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Creatures of the Night [Winters]

Started by Kian Thorne, July 06, 2021, 03:58:47 am

Darcy Winters

"Shocking. I know." She said, smiling. She liked to joke around. Even though the last time she did it was when... She was joking about someone. To their face. Making trouble. But this was a good kind of joking. It was meant for laughs, not pain. To be friendly, not mean. It felt different, but good.

"Well. The first year mudbloods don't dare it keep a foot out of line with me around. But the older ones..." She shook her head. "It sucks being so angry all the time. It's so easy to be mean when your angry but it's so tiring." She said. She held a hand to her head to be dramatic. "Can't someone else keep 'em in line?"

She sat up and smiled once more. Kian seemed eager about what she had been taking notes on. "Charms. Bit different with that new professor, O'Cleary, was it? Her way of teaching is a bit strange."

Kian Thorne

"Someone has to do it." He teased back at her show of theatrics.

Ah yes, Charms. "Class does seem different than with the previous Professor. As long as she doesn't try anything with my grades I'm fine." With their O.W. Ls coming up this year he wasn't going to be thrilled if suddenly she dropped his average or tossed in some chaotic lessons right before the mediator came to hold the tests. It was bad enough he was overloading his courses this term and next. Even if he was being expected to take over the family business he wanted to keep his options open. Having high scores on both exams leaving Hogwarts was only going to help elevate him in whatever career, or so he assumed.

"How do you suppose you'll do on OWLs coming up? I've been doing all I can to study so I'm not too worried." Maybe a little with Herbology... though he wasn't keen to admit it. Too bad for him with his interest in Potions it was something he would have to continue to take beyond the main curriculum. Even if he wanted to drop it the next two years he was sure Slughorn wouldn't be happy with him and manage to change the boy's mind.

Darcy Winters

Darcy Shrugged at Kian's teasing. "Lucky me, then." She smiled at him then looked back at the fire.

The conversation switched to charms and Darcy nodded. The professor seemed to love teaching, and that was real weird. But she also brought in loud birds and told them to have a connection with their wands. "I wonder if she wants us  To sit and have a cup O' tea with our wands or something. The way she went on about having a connection with our wands" Darcy said.

"I bet your grades will be fine. I've seen you in charms. Your amazing." She said, a bit embarrassed to have admitted that, though. But it was true. He really was great at charms and Darcy thought she would bring it up. "Uhmm.. well? I think I'll be fine in everything except herbology..." She said, slumping a bit.

"Like, first off, who shoves their hands in dirt for fun? Second, I don't have a second!" She said, laughing a bit as she shook her head. She sat back up. "I'll just have to study real hard, I suppose."

Kian Thorne

A loud laugh burst from Kian at the image of having to sit and have a wand tea party. It echoed through the room and for a minute Kian didn't care if it reached the students asleep in the other rooms. Letting his laugh die down and trying to catch his breath, he grinned and held a hand on his stomach. "Imagine that... wow." He could feel another bought of laughter bubbling up in him and again was struck with a strange sensation. Some sort of tickle along his chest and airy feeling to his thoughts. "Taking our wands out on little jaunts around Hogsmeade. Maybe I should buy mine a pint or two next weekend, show it a good time and all that. Buy some flowers for it." Running his hand through his hair he chuckled and shook his head. How ridiculous...

Her compliment struck him silent. He knew he was good but the praise made him slightly uncomfortable. He eyed her closely. "Herbology.." Kian groaned in sympathy to the way Darcy slumped in her seat.

"Apparently no good halfbloods who can't even be bothered to know their place. No wonder she has no husband, unless you count that wretched flutterby bush she always talks to. Maybe she's attempting to connect with it." Bryce was annoying even on her best days. Maybe the woman meant well but-no Kian cringed.

"I'm sure you'll do fine, especially in Potions. Even if you spent half of it peeking at me over your cauldron. I'm curious, are you just trying to copy my work or what?" He flashed her a smug look and laughed.

