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[Meridian] You get what you need

Started by Odhrán Ó Dálaigh, July 14, 2021, 08:46:19 pm

Odhrán Ó Dálaigh

"Thank you." Odhrán took the offered potion and drink, struggling to figure out how to prioritise in this situation. He needed to talk to Talia, but with Deitha here that had to wait. Spilling out the details of their complicated relationship in front of one of his patient wasn't going to help. He sighed, and took the potion. He could tell she was angry with him again, or still but he didn't understand what he'd done to make things worse. He struggled to understand what was going on between them and why things had to be so difficult.

What? She was leaving? Odhrán paled and panic immediately settled into his features. "Talia, please, don't go." He looked from her to Deitha and back just accepting that he would make a fool of himself in front of both women. Okay, if that was what Talia wanted he supposed he deserved it. "Please,.." he started again, but she wasn't even looking at him. He watched as she picked up her bag and left the room, his mouth opening and closing helplessly unable to do anything about it.

"I'm sorry Deitha, but I need to go after her. If you please excuse me." He bit his lower lip as he tried to push himself off the bed. His legs felt like they were made of jelly. It was by sheer willpower alone that he managed to stand. And he set his sights on the door. He could do this. It was only a few steps. He put his hands down on the table in front of him to help support his weight. He just couldn't leave things between them in this bad way. He took a tentative first step forward, losing control of his movement. He swayed, struggling to steady himself. He growled in frustration.

"Please go," he said to Deitha, feeling his earlier desire to just cry returning in full force. Now, was clearly not the time for them to catch up. "Is it okay if I call you when I can?"

Deitha Albron

Deitha sighed, she hadn't intended to cause a fuss by coming here and was beginning to wonder if it had been a mistake. Hearing that this other woman was indeed Odhrán's girlfriend was both a blessing and a curse - a blessing that someone was there who might look after him in ways that he clearly needed, but a curse in that he seemed far too naive to realise what he had going for him.

She gave it a moment after... Talia was it? after Talia left the room before speaking. Awkwardly. Odhrán was trying to get up.

"Well, you're on the mend, so that's something. Aoibheann and I really didn't know what to make of you in the state we found you in, but I guess someone competent was working at St Mangled's for a change. I was going to say that you and I should talk about what happened at Azkaban but you're clearly in no state to talk about that - you should be resting! Me, I've been perfectly fine with Bonehead here, it's you that needs looking after, just this once. And I think... maybe an apology to your girlfriend might be in order -- but not until you're better."

Looking at Bonehead, she hissed, "Bewaken!" And with an air and posture that almost resembled training, Bonehead sat herself pointedly down between Odhrán and the door.

"I'm going to go and see if I can sort out this mess for you. You stay here with Bonehead and rest."

Gingerly heading down the stairs, Deitha found Talia crying. Every instinct she had was to go in for a hug - that relatively new-found compassion of hers was showing again, she'd have to talk to O-- some other time.

"Talia, was it? You and I should talk. It's... it's honestly not what you think." She wasn't sure if she was getting through to Talia or not, whether she was being heard or not but she persisted anyway.

"First up, I'm not another girlfriend on the side. Yes, I was a patient - and it's no surprise that Odhrán asked about me before worrying about himself, he does that - a lot. Too much. Before what happened, at my last session I saw him look very tired - I think he's had a lot of patients that have worried him lately, and I think you might know something about it, whether you know that you do or not."

Awkward monologues were awkward, she thought, but it was the only way to deal with this as far as she was concerned - to get it into the open. She wasn't sure they were at the hugging state of their... acquaintanceship yet.

"So, I presume you know he went to Azkaban earlier this week... well, I was there on business of my own, I... collect debts for people, and someone in the Ministry wanted me to interrogate a prisoner, so I was there. I don't know how it happened that he was there too, but he was - he was seeing his father, trying to find out everything he could about what happened to them all."

She paused, swallowing hard. "I think it had been a long time since his father had any hope in the world, and I think a lot of memories were shared. We, uh, had some problems with dementors between us - whatever Odhrán and his father talked about, it riled them up pretty good but we left there with our souls intact - I'd put out a few spells, kept them at bay, but from somewhere Odhrán pulled out the largest patronus I've ever seen. Must have been seven feet tall. I don't think he'd ever cast one before and yet, there it was, fully formed, corporeal, seven feet tall if it was an inch. Great big angry moose."

