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[Meridian] The brightest lights cast the darkest shadows

Started by Odhrán Ó Dálaigh, June 08, 2021, 08:17:30 pm

Odhrán Ó Dálaigh

OOC Warning: dark themes, violence, abuse

A cold morning followed a harrowing night. For a while, it had been rather touch and go. Not at all how Odhrán had imagined he would spend his time between the holidays. It was damp and cold outside and the sun wouldn't rise properly. Five a.m. gone, then six a.m. gone, and the sky remained dark as ever, foreboding and broody. Rain beat against Meridian's windows, drumming a steady staccato rhythm. It sounded healthier now than a few hours ago, more like a regular healthy heartbeat than ventricular fibrillation.

Odhrán sat in the green treatment room, next to the sleeping form of his receptionist who had passed out from tiredness; the man himself only physically present, but mentally unaccounted for. His thousand mile stare was directed at the round art nouveau window to the left of him, as he emptily registered the peacefulness of Knockturn Alley at this hour. A single street light kept flickering in and out of existence as the spell that had once created it was starting to fail.

Quarter to seven. Time seemed to pass strangely, zooming ahead when he blinked, feeling endless otherwise. He looked at the trail of blood on the floor. Really, he should be cleaning. He should send Penelope - was that her name? - home. He should... a great many things he didn't have much energy for. Change, probably. His shirt was stained in red and he looked a hot mess. He also needed a consult. The patient resting up in the clean room next door would need help far beyond what he knew how to do.

Odhrán flicked his wrist to turn on the wireless. A Christmas tune leaked into the clinic, slowly dissipating the suffocating silence that had settled into the place. Penelope didn't stir. When he finally felt like he could, Odhrán got up and covered her up underneath a blanket. Normally, he handed this one out to therapy patients. Old, cozy, worn. It looked shabby to his eyes now.

His willpower eventually carried him to the bathroom where he washed his face, arms and hands in the sink. He looked into the mirror wearily. It had gotten into his hair too? Oh well. He leaned awkwardly to get the blood out best he could. A shower or full bath was probably in order, but maybe after he had cleaned. For now ... this was good enough.

He padded upstairs to relight the fire in his office. Uh, when had it gotten so cold in here? He rubbed his hands as he shovelled a scoop of matcha green floo powder onto the flames.

"Professor Talia Bryce's Office. Hogwarts."

The flames turned emerald and he squatted down in front of the fireplace to stick his head into the flames.

"Talia? Are you awake? Please, be awake. I need help. If ... Would you... I know it's a terrible time, but I have a patient here and I don't know what to do... I'll explain. Just get here. Okay?"

The fire flickered strangely and he was worried it would go out on him.


The flame was getting uncomfortably warm as the hue shifted from emerald to olive. Had he not put enough powder? He never knew how much to use for a call.

"Damn! Hot!" He pulled back to the unpleasant smell of burned hair. The tip of a strand was still aglow. He smoothed over it with magic. Right, clean, then shower. These were two steps he could get done while waiting and whatever would be next... he could worry about then.

Talia Bryce

June 08, 2021, 11:06:58 pm #1 Last Edit: June 10, 2021, 06:57:01 am by Talia Bryce
     The holidays had provided a wealth of free time for Talia without any of her classes to focus on. She had been spending most of her mornings sleeping in and getting a lazy start before having a small breakfast and venturing back to her office. However this morning had been different. Traipsing around her office in an over sized woolen jumper to stave off the chill of the castle and she treated herself to an extra cup of coffee. She had managed to peel herself out of bed far earlier than she originally planned to after a restless night of tossing and turning. Humming Talia plopped herself down into a large plush armchair, book in hand and coffee in the other. Folding her knees to her chest she opened her book and snuggled in for a long day of reading leisurely having finally gotten her order from town.

The crackle of the fire and warmth lulled her into a calm as she flipped from chapter to chapter in the book. She hadn't picked up a regular novel in some time and reading something that didn't involve textbook material for children gave her brain a welcome reprieve. Wiggling deeper into the cushions, Talia's eyes were glued to the pages getting to a good moment between two of the characters, her hand reaching for her mug when the fireplace sputtered. Looking up from her book, a few coals popping up and hissing drew her from her trance. The flames shifted and a voice sounded from the flames, murky and distant. She would have to clean out all the coals that had piled up.

"Odhrán?" He was the only person she could see calling her and especially at this hour. She cocked her head to one side curiously and looked to the clock on her desk. Rarely did he call this early, what was going on? Setting her book down on the side table, she began to get up out of the chair when she bumped her mug with the side of the book, spilling coffee onto the table and floor. "Or--Wait, wait a second-" Panicking as she waved her hand to cast a quick cleaning spell she turned her back to the flames and knelt down.

