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[Dún Laoghaire] Instant karma's gonna get you

Started by Declan O'Dwyer, June 10, 2021, 05:12:27 pm

Declan O'Dwyer

Christmas was approaching fast, turning even the quiet streets of Dún Laoghaire in a busy coming and going of people. Tierney's Gift Shop looked so crowded, Declan didn't particularly fancy trying to squeeze inside. Yes, he still needed a present for his mother, but there were still other places he could try. The trouble was, he had no idea what to get. His mother had everything, and wanted for nothing, save perhaps a more sensible husband. Last he'd checked, none of the stores in town sold any.

He felt mildly frustrated. He'd taken time out if his busy routine to find just the thing, and so far it wasn't going very well. His mind was darting back and forth between his shop in London and the one in Dublin. His staff should be able to handle things on their own, but he still felt like he should be with them, rather than out and about doing his Christmas shopping. And if not that, he wanted to reach out to Farren Abercrombie to see her again.  Not that there was any hope for him in this regard; she was so busy attending to her social obligations as culture editor. Didn't mean he didn't miss her. Didn't mean that he could stop himself from thinking about her.

He took a left into Marine Road, followed past the church towards Moran Park. There was a little art shop near the one of the muggle museums. Maybe there? Alas, when he got there none of it felt right either. He didn't like the paintings, and he couldn't imagine that his mother would have a different opinion. A heavy sigh escaped him. He'd been at it for a couple of hours. Maybe he just needed a little break and something would come to mind.

Galbraith's cafe around the corner was the perfect little refuge. Cozy, warm and serving that delicious apple cake he always missed when going away for any length of time. A nice slice, or perhaps a warm butter beer with nutmeg seemed to be just what was needed. Declan slipped inside following a witch that was also appeared to be in need of a break. Something about her was a little familiar. Declan craned he neck so see if he recognised her.

No way.

"Gosh, Mal," he addressed her. "Is that you? I... didn't recognise you there for a minute. What's bringing you back home. I thought you had a fancy place in London these days?" Or was it somewhere else? Didn't she do something for a paper these days. Was it Witch Weekly?

"Not seen you in ages! How have you been? Do you have time? Can I buy you a coffee or tea? Catch up for old times' sake?"

He smiled at her brightly. Seeing Mal again. Fancy that.

Mallory O'Cleary

Mallory surprised herself with a gift of her own. She went back to Ireland, where she was born. She visited her friends, her family, even went to her mother's grave. It was nice o be back at home. She had talked about the new things in her life in front of her mother's grave. Some might call it weird, but she liked to think she was still here. After that was done, she went shopping for some things she could give to her father. He would like it.

She went to a couple of shops. That was that. Chrismas was coming close, and Mallory wanted to be prepared. Being here was like an early gift. Besides, she deserved a break from the castle. She had several papers she still needed to grade laying on her desk as she looked through some coats. Kids always got reckless near holidays, they always got excited. She had to leave from that, it grew stressful and annoying.

Finally deciding she would get a nice hot drink, she walked out of the shop with some mittens for her father. She walked down the roads of Ireland, waving to people and stopping to chat a few times. She didn't mind be side tracked, it was always good to be home. It was also a good way to meet new people. She walked up to Galbraith's cafe. It was warm and cozy, the perfect place to be. She walked up, as she heard someone say her name. "Mal?" Yup that was her nickname. She knew that voice.

She turned around and her face lit up. "Declan?!" She hadn't seen him in a while. "I've been great! Yes! I have time!" She waved her hand like shooing a fly. "You don't have to pay."

Declan O'Dwyer

"I'm glad to hear it. You look well." His eyes ran over her features as he thought that something about her manner had changed. Mallory had always been an attractive girl, but there was now a hint of severity to her face; a touch of authority that suited her and made her appear more confident. He liked it. For a brief moment, his mind snapped back to their shared childhood in Dublin and the exasperated looks she'd given him when playing make believe. She'd never wanted to be the evil witch to his dashing hero, but, somehow, he's convinced her to play along anyway.

"I know I don't have to," Declan countered warmly, "but has it occurred to you that I might want to, Mal? And I figured I owe you one, oh, Great Sorceress of The Night, Summoner of Wind and Sea, Supreme leader of the Foreign Invasion."  He snorted a laugh recounting her imaginary titles, and cheekily slinked ahead of her in the queue.

