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[Meridian] You get what you need

Started by Odhrán Ó Dálaigh, July 14, 2021, 08:46:19 pm

Talia Bryce

Talia smiled at the two of them and pushed back a laugh imagining the two of them playing chess and how Helene had caught him letting her win. Their banter back and forth was amusing. The exchange reminded Lia of the twins testing their mother's patience.

He seemed just as determined to get his wand back as ever but Séverin had been clear and Talia had no objections to Odhrán waiting. Thankfully she wasn't privy to where it was currently so if he managed to sweet talk her she wouldn't be tempted.

Returning a small wave as Helene made her leave, Talia stood blinking at Odhrán. He was so still and quiet she wasn't sure what he was up to...but clearly up to something judging by the look on his face. She flustered as he moved, a wave of butterflies washing over her, tickling at her skin. Why was he counting? She swallowed, a jolt of electricity shooting along her arm as his hand found her wrist.

Another flicker of energy as he closed the distance between them, her other wrist now in his possession, the touch lighting tiny sparks up her arms and spreading along her back.

"Got you."

A breath held fast in her chest as she stared up at Odhrán, timidly meeting his blue eyes. It was the first time in awhile they had actually been alone making her suddenly feel more self conscious than usual. Not to mention the way his gaze lingered over her. Searching his eyes in the silence she shifted in his hold nervously. There was no hint of craving swirled in pools of blue, hungry to take her in. This time she found a softer look, a different sort of intensity.

The gravity of him made her unable to move. His thumbs traced at the inside of her wrists, to contact so soft to the contrast in which he held her in place, so much so she could feel a tension pushing against her.

"Thank you." She murmured, pulling in her lower lip.

"No, I- well, these are actually..work clothes." Stumbling over herself, she laughed nervously. He genuinely found this look attractive? She hurriedly made a mental note but was baffled at his reaction nonetheless.

Staring up at him, the tension seemed to flex and make her lean into him, drawing her arms back to tug him closer. Nosing at the underside of his jawline, Lia pushed up on her tip toes and placed a soft kiss on his cheek.

"How are you feeling?" Even if he was progressing she still found herself worrying in the quieter moments of the day while st work. She shot a stern look up at him. "Honestly." Taking a small step back, or what could be allowed with her still in his grasp she took him in and inspected his arm.

Odhrán Ó Dálaigh

"Work clothes?" Surely, not! "Where were you when I was still a student?" he asked jokingly. "I wouldn't have minded a cute professor like that." He chuckled softly and looked her over once more. How could this possibly, under any circumstances, compare with hideous floor length teaching robes his professors at Aspermont had worn? Talia was a vision. "No wonder you say your students can be a handful. I would be so distracted in your herbology class." To be fair, there was probably a risk of that no matter in what she was dressed. He felt ever more smitten with her, smiling so hard that it was making his cheeks hurt.

And there it was, the familiar feeling of their charged energy about to lead to something quite explosive. It was a relief. It felt thrilling. His heart was beating so fast, and he felt like a slight blush was creeping into his cheeks. Talia closed the distance between them and feeling her pressed up against his body sent a tingle through his skin. If she'd not seen longing in his eyes yet, she put it there now. She pressed a gentle kiss against his cheek and Odhrán found himself quite breathless, overwhelmed with how good even these little touches felt after not being allowed any intimacy for a little while.

"I'm feeling great," he told her genuinely. "At least, I think I do now you are here." However, knowing Talia he was aware she would not let him get away with such a superficial answer. "My ribcage is still a bit sore. I'm very apprehensive about just casting spells the way Séverin said I should. Please, no lectures, I know he's right and I am trying. But you all have to understand that I lost control so many times lately that I am just a little bit terrified. And unlike the rest of you hacks I'm actually talented." He couldn't help that little joke, feeling relatively confident that she would laugh with him, rather than be offended by it.

He followed her eyes, noticing that she was looking at the curse mark on his arm around. "Oh yeah, and that thing decided to play up earlier, but Helene has done something to it to stop the itching. All in all, I guess I'm about as well as can be expected." Hopefully, she would be happy enough with his answer. In his opinion, Talia tended to worry rather too much about him. She'd certainly shown him how much of a mother lion she could be and how irritated she could become when shut out. He certainly had no interest in being on her bad side again.

She took a little step backwards to give him a once over and he allowed it for a couple of moments even if her scrutiny was making him a little nervous. Then he closed the gap between them once more. He gave her quite a playful smirk as he moved to cross her arms behind her back, switching which hand was holding each wrist. He seemed quite pleased capturing her like this, their bodies pressed against each other, holding her firmly, him gazing down into her dark eyes. He placed a gentle, little kiss on the right corner of her lips, but was quite quick to pull back again.

"I have a couple of questions for you if that's okay? I'll think about letting you go if you answer all of them."