"-Please...need help...terrible time....just get here-"

Fussing over the book, Talia turned to the flames just to catch a few words. Help? Her stomach dropped as she tossed the book into the spot she had been sitting in. "Are you okay?" The vision of his face was blurred and seemed to be fading in and out along with his voice. Had he forgotten to put enough powder in again? Talia repeated herself a little more clearly, leaning closer to the fire but in an instant he was gone. Immediately she sprung up and staggered over a few stacks of books, one hand out waving for her coat- a handful of nonverbal accio's swimming in her brain. Her heart was pounding it's way up from her chest so hard her ears were ringing. What had happened? Was he okay? She was still partially in her sleepwear-kinda, but- he had sounded pretty urgent... what if someone was hurt? What if he was hurt?

Snatching her wand off her desk she hurried across the room to one of the boxes she still hadn't unpacked. Tossing aside the top she let out a small cheer and rummaged around finding some sort of...bottoms-AHA! Yanking the material free from the clutches of a set of overalls she was greeted with a--...a... oh Merlin.. Was this her box of clothes to donate? No time-Talia huffed and stood up, at least the jumper was long enough to cover most of the pattern. Hopping on one foot then the other she pulled up the skirt, if it could be considered that... Why had she kept this? Of all days! She used a hand to toss aside some other pieces in the box but the rest was all similar items she had been meaning to get rid of for awhile now. 

Her thoughts raced, branching off into a network of various scenarios that were happening or could happen. Running through a mental checklist she stuffed her wand into an inner coat pocket and reached across her desk for the leather square shaped apothecary bag on an upturned trunk. Thankfully she hadn't needed to restock for awhile with no students around getting into trouble so whatever he was going to need she would most likely have... she hoped. Swinging the bag over her shoulder she tucked her feet into some flats, hopping over the same stack of books again and to the fireplace. A hefty amount of green powder filled her hand, spilling between her fingers back into the little container on the hearth. "Meridian Clinic, Knockturn Alley." Releasing the powder into the flames they roared up and flashed green before Talia stepped in and was engulfed in an instant.


A loud woosh sounded through the office on the top floor of Meridian, Talia emerging from the emerald flames and taking a quick glance around. Tentatively she called out, "Odhrán?" There was a tense stillness to the room that made her uneasy. He had called so urgently, where was he now? If this was some sort of prank... she might have to really let him have it. Clearing her throat she called his name again but again gained no response. Hmm.. Stepping across the room as softly as she could, she shrugged off the strap to her bag and set it on the floor by the entrance to his office. The pounding in her ears was louder than ever, something prickled at the back of her neck. Sure, it was still early in the morning but why was it so quiet?? Tilting her head she heard music creeping up from downstairs. Oh! Okay.. maybe he was just downstairs getting something while he waited? Anxiety trickled from her chest as she let out a breath. She could've sworn he had said he needed help but maybe it hadn't been an emergency per say. She tossed her coat onto the back of a chair.

Following the Christmas tune that snaked its way upstairs, Talia started down the narrow set of stairs slowly not wanting to interrupt should he have a patient in one of the rooms. She hit the second floor and tried to crane her neck to see if he was on this level or the next. One more step down, as she decided she would check here first but her heel slipped and skidding down the last step. Arms flapping out to try and catch herself, Lia let out a yelp as she landed hard on the landing. What had that been?? Talia pulled herself up shakily, rubbing at her hip and turned to inspect whatever had sent her almost careening down to the first floor. Lifting her feet one at a time she studied the bottom of her shoes, one was fine but the other--was that blood?! "Odhrán?!" Talia stared down at it, eyes wide and knot almost choking off her voice as it rose through the clinic.

Snatching her shoe from her foot she gave it a sniff and winced away. Her eyes fell to the floor where a small pool of blood sat, a portion of it brushed across the stair she had been on and onto the floor in the shape of her footprint. What was going on? Her heart was in her throat almost making it impossible to draw in any breath. Holding her shoe in her hand not wanting to track anymore blood around she turned hastily and smacked into something, or rather someone. Another yelp, borderline scream, loosened from her lips as she let go of her shoe in shock, grabbing out of instinct at whatever was close by to try and not fall down again. Fingers wrapped around her arm producing a short squeak from her as she jolted to one side, arms up and ready to fend off whatever had grabbed hold of her. Except when Talia blinked her eyes open to see what had grabbed her she calmed and lowered her hands. Odhrán was staring down at her, blue eyes a little wild with concern.