"A coffee for me please, whatever the lady is having and, what do you think, Mal," he looked at her briefly, "two slices of that apple cake? It looks delicious, doesn't it?"

The girl behind the counter agreed, extolling the virtues of county Kerry apples and their perfect tanginess. Really, as far as Declan was concerned, she was preaching to the converted. He couldn't wait to settle down with his slice and dig into the cake with its buttery streusel topping. A piece of nostalgia on a plate.

Declan dutifully paid then looked for an empty table for them to settle down. There was a nice spot free besides the window and with that the matter was decided. "I'm in a bit of a pickle with Christmas shopping," he confessed conversationally. "Have you got something for your parents yet? I could really do with some advice as to what I should buy for my mom."

He plopped into the empty chair and then looked up at Mal. "Come on, settle down. Ugh, and listen to me going on about my silly problems when what I really want to know is what you've been up to. Tell me everything!"

Mallory O'Cleary

Mallory smiled as she stood next to Declan. Mallory usually didn't know what to do with compliments, it was always awkward. When Delcan gave her a compliment, however, she easily smiled. Thank you. As do you." She said, returning the compliment. She remembered when he was but a younger boy who had always wanted to play. For a moment she let herself think about all the memories they had.

She blinked and crossed her arms. She turned to him as he spoke. Great Sorceress of The Night, Summoner of Wind and Sea, Supreme leader of the Foreign Invasion. She rolled her eyes at him, but she was smiling. "I was always the villain." She said. She held out her arm. "Do I look evil?" She said, as Declan went ahead of her. "But I suppose I wouldn't fit the dashing hero." She said as she walked next to him. "That was all you."

She sighed and shook her head as Declan ordered. "One coffee for me too, please." She said. She nodded to Declan. She held her hand on her hip, defeated. "It does. It truly does."

She followed him over to a window seat. "A pickle, you say?" She clicked her tongue as she sat down. "I do. I got some mittens for my father so far. " She said, putting her bag down beside her. "Well... I'm the Charms professor at Hogwarts..." She started.

Declan O'Dwyer

It was nice how easy it was to fall back into conversation with Mal. Declan felt as though no time at all had passed since he had last seen her. He wondered why he hadn't been in touch sooner. Somehow, he'd always found a spurious excuse as to why not. And for what? He was just depriving himself of a good time.

Maybe, he could get her help on the whole issue with the Christmas present. She was a woman after all and properly had more of an idea than him. Not that it made any sense, but women always seemed so much better at coming up with gift ideas then men.

Except, before he could reply to Mal they were interrupted by the waitress, bringing their cake and coffees. He picked up his cup and took a little sip. Ouch, still to hot. Setting it down gingerly he gave Mal a slightly sheepish smile. 'HOT' he mouthed at her, but didn't actually say the word.

"Yes, ugh, you know, Christmas shopping is rather hard. I don't know what to get for my mom. I don't want it to be some random book or candle, but something that will really make her smile. Except, I'm drawing all blacks here today. Any suggestions for me?"

Wait, had she just told him she was now a professor? He'd somehow glossed over it while his brain was still processing.

"And wow, what?! You teach! No, surely not! I can't believe it." Except, now that he thought about it it didn't seem that far fetched at all. She'd been fond of helping the younger students at Hogwarts, hadn't she? "So what's that like? I don't think I could last a day. I get short tempered with my apprentices at Viridian and they're seventeen and eighteen. So do you like teaching?"

He picked up one of the dainty dessert forks they'd been given with their apple cakes and took a little bite out of his. It was divine, really as expected. A big smile spread across his features, really enjoying this little trip down memory lane.

"Oh, and you won't believe who else from school I met again recently. Farren Abercrombie-Rosier. She's the culture editor of the Prophet now and has a gorgeous town house in Belgravia. And she has two of the most adorable crups I have ever seen." He seemed to become more animated talking about her, perhaps giving away his feelings about the beautiful pureblood witch just a little.

Mallory O'Cleary

June 29, 2021, 04:01:54 am #5 Last Edit: June 29, 2021, 06:54:38 pm by Mallory O'Cleary
Mallory had missed talking to Declan. She really had. It wasn't something she would usually do, she wasn't one to set things up. It was always him who took the lead when they were kids. She did think of him often, though, even thought about sending owls. She never did go through with that plan though. It was silly, really. She was just missing out. She was glad to be talking to him again and couldn't seem to get that smile off her face.