Talia Bryce

"Good, good." She mused, satisfied with his response. A ripple of energy flowing against her skin as she was caught up in a laugh at his poking fun at everyone. Pursing her lips to one side she gave him a sidelong glance. "How foolish of us all to question the great Healer Ó Dálaigh." She feigned a dramatic gasp and lifted her shoulders as if shocked the poor man had to deal with the lot of them.

"It does look much better. Especially when you don't scratch." She tilted her head to one side and narrowed her eyes playfully. Before she could say much more he was in her space again and adjusting his hold on her. Opening her mouth to protest all she found was a fleeting kiss on the edge of her lips, stealing away whatever it was she had just been about to say.

"You'll think about letting me go? Gosh, is this some sort of test? Mister Dálaigh, I haven't had nearly enough time to study!" She made a face at him. "But if you insist." Readying herself to interrupt each question she could, eyes flashing mischievously and chin tilted up defiantly.

Odhrán Ó Dálaigh

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"Mmmh," he confirmed playfully. "I'll think about it. You don't object to being mine, now do you?" There was a hint of challenge to his tone. She'd done that thing again where she'd called him Mister Dálaigh and he couldn't deny that it did things to him, pushed buttons that were perhaps a little dangerous, but all the same very enjoyable. 

"Oh, you figured out this is a test? How very clever of you. Five points to Ravenclaw." He'd not even had the slightest intention dressing this up as a test, but he enjoyed the idea of playing into her fantasy and hopefully was getting the tone just right to send shivers down her spine. He planted another gentle kiss on the other corner of her lips, just as light and breezy, there for a fleeting moment and gone the next.

"First of all, I'd like to know whose idea it was to give me that terrible potion each night. It tastes like what I imagine unwashed socks to taste like, I mean it certainly smells that way, and I don't think it does anything to aid with my recovery. Tell me now, because whoever is responsible for this transgression against human rights will be in deep, deep trouble with me."

He remained inappropriately close to her, near enough for her to probably feel his breath. Odhrán took a few little steps forward, starting to back her up against the closed door behind her. "And then secondly, my dear, I'd like to know exactly why I cannot have my harp. Would you please explain it to me in terms I can understand? Exactly what have I done to anybody to deserve such unusual cruelty?"

Having her exactly where he wanted her, he pressed his body closer to hers, knowing there was nowhere for her to escape. He pushed his leg between hers and pursed his lips.

"And then lastly, I'd like my wand back. And I am fairly sure you must know where Séverin put it. So, please tell me, my love, where is it." He locked his blue eyes with hers giving her a deep look as if attempting to look into her mind. He figured she probably couldn't tell the difference between him pretending and him doing the real thing and she would spill the beans for him if she thought that he was about to see the truth anyway.

Talia Bryce

A wide grin settled on her lips happy he was playing along. Who knew that hearing him give house points would send such a thrill up her spine and flare along the base of her skull, triggering a string of goosebumps to drape on her shoulders.

Talia fought back the urge to laugh. Unwashed socks? True, that was a bit of a rough potion. She hadn't expected him to describe it in the exact way the kids she had treated would. She might not have compensated as much for the taste having to make it stronger to fight off the infection threatening to ravage his system. Always some tweaking involved in children versus adult body weight.

"Dear me, it seems I'm in quite a lot of trouble with you." He was so close she could feel the heat radiating from his skin, breath warming her cheek as he leaned down. "I suppose I could make it taste sweeter, if you ask nicely that is."

Letting him lead her backwards, she felt the door press up against her back, a slight gasp escaping her in a short breath. The way his tone caressed at her ears made her giddy, stirring up another emotion. With him this close she could peer down part of his shirt, eyes trailing lazily over his neck before matching his gaze.

"I hope my punishment isn't too severe." She fluttered her lashes at him and set her eyes intently on his. "Be gentle, I still have work tomorrow." She warned before his next question.

"You can have it back when you're a good boy." She challenged, a brow lifting on her face. If only her hands had been free! He knew her too well already. Well if she was going to fight fire with fire. She let his leg slide between hers and matched his move, pressing back against him, lifting her hips from the door behind her.

Oh thank Merlin... something she truthfully didn't know. Judging by the way he was bearing down on her, he was about to slip into her thoughts. She waited for the familiar tendril of magic to tickle at the inner depths of her mind but nothing came. Her eyes narrowed, maybe he was waiting to see if she reacted?

"You know there's other ways to practice magic than a wand, love." Fingers gently placed on some of his buttons. Was he bluffing? She waited and still no sense of his magic brushing against her. Hmm.. "But I'm not at liberty to divulge such secrets as to where your wand is stashed away." Tugging on her arms to pull him closer she bore her eyes into his, flicking a brow up daring him to press her more.

Odhrán Ó Dálaigh

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"I don't think sweet and unwashed socks is a good combination" he quipped back. "You'll have to make me a better offer than that to escape the consequences."