"It's you.." She breathed and used a hand to pull her hair to fall over one side of her neck. That was close... She had no clue who else she expected but after the blood and his message and-and- She blinked taking in the half buttoned shirt and slick hair, droplets still hugging the side of his neck. Talia took a step back and let out a nervous laugh. "Sorry-" She pulled her eyes from him and stared at the floor. "What happened? I only heard half of your message... I told you, you have to use more than just a little scoop." Partially scolding him but more concerned about the blood she waved a hand in the direction of the floor where she had slipped, bending over to pick her shoe back up.

"Are you alright??" Standing back up, her eyes frantically scanned over him trying to see if he had been hurt, having to resist the immediate urge to grab him and spin him around to be absolutely positive. He looked fine...physically. She met his gaze and felt as if something was off.

Odhrán Ó Dálaigh

He was just towelling his hair dry when he heard some noise upstairs. Oh, thank Merlin. It was probably Talia. He tried his best to hurry up, and get back to his office, where she would no doubt be waiting for an explanation. He'd messed up the floo connection again. Somehow, he always did. Normally, he blamed his nerves but today perhaps his tiredness was the culprit. Thankfully, she had come anyway. He really could do with an extra set of hands. Quickly throwing on a clean shirt, he was buttoning it up just as he walked back up the stairs. Ah, there she was.

"I'm here, just..." He needn't have bothered to say anything. She was turning around, practically falling into him. He steadied her, his hand wrapping firmly around her arm to make sure she didn't hurt herself. "...a moment, please," he finished his sentence sheepishly. He took a moment too long to let go. Her presence was helping with his fraying nerves.

"I am alright," he reassured her immediately. "I messed up again? Ugh, I'm sorry Talia. I didn't mean to give you a fright." He would feel her concern for him hanging between them, heavy and overpowering. It didn't take legillimency to figure that one out. Just the way she looked at him said it all. "Really, I am uninjured." He ran his hand along his neck as if to prove his claim.

"I called because I need some help with a patient. I hope that's okay for me to do. I was unsure if you'd be upset," he rambled nervously. Then his eyes fell on the blood splatter on the floor. "Oh, for crying out loud! I thought I'd cleaned up everywhere. Sorry for the state of the place. Not quite with it yet. The whole thing was touch and go for a while."

He carefully ushered her out of the staircase into the narrow hallway on the second floor. "This is really bad. I don't know where to start." He moved into her way awkwardly, not sure he was ready for he to cross into the treatment room without a proper warning. "A young lady. Abuse victim. splinched herself badly. From what I've been able to determine repeatedly cursed, subjected to human transfiguration and..." he failed to continue and just looked at her. "...subsequent ..." No, he couldn't even bring himself to talk about what he'd seen. "Several fractured and broken bones that weren't treated at the time of injury. Signs of an incomplete miscarriage with infection. Many scars. I've knocked her out for now."

Just getting the pathology out in the open was a bit of a struggle. "There is a lot I don't know how to do here with treatment... but we can't transfer this patient to Audish. She... oh, surely you must know. She won't be safe with him. Not a risk I'm prepared to take."

Talia Bryce

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Talia let out a breath and organized her thoughts. If he was okay then where had that blood come from? Was this also part of his treatments? A nervous feeling jittered in her stomach. She was shaking her head at his apology and trying to brush it aside. By the tired look in his eyes she couldn't really fault him for the half message that came through floo. Things happened and normally she would have been a bit more level headed except well-it was him. He didn't seem the type to really ask for help so if he was needing her for something especially in his own clinic it had to be severe.

"Of course, it's no problem." She offered a small smile. Touch and go? Knowing he was fine, the look of worry on her face melted and shifted into a neutral expression. She could feel her brain shutting off one side of herself and flicking the switch on another. Heading closer to the treatment room she stopped as he made his way in front of her, cutting her off from the other room. Her face still blank she stared up at him as he tried to fill her in on the details, the gears in her head turning and whirring into motion. Every detail she cataloged as he spoke; abuse, severe splinching, cursed, human transfiguration... and- he had paused leaving her with a gap in her list. Talia's brows pulled together then away in question wondering what he had left out. If she was going to properly treat someone she needed to know what was going on.  Something about the way the way his face shifted just...ever so slightly, she had almost missed it, he wasn't saying everything. Her eyes narrowed but listened as he continued, her arms folding into one another across her chest.

The second half of his information should have tugged at her, made her chest tight but it didn't. She stood firmly in place and kept her eyes on him. In another portion of her brain something was gnawing viciously to get out of it's cage, igniting a memory tucked away so far into the depths of her she could barely hear it. Her focus was already elsewhere and firmly fixed. A patient. Someone who desperately sounded like they were in need of care. If she could provide it then she would do everything she could.


