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I am NOT Batman damn you!!!!

Started by Quillan Cadwick, July 14, 2021, 05:39:49 am

Quillan Cadwick

It was early evening the sun had gone down and the moon was just starting to really come out, stars could be seen but it wasn't properly dark yet. Nocturnal animals were just barely waking up, some lazy ones were still catching a few Zs before they had to get up and start their day. A man limped across the lawn, using the castle as cover, getting close to it so no one would see him, even if they looked directly down from a window. Then, the man changed into a huge bat, with loads of fluffy, golden fur, eyes almost too big for its face and if you looked closely on its left wing, there was a cane shaped mark on the inner skin.

The bat crawled up onto a stone bench and leaped off, snapping its wings out, it flew up and higher and higher into the air. Quillan loved flying around at night, he did it as often as he could. Specially when he had a problem he was trying to work out and he couldn't use music to do it. Flying just cleared his head. Allowed him to just be ......somewhere else. To leave his troubles on the ground for a while. Once he was high enough that the castle looked like a tiny model and he saw the railroad tracks and the forest looked like a blanket of lumpy greenery, he just let himself soar.

Quillan wasn't going anywhere in particular, he was just flying around. He liked watching the grounds from so far up, everything seemed so small and nothing mattered up here in the air. He flew like this for a while, until the sky was very dark and his pitch black wings blotted out the stars so if someone looked up, they'd just see a floating golden speck  and a shadow over the stars as he moved.

Suddenly, he took a dive, down, down down he went, spiraling and twisting, flipping and looping. The wind howled past his ears and he had to squint against it. He pulled up at the last moment, only feet from smashing into the ground. Yes his arms would be a little sore tomorrow, but damn if it wasn't FUN! Next, he flew over the lake, skimming the surface with one wing and enjoying the spray. He went back up, up up and then, down again, alighting on a tree branch, he used the strong, single finger-like claw in the middle of his wings to pull a box he'd had hidden in the crook of the tree and opened it.

The smell of crisp, red apples, fat, juicy purple grapes, delicious figs, delicate bananas and lovely wonderful orange slices hit his nose and he sat there, devouring his snack. One thing about shifting into a bat, it always made him crave fruit and whenever he whenever he really flew for a long time and did stunts, it made him very, very hungry. So, there he hung, a little lopsidedly on account of his left curse leg still being a factor, eating his fruit. It had all been cut into small, bite sized pieces before hand, very fresh and tasty.

Mallory O'Cleary

Mallory did love spring. As she was one for warmer weather she most certainly preferred it over winter any day. Of course, the holidays in Winter did make up for the freezing weather. Unfortunately, this Spring Mallory won't be able to enjoy it as much as she usually would. It's a certain trouble that has indeed been following  her for some time now, even of she would get it back, that she has gotten her belongings  stolen. It really hurt that someone would do that to her and it gave her more to worry about.

For one, would it happen again? Are there more people like that? What about the money? Those were her warnings from hard work, whoever stole it had no right- at this point in her thinking Mallory would stand up, walk out the castle, and take a walk. It went on like this for days and days. It was a circle of thinking.

So I'm sure as you have guessed,  Mallory was yet again walking outside. She mustn't worry herself, she tells herself. She tries to let her worries fly away, much like Professor  Quill over there- what a moment.

Mallory retraced her steps a few steps back to where she had seen Professor quill. At least she thought she had. She could of sworn she saw him turn into a bat... wait. There would have to be a bat, then. Instantly  her eyes searched for the creature in question. And her eyes lay on the bat. One would pass and see her talking to this animal, and possible be confused. But she walked up with ease and smiled. "I see you're enjoying your spring, batman." She added the last part with a smile thinking of a muggle movie she used to watch. Funny, she had always thought her loomed like the joker.

