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Circus Peanuts [Mooni]

Started by Mooni, June 23, 2021, 10:37:00 pm


૮ ˆﻌˆ ა و(Hullo!) ⋆༶ ☽

     I guess I've put my plot page/intro off long enough! *insert awkward insecurities over talking about myself here*

I've been participating in RP and writing off and on for roughly 18 years or so?
Currently, this is the only site I am on and I'm loving it! Floo has given me quite a bit recently so I don't plan on going anywhere!

Recently I graduated university, yay finally... and am deciding on going for my masters involving art of some kind, fingers crossed for anything
videogame /graphic design related but we shall see!  I have a billion hobbies that are usually left unfinished in some box or on a desk somewhere.
Art and writing are a huge part of me and take up most of my brain space, what's left of it anyway.
I enjoy watching anything and everything just about, sci-fi, thriller, comedy, kdramas, reality tv, etc etc.
I've been reading through the Throne of Glass series recently, RIP all my other books I keep buying in the meantime...

I try to respond fairly quick with replies as long as I am able! Always looking for new threads or plots so feel free to toss
anything my way! Discord ( Mooni#0488 ) or on here is a good place to reach me!

The Peanut Gallery


That's quite the roster there, looking forward to meeting them all (have met some already, of course)

You've also got me wondering about whether it's possible to create some kind of template to put on character profile pages that works like that somehow.

2 months later


Love the ids. Hope to see then for the others:)