him up by his toes and beat him? Were they even allowed to do that anymore?! What if he dangled him off the Astronomy tower and wouldn't let him up until he identified all of the constellations in the sky tonight?

By the time Artemis was walking down the stairs to the Entrance Hall, he had worked himself up into a panicked frenzy of various torture methods. If he were thinking rationally, he would realize that his professor was a normal guy who wouldn't bother doing anything as strenuous and physical as what Artemis was coming up with. Unfortunately, the Potions Professor had such a reputation that he terrified the young first year something awful. It didn't help that the man had scolded him harshly not that long ago at the lake.

It also didn't help that when he saw his professor standing there with that bag and the rope. Artemis would have fainted had he not gained control of himself. What was the rope for?! What was that bag for?! Was he going to be knocked out with that pole and shoved into the bag? Oh man! The professor really was going to tie him up and dangle him off the tower!

And so began the start of an eleven-year-old's unnecessary panic attack.
Artemis Vernatis

Quillan Cadwick

"Oh for the love of Merlin..." .....the kid looked like he was going to faint! Then....he started breathing hard, eyes wild and full of fear and panic. Oops....Quillan hadn't meant to scare him that bad! He sighed and set the bag down, "Whoa whoa whoa Artemis!" He said, using his first name for.....well the first time, trying to trigger some sort of 'hey that's different!' reaction. "Relax!" He tried to make himself sound reassuring, but there was only so much he could do with his voice. "That bag of stuff? It's not for you. I'm not going to harm you." he made the effort to get down on one knee in front of him, getting more on his level, knowing he'd probably regret doing that if it took too long to calm the boy down.

"We're going to collect potions ingredients. The shovel is for digging up things. The shears are for cutting them away from the plant itself and the rope is going to be used for all kinds of things! None of which involve using against you. I'm not going to torture you. Even if this school DID allow it, I won't! Believe me. I went to one where they did allow mild torture. No kid should have to through that."

He even attempted a small smile, "Might be fun. You'll have a hell of a story for when you get back! And you WILL get back! I might be old and I might have a limp, but I'll make sure nothing hurts you when we go into the forbidden forest!" He wasn't actively trying to scare the kid.....anymore..... he knew that if he told him nonsense just to freak him out, he'd have a serious problem on his hands. It was one thing to lecture a kid who'd done something wrong, to get him to see the errors of his ways. Quite another to scare him into wetting himself just for fun."......You okay now?" he actually managed to sound like he meant the question! And he did! He just wasn't very good with this sort of thing and he really really hoped the boy wouldn't get carried away with his relief and hug him or something.

Artemis Vernatis

Ok? OK?! No he wasn't bloody "Ok". He was damn near pissing his pants from seeing the items and the urge to wet himself only got worse when he was told that he would be going into the Forbidden Forest! Why on Earth would Professor Cadwick want to go in there?! Would he bury him in there? He'd never see his mother and sister ever again! He was on the verge of passing out when he heard his name-his first name- being called by the scary Professor. That was a first and a rarity. The man must be worried about him if he's calling him by his first name.

Taking a deep breath, Artemis held it, closed his eyes, and then released it again. Doing this twice more, he managed to finally calm himself down to think logically and see that what his professor said about not hurting him was true. Why would a Professor purposely hurt a student knowing that it was not only against the law but school rules? It wasn't that he didn't trust Professor Cadwick to protect him in the forest. It was more that they were going into the bloody forest! But Artemis made sure to keep his cool this time. Professor Cadwick scared him, yes. There was something about the man that just unnerved Artemis even if the older wizard was a good guy. But if he was going to let the man regret giving him detention, he was going to do it being by being his normal self and not this pansy wuss that needed a nappy to wander through the dark.

After getting himself calmed enough to actually be of use and not a burden, Artemis stood up from where he was sitting on the floor and waited for the older wizard to make the first move out of the door. He would follow behind the Professor to their destination near Hagrid's Hut, and Artemis had to wonder briefly where the half-giant was at? Was he inside enjoying some ale or whatever he drank? Or was he off playing with whatever illegal animal he may have found in the forest?