Hoping that Talia was listening and that the words were being taken in - though Deitha had to concede it was a bit of a long shot - she took a breath and continued. "I know that Odhrán is a stubborn man, and I'm certain that he didn't tell you about going to Azkaban because he knew you'd worry about him if he did. When he saw me today, he just did what he always does: worry about people not him first. The procedure he used on me might not have held up against dementors, let alone after we riled them up, but that's just him being him - always putting everyone else around him first. But now that his sister is doing better... he's coming apart at the seams a bit."

Deitha found herself wringing her hands a bit. "I guess you could say this is where I came in, both when Aoibheann and I went looking for him and today... he and I... we're both damaged goods in our own way. Not enough people in our lives to have loved us properly. And we both know a thing or two about lashing out, and about vengeance. Truth is, I went looking for him before... because after Azkaban I wondered if he might do something... stupid. Turns out I wasn't entirely wrong."

"I'm glad he's got you though, even if he doesn't know how much of a treasure you are. Does he know about you and your disguise? I didn't hang around much at St Mangled's but enough to see the blonde 'nurse' there, as well as the various consulting specialists. Blonde isn't really my thing but you made it work for you."

Cripes, that was awkward.

"Well, I've said everything I was going to say. If you'd like me to go and leave the two of you alone, say the word, I'll fetch Bonehead and we'll leave you be. Or if you like I can make you a pot of tea and I'll sit and talk about whatever you'd like to talk about. Us girls sort of have to stick together, after all."

She shrugged... "I also do quite nice hugs if that would help, but I don't know you, you might not like being hugged. But one's on offer. Along with a handkerchief if you like."

Talia Bryce

One arm tucked under her chest, her other holding her head in her hand, Lia stood to the side of the stairway unable to move. She was beyond exhausted now and felt herself running on what little reserve energy she could. It had been some time since her body had felt this ragged. Pinching the bridge of her nose, letting out a shaky breath she continued to try and regain control of her mind and emotions. Not having control was eating away at her and giving her a pounding headache. Consumed with her internal struggle she didn't notice Odhrán's friend descend the stairs, almost leaping from her skin at the sound of her voice. Sucking in a quick breath, she hurried to rub at her eyes and clear her face that was now becoming red and splotchy.

Trying to quietly sniffle away the last few tears stinging at her eyes, Talia nodded gently. She wasn't entirely sure that she had a thought of anything romantic going on between them. Her guts twisted and released all the same at the confirmation there wasn't anything there. She appreciated the unabashed honesty that Deitha was showing her. It was refreshing with all the holes she felt were in conversations she had been having with Odhrán about all of this. She found herself nodding a little more steady in agreement that he rarely put himself first, if ever and that was a rather large if.

"Thank you," Her voice was strained. "Really, I just needed to step out of the room to collect myself." She hoped that it hadn't appeared rude but the tension had started to become suffocating.

Again, nodding her understanding at his trip to Azkaban. So they had both been there? Good, he hadn't been alone then there either. Relief washed over her like a cool breeze. The more she was told the more she let the anger fall away, finding a deep appreciation for the woman standing before her. Regardless of this being their first time meeting, she was letting Talia understand what had happened, opening up to her. There was a dull ache lingering in her chest. Why couldn't Odhrán do this?

Great big angry moose. Talia managed a short lived chuckle at the description trying to draw forth the image in her mind. Her smile slid away as the conversation shifted back to Odhrán not having told her. By the sound of things Deitha knew him well and this wasn't just some sort of line he had sent her down here to try and smooth over things with Lia while he sat upstairs. If anything she was sure he was up there grumbling about not being able to stand up straight yet. There was no way he was ready to support his own weight this soon. Talia's eyes traced over Deitha's figure. What had ailed her that she required an intense treatment? She knew things weren't always so apparent on the outside with patients and the work her did, but she was so well spoken and in tune with quite a bit by the sound of things.

More relief, Deitha had been involved in finding him with his sister.

"- Not enough people in our lives to have loved us properly. -"

Talia cast her eyes down, a lump forming in her throat. It made her heart sick to think about.