"Absolutely not." Her nostrils flared and jaw set in place. She knew full well that Odhrán wouldn't have even considered that an option but there was no way she could bring herself to either. "I need to get my bag." A quick nonverbal to clean the bottom of her shoe before slipping it on, Talia hurried up the stairs and grabbed her bag from the floor as well as her wand and returned to him in the hallway. "Let me see her." Talia's eyelids fluttered slightly, the gnawing just slightly louder than before.

Odhrán Ó Dálaigh

Odhrán opened the door and slipped into the room. It was dim, smelled of dittany, accompanied with a hint of lavender. The patient was resting on a simple, wooden treatment table. Passed out, stabilised in places by magical braces and screws, placed hastily by Odhrán. Done sloppily, it was easy to see he had been in a hurry putting in these stabilising measures. Most bizarrely, the young woman had a tentacle instead of a right arm.

The board on the wall had been covered in an arithmantic chart of the patients energy flow, written as tidily as Odhrán's handwriting would allow for. Next to it a magical drawing holding his observations on the inner state of he body.

He silently motioned Talia forward to have a look. "I... did what I knew how to do to keep her with me. But.... I know it's not pretty." He felt strangely self-conscious about his mistakes. It was normal to make them. He had before. He would again. But this case, it got under his skin. This patient deserved the very best of care.

"I don't know where to start," Odhrán explained. "I don't usually deal with a lot of physical injuries. Not to this extend and of this kind. I'm hoping you can do something with that splinch. And the internal stuff. And those bones."

He leaned against the wall, letting her step forward to the table to gain an understanding of this giant mess. How had this girl survived? He still marvelled at how she had managed to endure. How she'd found the strength the escape. How she'd held on long enough to get help.

"I've stopped the bleeding, applied dittany. I've removed two blood curses, same purge protocol that Mungo's usually runs. There is a third lingering, but it's not urgent. Suppressed for now with an arcane block."

"l've put her under without potions, just to let her rest without giving her system more to deal with.  I can keep her that way. Suggest you let me worry about anaesthesia and pain management."

"There's a few memories of what happened to her in the pensieve over there. I think you might need to look... some of what was done is unspeakable. I'm not sure I know how to tell you in words, Talia."

"I can... probably do something with the human transfiguration aftermath. Her arm is stuck looking like a tentacle. There's a reversal procedure for that, but it's harrowing. And... I don't think it's priority to do first. Tell me otherwise if I'm wrong."

"There's some neural damage from the curses, but I need her more stable to really help with that. She needs to be awake for that and in less pain."

"How about you tell me where you need me? I can run labs, make potions, give you a pair of extra hands. I'll even make you coffee if that's the most useful thing I can do."

Talia Bryce

June 10, 2021, 12:15:56 am #5 Last Edit: June 14, 2021, 12:59:50 am by Kian Thorne
Talia's time as Mungos has given her numerous varied cases... and plenty to learn. One of which had come the first week she stepped foot into the hospital and that had been to never think at any point in your career as a healer that you had 'seen it all.' Sure, she had seen a vast array of cases, treated so many ailments and curse induced transfigurations... things she had carefully curated into little boxes and placed on shelves in her head to never re-open unless she needed to draw on information for treatments. This however... this was different. Never in her career had she thought to compare patients or the trauma from one to the next. Except when Odhrán had opened the door and her eyes scanned the room, settling on the figure atop the table, Talia's mind had begun to spin. A little blip of guilt sat in her throat... it was fascinating yet... yet... Talia stepped over to the table as Odhrán spoke of what he had already tried, healed, done.. everything.

Her eyes lifted around the room to the chart and wild handwriting, some she couldn't make sense of but enough to gauge what he had been trying to work out as he treated this poor girl. Had Talia been squeamish she probably would have been on the floor and added to the list of patients he needed help with but she had seen one similar case... granted, not to this extent. As detached as she tried to make herself from her work something about this flared a hot rage in her belly. Who would do this? Who could put another life through something this horrid? The anger ripped through her body and made her fingers flex into a white knuckle grip around the strap of her bag. Setting her bag onto one of the counters, she flipped open the clasps and pulled open the case. Drawers of herbs, medicines and supplies along with all sizes of potions, tonics and vials of strange colored liquids lined up next to one another as well as the top portion with whatever tool you could think of.

Odhrán still giving diagnostics and what he had done for treatments up to this point, Talia tied her hair up and began a lap around the table. There was so much to do... so much to manage, her mind was bouncing from one thing to the next taking it all in. Letting him continue, she peeled the jumper off and tossed it onto one of the chairs. Rolling up the sleeves of her thermal she let out a small breath and leaned over the girl's body to inspect some of the wounds, pressing a finger here or there before moving to the braces. Another slow nod as she inspected the arm that had been transfigured. That was not as pressing as the other things happening. She let out a sigh.