Artemis' mind also wandered back to what his professor said about his school allowing torture of students as a form of punishment. What the bloody hell kind of school did this man go to and did he really think that little bit of knowledge would calm the pre-teen down? It in fact did the opposite as it had Artemis' mind reeling that his Potions Professor knew various methods of torture to torture kids with! And he probably knew how to not leave physical marks! This only solidified Artemis' feelings that the man was off in some way.

'One day, the guy is going to snap and a student is going to go missing. Mark my words.' the boy thought to himself as he narrowed his eyes at the man's back.

'And what in Merlin's name did the man mean by fun? There was nothing fun about going into the forest! That was why Dumbledore warned them against the blasted thing at the beginning of the year! Why on Earth would he want to boast about going into the dark forest with all the creepy creatures amongst other creepy amd deadly things?!'

Artemis withheld his sigh as he wondered if the man was mentally sound or if he was just mad and needed to spend time in St. Mungos.
Artemis Vernatis

Quillan Cadwick

He really was terrible at comforting the students! He blamed his parents and lack of first hand experience in the department. Artemis thankfully, took a couple deep breaths and composed himself. The kid was tough! That was good. He stood, wincing only slightly as it shot pain through his left leg, then headed for the forest. "We won't be going deep into the woods." He said, leading the way down the path, "I'll be marking the trail back the whole time. Like I said, we're only gathering potions ingredients. We'll be able to see the topmost tower of the castle if we look for it through the trees."

He paused outside the fringe of the trees and used his right hand to draw his wand from an arm holster on his left. He summoned two lanterns from his bag and held out to Artemis, "Turn the knob and keep it down low. There's a clamp, hook it around one of your belt loops and you'll be able to carry it hands free." He told him while he hooked the lantern to his own belt loop on his pants. He turned on the flame and lowered the flame until it provided a small circle of light. "It's enchanted so it's heatless, so even if you dropped it, it wouldn't start a fire or burn the area it's hanging from. Plus, it lets off a sonic pulse that's highly irritating to the more dangerous creatures. They'll stay a far from this sound as possible. We can't hear it because it's too high pitched. But they can."

He cast a spell on his cane and the tip widened out so it resembled the end of a ski pole, "Gives me more leverage. Come on now." he went into the forest and that was that. He was quiet and every so often he'd remove a marker from his bag and place it on a tree, it glowed light green in the dark, "They'll drop off and vanish by morning." He said softly.

He led Artemis into the woods, sometimes taking a path made by animals, sometimes going off it. The trip took about twenty minutes before he stopped, "Alright. You're going to climb this tree. I can't do it myself for obvious reasons." he said, pointing up, "It's an easy climber. Once you're up there, you'll start seeing bright blue moss. Use a basic cutting spell to cut it away from the trunk." He handed him a bag of glass jars, "Fill each jar, then drop it down below. They're enchanted, they won't break. Then climb back down once all the jars are filled. I'll be down here gathering bioluminescent munchers. There's nothing up these trees to worry about. You'll be fine. I've come into these woods myself many times."

With that, he went a few trees over and started digging at the base of another tree. It wasn't long after he started digging that little things that glowed blue, green, pink, yellow, red, purple and orange started scurrying all over the place. Quillan started putting them into jars too. True to his word, nothing really terrible lived in the tree he'd sent Arty into, and nothing came to get them.

It wouldn't be until later in the detention that something would come to put the pair of them in danger....something big. Running to take shelter from something even bigger and more deadly than even Quillan had anticipated.

Artemis Vernatis

Artemis couldn't help but be amazed at how meticulous his professor was being with marking the trees. If he happened to get lost from the man he could still find his way out of the forest by following the glowing marks. The enchanted lantern was also interesting and the boy had to wonder if these were the same enchantments that were used on the candles and lanterns in his and his grandparent's homes. Lighting his lantern as he was instructed, Artemis tied it around a belt loop of his trousers before turning slightly in the direction of the school to look to where he thought the tallest tower was located. Sure enough, he could see the top of the tower. There were many ways to find his way out of the forest if he needed to escape it for some reason. He could only hope that he didn't need to escape at all. His nerves and flight instincts were starting to kick in when the Professor mentioned that the lanterns would emit a pulse that would ward off most dangerous creatures.