"B-blonde..? O-oh, thank you." She stuttered her eyes still cast in Deitha's direction. Her cheeks flushed and smile wriggled on her lips. So someone else recognized her. Talia shook her head and shrugged assuming he had no memory of her being there. "I doubt he would think it to be real if he did notice." Which was fine after their recent argument, most likely for the best he didn't know she had actually been there. A treasure? Talia felt her chest tighten at the compliment.

"Thank you for all you've done for him." Wearily she smiled and fought back another wave of tears. She owed Deitha quite a bit now hearing how she had helped protect Odhrán. She understood him, sympathized, things Lia couldn't do. As long as he had that in someone, she found her heart a little less heavy. More tears were were falling silently as Deitha spoke.

"-Us girls sort of have to stick together, after all."

The tension wound so tight around her chest snapped, echoing through her skull. Everything Talia had managed to shove deep down was finally bubbling up violently and spilling over. She had to sit... Her muscles were screaming at her, warning they were going to give out. The kindness that this woman was offering to her so readily, someone who she had just barely met took away the last shred of composure she had struggled to maintain. Dropping her purse onto the closest chair, she sat and leaned forward on her elbows, face buried in her hands and shoulders quivering. A bout of quiet sobs wracked her body and made her eyelids sore.

"I'm sorry." Finding her voice, she muttered into her hands and ran her hands over her face. Her chest ached, small short breaths coming in stifled succession. How embarrassing. Letting out a heavy sigh, forcing all of the air she was able to from her lungs and filling them with a fresh set of air hoping to clear her head. "I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you've said. It wasn't exactly like I was going to get any sort of proper explanation from him I'm sure." She wasn't bitter about it at all, simply acknowledging that like Deitha said he was far too worried about everyone else giving her a true run through of what had happened wasn't going to be in her immediate future, if ever.

"Tea does sound lovely." There was an odd comfortable feeling that brushed against Talia as she tilted her head up to peer back at Deitha. Tears slowing, Talia cleared her throat and sat up straighter. "If it's okay with you however, I think maybe a rain check? He really should get some rest and I feel like the longer both of us stay down here the more worried he'll become... And well, I'm sure I don't have to tell you this but you know he'll make an attempt to come down those stairs." If he did she would really kill him if the fall didn't.

"I really am grateful for you stopping by to check on him, helping him.. everything." Standing, she stepped in front of Deitha. "I will take that hug though if you're still offering?"

Odhrán Ó Dálaigh

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Great! Exactly what had he done for both women to have run out on him? He needed to talk to Talia and instead he was being kept in his room with the world's goofiest guard dog. Odhrán looked at the animal wearily. Deitha had said 'bewachen'. Being fluent in German he knew what that meant. Bonehead didn't really look like the kind of dog who would bite, but making a wrong assumption about that could have dire consequences. Normally, he would have easily overcome this issue by apparating or maybe by sending the dog to sleep with a quick spell. Not having a wand was getting old extremely fast. He could try singing to the dog? Or maybe guess some of the commands in German, but it was well possible the animal would only listen to Deitha.

Meanwhile standing up, even with the table as support was costing rather a lot of energy. He pushed the potion bottles to one side of the table and sat down on the surface while regrouping his thoughts. He needed something to support himself with. Oh, how could he have been so blind. The chair! If he turned it around he could use the back! He felt a sense of relief that at long last there was a solution to one of his problems. Now the dog. There had to be a solution for this problem too.

He summoned the shirt Talia has brought him earlier. It was surprising how it just came. He hadn't even thought about how to get it, just flicked his hand and well, here it was. He smiled in satisfaction, then put several knots into the fabric. Good. He had a dog toy. Maybe this was good enough. He put the tied up shirt on the seat of the chair and then pushed the chair forward just a little. Holding the backrest firmly with both hands he slid off the table and took a tentative step forward. Okay, this was working. He slid the chair forward a little and took another step. Painful, but bearable.

Meanwhile Bonehead had started to bark and growl. Odhrán looked at the animal with an intimidated feeling. There was a chair between them and he had a makeshift dog toy, but what if his plan wasn't going to work?