"What have you given her?" At the risk of not frying the girl's body before she could start she nodded thoughtfully as Odhrán listed off ingredients. She didn't want to shock the girl's body or end up giving her anything that could counteract, or worse.. react and produce a poison in her system killing her. "First, I wan't you to go make some tea. For you not me." She added as her eyes still studied the body in front of her. He may have appeared to be freshly showered but the look on his face still read as troublesome. "I'm going to need your help so-" Her gaze lifted from the girl as she turned to look at him, a hand lifting to rub at the space between her eyes. "I just--Yes tea, please." Mostly she wanted to look at the pensieve without him in the room should it be as terrible as he said. She needed to see what was in there without him getting worried and pulling her out before she could get a good feel for what had happened. Every little bit of information would be imperative to her helping this girl, no matter how awful.

Rounding back onto the patient on the table, Talia flexed her hands and heard Odhrán shift to move behind her.

"Or-I.." She paused keeping her back to him. "You did the right thing." She couldn't imagine what it took for him to have reached out to her for help. Even at her worst it took a great deal to submit and ask for it. Maybe to some that would have been a weakness but she considered it a strength.

Alone in the room, Talia closed the door slightly for a bit of privacy and strode over to the pensieve. With the dittany applied and stable condition for now she would have to see what needed to be first... there was no telling once she started if she would be able to step away and look. It had to be now or she might not have the right knowledge to truly save this girl... and if she didn't the thought of what Odhrán might think of her made her gut twist in an unpleasant fashion. Living with a death on her hands was one thing, she had gotten used to that after her first year at Mungos. But having blood on her hands when he needed her and had asked... she wasn't sure she could face that.

Hands on either side of the bowl, Talia took a breath and sunk her head into the swirling essence below.


Sucking in a breath, memories firing like violent fireworks in her thoughts, blinding and stinging her vision, Talia struggled to pull her head from the pensieve. Standing up right, her chest stuttered to rise and fall as it took in air. The girl's memories slamming themselves against her skull still as she hovered over the pensieve, fingers clutching the edges of the bowl and shaking slightly. She gripped the cold metal to try and stabilize herself. Tendril's of residual images slithered and snaked their way around her thoughts, claws ripping at some old memory the professor had. Talia squeezed her eyes shut and held her breath. 'Pull it together.' The words reverberated through her as she tried to come up for air. Blood surged in her skull and made her ears pound as she turned to see Odhrán looking at her- oh good he was back. She had managed to finish before he returned, or so she assumed.

Odhrán Ó Dálaigh

"Tea?" There was a request he had not seen coming. And for him? Odhrán didn't feel like he particularly agreed with her request, but if it helped with her not being distracted by him, he would entertain it. "As you wish, but are you sure you don't want any if I am making anyway?" It was hardly any extra effort and she would probably struggle to take it all in. He certainly had. Not really waiting for her reply, he turned on her and padded down to the kitchenette behind the reception area. She wasn't wrong in suggesting that a warm cup of something would help with making him feel a little less tense.

He opened the various jars in the kitchen, smelling different teas while trying to decide. Something vibrant and fresh, but not too stimulating. Fennel, green apple, gallium odoratum and a hint of vervain. His mind carefully followed the ritual of preparation, except for adding more sugar than usual. A bit of sweet would keep him going, right?

There was a part of him that understood her request and recognised it for what it was. She'd needed a moment to get her bearings together. He was the same. Sometimes, sending everyone away was the first thing he did when taking on a new case. Though it felt awkward, he should probably allow her the same privilege. After all, he was the one needing help here. If he'd only studied harder when he had been younger... His thoughts drifted in a dangerous direction for a moment. No, he couldn't think like that. Not now, when he might still be needed.

He made it back up the stairs eventually, peering through the open door of the room, watching her grapple with pensieve. He remained rooted to the spot, tray of teacups balanced on his hand, letting her take her time. He found that even in this strange moment he had a quiet regard for her. She was fearless and bold, eager to take on the challenge. Other healers he knew would have balked and declared it impossible to help. Talia took things in stride.

When she finally turned to him the tray felt slightly heavy in his hands, and the tea was no longer piping hot, but a rather nice luke warm. He gave her a soft look, set the tray down on the counter, then picked up just one cup to push into her hands. "Healer Ó Dálaigh's orders. Drink some." The look he gave her was so strict, but his tone remained soft and vaguely concerned. "Are you coping? Have you eaten today?"

Stepping to her side he leaned over the patient to cast another spell. The incantation came softly, words uttered in Irish, with a vague lilting quality. His creation. Then, he pointed his wand at the chart on the wall. A new line of readings added itself to the bottom of the table.

"She was about to stir, just pushing her back under. Arcane output still stable, heart steady. Shall we?"