'I don't need most of the beasts to be warded off. I need them all to be warded off. How the hell did I get into this mess? This guy better protect me because I only know a limited amount of spells and none of them are particularly offensive, damn it.' Artemis grumbled in his mind as he trudged behind the limping man. He avoided staring at his professor and the strange contraption he was using by mentally practicing the wand movement for Diffindo and Stupefy. These spells were advanced for his age group, but Artemis was always a kid who read ahead and practiced when he was bored with his regular studies. He pretty much got the cutting spell down to a fine art and was the ire of many house elves who had to mend his robes when he used them as target practice. The Stunning Charm/Spell was the more difficult one to figure out even though it was a simple movement. But he moved his hand in the same movement that he saw in the books and practiced until they stopped by a larger tree.

Throughout the walk, Artemis was sullen about his punishment as he wasn't even sure how he got caught in the first place. He found it utterly unfair that the Slytherin arse got away with bullying his friend while he got punished for retaliating. Bah...some justice that is. However, his sullen attitude dispersed once his instructions were given to him at the tree. He was to climb this large tree and collect ingredients in glass jars. He wanted to ask if his class would ever use whatever it was he was about to collect, but he only sighed as he looked up at the tree again. The man said it would be an easy climb...

The tree looked to be taller than Hogwarts itself!

He opened his mouth to protest when he noticed Professor Cadwick had moved a little away from his standing position, leaving Artemis alone at the base of the tree. Mumbling to himself, Artemis removed his robes, held the bag by its tie tightly in his right hand, and began climbing this impossibly tall tree that was deemed "easy" to climb by a man who couldn't climb the tree himself. As he hoisted himself up further into the tree, his veiw of the ground was suddenly obscured by the thick leaves and Artemis soon found himself surrounded by the beautiful sight of the blue moss growing on the trunk of the tree. It was a beautiful sight and Artemis wished his mother could see this...though she probably already had seen this during her time at school here. This was probably the best part of this detention, even if it was tedious.

Artemis took out his wand and quickly practiced the cutting charm wand movements a few times before attempting to tackle the task at hand. He was slow at first, as he wasn't sure how she should cut the moss away initially, but soon a groove was found and Artemis was slicing the moss away with determination. If he was going to suffer doing this detention, he might as well do it proper. Jar after jar floated to the base of the tree and Artemis decided to take a break after the fifteenth Jar. Surely that was enough? He looked into the bag and saw that there was plenty of jars left...and then he realized that this bag was probably an extending bag with nothing but glass jars hidden away inside. The man was going to torture him with this task. Well....he was done. Fifteen jars jammed packed of blue moss was enough in Artemis' opinion, so he decided to climb down the tree and wait for his professor to return.

He looked around for Professor Cadwick, but even with the illumination from the moss in the jars, the boy couldn't make out the limping professor in the darkness. He did remember that the man walked to the left of the tree earlier and at that moment, heading in that direction alone seemed like a great idea. All he was going to do was alert his teacher that he was finished which would then hopefully get the man to take pity and end this night early.

His short walk with his handy dandy lantern by his side was going so perfectly until he happened to come across something large and sticky attaching to his face. Completely grossed out, Artemis tried to swat the sticky string away from his hands and face, but it seemed as if it had grown back...or maybe it was just larger than what it originally seemed? Either way, Artemis manged to get himself untangled from the substance by cutting it with the spell from his wand. But when the webbing cleared, the boy could have sworn he saw something large staring back at him through the darkness. Taking his lantern out, he held it up so that the light could shine on a wider area and immediately recoiled at what he saw. Dropping the lantern, Artemis ran back in the direction he had come from.

"P-p-professor! The-there's a h-h-hor-horde of them! PROFESSOR!"