Quillan Cadwick

Quillan noticed O'Cleary standing near him and shuffled along the branch a little further, sliding his box of fruit along with him. Maybe if he made it clear he was ignoring her she'd......then again.....'batman?' ....Who the hell was batman? Was it him? Why was she calling him 'batman?' Was it because he was an animagus and therefore a man in disguise? He wasn't aware that 'Batman' was a popular comic book and tv series in the muggleworld. He knew things about muggles, yes but not enough to know about the smaller things. He liked their music, technology and their books but that was pretty much all he knew. He was a pureblood after all! He continued to eat his fruit snack, not bothering to change back and offering to share. For one thing, he wasn't willing to share. He saw no need. He'd selected and cut this fruit himself, by hand without any magic at all. And secondly and more importantly, the pieces of fruit were tiny in the hands of a human. As a bat, they were perfectly sized, but with normal sized hands, a single handful and half of it would be gone.

Then there was the comment she'd made about him enjoying spring. What did that mean? Was she being sarcastic? Or mean? What was her angle? He didn't know what to make of her question or her nickname! He thought about finishing his snack and flying away, but then he'd have to explain himself and flying on a full stomach always gave him cramps so.....he stayed put, finishing the last few pieces of his fruit salad and peering into the box to make sure he'd gotten it all.

He pulled himself upright on his strong, claw-like little fingers and then, dropped and let himself fall the relatively short distance to the ground and changed back, then stood up as a man and reached up into the branch and retrieved his empty container. "It's a good, clear night for a flight is all." He remarked. And it was! He had needed to clear his mind, he'd been having trouble sleeping recently, something was coming up that he wasn't much looking forward to and he needed to distract himself before he made it someone else's problem other than just his own.

Mallory O'Cleary

Mallory smiled softly as the bat continued to eat the fruit. She tilted her head, having never seen a bat in person. Stinks it had to be a human by, though. But at least he looks and is in a way acting like a normal bat. It was peaceful to watch him going on with his ways, though weird to say, she felt like she could watch this all night. It certainly eased her worries.

Mallory, the nerd she was, had already known why he could do this. He was an animagus, something she had always wanted to be. She never got the chance, though, the process is rather complicated and not to mention time consuming. She had enough on her plate. As she watched Quill munch on his fruits, she began to wander what she would be if she could turn to any animal. It was a bit childish, but right now she didn't feel like caring.

Maybe she would be a raven. Or an owl. An owl certainly would be nice. But a student might mistake her for a messenger owl and Mallory would not enjoy running errands across cities.

When Quill returned to his human form, it was a bit of a shock. She had glimpsed something so nice, and to see him back as his original scary self was shocking. (No offense, of course) She smiled at his reason for being out. "Funny. I dont see much flying happening.  I thought I saw eating. Or was I seeing things?" She asked, smiling.

Quillan Cadwick

"I was flying before." He remarked, "I go up high....very high. I like seeing the grounds from above. Puts things into perspective. My problems don't seem so big from way up there. Flying always makes me hungry. Fruit provides natural energy." Plus it was tasty, it didn't make him hyper and it was easy to prepare. He didn't feel like adding that though. "And I won't be flying again. Not tonight. Flying on a full stomach isn't good for me" And he wasn't going to perform like a trained seal. He didn't say that either.....

Idle conversation wasn't his strong suit and he wasn't going to apologize for it. He considered dismissing himself and going into the castle for the rest of the night but he wasn't going to let anyone chase him anywhere. Even if O'Cleary wasn't actually doing anything, he didn't want to go inside right now. The night was too clear, cool, calm and perfect to spend it in the gloomy old dungeons just because someone else had come along and interrupted his good time!

She'd probably ask him what it was like to be an animal, how long it had taken to become an animagus, why he'd done it...blah blah blah. All questions he didn't feel like answering. People talked too much! Specially when he wanted to be alone with his thoughts. She'd disrupted him before he could really clear them away, now they'd come roaring back and he wasn't too happy about that....though again, he wasn't going to talk about it or even hint that he was troubled. Too much pride, plus a lifetime of learning that every time he did bring his problems up to someone in an effort to talk about them and feel better, he wound up feeling worse.

"What about you?" He asked after several moments of silence, which he didn't consider painful or awkward, but rather enjoyable. "Enjoying your walk?" He was still bad at small talk but.....at least it kept the conversation away from himself and kept him from being seen as totally rude.