Oh, Sweet Circe! A moment later she completely derailed him with her teasing. His pulse quickened and he felt hot and like a nervous bundle of energy. Was she just messing with him or was she seeing right through him and embracing his playful side without further question? He suddenly felt a hint of shyness. Opening up to Talia and letting her see how he worked and how she made him feel was terrifying, especially when he was at times a little conflicted about how wild he could get. It was hardly proper. She'd baited him a time or two before now and he'd dismissed it as accidental. This, well, there was nothing ambiguous about it. She'd found all of his buttons and was gently and deliberately applying pressure. Alright, it was on. 

"Careful, now," he warned her gently. "If you tempt me like that you might be biting off more trouble than you can chew." His eyes though had the kindest, warmest expression. She might as well have told him that she loved him. He felt so cherished and accepted in this moment it was truly magical to him.

Her answer about the harp was seemingly lost to him as she pushed her hips forward, clearly determined to see just what it would take to make him snap and take advantage of her. He closed his eyes for a little bit to steel himself against the intensity of the feeling. How was it that her touch was so intoxicating? How had he managed to live without having her in his life? She made everything brighter and pushed it into acute focus. The tension between them was exquisite torture. He'd never felt this way with anybody before.

Outrageously enough, she still wasn't done pushing him. Before he knew it, she was teasing him about his magic. Really? She had the gall to bait a powerful legillimens to bear down on her? She really was quite something. She raised an eyebrow and the way she looked up at him was everything. This woman was going to make his heart burst.  "I love you, my Talia," he told her ever so quietly. "You better be careful with my heart, because it's all yours."

There was a moment of hesitation. So, she wanted searing passion and magic from him. Well, he could oblige. He ever so gently loosened his grip on her left wrist. Would she move and try to be disobedient if he let go? Probably better to not take any chances. He reached around her and positioned his other hand to try and keep her arms crossed behind her back. Having on hand free he shook it out and made a production out of casting a wandless charm with absolutely perfect precision. His lips mouthed the incantation, four syllables, just to heighten the anticipation and keep her guessing what he was up to. Then, a moment later a soft, blue ribbon snaked around her arms, binding them into place. It wasn't a very serious attempt at restraint, and probably easily escapable with half a spell, but he enjoyed it for the symbolic beauty of it. Giving her a little smirk he removed his other hand.

"Much better." He looked from his right hand to his left, he supposed he should cast another spell just to make a point that he was indeed capable of casting without a wand. He lazily flicked his left wrist, using his magic to undo a button on her waistcoat.     
"As you can see, I'm always a good boy. I drink your vile sock potion, I'm very gentle with you, cast silly wandless spells when asked too and I am a pretty good kisser. If you won't give me my wand, fine, but I am insisting on the harp. Let me show you how much."

He buried both hands in her hair, gently stroking through her tresses. Before she could say a thing to answer him, he was claiming her lips in a deep kiss.

Talia Bryce

Talia's attempt to suss out whether he was merely bluffing at reading her or was giving her a chance to fess up before doing so, was met with a reaction she had not been expecting at all. Her lips parted just enough for a breath to free itself. That had not been the response she was waiting for, thinking she had her finger on another sort of trigger. It had been one thing when he had yelled the confession before, assuming he was mainly doing it in the heat of the moment. This felt different, the look in his eyes and way the words fell from him. She stole a moment to study his features, searching his eyes as she tried to fill her lungs with the breath those three words had stolen away. Her lips wavered, tongue feeling like a wad of cotton as she made an effort to return the sentiment. Why was it stuck on her again? She had said it once before, granted he hadn't been awake for it but she was so shocked by how readily the phrase had been given to her she was knocked off course.

She barely was able to whisper his name, feeling his grip on her relax. Was he actually letting her go. Repositioning his hands, she shifted against the door to give him enough room to move his hands, pressing against him again, a fire flaring up in her veins as her form fit against his. As if in a trance she watched him reveal his hand. Well, if anything at least this was going to get him to do some casting. Though what exactly she wasn't sure, the anticipation bubbling up in her stomach as she strained to hold her breath. Something cool was winding around her arms. Clever. She didn't have to peer behind her to know what he had cast. Having attempted to read his lips had made her skin burn, causing her to bite down at the corner of her lower lip to keep herself in check. Oddly enough instead of feeling panicked or trapped like she probably should have, she was able to tell whatever was holding her arms was soft and non-threatening. Above all, she trusted him.

Her eyes lowered to his other hand as it appeared from behind her. Watching it carefully, her eyes flicked from left to right. Was he showing off now? Somehow she only found that all the more attractive, a small scoff slipping from her. Although she was positive if Helene or anyone else asked had she managed to get him to expend his magical energy she would leave out the details. Helene might be the only one to see it but that was another problem for another day, right now she was far too enthralled with whatever this wickedly handsome Irishman was doing in front of her.

Some invisible force tugged at her, drawing her eyes down, widening as she realized he was unbuttoning her vest. Cheeky! Drifting her brown eyes back up she noticed the accomplished look across his face. He's quite pleased with himself, she thought trying not to give him the satisfaction of seeing how much she was actually enjoying this. After everything he had been through just days before he was managing some serious arcane dexterity. Merlin, it really was undoing more of her than just that little brown button.