Artemis screamed this loudly to hopefully have his words reach the ears of his professor. Unfortunately, in his flight to escape, Artemis would end up moving further into the forest instead of back toward the luminescent tree and the surrounding jars of blue moss.
Artemis Vernatis

Quillan Cadwick

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He'd have to ask Artemis why the kid had sabotaged another student's potion, had he done it on a date? Spite? Revenge? If it was to get back at the kid for something he'd done, Quillan would make sure to find a way to punish the Slytherin for his actions. But first....he had to get the first year to talk. He kept marking trees, they were just simple little arrows, pointing in the direction of the next marker and even though he personally didn't need them, he knew Vernatis might. They walked in relative silence, with Quillan occasionally telling the boy to watch out for this, or go around that. He had to focus on his own footing, getting through the rough terrain was hard on his curse leg, it'd be extra sore later on but he needed these ingredients for a rather interesting project he had in store for his fifth year class.

He watched Artemis climb the tree, it was tall, but it had good strong branches and even if he did fall, Quillan cast a quick spell at the base of the tree to make the ground extra spongy and soft if it detected something approaching too fast. Then, he went in search of his grub worms. Perhaps Quillan should've spent more time exploring these woods, but he a new Professor here, he hadn't had as much time to get to know this forest like the other Professor might've. That was why, as he went off to get more worms after filling in the hole he'd dug, he encountered a rather sudden drop off.

It was sudden and unexpected. It almost straight out a muggle cartoon. One minute he had solid ground under his feet, the next step....hello gravity! He gasped and fell straight down, hit the ground on his back and rolled. The hill was steep and large and the farther he rolled, the more speed he picked up. He was lucky, (for once) and at the bottom, he was slowed down by mud. He didn't exactly like mud, but it was better than smashing into a tree or a rock, or a thorn bush. Or just being flung out into empty air. They were in the mountains after all...

He got slowly to his feet and crouched there for a while, shaking off the dizziness and looking up the hill. He'd have to work his way back up. Luckily for him, when he checked for his bag, it had fallen off at the top of the drop off and nothing was coming out. He sighed and slowly started heading back up. Then, he heard the distant scream of the boy.

Panic shot through his heart and he scrambled up the hill, half running, half crawling. If anything happened to the little weasel he'd never forgive himself! At the top of the hill, he barely paused to scoop up his bag and sling it crossways over his body before looking for the light that Artemis was carrying. He scanned the area but couldn't see it at first. Then, there in the distance was a bobbing light. Heading away from him! He also saw spider webs. Nothing to worry about. Except......he noticed they spanned the gap between trees and were thick. As thick as a mattress! He hurried toward the lantern as fast as he could go, wishing once more that he didn't have his bum leg. That he could really sprint.

Finally, he spotted the kid and whatever it was that was after him. Spiders. Four of them! Each one had to be the size of Rottweilers! He couldn't hope to catch them on foot, by the time he got there the spiders would've eaten the kid! He'd have to think fast! He hurried out into the open and dug into his bag, taking out a jar of something. Then, he shouted "HEY!" and fired off a spell, it hit one of the spiders and knocked it off course, smashing into a tree with such force, it squealed and leaves were rattled down. "Why eat junior over there? He's a snack. Not enough for all of you!"

The spiders hissed and one charged, then the others came running at him. "Kid! Hide! These little bastards can climb trees so don't go up any. Get under a bush. One with thorns if you can. It'll protect you." He shouted and then, he kicked into high gear. What he lacked in speed and grace, Quillan made up for with sheer ferocity and creativity. One spider, he threw his bottle at and it shattered on its face. It screamed and backed away, smoke rising from it and it hit the ground with a thud, legs waving in the air as it shrieked. Then, it got up and ran away, screeching, stumbling and crashing into things, smoke still coming from it, along with pieces of its face as it scurried off.

Quillan twisted and dodged and fended off the other spiders with spells and potions, one of them Quillan hit with one-two combo. An engorging spell along with a shrinking potion. The spell and the potion combined created an effect that made half the spider's legs grow, half shrink, and the body kept on switching from expanding, to shrinking. It stumbled off, falling and getting back up a lot, crashing, bumbling and fumbling through the woods.