"Aus!" He tried as a command, but it didn't seem to change anything. "Nicht bellen!" Okay apparently not it either. He managed another step forward. Bark, bark. Was that Bonehead wagging her tail? "Voran!" Bonehead inclined her head to the side at the command, but chose to do nothing. Oh, this was infuriating. More barking again. At last though he'd made it close enough to hold out the knotted shirt to Bonehead.

"Na, willst du es haben?" Moving it in front of the dogs face, Odhrán observed carefully. He'd captured the dog's attention. The barking had stopped and her eyes were following his hands. Perfect. He faked a throw and sure enough Bonehead turned her head to look for the toy. A bit more back and forth, then he really threw, sending the shirt flying down the stairs.

Deitha Albron

"C'mere." Deitha opened her arms wide and reached around Talia for a hug. She could feel the tension coursing through the other woman's body, muscles taut and somewhat angular from stress. Also, she liked whatever that perfume was. Very... earthy, very natural.

Deitha just took a few large slow breaths, hoping that it was what Talia needed that moment - something slow and calming.

There was a sort of faint flump noise from the stairwell. Deitha chose, for the moment, to ignore it, just as she had ignored the barking - clearly Odhrán was on the move, and that meant Talia was right. But for the moment Deitha didn't care, he could wait a few more minutes.

-- --

Bonehead had watched with fascination as to whatever it was the man was doing. There was a chair and a something all rolled up. But he was coming a bit close and Momma had told her to guard and stay put. That meant the man had to stay put too. A light growl and a little bit of barking should do the trick!

Oh oh, the man's coming closer and he's saying words but they're not words I know. He's confusing. Not like Momma. No getting too close, mister, I'm going to bark at you some more!

Oh oh. The man had a something all rolled up and he threw it! Where'd it go? Meh, I can't see it, so I'm going to watch him again. Sneaky man, he still has it!

Oh oh, he's thrown it again! This time it actually flew but he hasn't told me to go fetch! He's just saying silly words I don't understand and besides Momma told me to stay here so I'm going to stay here and guard!

-- --

Deitha had been holding Talia for a few moments and she seemed to be doing better.

"You're right, of course, we'd better go see what he's up to. If you like I can just call Bonehead and leave the two of you alone... whatever else, I'm just a friend that happened to be in the right place at the right time. What he and I have to talk about, he's in no fit state, and I'm just glad he's OK."

Talia Bryce

A noise from the stairwell snapped Talia back to reality. Odhrán, it had to be. What was he up to. One last gentle squeeze, grateful for the physical comfort and what it alleviated she pulled back from Deitha.

"What the-" Looking down at the floor a crumpled up shirt, twisted and knotted was sitting on the floor. She shot Deitha a quizzical glance. 

"I think we better before he's the one flinging himself down the stairs." He better not be the next thing down those stairs.... Rubbing at her face she smiled at Deitha. "Thank you, I suppose I needed that more than I realized." Talia was sure she probably looked a mess.

"I just want to fix my face," A nervous laugh left her. Going back upstairs and giving away that she had just been down here crying was probably going to only add to whatever tension was between her and Odhrán. She didn't want it uncomfortable for anyone and especially Deitha now feeling like she had hopefully found a friend in the woman. 

After a swift trip to the bathroom, splashing water on her face and a pep talk, Talia returned to Deitha and picked up the shirt, dog toy? He really was trying her patience something fierce. "By the way, your companion is quite gorgeous." Admiring Bonehead and feeling better she climbed the stairs and turned into the room pausing in the doorway.

Of course. There he was standing and attempting an escape. "What do you think you're doing?!" Was he trying to get himself killed, again? Glancing at Deitha from the corner of her eye she gave a weary look before passing Bonehead. Brilliant creature.

Striding over the Odhrán she swatted at the air around the makeshift walker. "Seriously, you need to rest. Do you want your mother to kill me when she comes tomorrow and finds you in an even worse state than when she left?" Lia was sure she feared his mother's wrath more than his temper tantrums about not being able to be so independent yet.

Offering to help him back to the bed, she tried to pry him from the chair.

Odhrán Ó Dálaigh

"I was going after my very angry girlfriend to find a way to apologise to her," Odhrán grumbled at her. "You know, that girl who just up and left despite me calling after her not to go." His words ebbed away as he looked at her. Talia's eyes were red and a little bloodshot. She looked terribly exhausted. Had she cried over him? His stomach somersaulted. He hated the idea of Talia being so unhappy because of him.