She listened to his words with interest when they were interrupted. She thanked the waiter and held her coffee but didn't sip, as she could feel the heat. Unlike Declan, though, for he had taken an excited sip and realized the hard way it was hot. She shook her head with a smile and a look that clearly said, 'oh, Declan'... She looked back at him again. "Yeah, I get it." She said, nodding. Meaning she understood the troubles of gift buying, not getting one for a mother. "It was so much easier as a kid when you could just make a craft and they would love it..." She said. "Well, maybe something that reminds you of a memory you had. A place you went. To show you care, that you never forgot what she did for you."

She said. She watched as Declan took a bite of the great and she smiled, picking up a fork, too. "How's it taste?" She asked, putting some on her form and bringing it to her mouth. "Oh. Oh wow." She nodded as she chewed and swallowed. She thought about her response. "It's a trick called patience, Declan. " She said, joking. "You need patience, especially with kids."

She sat up, surprised. "really? No way! Wow!"   She smiled as she saw Declan's face. "You don't say? "   She took a sip of her coffee, and saw from the corner of her eye someone walking over. She played no attention in till she saw them walk past them with a purse now in his hands.

Hers. She jumped up, spilling her coffee as she reached for her wand. She realized with a deathly horror it was in her bag.  "H- Hey! " She cried, and the person darted off.

Declan O'Dwyer

"I was surprised as well after all these years. It's been quite some time now since her husband passed away. So, I thought it was safe enough to ask her out to the ball at the Bannatyne mansion earlier this year. Caused quite a stir though. I thought her grandmother-in-law might eat me alive. You know what those old pureblood crones are like..."

There they were just having a pleasant chat and he really enjoyed catching up with Mallory when something suddenly spooked her. She stood up and in the process of doing so was about to spill her coffee everywhere. "Mal," Declan exclaimed in shock, "careful with that. It's way too hot!"

Too late. The damage was done. There was a large pool of the liquid on their table and Declan tried to soak it up with one of the napkins. However, Mallory's focus wasn't with him, but rather a man he didn't recognise. She shouted something after him. Was that girly purse his? Comprehension dawned on Declan. The little shit had just mugged them, well, her. But he took personal offence to it.

Pulling his wand he tried to fire of a Stupify at the retreating figure, but his aim was slightly off. He didn't manage to hit the culprit. Part of him wanted to run after the guy and hex him, but his concern for Mal herself took precedent over his concern for her valuables. A bag could easily be replaced. Burns could be nasty injuries.

"Are you okay? Did you burn yourself? Let me see that?"

Mallory O'Cleary

Mallory didn't pay attention to Declan's warning about the hot coffee. He hadn't yet noticed her bag had been stolen, and we was worried about the hot coffee. It splashed on her hand as she jumped out of her seat, yelling at the man who stole her bag.

Mallory couldn't think, her wand was gone, her money- oh, God, her money. She was saving that for food for her father. That didn't matter, now. She watched, hoping against hope that Declan's spell would hit, as it missed and the culprit got away with her purse. People at began to look at them.

Mallory looked at Declan as he asked if she was alright. She glanced at her hand. "Y- yeah. I'm fine. Just a little splash, is all." They could worry about thAt later.

Mallory looked at Declan. "Just my luck. I try and enjoy myself, get out a bit, and I get mugged." Mallory shook her head. "That had my wand and my money..."She rubbed her head, trying to think of what to do. She sat up. She would have to get it bAck herself, she didn't want to make a big deal about it. She was the charms professor, she needed her wand.

"I'm so sorry this had to be cut short."She started. "But I have to leave and find that man, I really enjoyed talking." She couldn't possibly trouble him any more after he paid for her. She said as much. "I would hate to trouble you after you paid for me" She said. She really had nothing to pick up except the spill, so she wiped it up with some napkins. "But a little help would be appreciated. " She said, forcing a smile at Declan.

(Sorry it's so short )

Declan O'Dwyer

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"Oh good, you sure you're okay?" He stood up, giving her a quick once over as if to confirm that what she had told him was true. Satisfied that there were no obvious signs of injury, he let out a sound of relief. At least she was okay.

That of course left the matter of the thief. They should probably report the guy to the auror office. But, of course, that was unlikely to help. By the time the ministry got anybody dispatched to their location the culprit could be anywhere and the chance of recovering Mallory's possessions would be pretty low.