The remaining two hissed and clicked, and began backing away from Quillan, who was breathing hard and sweating, but had two more potions in his hands, "You want some of this? Or do you want to run off?" he snarled and as the third spider approached, a little nervously, Quillan threw both potions and then dived to one side. There was an explosion and the spiders squealed in pain and terror and took off in whichever direction their siblings had gone. One was on fire, the other was smoldering and both seemed to be in a lot of pain.

Quillan let them go, then looked around for the boy's light, while summoning the jars of ingredients. "It's alright Bay! You can come out now." He hadn't realized his mistake. He was still a little frantic from the fight. His leg was killing him, and they still had to get out of the woods. Now. He'd collect the kid and they'd go. He was also covered in mud and was bleeding, scratched and bruised in several places from close calls dodging the spiders and generally getting tossed around as he'd fended them off.

Artemis Vernatis

He had fallen while running and managed to crab walk until his back touched the rough bark of the base of another tree. He was screwed. He took his wand out and pointed it in front of him hoping that he could recall a spell damaging enough to ward these damned spiders off. Of course, the only spell he could recall was Stupefy and that wasn't nearly good enough to do damage to the eight legged creatures. Oh what he wouldn't give to see a book of advanced spells. He should have taken advantage of that time that idiotic seventh year left the restricted section door open. He could have had his choice of super advanced magic by now! But he got scared at the last minute of being caught and decided against it. Plus he knew that his magic wasn't nearly high enough to even attempt casting those spells. They could have been lethal to him if he tried. But he did wish that he had something other than the stunning spell to help him right now. It did nothing but bounce off of the hairy bodies of these giant spiders.

Backing up some more, Artemis's eyes had widened as he realized that he was trapped. He didn't want to die. He was only eleven. Originally, he thought that if he were staring up at death's door he wouldn't care or mind, but he had another thought altogether when he realized that his mother and sister would be devestated if he were to die today. Before he could get anymore thoughts into his mind about what his family would feel about his sudden and untimely death, one of the spiders took a leap at him, its fangs dripping and spread apart ready to sink into his head or neck. Artemis instinctively covered his head with his arms and let out a loud scream that should have alerted anyone in the nearby vicinity. What he didn't realize was that out of fear, his magic accidentally exploded out of him, sending the spider that lunged at him back into the forest. He didn't know what happened to it, but he was thankful that it was no longer trying to eat his face. Now he was faced with the others, but he knew that he wouldn't be able to replicate that accidental magic. It was an accident! Thankfully, he heard the distinct call from his professor nearby and with his professor's voice, the creatures took their eyes away from him and faced the older wizard. The warning to run and hide was not said to the deaf and Artemis quickly stood up and moved to hide in a nearby bush. It didn't matter where he hid, those creatures would find him if they wanted him. If Professor Cadwick lost against them, then he was done for anyway. So he might as well hide where he had a decent vantage point of what was going on and when he would be spider food.

Artemis watched as his professor threw vial after vial at the spiders and used his wand in a sort of combo attack. One by one the spiders that tried him ended up scurrying away and running back into the forest wence they came. Artemis cheered quietly as each one was taken care of as he didn't wish to call more attention to himself or his professor by being loud. From his spot on the rock, he could see his professor was a little worn for wear, almost as if he had a battle with the forest and lost, but the man sure enough took out those spiders like a champ! It was amazing! The boy jumped down from the rock and started to make his way through the foliage just as the man called out for someone named "Bay" to come out of hiding and that everything was alright. It threw Artemis off a bit as he didn't know that there was another kid in the area. Was the Professor not fighting off the spiders to save him?

"Who's Bay? Is he out here with us?" Artemis asked as he came out through the bushes. He brushed some of the leaves off and stood before the muddy and damaged looking man, trying to contain a grimace. "Um...firstly...thank you for saving me, professor. Secondly...what happened to you? Did you lose a fight with the forest?"