Fixing her eyes on his she bit harder down on her lip. Without a doubt he undeniably was everything to her. Smile broadening to reveal a few of her top teeth, it crinkled the corner of her eyes sparkling up at him. How could she fight him on any of his requests when his eyes set on her in such a way? Chest rising and falling in a steady rhythm, Talia tilted her head into his hands, heart pulse beating in time with his movements making her lightheaded. His touch was so intoxicating, she felt like she could taste him even before his lips had met hers. Breathless, she pushed further into him. Did he know what he was doing to her, what he might be unconsciously extracting from the depths of her? Whether he did or not, she willingly gave way to him. Resolute, steadfast, firm but a tender response coursing from her and crashing against her rib cage so hard it swallowed her whole. Having to come up for air, reluctantly she fell from his lips and traced the tip of her nose tenderly over his. Taking in a deep breath, she slowly let it out against the side of his neck before pressing her lips back against his skin, breathing him in.

Back on her tip toes, she set the side of her cheek to rest on his. Taking a second to steady herself she wet her lips, pressing them together before speaking. "I love you too." She whispered against his ear almost breathless. "With all that I am." Nuzzling against his face she placed a kiss where his jawline lifted to his ear then moved down to the corner of his mouth, her lips grazing idly over his.

Her arms being bound was starting to make her chest swell and impede any further physical contact his kiss had awakened. Motioning with the tips of her fingers, she envisioned the incantation and had never been so thankful to train so hard in non-verbal casting in her entire life. Feeling the ribbons slide from her, she leaned forward into him and skated her hands up along his chest, finding their way around the back of his neck. Gently she rested her hands on him, not wanting to apply too much pressure at least aware enough of her own senses not to inflict tension on the spots still raw from healing. "I think you have a few more buttons, if you can manage that is. Then we'll talk about getting you your harp, hm?" That counted towards his treatment plan to practice and use magic, right? Right. A heat still clung to her cheeks, fevered and spread from her face down her neck and blushed across her chest. "What sort of professor would I be if I let you off so easily from today's assignment?"

Odhrán Ó Dálaigh

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Odhrán had not expected to become quite so swept up in the moment, but, of course, she returned his fire and passion with equal amounts of her own. He probably should have known to expect that given how Talia was more much forward and open in how she expressed herself. They'd broken their kiss, but she remained close and the tingling of her breath against his skin was making his head swim. Her lips were almost touching his ear and the feeling of it was driving him to abandon. A soft moan escaped before he could help it. I love you, too. The world stood still. He hadn't expected her to say those words back to him so soon or even at all. He felt fluttery and featherlight. She loved him? Well, she had shown him in many different ways, but hearing the words had a pleasing firmness to it, a reassuring quality.

Suddenly, Talia's hands were on him and he felt her fingertips trailing against his neck. Just how? Cheeky. He laughed, then gave her his best impression of a stern look, though it wasn't entirely successful. Naturally, she was baiting him again, trying to talk him into casting more spells. He wasn't sure that seducing Talia with charms was quite what Séverin had meant when suggesting he should let his magic flow more naturally, but he was not about to correct her in her assumptions. She probably thought herself awfully clever, trying to trick him into more spells. It was also so incredibly sweet. She really cared for him deeply. He could see that as clear as day without needing any legillimency.

"Tut, tut, Talia," he told her playfully. "I believe the rules were that I would think about letting you go if you answered my questions to my satisfaction. Exactly how did we get from that to you doing whatever you want, please?" It was blatantly clear that he was in no way serious and just having a bit of fun with winding her up. His hands were still tangled in her hair and he playfully tucked on a strand as if to prompt her to start explaining herself. "See, I was thinking about undoing all those little buttons, one by one, but of course that was before you started getting carried away again. What is it with you having no self-restraint? Seems to me like I have to do all the restraining for you."

Odhrán really surprised himself by just how bold he could be. He gave her a sweet little smile, while contemplating how to push her buttons in return. "Alright, alright, don't give me that look." Her big, dark eyes were resting on him and the playful pout she was giving him was likely having its intended effect. "I'll do as you ask, but the next spell after that is up to me and you will not complain about it or undo it. Is that a deal?" He narrowed his eyes, waiting for her to nod her confirmation. Letting go of her, he shook out both hands, not so much because he needed to, but just for some added drama.

It only took another movement of his hand to undo the buttons on her vest. Maybe, he was showboating a little doing quite a few of them at once, but charms was the one area of magic that had always come easy to him. He knew he did alright in other things too, but that was mostly the result of putting in a lot of hours. Charms, well, they just came into existence without much trouble.

Odhrán helped her shrug out of the vest and carefully draped it over the back of a chair. He stepped closer to her again, slowly running his fingers along her sides, following every dip and curve of her body. "Everything you hoped for?" He teased playfully. "Now let's see if I can do this." He needed both hands to start weaving quite a complex spell pattern. He had to take a couple of steps back as his casting would require some room.  He summoned several glittery stars into existence sending them afloat in orbit around her centre. The first three came quite easily, but he visibly struggled with the next two and knit his brows together, fighting to hold a spell with so many moving parts to it.

