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[G1] Seasons of Love | Spell

Started by Talia Bryce, July 11, 2021, 08:10:04 pm

Talia Bryce

February 1970 | Lesson 2 : Valentine's Theme | Herbivicus Charm

It had taken the better half of last night and this morning to get the main greenhouse prepared for today's class, thankfully with the help of a few students though largely on her own wanting to surprise the students as much as she was able once they stepped through the doors. Stepping down from the ladder to wave the last of vines into place, Professor Bryce stood back and admired her handiwork. The atrium space at the entrance had been decorated with hanging vines and flowers of all kind, transfigured into small heart shapes like a veil the students would have to walk through. Entering the two long tables were still in the same position with fresh pots and tools at the ready. Two smaller tables had been set up on either side of the doorway to the left and right as students entered. On them were a number of flowers in full bloom and a small saucer of seeds and named label at each. Everything from African Daisies to Zinnias. Nothing of magical or sentient origin so no need for worry with student's falling prey to any dangerous aspects of Herbology and even help some of the Muggle first year students to settle into a class without worrying they would be behind.

The rest of the room had more floating bubbles with small heart blossoms around the space and an intense floral scent, though the professor had given a few charms to be sure no one with allergies or sensitive noses would have to remove themselves or looking for an excuse to skip out early. All of the standard dreary looking earthy toned aprons had been transfigured as well to be various shades of reds and pinks, a few patterned with lace or sparkly designs. There was even the smell of fresh baked cookies lingering in the air if one really paid attention or had skipped out on lunch but interestingly enough none to be seen, yet. Hand cut paper chains in the shape of lacework were hanging from sections on the greenhouse ceiling and a few butterflies flitted about the room, though they strangely resembled bits of folded floral parchment if one looked close enough.

"Welcome everyone! Today we'll be doing something new and rather exciting in my opinion.. Be sure to grab your wands!" She grinned as a few students rushed back to their belongings hanging up in the atrium to procure their wand. Holding up her hands to settle the chatter, she lowered them as they quieted. "Yes, very exciting news I'm sure! Everyone has been working hard in class so I thought to treat you all to a less formal class day complete with sweets a little later on." That seemed to hold mostly everyone's attentions. Though she wasn't naive enough to sugar them all up before they had a chance to start for the day.

"As I'm sure you all remember from last week, the Herbivicus charm expedites the growth of a plant you cast it upon. Remember to steady your wand tip pointed at the plant as it grows and keep concentration so your connection doesn't break or waver. If you do you could grow your plant much too fast, too large, or it could become a stumpy little thing.. or worse wither and shrivel into nothing from too little or too much energy exerted from you. Don't worry if you have to give it a couple tries, there are plenty of extra seeds for everyone!" Using her wand to help show the students the proper movement she gave a wave in the direction of the makeshift seed nestled in the pot in front of her. A turn of the wrist as she motioned in a three pointed leaf outline in the air and gave the incantation, 'her-BIV-i-cuss.'.

A twisting stream of brilliant green light filtered from the tip of her wand as it crackled an emerald green and onto the seedling connecting the two. Wiggling in its spot, the seed halves illuminated and began to glow as it writhed into life, small tendrils tangling each half of the seed together and roots spreading into the soil. A long stem coiled up, two oval leaves elongated and fell over the edge as the green light pulsed brighter sending another curved shoot from the tip of the stem. Holding her free hand out, the thick green stem curled over the top of her fingers, buds popping in a straight line along the top of the stalk. Lowering her wand, the last tendrils of light flowing from her wand to the plant and turning her hand so the students could see, the buds shivered and shook to release large orange and pink blooms, the petals unfurling to reveal a frilled pink trumpet shape before spreading open against the five slender petals.  