Artemis had asked these questions, though he wasn't really interested in the answers. He really just wanted to get out of the forest as soon as possible and hoped that Professor Cadwick wasn't going to have him collect anything else. Who knew what else would try to make a meal out of them that night if they stayed any longer?

"Can we go back to the castle now? Please, sir?"
Artemis Vernatis

Quillan Cadwick

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Bay? How did .....oh. ....He'd said his son's name. "You misheard me." He said shortly, I said 'it's alright okay?" he might've put a little too much forced calm into it but now it was too late to do anything about it. He pulled his bag further up his shoulder and said, " There's no one out here but me and you." He didn't want to tell anyone, least of all some kid about his son's death. No one knew and he'd keep it that way. He was thanking him for saving him? Did that meant Vernatis thought he'd just stand there and watch as spiders ate a student alive? Possibly whilst eating popcorn or something? "I'm not letting any student die if I can do something to help and .....I kind of did. I don't know these woods as well as I did when I went to and eventually taught at, Durmstrang. I found a nice little drop off. Went on a totally horrible roll down a very steep hill and was slowed down by mud. Sure to have gotten a couple scrapes and cuts from that. Then there was the whole giant spider fight."

He was starting to see why this place was forbidden for students. Why the school didn't just put up magical barriers and more real warnings than verbal ones was beyond him. "Yeah. Let's go. Don't need to tell me twice." and he summoned the jars Vernatis had managed to gather. "....Are you alright? Not hurt are you? I'll be okay. Quick trip to the hospital wing, a couple healing spells and I'll be good. You?" But first, they had to get out of here.

He look around for the markers and spotted one, then started heading out, there was an extra hitch to his step, but he refused to acknowledge it. He'd pushed his limits tonight and he knew it. As he walked he muttered ".....Look....I'm ....sorry about this.....whole disaster. You could've died. And it would've been my fault. I should've never brought you out here kid. I didn't think these woods were this dangerous. I mean....back at Durmstrang, we had woods too. Hell, it was in Russia! Pretty rough. Specially in the winter. But they weren't as dangerous as here. Didn't have any giant ass spiders I can tell you that much!"

Artemis Vernatis

Misheard, huh? Riiiiight. Artemis rolled his eyes and nodded his head in a 'Sure you're right' gesture. "I'm sure that there's only the two of us out here, Professor. Human wise. Creature wise...there's more out here than just giant spiders. Unicorns are the nicest creatures we have in here if you're lucky to happen upon one. There are werewolves though, and I am sure that there's a giant herd probably really far in this forest. Or at least there was one. I don't know if they're there anymore. There is a herd of Centaurs though. I heard Hagrid whispering about them one day when I was near his hut."

Artemis had a soft smile on his lips when his teacher mentioned that he wouldn't let him die if he could help it. It gave him some hope that this man had a bit of humanity in him. Maybe he wasn't as scary as Artemis originallly thought him out to be. When the inquiry turned to his own injuries, Artemis shook his head. "Just a few scratches from the bushes. Nothing a little time won't take care of. I'm sure my blood already clotted most of the smaller scratches anyway." he shrugged.

He really wanted to get out of the forest. He was tired, sweaty, and just wanted to take a quick shower and sleep. Thankfully he didn't have an early class the next morning so he could sleep in a little longer than usual. Artemis knew that he wouldn't be speaking about this to anyone, but he definitely was going to brood on it. How and why wasn't he able to take care of himself? The professors aren't always going to be around to take care of him or save him. He needed to get stronger; learn more spells. His grandfather could cast wandlessly. That was a skill Artemis wanted to learn one day too. It looked so useful. He needed to get his hands on a book of spells that were of a higher level than where he was currently at. 'Maybe I could snitch one of the upperclassmen's DADA or Charms textbook. Just to study from them and learn something new.' he thought to himself as he started walking behind his professor toward the entrance of the forest.  