"Have you considered what you'll do after Hogwarts? Perhaps I can give some guidance? I had to sit with Slughorn and discuss some things. All last summer I spent researching a few career options and what I might need."

Darcy Winters

Darcy startled when Kian started laughing, not really thinking what she had said was funny. But suddenly, it was. She was laughing at what Kian said. Buy it flowers! Bring it to tea! "Dknt forget the heartfelt talk!" She said. Suddenly she pictured herself at a table, her wand across from her, as she talked about her troubles and how much of a "connection" they had.

"Oh, wand, our connection is so strong. Not even giant birds can ruin that." She said, gulping for air. Once she calmed down, she complimented Kian. He also seemed to share her troubles with herbology. Because he groaned.

Darcy nodded at Kian's words and gave a slight laugh at the "connection". Maybe she takes it out to tea to. Darcy scoffed with a smile on her face as Kian turned smug. "Yes, haha. And no. I just happen to be looking at you when you look at me." She said, an eyebrow raised.

"I- I have not thought that out yet." She kinda of just assumed her parents would choose it for her, they would already choose her husband for her. If she did something they didnt like they would ruin her career.

Kian Thorne

Looking at her? Kian scoffed and let out a huff of air. "You wish, Winters." Standing toe to toe with her challenging tone and matching her gaze.

"You haven't? We only have a few months until testing and then N.E.W.Ts before you know it and graduation shortly after. What have your parents said?" He assumed she would go into something with the Ministry maybe considering how her family already was lined up for that type of work, they had the connections. Truth be told he hadn't paid much attention all this time to what her parents even did for work. The only reason he knew of her grandmother was because of her status among the families and from his father.

"Your grandmother speak to you about anything? She seems like she would be able to get you in somewhere. Though I imagine you'd still need the grades. Are you planning on studying? I know there's the written half and practicum for the tests. A group of us were discussing over the holiday about getting together and possibly meeting to duel one another and share notes if you'd be interested in that."

Darcy Winters

"Dont make me laugh, Thorne." She said to his teasing.

Now, about her future... She didn't know. The fact that everyone else was already thinking about it made her worried. "I know, I know. Don't remind me." She said, thinking. "My parents want me in the ministry." She said, shrugging. It's not really what she wanted to do with her life, but oh well.

"Haven't talked to her about that, but I would doubt that she could pull some strings and get me anywhere" Her grandmother was the person she liked most in her whole family, especially over her parents. She was so high up, too. She was simply put... cool.

Darcy sat up. "Really? That would be great! Yeah." She was surprised Kian invited her to study with them, or that he was even being nice. It felt nice and she liked it.

Kian Thorne

"Great, I think it will be good to have a sixth in the group. Then it'll let everyone pair up to practice back and forth instead of taking turns with some of the casting. We've been going over Transfiguration recently. We meet after dinner every Thursday and tend to walk up together to the abandoned classroom on the third floor. A few professors have been letting us practice in there since it's out of the way but gives enough space for some of the spells. I managed to snag a few dummies from the pitch to bring up there and use." It had been quite the process but indeed worth it. The other students had been getting better and helping tutor had kept Kian's own skills sharp. He had noticed a difference in the way his magic felt channeling through his wrist and into his fingertips. Instead of a rush of energy it felt far more controlled.

"I've been moving on to some non-verbal spells recently but that's been trickier than I thought. I'd like to get it down in time for the tests though." It would be nice to be able to do more silent casting but having to give the incantation internally expelled almost more energy than giving it aloud. Kian hoped that was mostly because he was still practicing. Saying the incantation involved a certain level of linguistics whereas mentally having to turn the phrase over in his thoughts as he cast something he would need more time with.

"Carrow managed to vanish a few spare cauldrons and conjure a couple books from across the room. She's quite good, further along than the other three." It didn't help that she constantly was asking for Kian's help. Why he had no clue considering she seemed to do just fine without his assistance.