"I know this spell is usually taught at a higher level but with how well you've all done thus far into the school year I have faith each of you will be successful!" Even with the greenhouse mishap and Miss Yaxley, the students overall had been good with practicing other spells in class when required. If it warranted a little helpful push from her non-verbally of course, she was still positive things would go well. The last two classes she had been having them practice the movements and incantation to prepare for today but hadn't given away the reason quite yet, despite a few students trying to squeeze the information from her during yesterday's breakfast. "This charm comes in handy constantly in the greenhouse and with a number of careers, even in an everyday sense should you be tending to your own garden or ingredients. With the holiday coming up however I thought it would be a fun to do a little spell casting but take time to create something you could give to one of your fellow students. Valentine's isn't just about secret admirers. Love comes in many forms just like plants and though it may feel or look the same in many ways it can be different. You could love someone through admiration and respect, a mentor or friend. I'd like you all to take a minute to browse the flowers and keep someone in mind when choosing. It isn't required but I'm sure that person would appreciate the gesture in receiving such a gift, especially one you've crafted yourself."

"Be sure to choose two different seed halves that you're happy with as we're going to be mixing them together to create a hybrid. Once you've chosen and placed the seeds at your seat, we're going to do a few basic wand movements as a refresher." Having separated the seeds into halves and prepping them with a potion and charm they would be ready to graft together and form whatever mix the student chose once the spell was cast. Waiting for the students to make their choices and get settled she would go over the proper incantation and wand movement together with them before setting them to task and walking between the two long rows of tables helping where needed.

Out Of Character*no restriction on plant choices! I want to leave it open to your own creativity! β™‘
- In case you're curious and want some funky plants here's an A-Z spot to peek at!

Xavier Miles

Xavier liked Herbology, there was something about the smell of soil, the feeling dirt beneath his nails, and the satisfaction of seeing something slowly grow under his care that was.....satisfying. He enjoyed this class quite a lot and as Professor Bryce explained about the lesson, he sat up a little straighter and removed his wand from the holster at his side. 'Herbivicuss'....that was a simple enough spell! He carefully watched the way she moved her hand, focusing on that as much as the incantation itself was just as important. He didn't care about the offer of candy at the end, he could get candy whenever he wanted by taking some from his own stash from their last trip to the village. It was all about the plant to him.

He stood and joined the rest of the class at the table, staring at the beautiful plant she'd provided as an example. A valentine's day gift? He wasn't sure who to give it to! He thought about asking for suggestions, but he didn't want to stand out as the one kid who didn't know. His mom would enjoy it......oh Merlin....he'd better not say that aloud! He'd be teased as a sissy. A mama's boy! He was already made fun of for his voice enough as it was....no need to add to the teasing...

He didn't say anything though as the Professor instructed them, choosing instead to listen carefully and plan ahead in his mind. That was the kind of student he was. The type who listened and planned and only asked questions when he really needed to. She'd explained things well enough that he felt like he didn't have to ask about anything further. He thought about a present for both mom and dad. Mom like roses and dad liked Elvis Presley and getting up early to watch the sunrise.... he picked out a rose seed, along with a pretty hibachis and planted them into the soil.

As he performed his incantation and made the proper gesture, he did his usual focusing technique, he hummed. He stood there, his eyes half lidded, humming one of Elvis' songs under his breath as he did so. He was fully focused on his plant and the spell, keeping things in perspective as best he could, knowing that if he messed this up, he could try again. But he didn't want to mess up. He wanted to do this perfectly. The first time! He might've been disrupting the others around him with his humming, he didn't know. He was trying to do it quietly, but he was also trying his best and sometimes, he got carried away when he was trying hard on something. He also wouldn't have cared if he was aware of his own volume, (which he wasn't. Thankfully, it was quiet enough to be considered 'library volume') and by the time he finished, he had a rose sitting there in the pot. It might not've been as big as the others, but it was healthy and not too small or big. Maybe it wasn't perfect, he was sure the Professor would find a place to take points away somewhere, but he hardly cared.

He smiled and took a sniff of his rose. It was at that moment that he realized it didn't smell much like a rose! It smelled more like... "Chocolate?" He muttered, "Where in the name of Merlin did THAT scent come from?!" he muttered to himself, "And why do I have the urge to taste it?"