Artemis Vernatis

Quillan Cadwick

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The attitude on this kid!!! He did NOT just roll his eyes at him! "It's not a full moon night and as long as you're respectful of the centaurs then they'll let you pass most of the time." He told him, refusing to even draw attention to the eyeroll and the obviously patronizing nod he'd just given him. He'd have to explain otherwise. Let the kid think what he wanted about the name drop.

"Well good. You should get checked out at the hospital wing anyway, cuts left untreated can go south pretty quick. Even shallow ones." In other words, he was escorting him there whether he thought he needed to go or not. As they walked along, to keep his mind off the pain in his leg, Quillan said "The reason I was so hard on you is to show you that you can't go around messing with potions. It's not like cooking, where the worst thing is, you put salt in a batch of cookies and it's fun to watch the other person make funny faces. Mix the wrong things and you could easily make something explode. Or melt your cauldron. Knew a kid in Durmstrang who experimented with a potion, trying to make a new kind of potion to impress the Professor. He ended up producing some sort of smoke that caused permanent damage to his lungs and vocal cords. Could hardly breathe without wheezing and couldn't speak without sounding like he'd smoked two packs a day for eighty years!"

He paused at the forest fringe, leaning against a tree to massage his curse leg, "Damn that hurts..." He hissed and then glanced over at Vernatis, "Anyway, that's all I'm going to say about it. So why did you try to sabotage that other guy's potion? Revenge? A dare? If it was out of revenge, like he's been picking on you .....I'll take care of it. Won't name drop or anything. If he's giving you a hard time, I'm sure he's doing the same to some other kids. Maybe even my nephew. Can't stand bullies! Just tell me. He'll never know it was you. Think of it this way, speak up and something will be done about it. Don't say anything and nothing will change and this pointy headed brainless cretin will keep on giving you and possibly others, a hard time until something serious happens."

Artemis Vernatis

Artemis sighed as he was "advised" to get checked out at the Hospital Wing. He knew from listening to other adults that this meant he was going to be taken there whether he wanted to go or not. Well, at least he'd get a note from Madam Pomfrey this way in case he wanted to skip first lesson tomorrow. That was a definite plus, especially if he played the traumatized student card effectively. He glanced at the man from the side as the older wizard explained why he was so hard on him and why he gave Artemis detention in the first place. The first year figured it would finally be time to tell his side of the story, though he really felt that maybe this should have been asked about at the time of the crime instead of the night after. It didn't exactly matter now why Artemis did what he did. He got caught, got detention, nearly died during his detention, and completed his detention. The time for the crime was over.

But he felt that it should be known that some muggleborn students weren't safe from being bullied.

Artemis looked away mullishly. "What would you have done if someone had filled your school trunk with frog spawn soap and your school bag with adhesive potion so that everything was stuck together and useless? He was only the first one. Happened to be in my next class so I dealt with him as best as I could. The other one has it coming once I can catch them. They didn't have the balls to mess with me because I'm a pureblood, but they decided to mess with my friend, a Muggleborn. Calling her 'Mudblood' as they put the soap in her bag and shoving her to the ground. She told me all of this. That's why I did what I did. And I'd do it again too."

Artemis looked to the moon briefly before he continued out of the foilage. "I know all about the effects messing up a potion can have. My mother works in an Apothecary and our family is known for their poisons. I'm sorry that I would have messed up your classroom, Professor. That kid needed to learn not to mess with me or my friends. I would do it again too. I have no regrets." he tossed over his shoulder as he continued on to the school. He knew that he had to go to the hospital wing. Even if he managed to give the old man the slip and sneak up to his dorms, he'd most likely be dragged back in the morning. He rather just go see the medi-witch and keep it moving. But the lad's thoughts were on something much more serious than just seeing the nurse. He hated the fact that Professor Cadwick had to save him. It was like his mother protecting him from his father all those years ago. Artemis knew that it was irrational thinking but he couldn't help but think that maybe he should and need to be stronger. He was determined to learn more defensive spells and offensive spells. He would do his best to get an upperclassman's textbook before the year was out and he would be borrowing books from his grandparent's library as well over the summer. He wouldn't be weak again.

He wouldn't be caught off guard ever again.

Artemis Vernatis