"If you'd put your hands on your shoulders for me, dear, that would be appreciated. Would make this a little bit easier." Well, another thing that would make this considerably easier would be a wand. Still, he was happy to make an attempt. He swirled his index finger in a spiral motion and the stars were set in motion spinning around her at a dizzying speed. Fine threads of blue silk came together around her waist and weaved themselves in a pretty sash belt. The newly created fabric wrapped itself around her three times, quite loosely actually, before being tied off in a cute little bow with long tails. One of the tails had a little 'Odhrán's' stitched into the fabric. If he was going to show off, he might as well go for it. His stars vanished from existence with a little crack, the spell perhaps not exiting quite as smoothly as planned.

An astute observer might have noted that he'd baked multiple spells into the proceedings not yet entirely obvious. After all, there were much simpler methods of creating just a small piece of fabric.

"What do you think? The colour suits you, no?"

Talia Bryce

A smirk wriggled on her face as he scolded her. Fluttering her eyes up at him, holding in a laugh at the tone he had taken on. "I fear you might be right." No shame in knowing what she wanted and reaching for it.

"Though I entirely blame you for starting it...but I suppose you have a point." A small shrug, as she pulled a hand back and went to rebutton her waistcoat. Pausing she offered him an innocent glance, a slight pout set on her lips.

Considering his deal as he let go, Talia stood back and lifted a hand under her chin, the other crossing her waist as if in deep though. It was hard to resist him when she was already wound up this tightly. Nodding consent, she assumed it couldn't be all that. The unknown with him was far more thrilling than she anticipated.

Quirking a brow as he shook out his hands, she felt her lungs expand freely as the buttons released. The garment being removed with Odhrán's help set her ablaze again, or was that his fingers outlining her figure as if he was drawing her within a portrait of the room. She merely nodded, distracted by the way his touch glided over her.

Determined to prove she could at least be somewhat obedient for longer than two seconds, Talia shifted watching the glittering around her. Interesting, what sort of spell was he concocting? Peering up for a moment she noticed he looked to be concentrating. Lia wondered if she should call off whatever this was before he exhausted himself solely to match her prodding at him.

"My hands?" Blinking at him in confusion she did as she was told, keeping as still as she was able. Him being to focused and directed at her however was starting to make her slightly self conscious. A rush of energy pushed against her, a warmth floating against her, hugging the middle section of her torso. All she could do was stare down in awe as the spell took physical form. A name sparkled up at her, the sharp crack splitting the tension in the room brought her back to reality.

"Beautiful, I'd expect nothing less." The sash seemed happy enough, snug against her waist. Admiring his handiwork, she twisted to one side and ran her hands over it. Splendid use of wandless casting and of course having to add his own flare to it.

"Lovely spell work, as always." Timidly she lifted one if the ends of the sash, hanging from her fingers she noticed he stitched his name into it. "Now, is this a signature as you do with all your artwork or something else entirely?" Unable to resist the quip slid from her lips but in doing so she felt the sash hug tighter around her. Had that been her imagination? Perhaps some lingering arcane essence from his spell catching up with itself?

Letting the fabric loose from her fingertips, she tilted her head at an angle and carefully watched him. That couldn't be it. A pretty little sash with his name on it, claiming her. That was much too easy... what was the catch? She might have to do a little digging to find out.

"Indeed it does. Color and name suit me perfectly I believe."

Odhrán Ó Dálaigh

"Just a little reminder that you're mine," he answered her question. "At least until I can give you a proper token of my affection." He been thinking about what the next step for them would be. Halfbloods and muggleborns could be so complicated when it came to serious relationships. There seemed to be no rules and he wasn't quite sure what he was supposed to be doing. All he knew for sure was that if Talia were pureblooded they would be getting married. Given the way they behaved around each other, there was no other option. But was that what the beautiful witch in front of him wanted? He certainly hoped so, but didn't quite have the courage to find out her answer yet.

He gave her a soft look and gently drew her back into his arms. Being here at Meridian was so awkward. There wasn't even a sofa they could get comfortable on. Instead they were still standing in the middle of the lavender room, facing each other. "How much longer do you think I'll have to stay here?" he asked her. Odhrán rather missed home and its usual comforts. "I'd like to have some of my privacy back already. As fun as it is to feel like a school boy sneaking out past curfew to meet with a girl, I'd rather just spend time with you whenever we both want to."

Odhrán paused and let his eyes meet hers. "I can't get enough of you," he confessed as he moved one hand to the nape of her neck. "Are you sure you're not an evil enchantress or dark witch, making me stray from the path of virtue?" He gave her a cheeky little grin and placed a faint kiss on her cheek, and then another right next to it, and another, producing a soft trail leading him back towards her lips but never quite reaching them. His passion seemed to build with each little peck, hopefully leaving her with no doubts as to how he felt. Odhrán was desperate for her understand just how much he wanted her. There was also a little bit of mischievous spirit flaring up as well, wanting to tempt her into some inappropriate behaviour. After all, he'd gone through all the trouble of enchanting her sash. Time to see if his spell had worked.