Talia Bryce

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Talia's mind still reeling as it tried to digest the images she had been fed, she watched him set the tray down, a blank expression rest on her face. It was one thing for patients to tell you what had happened, if they even could... but to see it and in such a way-first hand. Her chest rose and fell slowly as something warm slid against her fingers. Blinking she realized Odhrán had placed a cup of tea in her hands. She stared down at the swirling liquid feeling herself steady as soon as the scent of something crisp and strong wakened her senses. Lifting her eyes to his, a seriousness to his features as he told her to drink. Obediently she did so and inhaled a deep breath through her nose, holding the tea in her mouth to let the warmth melt into her muscles before swallowing.

"I have, yes." She said a little sheepishly. It was a different sensation to hear him speaking to her like this. Did he think she might not be capable if she hadn't? Maybe he was changing his mind in calling for her help, wondering if she wasn't coping with the things this poor soul had been forced to endure...  Her eyes fell to the floor then to the girl's body. Whatever his reason for checking, it made her feel even heavier with responsibility to help. Taking another slow sip of tea, she watched him cast a spell before adding to the chart.

"Alright," Nodding, she set the cup down and filled her lungs with air. "I know you already did so much but... I'm really going to need an extra pair of hands." There was no way she was going to be able to do everything herself. She might be good but with the amount of damage--Talia let out her breath. The splinching was no longer bleeding and wounds appeared to be clotted, for now. There was no point in tending to them if they needed to fix the braces and her joints first. Straightening them out would only open whatever wounds she had. Her muscles were still twisted and swelling against some of the braces. The dittany he had applied seemed to be working away thankfully buying her a bit more time.

"We need to fix these braces first." Talia swallowed and looked to Odhrán. She had never instructed him before, in fact when they had worked somewhat together on cases prior at Mungos he often sent her away or did his own treatments without waiting for her to be present. This was going to be different... so very different. Even if he had asked for her help, what they were about to venture into together could shift his perspective on her. No- She couldn't think about how this would effect them-that would have to just be something she came to terms with after all was said and done. Finishing the cup of tea her face returned to a normal shade, color filling her cheeks.

"Right-" Talia squeezed at her fingers, popping her knuckles and stretched her fingers before taking hold of the first brace on the human arm. She would going to have to be fairly quick about it so that the braces could be undone, bones broken... and reset, braced a second time. If he had just put her back under then there was less chance she would wake up during the process. "Odhrán." Her voice was just barely above a whisper but she had to tell him before she started... in case anything happened. "I promise I will do everything I can for her." She wanted to promise that the girl wouldn't die, that she could save her. But-she couldn't bring herself to say it, not for fear of her own abilities but because if she said it aloud to him and promised such a thing only to fail she was sure he would never look at her again and whatever this friendship was, would suffer the same fate. Locking her eyes on his she gave him a wary look. Her eyes fell to the girl's face as she forced a small smile, her hand against the girl's cheek. 'I'm so sorry...' A silent apology for the torture she had endured and pain that would have to happen in order to fix her.

"If you can-stand.. on the other side. I'll begin."


The room faded away from Talia's immediate thoughts as she set herself into motion. Fingers moved in fluid motions with one another. Hands pressing against the girl's arms, legs and undoing braces. Passing off implements between Odhrán, exchanging them for others and occasionally needing him to rest a hand here or there so she could get a better angle or length of skin for her hands to run along the girl's appendages as she murmured spell after spell. She could feel ribbons flowing down her arms and into her fingertips to the girl at her fingertips, a soft pop of bone as her hands worked to try and guide them back into place and feeling for any fragments.

Thoughts battered at the walls she had placed up to allow her to work without distractions. Everything had to be just so-one small movement of her hand could set something askew. The damage had been so awful in some spots that Talia had to take a breath and wipe sweat from her forehead as she leaned closer and pressed her palms on various locations of the girl's body. She had learned over the years using a wand to fix bones was absolutely ridiculous. How could you really tell if they were in line and proper without that sensation of touch. Her hands honed to find any small defect or the slightest bend in a joint, thankful at least for the grueling year of training she had spent her first year at Mungos. With a few of the movements she had started to speak as she moved, guiding Odhrán through her process. More so to keep herself focused as a few of the times she could feel her hands starting to shake and the reminder of her process stabilized her nerves. Every so often a flash of what she had seen leaked into her thoughts and made her brows together, brown eyes darkening.