"I'll rest when I'm sure you'll be okay. I never meant to make you miserable. That was not my plan. You must believe me on that." He didn't have the courage to reach out to her and touch her. That would probably be awkward, especially with Deitha still being around. "And my mother won't be mad at you. She would have never left me alone with you if you hadn't impressed her. She'll blame me. She knows what I'm like."

It seemed Talia was insistent on getting him back into bed and Odhrán decided that it was easiest to yield to her on that front. He also didn't have the strength to keep standing. He awkwardly made it back to his bed and looked up at Talia.

"I'd totally understand if you're done with me. You don't have to stay here because of my mama. I can call a house elf and find someone to take care of me. You should look after you."

Deitha Albron

Deitha took one look at what was going on, saw that Odhrán appeared to have actually understood that he needed to rest, and that Talia had it completely under control.

It occurred to her that she could stay, that her and Talia might talk, but the tension was fraught in the air and not wishing to intrude any more than strictly necessary, she considered it time they left.

She tried to head down the hallway back towards the front door, hoping to not make a sound but felt - then heard - the floor creak under her. She carried on, seemingly oblivious to it but all her nerves on edge. Safely out of the way, a brief, quiet whistle, hopefully only just loud enough for Bonehead to hear, and sure enough there was the customary pad-pad-pad-pad of doofy dog on wooden floor.

Turning to the doorway, she whispered, "See you soon, I hope," before clipping Bonehead's leash back on and disappearing out the door. Whatever she might have felt about either of those two people, they both needed rest, and time - and they needed her not to be there, not right then. It was obvious to Deitha at a glance.

She was, after all, very much used to being someone that others didn't really want around, and so it was a simple stoic shrug and the pair of them were off. Knockturn Alley was not far from the near end of the Charing Cross Road, which meant that they had a choice of parks to stretch their legs... Deitha chose Trafalgar Square, it wasn't far and she liked the lions there, plus there was a fountain she could use to let Bonehead have a drink.

"You must think us very confusing, Bonehead. Then again, I'm people and I'm confused."

Talia Bryce

Fighting the urge to roll her eyes at his complaints, clearly he needed a nap just as much as she did, even if it was flattering he wanted to attempt to go after her.

"You didn't make me miserable," Focusing on trying to get him back into bed and into a comfortable position, she hadn't realized Deitha was nowhere in sight. Not until Odhrán was taken care of and she stood up to ask her something. "Oh-she's gone." Blinking at the doorway she noticed that her furry companion had also left. Hopefully the two of them would be able to catch up again at some point.

"Odhrán, please." She tilted her head and gave him an exasperated look. Hands firmly planted on her hips, she starred at him for a moment and considered the last few hours, their conversation and the one she had briefly with Deitha downstairs. She didn't want to fight nor did she want to continue feeling so frazzled. What she really wanted was... well... Talia bit at her lower lip then let out a sharp sigh before motioning for him to push over on the bed somewhat. "Alright, make room."

There wasn't a ton of room on the mattress but enough for them to at least both sit next to one another comfortably, while still in close quarters. Kicking off her flats, she lifted her feet onto the bed and set her hands in her lap, head tilted to one side and focused on his eyes. "I'm not done with you." Searching for his hand, she held it in hers and laced her fingers into his.  "I was just... scared." The news had rocked her in such an intense way she hadn't expected to be struck with a myriad of feelings and emotions all in one evening. "I won't apologize for being upset with you either. I know you had to do what you needed to, I understand that. And I certainly don't want to argue I just... You have no idea how scared I was about losing you."

Odhrán Ó Dálaigh

Oh no, he'd done it again. She was pulling that face and putting her hands on her hips. She clearly disapproved. He sighed. Was there no way he could catch a break with her this afternoon? He just wanted to make up and find a way to move forward with things. Then, quite unexpectedly she gave in a little. He made room for her and she sat down on the bed next to him. Taking his hand she interlaced their fingers and he found some of his tension ebbing away.

