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Started by Sarahsaur, July 13, 2021, 09:56:52 pm


Rufus' Little Sister

Name: Lucinda Powers
FC: Up to you though Ballee Madison is a suggestion
Personality: Lucy should be sweet, kind and fun loving.
Age: 14-15
House: Up to you (though not Slytherin)
Relationship with Rufus: She'd see him as a father-figure AND a big brother and maybe even a friend. He tried to be everything for her growing up and he sacrificed a LOT for her as well. She should not hate him or resent him.

Rufus' future wife

Name: Up to you
FC: Up to you, though I have suggestions
Personality: Up to you
History: Up to you
Job: Up to you, though let's not make her a death eater. XD

contact: Sarahsaur