He adjusted his hold slightly, one hand on her waist, the other tangled in her her hair. "Do you even know how badly I want to kiss you again? I mean, I shouldn't, it's not proper, but when I look into your eyes and it's all I can think about." His voice was getting quieter and quieter as he spoke and he held her gaze provocatively. "Do you feel the same?"

Talia Bryce

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Talia couldn't help but smile at his way of claiming her. It did sound rather pleasing to her and in typical Odhrán fashion came with a certain flare, ribbon n' all. Knowing him a proper token of affection entailed something she hadn't put thought or her heart into with prior relationships. In those instances it had not really crossed her mind as serious beyond familial and societal expectations. This time she found herself more than embracing the idea but reaching for it, despite how scared that made her should anything happen. But-she had taken solace in the serious tone he had spoken to her the other evening in regard to his family. She hadn't known him ever to budge if his mind was made up, a trait she rather enjoyed even if it had a habit of driving her crazy at times.

She neatly tucked back into him and was happy for the feeling of closeness once more. Being in a room with him and not being close felt odd, especially if it was just the two of them. "I'd imagine soon as you've been doing a great deal better." She agreed it would be nice to not feel eyes on them. There had been some pleasure in all the stolen glances and tension to try and be close to one another without giving into the maddening itch to gain any physical touch. "I'd be lying if I said I hadn't liked catching you giving me a look now and then." Grinning up at him, she felt an ever so slight tightness against in her stomach, squeezing a few butterflies loose. "But we can bring it up to Helene later." She wasn't necessarily keen on breaking away from the quiet the two of them had currently.

The small touch at the back of her neck tugged a short breath from her lungs making it near impossible for her to laugh at his remark. "Oh no, now you're onto me. Is it working yet?" A wink and crinkle of her nose up at him, she fussed with the collar of his shirt,  She leaned closer as his lips met her skin, her hands resting on his chest. Tangling her fingers in his shirt, her eyes closed and thoughts dazzled feeling him trail along her, a tingle rushing through her with each kiss in anticipation the closer he came to her lips.

Holding her breath, she waited for him but realized he was teasing her. His fingers on her buttons this time making her dizzy, a rush of heat crashing over her. His voice broke her free, eyes fluttering open and chest struggling for air. "Oh?" Was all she could manage trying to catch her breath. If he wanted to why wasn't he? Propriety hadn't exactly stopped him before. Brown eyes were captured by his and she felt like she was right back in a split second to when they had been at the cliffs. Was he waiting for her?

"Very much so, I thought that would be obvious." Matching both his tone and his gaze she waited to see if he would react. Starring at him, fairly certain an eternity had passed she couldn't hold it in anymore. Falling back into him, she wound her arms around his neck and sought out his lips with hers.

Something held tighter at her sides, pushing a breath from her lips as they set on his. Lowering herself flat on her feet, she stared up at Odhrán. Interesting, the moment she leaned back air came steadily but-hmm to test that theory.. Her hands ran down his sides and set on his front belt loops, immediately a rush of air was forced from her, his name rushing from her in a breath against his neck. What exactly had he done?

"Odhrán...?" She started finally feeling the ribbon on her waist slacken as her hands fell from him. "What exactly have you done?" Hands lazily set on her hips she gave a long look down at the ribbon, one hand motioning to it before she lifted her eyes to his. She struggled to hold to a stern look in his direction as a mischievous glint twinkled back at her.

Odhrán Ó Dálaigh

Talia certainly knew how to crank up the heat. She looked at him and her eyes burned with a longing intensity that was spreading like wildfire. It seemed as if they had just engaged in a battle of wills as to who would crack first and give into their mutual desire for each other. Oh, she was going down. There was no way he was going to budge even half an inch on this. Then her arm wrapped around his neck and he felt her lips brushing against his. He kissed back hungrily, but before he had a chance to lock her into place she was drawing back, apparently distracted by his delicate charm work.

Odhrán couldn't help a little giggle as she tested out the boundaries and parameters of her newfound predicament. A pleased little expression settled into his features, enjoying this far more than he probably should. "Well, you know, can't have a disobedient girlfriend, now can I? The pureblood patriarchy might collapse in on itself." There wasn't any seriousness to his words and a moment later he leaned in close and whispered into her ear. "Or maybe, I just enjoy torturing you a little and having you gasp and suffer for me. One of those two." He shrugged, as if really unsure as to which option applied in this case.

A moment of perhaps stunned silence spread between them and he struggled to keep his cool. She wasn't mad at him, was she? Oh Merlin! Had he taken things too far?  "You do know that I'll always keep you safe, right? And that you can object to my silly shenanigans at any time?" He was fairly sure she knew both of these things, but maybe it didn't hurt to check with her just in case. "And I think you do know I'm a bit of a prankster? Oh, surely you must. I mean you were there for the slug incident." Suddenly a whole bout of nervous insecurity was welling up. Maybe, this little practical joke had just been one or two steps too far? Still, it had been too hilarious an opportunity to miss out on.