Braces eventually fixed, blood crusted on her forearms and shirt, Talia stretched her back and readied for the next step. Bones were something she always agonized over making sure that everything was more than perfect. Gently massaging the girl's legs and arm she felt and pressed to be sure everything was in order. They had to stop a few times and reapply dittany infusions- Talia asking here and there for various potions and bottles from her bag. It was strange however, working with others she normally found herself repeating and re-repeating herself a number of times trying to keep her patience in check as others fumbled through her bag or with instruments. Not that she doubted his ability but it was a seamless exchange of, 'blue vial' -exact blue vial out of the three in her bag... 'strap'- he was already there with it at the ready... 'scre-' his palm open with the screws staring up at her. They worked like that for some time before she could feel a cramp in her back and rubbed at it, willing it to bugger off.

"How is she doing? I can stop for a minute if you need to re-apply anything." She needed a break to stretch her hands anyway and realign the magic swirling angrily in her palms making them hot and sweaty. Talia looked at the chart and back to him as she rolled her shoulders to stretch her own muscles. Even if their patient was out now Lia imagined the pain when she came to was going to be unimaginable with the amount of work they had just done to the girl's body.  At least with her legs put back together and resting in a healthier position, her non-tentacle arm still needing attention from the splinching damage that was beginning to re-open, she appeared in better shape already. Corking some of the potions, a few empty and one close to, Lia took a minute.

Dabbing swabs to clean up some of the blood away from different wounds on her torso, Lia tried to clean what she could, her other hand working with a nonverbal suture spell. They would have to move on and focus on any bleeding that had started back up from moving her body around as they worked and she needed to make sure that the... the... Talia swallowed hard but the knot in her throat resisted almost making the tea she had finished earlier rise up with vengeance. She rubbed the front and back of her hands on a towel.

"Can you hand me my wand, please?" Despite her steady voice, she could feel her nerves unraveling. Setting the towel down next to their patient, Talia laid a hand on the patient's lower abdomen. She needed to be sure that the infection wasn't too deep and what else might be going on internally. If the damage was too much...especially going off of the memories, what had been done to her being so severe and repeatedly. If she couldn't heal this girl-she would live.. but- Talia felt her breath catch in her throat. She may never have children again. To take that from someone... The thought of it sunk like a boulder in her stomach as she waited with her hand out slightly for her wand, half staring into space in Odhrán's direction.

Odhrán Ó Dálaigh

Watching her was quite marvellous, though he wished the opportunity to observe had arisen under more pleasant circumstances. She was quick with her hands and had a good flow when resetting the bones. Swift, confident, decisive. It reaffirmed to him that getting her had been the right call. Mending bones, flesh and skin had never been his strong suit, but he could very much appreciate somebody else doing it well.

He noted with interest that, just like him, she did certain things wandlessly. Not that his approval of her technique mattered, but she had it all the same. Had she really just realigned that in just one move? These were the kind of practical skills he wished he had. He'd have to pick her brains some time as to how she did it.

It faintly amused him though that Talia seemed to be surprised with his ability to keep up. She asked for the blue vial, only one of the three in her bag made any sense given the situation. Yes, of course she would need another screw. In his mind it became a bit of a game to try and anticipate what she would need next. It helped with keeping his worries at bay. Thinking about what had happened to the patient had to give way to his focus narrowing on the technicalities of treatment.

"Don't look so surprised," he scolded her softly. "They didn't make me a Chef du Département de Pathologies des Sortilèges in Paris because I don't know which way around to hold my wand." And though his words sounded suspiciously like his usual venom, there was no bite to them. If anything, he'd said them to her with an inflection of kindness as if commenting on something altogether different.

He could see that she was running low on her potion stock. Two empty bottles already, and another getting nearer and nearer to the end. She was depleting all her dittany for him.

"I'll be back in a minute."

Odhrán made his way back downstairs to the lab, sorting a number of potions into a basket. The green bottles with dittany, some of the grey ones with blood replenishing potion, the deep purple ones countaining Wiggenweld, and some of the black spagyric remedy he always used when dealing with extensive neurological issues.

Slipping back inside, he carefully replaced empty items in her stock, turning his tidy labels to the front, each detailing ingredients and concentration of the potions. He probably didn't work to the exact recipes she was used to - but he was trying to give her the closest matches his stock would allow.

Can you hand me my wand, please? she asked just as he was done with restocking the potions.

"How about you sit down for a while instead?" It wasn't a suggestion even if he had phrased it as one. That steely expression in his eyes had returned. Odhrán indicated in the direction of a comfortable chair by the window. "Healer Ó Dálaigh's orders."

He continued to stare at her until she moved and settled into the seat where she could rest for a moment. He stepped behind her; a hand carefully placed on her shoulder. "You've got to keep your strength up. I am not an internal medicine kind of guy. I still need you here."

He pressed his fingers into a tension knot underneath her right shoulder blade. He didn't hear a sound from her, but he was sure it hurt. He pressed again, working the knot in a soft, circular motion until he felt a little less resistance to his ministrations. A few light pinches along the back of her neck followed. "You're quite tense. Maybe, heat a towel up with some lavender?"