She seemed to have come to the same conclusion, voicing her decision to go after the man. "Of course I'm coming," Declan huffed at her. "We're friends and you're unarmed." How was she even questioning that he would do this? What kind of man did she think he was? The way she awkwardly stumbled through her sentences was irritating. Had he treated his friend this poorly? Did she not know that of course he'd help?

Declan swallowed his pride. They could sort that out later. For now, they had to act fast if they wanted to catch the ruffian before he apparated away.

"Appare Vestigium!"

The spell came into existence instantly for Declan had poured quite a bit of power into his casting. Golden tracks appeared on the ground all around them. Some were just the footfalls of the wait staff, some had been left by themselves and other guests. Even amid this chaos, Declan's eyes narrowed on the culprits tracks within a split second. With the food already paid for there was no reason they couldn't just leave immediately.

"Let's go," he said to Mallory, following the tracks of the thief outside the building. He cast the tracking charm again once the marks on the pavement seemed to grow faint extending the range of the magic. More prints appeared leading back in the town centre of Dún Laoghaire.

"Of course," Declan groaned. "He's run off in the direction where there are lots of muggles. That'll make using this spell quite awkward." What if they were seen. Declan didn't like having to obliviate bystanders. The ministry paperwork afterwards was a curse potent enough to make even the sanest wizard go mad.

Looking a the direction the footprints were indicating, Declan's mind developed a theory. "I think I know where he might be headed. There's always been a bit of a dodgy spot near the old distillery where illegal goods were usually traded. "Do you remember what the thief looks like? It happened so quickly I didn't really have a chance to take a proper look."

Mallory O'Cleary

Mallory looked around, distracted. "I'm fine, yes. No Injuries. Nothing a little spell couldn't fix..." Mallory cleared her throat, realizing she might never get back her wand. She gave a forced smile. "Anyways." She looked away From Declan.

What could they do? It wasn't as if they could get aurors or anything. Mallory didn't want it to be a big deal. Well, fine. More than it already was. After she had shot up, spilled coffee, and yelled, you couldn't exactly call it not a big deal.

That wand had been Mallory's since she was 11. Now that jerk face has it in his possession and Mallory would not let that stand. Apportioned back at Declan as he huffed. All of a sudden, she felt bad for thinking he wouldn't help. She was being dramatic with herself over a wand and some money, and had totally not been thinking. "We are friends. How could I think for a second you wouldn't help me?" She said, softly.

She played with a necklace she was wearing as she watched Declan flawlessly cast a perfect spell. She would have been extremely proud in any other situation. Right now, she didn't have time to think about how amazing her friend was as she followed him.

Mallory could feel herself getting hopeful, but that didn't last long. She stopped in her tracks next to Declan and groaned as well. "Of course he did." She held her hands on her hips. She had just started to ask what next when Declan seemed to have an idea.

Suddenly, there was hope again. "Not enough to to explain it fully, but enough to recognize him if I see him."

Declan O'Dwyer

"No time to lose then then," Declan said, taking Mallory by the hand. He focused his thoughts on an oak tree near the old distillery. His mother had always warned him not to go there as a child, but for some reason playing where he was not allowed to play, had held a special allure. It was for that reason he could picture the place clearly, edged into his memory, in every little detail. So much for destination. If they acted now, there was a chance to help Mallory with her issue. He would see this through with her. He took a confident step forward knowing where he was going. Deliberation.

Their forms were hurled forward in apparition taking them to a well-hidden spot where they would hopefully not be noticed by anybody. Declan let go of Mallory's hand. He tried to cast the tracking charm again, but it wouldn't quite come into being. No great surprise. It usually worked better when following a continuous trail from a known point of origin.

Alas, they would have to make do. Declan carefully looked around, his eyes falling on a group of men standing by an outdoor chess table. He squinted to see them more clearly. There was an older man with long, white hair. Definitely a wizard. Declan could tell from the way he carried himself that he was probably right-handed. Next to him a scrawny, red-haired guy with building eyes. There wasn't a trained muscle in his body. He'd be easy to handle if it came to it. The third, Declan could see properly from where they were standing.

"What do you think, Mal? One of them?" He leaned closer to her, trying to work out their plan. "I could try to just buy back your belongings, but I don't appreciate petty thieves. We might be able to take them. Can you hold your own without a wand? What can you cast wandlessly?" Given her position as a charms professor, he was hopeful that she could do a wandless Expelliarmus on an unsuspecting target. The redhead seemed like he should he easy to take.