In addition to his bout of insecurity came the fact that he was still burning for her. Their interrupted kiss had mounted the tension between them and dialled it up all the way to eleven. His eyes came to rest upon her again with the same loving intensity as before. It felt like they were just tethering on the brink of losing control. Maybe, he shouldn't have, but he rather liked the feeling of it. There was something to be said for feeling so passionately about a witch nothing else mattered. He couldn't help but kiss her again, deeply, wildly and with little care given to silly problems such as comfort and breathing. His brain was screaming at him to slow down already, the rest of his body didn't obey until he was fighting for breath too.

"See what you do to me," he accused her playfully. "I used to be a perfect gentleman before meeting you." Well, maybe that wasn't quite a true as he suggested. 

Talia Bryce

July 27, 2021, 08:56:37 pm #57 Last Edit: July 29, 2021, 07:08:34 am by Talia Bryce
"Can't have that now can we?" Shifting her weight to one hip she eyed him closely as he leaned in to whisper sending a chill down her spine. A large part of her hoped it was more option two. "Are you sure it's not to help keep you in line more than me? You did say I was quite distracting." That little smirk on his lips was giving away perhas more than he wanted to verbally. He was enjoying this. Good. Judging with how things had been between them before and now with this new confession there was no doubt in her mind he happily took on a bossy roll with her. It only made her want him more. She stood in silence studying his features and trying to decide how to react. If she lunged at him she was going to be met with resistance, though not from him. Yet she stood as still as she could trying to fight the flames burning at her, urging her to give in, craving his touch.

The silence seemed to have gotten to him. Talia's eyes narrowed as she listened. Was he wavering? Seeing him squirm a little from the lack of response gave her another form of pleasure. Here she thought he had a hold over her but it seemed they shared that with one another. Tilting her head to the other side she batted here eyelashes at him as he spoke, giving a small nod. She could quell whatever worry seemed to settle in him but there was something attractive in watching him be nervous. A part of her wanted to savor the moment so she stayed silent, a small flicker of a laugh threatening to bubble up at the mention of the slug mug. Oh, this was too good to not savor. Rarely did she see him in such a way, usually she was the one looking this flustered.

Clearing her throat she forced a terse look and let out a dramatic sigh. Letting the silence linger a while longer, electricity prickling at her skin from the way he set his eyes on her, Talia crossed her arms over her chest and matched his gaze boring into it. Risking a small step back into his space, tucking into him once more, she wasn't greeted with a cinch around her waist. Yet anyway.

Before she could react, he was spanning the little distance left between them. More intensity behind his touch, sparking her to respond in kind. His kiss was already taking the last ounce of breath she had left that the sash was forcing from her lungs. It didn't matter, her arms were moving on their own and hands coiling into his shirt and pulling him harder against her.

Her chest blazing and sash still reminding her to stay in line, she had to tear herself free from him for a second. Loosening her grip of his shirt, he fixed his collar and let out a sharp breath. This whole behaving thing was really harder than she anticipated. Cheeks flushed, she swatted playfully with the back of her hand at his arm, feigning a look of disbelief. "How dare you imply I'm the bad influence!" Teasing, she quirked a brow up at him and lifted her chin, nudging her hip against his leg. "I think I'm the innocent party here, Mister Dálaigh. Tied up and everything!" She blinked up at him with a demure look painted across her face.

"Speaking of...Not that I mind it at all but is this part of my punishment? All my blatant crimes against you.. How long exactly will I have to endure it, not that it makes any different I suppose." Ignoring the squeezing against her, she paused and ran a finger down his chest, still keeping a small distance between them. "Even without this you manage to steal my breath away." Nothing like pushing a few extra buttons.

Odhrán Ó Dálaigh

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The way she kissed him back set his fraying nerves at ease. She was fine, seemed happy even. Why had he ever doubted? He lost himself in her touch, liked the way she pulled him close. Talia was fearless and determined to claim him no matter what. It was a heady feeling to be so obviously desired, whatever his quirks and little idiosyncrasies. Odhrán looked at her and wondered if this was what people meant when they said they were feeling drunk on love. He suddenly felt certain that this was meant to be, that they were just perfect for each other.

She straightened his collar, and he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. And there it was again, her flirty little 'Mr Dálaigh'. He let out an amused little sound. "My Talia, my perfect, beautiful Talia," he whispered softly, "you're many things, but innocent isn't a word that comes to mind when I think of you. Even if I have you tangled up and momentarily breathless, I can assure you I've done no worse to you than you've done to me."

He idly picked at the bow on her sash to loosen it and stop it from cinching her for a moment. "Usually not the punishing kind," he told her quietly, "And isn't this more of a treat anyway?" His blue eyes twinkled with mischief. Odhrán waited for a moment to continue speaking as if to see if she would agree with him. "Anyway, I hope you'll endure my whims for a long, long time to come. Does forever sound good to you?" He took her hand and in an overly formal and stuffy gesture placed a kiss on the back of it. "I have every intention to ask you to marry me, and that's not just because I'd want to devour you right here and right now and the waiting is unreasonable and cruel."

