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Don't do the crime if you can't do the time

Started by Quillan Cadwick, July 19, 2021, 11:30:16 pm

Quillan Cadwick

July 19, 2021, 11:30:16 pm Last Edit: July 21, 2021, 07:35:03 am by Xavier Miles
Quillan wasn't the type of Professor who gave out detention for no reason or took away house points for the sake of flaunting his power. So far, he'd only given detention or deducted house points from students he really thought needed it. The problem was, that when he did give detention, they were so severe, that students tried making it a point not to get into trouble around Quillan. Unlike most teachers, he didn't make his students clean, or write lines, or do boring tasks. No. He actually took the time to figure out the worst possible punishment he could for each student. What was a punishment for one, might be a pleasant task for another! And besides, he had to suffer alongside the students making sure they stayed on task! So why should he subject himself to watching a student write lines on a paper and then read through every single one? He wasn't the one who was supposed to regret his actions! His students were! He'd quickly become infamous for his horrible detentions. There was a certain first year who was going to discover first hand exactly what Quillan could do to a student if he was pissed off.....

Quillan had been teaching some of his first years, in the gloom of the dungeons, he was extra intimidating but he didn't care. If his students would focus on their potions, they wouldn't be afraid of him. He was working on his potion, right alongside his students. "Now..." He said, the mirror above him showed off exactly how he cut his ingredients, "The Firelizard's tail isn't alive, but similar to a normal, muggle lizard, its tail continues to move after it's detached from the body. Only differences are, the tail wriggles for days afterward and two, touching it bare handed will result in mild burns, so keep those gloves on. Don't be squeamish about cutting it up either, just pin it down with your pushpins and you'll be fine!" He said, demonstrating as he worked, slicing it finely "Once you add your firelizard tail, you go ahead and add extract of lemon, at least three drops but no more than seven, followed by adding two drops of fresh flobberworm mucus." He then stepped back from his potion "Now they need to simmer for ten minutes. While it's simmering, you'll all need to prepare the final ingredient, which is four dried frog hearts, two dried frog kidneys and the lungs, also dried. They have to be crushed. The finer the powder the better the results."

He went to every students' potion to inspect their progress so far, making a quiet remark to them about how they could either improve their potion or whether or not they were doing well enough that they didn't have to improve. Then, he got to Arty's potion or rather.....Captain Sticky as he'd come to call him in his own head, for obvious reasons. Captain Sticky wasn't paying attention, at least not to his own potion! He'd taken it upon himself to add ingredients at random to another person's potion! Sabotage! His seat mate, whoever they were, were frantically trying to warn Arty that Quillan was standing right behind him. Oh this was TOO easy.

Quillan leaned forward and whispered directly into his ear (thankfully Quillan enjoyed eating mint mice, similar to sugar mice) "Busted." And shot out his hand to grab Arty's wrist, "Don't add that. It'll turn the potion into a highly toxic poison and we'd have to evacuate the classroom. Now. You and I are going to my desk and we're going to discuss exactly what you put in this potion." He hovered the cauldron into the air and limped for his desk. He cast a vanishing spell on the potion, but whatever the little idiot in tube socks had done to it, trying to make the potion vanish set something off.

It shot straight into the air, bounced off his mirror and mostly landed on top of him. "Shit! Hot hot hot hot!" He yelped and then, as he was trying to stay upright, his cane skidded to one side and down he went. Then.....the scent hit him. Several students ran for the door, it smelled like a mix of rotten eggs, spoiled meat, expired milk, cat pee and dragon dung. The potion was also slippery and slimy. He shuddered in disgust and discomfort. There was potion in places potion ought not to be! And the stench was horrendous.

The entire class went silent and stared, either at Arty or at Quillan. Aside from the occasional 'Ew' and the sound of several students getting sick, (which only added to the smell) there was total silence. Quillan cast a cleaning charm on the floor and the cauldron, and struggled to his feet. He looked like he was torn between screaming at the boy until they were both blue in the face, and beating him half to death with his cane.