Mallory O'Cleary

Mallory suddenly nodded slowly. "That's right, you were a quidditch player, weren't you?" Anyone who used to play a sport such as that would enjoy being high in the sky. "You must really enjoy flying." She said, obviously. That was obvious, anyone who says they like to go high must enjoy flying. Mallory has never flown in her life, but she does just take a stroll when she needed to have a clear mind.

Mallory knew for a fact that Cadwick was not... social. In fact, she rarely sees him talk at conferences. He was always... awkward at times. She didn't like to admit these things, but it was true. If a child started to cry, he would probably bring them to another professor who WOULD hug them. So she could understand the silence that soon followed.

And suddenly, she had a question. "Is there a reason you chose a bat?" She asked. Mallory knew she was pushing the boundaries of this guy, for one, he didn't enjoy small talk. She just one, wanted to break the silence, and two, wanted to know.

Again they walked silently, in till, to her surprise, Cadwick spoke. "Hm?" She looked at him. "Indeed. Unlike you I suppose, walking helps clear my mind." She said, sighing slightly.

Quillan Cadwick

Quillan looked at her quickly, surprise on his face before he could wipe it clear. "Yeah. Seeker for the Mortruse Magpies for Scotland." he said, "......Yeah. I do."

He shook his head, "Oh...you don't...you can't choose what animal you become." He told her, "But after I was....cursed and it became too painful to fly on a broomstick ....well... I became desperate to fly again. Even if it wasn't on a broomstick. I started the trial to become an animagus on the hopes I'd become something with wings! A bird....an owl maybe. Or an eagle....hawk. Hell, I'd have settled for a beetle! I lucked into a bat. I just wish...." this wasn't easy to admit but.....well it would probably come up at some point. "I wasn't so...fluffy in that form! I look like a flying puppy!"

Then he shrugged, "But after I learned to fly as a bat it was great! Wasn't easy....learning to use my wings.... and I crashed a lot but.... it was worth it!"

He nodded, "You walk away from your troubles for a while, I fly away from mine." He indicated his cane, "Long walks aren't exactly my thing. Short hobbles are best I can do."

Mallory O'Cleary

Mallory was please to as see his surprise, but also sad. He acted as if no one knew that, I mean, how could they not? She smiled faintly."I may be Irish but I know all quidditch teams very well." She said. It was true. Quidditch was a sport she enjoyed to watch, but check, she wouldn't fly a broom if you played her. In flying class when she was a kid, she shouted up five million times before it came up and slapped her in the face. She went to the nurse with a bad nosebleed.

Cadwick shook his head. He said you can't choose and animal, but he had hoped for one that could fly. "Oh." She said. "I guess you did get lucky." She said. Then he said he wished they weren't so fluffy, and she laughed. "That's one way of putting it." She said.

She nodded as she listened to him talk about how it wasn't easy. "I bet it isn't!" She said, remembering those wings. She smiled as he said it was worth it.

He said he wasn't much of a walker. She looked at his cane. "Ouch. Quidditch?"She asked, referring to what injured him.

Quillan Cadwick

"You must. I flew for them back before you were even born!" He said, impressed that she knew that about him. It wasn't exactly common knowledge!

"No. Not a quidditch injury." He said and since he knew she'd ask and he didn't care who knew, "Part of .....this." He told her, gesturing to his face, "Wasn't born like this. If I were my parents would've drowned me on the spot." It wasn't a joke either! "No....this came to be around the time I was twenty...maybe twenty-two ....I went into a shop looking for an interesting present for Amara. At the time, she was my wife. I touched something I should've have by accident. Lovely little artifact by the name of 'The Hand of Midas.' Started turning me to gold. The most physically painful experience of my life. Mungos couldn't fix it all. The healers focused on my vitals. The heart, lungs and all that. Didn't want them turning to solid gold. By the time they were able to reverse the affects, my skin, hair and eyes looked like this and my left leg had been partially solidified. Little chunks of gold in the muscles, joints and between the bones. Can't fly on a broomstick anymore without it hurting like a bitch. Can't walk without the cane."

He shrugged, "It is what it is. No sense whining about something that can't be fixed. I adapted. Overcame. It's one of the few things I'm good at aside from potions and flying....and playing the piano, but seeing as I hate the spotlight I don't see myself doing anything with it other than using it as an emotional outlet."