He met her gaze right on. "When I get out of this place, sometime soon, I'll ask you to be mine. And I don't care what the consequences are. I can make do without a lot of things, but I'm certain I can't live without you." He gave a little wink. "Hope that's okay with you."

Talia Bryce

There was nothing she could say to that. She knew she hadn't necessarily been... all that innocent and hearing that she effected him just as much as he did to her was pleasing beyond all reason. The fact he had said as much, intimating what she does to him, was reassuring. Knowing that she wasn't the only one who felt so completely and utterly consumed by the other person, distracted by the need even for the smallest touch or glance. Where she normally wouldn't crave attention and it often made her self conscious, she found herself hungry to have keep his eyes on her. Smoothing her fingers along his collar wanting to just keep that connection, she felt him loosen the ribbon creating a trickle of anticipation slip along her fingertips. A small half nod and playful shrug in response to whether it had been a sort of treat, biting hard at her lower lip. But he was already loosening the sash. Was he freeing her? Adrenaline reignited in her veins, feeling like she was doing one of those muggle races. Toes on the starting line and waiting for the familiar sound to split the air and signal her to take off.

And there it was. That loud earsplitting whistle fracturing the air around her and making her heart take off, pulse so loud it pounded into her skull to the point she had to physically struggle to recall if she had actually heard him correctly. Was he.... No-wait was he really? Her heart leapt into her throat and she swallowed the rush of butterflies rising in a flurry. Talia hadn't realized she had been desperately waiting to hear something like this to come from his lips until the words were already out in the open. They were real now, not just her dreaming up scenarios in which he might say them. This wasn't the mc'dreamy, Odhrán Ó Dálaigh, she played out in her dreams, dark locks and stormy blue eyes that stopped you in your tracks. The handsome and illustrious healer, man of mystery consuming her mind while she slept and spouting off all sorts of romantic statements. Though... he was very much handsome and mysterious--and well dreamy, in real life. Still--THIS, this moment was actually happening.

Momentarily stunned, Talia stood staring up at him with her lips parted ever so slightly. The kiss on her hand seemed to pull her from her fuzzy state of mind. This was... actually happening right? It was? If she were able to move she may have pinched herself but one hand lay gently in his and the other dropped to her side slowly. The second half of his statement had barely come into her immediate frame of mind. She was still hung up on the fact he admitted of his intentions, brain working overtime to try and check, double check, and recheck that this was really real.

"I-" Words still failed her. How was it possible that he managed to make her continuously fall for him more and more in the span of a heartbeat. Whether just standing in front of her and giving her a grin or the words he spoke, she only wanted him more each time. What could she even say to that, beyond a yes. Yes please? I'd love that. Of course I'll marry you. Thought you'd never ask. It all seemed to fall short in her mind compared to what he had said. She could feel tears starting to well in her eyes, misting over her vision and tickling at her nose.

"It's more than okay." She managed finally, voice wavering. Using her free hand, she wiped at her eyes and let out a nervous laugh feeling silly for getting all teary eyed. But what he said to her struck her so deeply into a tender part of her that she hadn't even known of until now. Here she had thought she knew herself but his was touching a part of her that she had never been aware of was there. It was scary in many ways but also awakened a new sense of freedom. She could feel herself shifting, changing and blooming into something more than what she had been up until their dinner that evening. Ever since that night, grabbing him into a forceful kiss, she had an acute conscious thought of feeling as if she was shedding an old version of herself. It hadn't been her imagination.

'-I'm certain I can't live without you.' Reverberated through her and coalesced with her core, rippling along her body and making more tears cling to the edges of her eyelashes. Never. Never in her life had she expected to hear that from someone, not in this way. It was one thing for your parents, family, or friends to make claims of how important you were to them. This wasn't the same, not at all. Once more her fingers lifted to brush away stray tears from her cheeks. Lowering her gaze, she tried to compose herself with a silent sniffle and clearing her throat. Finally working around to the mention of devouring her, she realized his hesitation with her earlier in intimate situations hadn't been for lack of interest or any other worry she had been feeding herself. It had more admirable reasons behind it, a genuine respect for her. Something she was not used to from others, especially in terms of relationships with men.

Eyes rising to meet his again she apologized through a soft laugh, "I'm sorry, so silly to be crying. I promise I'm not usually this emotional, I just... it's--I never thought I would hear that. And to have you say it to me, the one person I've wanted-- I'm just so happy." She spoke between sniffles and rubbing at her eyes. Leaning against him, she tucked herself into his chest gently not wanting to press too hard against any sore spots on his torso.  "You have no idea how relieved and happy I am to hear that." She breathed. Burying her face into him, a smile burned onto her lips. "Then we need to be sure to get you back into tip top shape soon."