If anyone was standing near Arty, suddenly....they weren't. It was like a scene in a comedy. Quillan had the unfortunate boy in his sights and he wasn't letting up on the death glare. "Class....is...dismissed." He said slowly, through tightly clenched teeth. "Mr. Vernatis...you will report to me for detention in the Entrance Hall tonight following dinner." And he went off toward his office, his footsteps squelching as he went.

He spent the next thirty minutes in the shower.


That night, Quillan awaited his victim.....student.... in the Entrance Hall. He was carrying a large cloth bag, a long handle protruded from the end, along with the ends of a rope, and a few other ominous things that anyone with a wild imagination would find alarming.

Artemis Vernatis

'Crud! How could I have gotten caught by the scariest teacher in the school? And it wasn't even all my fault! That prat had it coming to him for bullying Maeve! I wasn't going to stand by and let it happen without consequences!' Artemis griped to himself about his impending doom and the unfairness of it all. His trek to the Entrance Hall was a slow one, which was why he left a little earlier so that he could take the miserable walk down from Ravenclaw Tower to the Entrance. What horrendous task would this man make him do? His mother worked in an Apothecary and would have Artemis and his sister harvest ingredients as punishment at home. So truthfully, the smell of all of those ingredients didn't bother him as it bothered everyone else. But the professor didn't call him to one of the Potion labs, so Artemis couldn't see him having to do those unpleasant tasks.

What other torturous things would he do to him? Would he make him pull mandrakes without earmuffs? Would he actually take him to the dungeon and string him up by his toes and beat him? Were they even allowed to do that anymore?! What if he dangled him off the Astronomy tower and wouldn't let him up until he identified all of the constellations in the sky tonight?

By the time Artemis was walking down the stairs to the Entrance Hall, he had worked himself up into a panicked frenzy of various torture methods. If he were thinking rationally, he would realize that his professor was a normal guy who wouldn't bother doing anything as strenuous and physical as what Artemis was coming up with. Unfortunately, the Potions Professor had such a reputation that he terrified the young first year something awful. It didn't help that the man had scolded him harshly not that long ago at the lake.

It also didn't help that when he saw his professor standing there with that bag and the rope. Artemis would have fainted had he not gained control of himself. What was the rope for?! What was that bag for?! Was he going to be knocked out with that pole and shoved into the bag? Oh man! The professor really was going to tie him up and dangle him off the tower!

And so began the start of an eleven-year-old's unnecessary panic attack.
Artemis Vernatis

Quillan Cadwick

"Oh for the love of Merlin..." .....the kid looked like he was going to faint! Then....he started breathing hard, eyes wild and full of fear and panic. Oops....Quillan hadn't meant to scare him that bad! He sighed and set the bag down, "Whoa whoa whoa Artemis!" He said, using his first name for.....well the first time, trying to trigger some sort of 'hey that's different!' reaction. "Relax!" He tried to make himself sound reassuring, but there was only so much he could do with his voice. "That bag of stuff? It's not for you. I'm not going to harm you." he made the effort to get down on one knee in front of him, getting more on his level, knowing he'd probably regret doing that if it took too long to calm the boy down.

"We're going to collect potions ingredients. The shovel is for digging up things. The shears are for cutting them away from the plant itself and the rope is going to be used for all kinds of things! None of which involve using against you. I'm not going to torture you. Even if this school DID allow it, I won't! Believe me. I went to one where they did allow mild torture. No kid should have to through that."

He even attempted a small smile, "Might be fun. You'll have a hell of a story for when you get back! And you WILL get back! I might be old and I might have a limp, but I'll make sure nothing hurts you when we go into the forbidden forest!" He wasn't actively trying to scare the kid.....anymore..... he knew that if he told him nonsense just to freak him out, he'd have a serious problem on his hands. It was one thing to lecture a kid who'd done something wrong, to get him to see the errors of his ways. Quite another to scare him into wetting himself just for fun."......You okay now?" he actually managed to sound like he meant the question! And he did! He just wasn't very good with this sort of thing and he really really hoped the boy wouldn't get carried away with his relief and hug him or something.