"I wasn't expecting an apology. You have every right to be angry with me. All I can do is tell you I'm sorry to have worried you like this. I know I'd be besides myself if it was you who'd been injured and me with no idea of what's going on."

He gave her hand a nervous little squeeze. "And I'm glad you're here. I dreamt about you while I was out. It was the most surreal of feelings. Like drifting in a stream together. For a moment there I thought I felt your magic, all green and earthy, full of warmth. Then I thought I'd woken up and you were right beside me, holding my hand. It really gave me something to hold onto. I really wanted to be back here with you."

He let out a little yawn and looked at her with tired eyes. "How did you even find out? We're you up all night? You look so tired." He was tempted to fuss and fret over her, but she didn't seem to respond very well to him doing so. Instead, he just gave Talia a soft look. "I'm tangled up in some dangerous things, but I'm also pretty tough. I'll try to take better care. I think all of this might not have been quite as bad if I'd called you after coming back. I didn't have the courage to do it. I just took some potions and then went out to get drunk. I really regret doing that."

Talia Bryce

The last bits of residual frustrations that had lingered in the back of her thoughts had melted at his touch. Relaxing back against the bed frame, she felt the strain that settled into her muscles release. Thankfully he seemed to understand where she was coming from. Sleep was starting to prickle at her eyelids but she blinked it away forcefully.

He had felt that? She was never sure if transference could be remembered in a conscious state. It wasn't like she could question her patients on it at Mungos, in fact most of the time she tried not to do it unless it was with the younger patients. They certainly weren't going to remember or know how to vocalize it if they did. The way he spoke about it made her cheeks tint a rosy hue. Might as well tell him the truth if they were already laying out things in the open.

"I was there." She checked to see his reaction. "I didn't exactly look like myself but there was no way I was going to just sit at home and wait. I had to look in on you as soon as I found out." Ugh that blonde hair had been so striking and not in a positive way she wanted to forget seeing her reflection. "I'm glad it helped, I thought that  Seive-Mauvernay might be giving me too much credit honestly." Though she would take the compliment coming from a man of his status.

"Your sister came to visit me after she had been to see you. I waited for her to leave before going to the hospital, hopefully she isn't angry with me for that. Knowing how you feel about that place and people there I had to go." This probably wasn't a good time for storytelling he looked like he was about to slip into a deep sleep at any second. "I wish you had," She would have tried to help him in any way possible and if it had meant no frightening trip to St. Mungos well then all the better. Next time she supposed because knowing him there undeniably would be. "All that matters now is you're here." Her other hand set on his arm and she gave him an affectionate smile.

"At the risk of sounding like a broken record, you really should get some rest." She lifted a hand to brush at a few stray strands of hair.

Odhrán Ó Dálaigh

"I was wondering how much of that was a dream," he ventured carefully. "Was that a transference technique? You must be even more tired then you let on."

Odhrán looked at her in awe. Giving him her energy was risky business. He was glad that Séverin had been there to keep an eye on things. "And if Séverin is giving you credit, graciously take it. He's usually right. He used to annoy me an awful lot with that when he was still my student." There was a bit of a playful edge to his words, but it was easy to see that Odhrán thought very highly of Séverin. There was an affection in his eyes that seemed deeply genuine.

"I'm glad you came, Talia," he told her gently. "But my family would have always come through for me on that. I take it you've met more or less everybody then? That must have been very awkward. Merlin, I'm sorry for that. I guess I'll have to introduce you properly soon then. Gosh, I'd hoped we'd have a little bit of time before having to present you. My family is very, very, old-fashioned. Oh well, best to worry about that later when we both feel better."

She still seemed set on making him rest. To be fair, she had a point. The last hour or so had been excruciatingly exhausting. Séverin would probably spit feathers if they told him they had a fight and that he had tried to get up.

"I'll rest if you rest," he said simply. They both needed time to mend. "Go home, I'll be okay by myself for a couple of hours." Then a little smile spread across his features. "Or don't go home and sleep here. I assume Sév didn't relieve you off your wand like he did with me. We can lock the door and set an alarm."

Talia Bryce

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"I'm sure they would. I wasn't second guessing them but I had to see you, help if I could. Your sister wasn't sure if you'd transfer to Paris or where and if you had been... I was worried I wouldn't get to see you." Her words caught for a second before she continued. "It was sort of awkward. Your mother is pretty intimidating. I think she gave Audish quite the scare. They were all kind though, well with the exception of your Aunt. I managed to steer clear of her for the most part."

She considered what he had said for a minute. Extremely old fashioned, perhaps that was why he hadn't told his mother then? That would make more sense than the fear that had inflated her insecurity over him being ashamed. The idea of being presented formally sounded nervewracking. Would his mother have given her a second glance had it been under any other circumstances? Scary thought...

"No he did not." She grinnedhavibg expected no wand to drive him a little insane. "And it isnt that I don't trust you to be fine for a few hours but I'd feel better staying." Really she wasn't all that sure she could force herself to get home. Having sat down and put her feet up made her realize just how worn out she actually was.

"Next time," She stroked her thumb against the side of his jawline, a tiny bit of stubble still clinging on. "Just let me do it or ask for a mirror." A gentle smile bloomed on her face as she held his gaze. "Don't get me wrong, you did look rather dashing all rugged." She laughed and planted a soft kiss on the side of his cheek.

"So, I'll go lock the door. Anything fancy I should be aware of or anything you're in need of that I can bring back up here?"

Odhrán Ó Dálaigh

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"I'd have called you, Talia. I know I'm not terrific about staying in touch, but I wouldn't have wanted you to worry for longer than necessary. Alas, I'm grateful Sév thinks I am well enough to stay here. Really I'd prefer to be home, but I suppose Áirann Mhór is awfully inconvenient in case of an emergency."

He tried to reason with himself that being here was really the best option. In truth, he already missed the sea and the comfort of his wide and spacious bedroom. Being in this small, cluttered trestment room was annoying, but at least it came with the benefit of visitors being able to find him easily. Áirann Mhór could be a pain to get to from overseas without a special permission for an international floo connection. Sév and Helene would have struggled.

He quirked his eyebrow at her questions. "Sometimes, a door is just a door. The one downstairs as a sign on it. Don't trip it or it'll look like the clinic is open. I'd say close to one to this room as well. I think someone may have helped themselves to the keys. Aoibheann normally has one and I have two. Not sure who currently has them."

He was glad she seemed to be onboard with his general plan. There was just one thing that was becoming rather hard to ignore and he should probably bring up before they made them selves comfortable to sleep for a bit.

"And I hate to say this, but even though you've all fussed over me, nobody has fed me. Unless Sév put me on a diet I didn't get told about, I say we should maybe think about some food. Have you eaten? Cachou could make something for us? I'm feeling like I haven't eaten in at least two days, which is because I haven't eaten in at least two days."

He produced a playful little grin and pretended to think about her question some more.

"Other than that I think all errands I'd have would be for Cachou as well. Get a second pillow from home, something I might actually be comfortable sleeping in, my comb. That was a real challenge earlier to do without, way harder than shaving without a mirror or figuring out how to get by with one bowl of water when two or three would have been easier. And you'll laugh at me, but someone took my necklace and I don't usually take that off. It's bothering me that it's not there. You don't mind me calling on Cachou, right?"

Talia Bryce

A door is just a door. He must not be too tired if he's still able to give her a hard time. Sliding off the edge of the bed and onto her feet, both protesting at the sudden moment, Talia stood and gave a nod.

"You must be wasting away, how cruel!" Teasing him, she peeled out of her jumper and folded it onto the chair. Putting off rest for food made sense, as long as he wasn't trying to get out of being told when to rest, bossy pants...

"I'll sort out the front door if you want to get ahold of Cachou?" Sounded easy enough, though he launched into a round of complaining over not having his things. She smirked finding it oddly charming how out of sorts he was not having his necklace.

"Go ahead. I'll just be a few minutes."


Setting her glass down on the table next to a few empty potion bottles, a laugh slowly faded from Talia.

"I'll probably never hear the end of it from Mags. I think even your mother had quite the fright halfway through the spell fading. My hair must have looked a mess." Shaking her head, she finished up her rendition of having to sneak into St. Mungos. "I can't believe I even had that uniform still... The one time you could've been right in calling me nurse and you missed the opportunity!" Another soft laugh leading into a tired sigh.

"All finished?" She held out a hand to take his plate.