"And if it'll ease your mind, she needs a break from this as well. You asked me how she's doing. In pain, riding curse nightmares. Some of the spagyric is wearing and I need a bit of space to put that back. I think you should be okay sitting here. Maybe... stay at a bit of a distance for a moment. These spells carry quite a bit of charge in them."

He attempted an explanation but abandoned it a few terms in realising that he was lacking the words to describe this briefly.  "So, while you rest up let me deal with renewing anaesthesia, suppressing the curse damage and making some neural repairs. This might not be entirely comfortable to be watching. I'm sorry."

Odhrán leaned over their patient, his hand carefully stroking the girl's cheek. He took a deep breath before holding her face quite firmly, with both hands. Odhrán pulled enough magic for the room to start feeling noticeably different - cold and slick. The word 'legillimens' was lingering in the air as his expression grew wild and frantic.

A pained moan escaped the patient, as her eyes flew open for a moment.

"Sleep," Odhrán commanded with some force, sending her back under. The flow of magic ebbed.

He wiped his brow, seemingly pulling a slimy black liquid out of his head. It was only small handful l at first, gloopy and sticky. He deposited it into the pensieve, then added another handful, and yet more.

"Nightmare fuel," he offered by way of a very unscientific explanation for what had just happened.

Next, he un-stoppered a back potion bottle and left it to sit on the nearby counter. Moving both hands he pulled the potion from the bottle, keeping the pale green liquid coming from the inside in suspended animation. With a big, swiping motion he spread the liquid out into a flat sheet, holding it just above the patient. His hands and arms moved again, the muscles in his back tensing as if handling an object of great weight. Concentration was written all over his features as he cast a transfiguration spell into the sheet of liquid, changing its colour from a pale green, to a soothing deep blue. Flicking his fingers, the liquid vaporised into the finest of mists.

He watched as their patient slowly drew in the potion through their breathing. Nerves lit up throughout the sacral plexus, the glow breaking through the patient's skin. Some lit up in a dirty purplish colour, others in a bright white. His right hand moved as if conducting a tune, making subtle adjustments until the last hint of purple had faded.

Odhrán's stiff posture slumped the moment the spell was done. A great deal of exertion had gone into it. He took a step backwards, so he could lean against the wall for temporary support.

"There you go," he said softly. "Sorry, bit out of puff. I don't do this often anymore, but this should keep her under and pain free for some time. I think you got everything setting those bones and I think I have most of the nerve damage. At least I hope I do. Are you thinking of dealing with the internal infection around the womb next? Just tell me where you need me."

Talia Bryce

June 12, 2021, 01:46:09 am #9 Last Edit: June 14, 2021, 01:21:40 am by Kian Thorne
Talia had been half in and half out of thought when Odhrán  gave her what sounded like orders to take a moment's rest and sit down. His tone may not have implied it but as she brought herself to search his eyes she noticed they held fast to a more serious look. The chair he directed her towards did appear to be quite comfortable, cushy back tempting her muscles. Knowing her stubborn streak wouldn't be any match for him, Lia locked eyes on his for a breath before sighing and nodding her surrender at him.

"Very well..." A little huff flared at her nostils but only because she knew he was right, again, she had to take a break. Her fingers ached and hands burned from the work. It had been a few months since having to do anything too engaging like this and never had she had to deal with so many fracture reductions in one sitting, not to mention the hefty amount of magic she had to utilize in stabilizing everything as she held things in place. Resigning herself to the chair, Talia settled in and instantly felt her muscles pull like a taut rubberband. The feeling drew her mouth back and squeeze one eye closed to bite back the pressure it put on her neck.

She had assumed he would take full advantage of her stepping away and start his own round of checking on the girl, diagnostic spells and what have you. Starting to lift her arm uncomfortably, a sharp intake of breath, she paused and looked up as he stepped behind her. Her throat closed and heart made a full stop. "What're-" Whatever she was about to say melted from her lips, words spilling into the air only a few catching against her teeth as they pressed into her lower lip. His hand set on her back, so gently she had almost felt like she imagined it, making her pulse quicken and back tense. Talia registered he was talking to her, his voice swirling inside her thoughts but unable to focus on what the words were, only the lilt of his voice tickling at her eardrums. Never in any of their existence together had she been so grateful he was standing behind her as his fingers moved under her shoulder blade. She was sure her face was burning as her lids fluttered to stay open, pressure releasing its grip on her muscles. Her shoulder slid back slightly as she felt the knot unfold at his touch. She could feel his hand move away and was almost out of whatever trance that had set her into until she felt him pinch at her neck, goosebumps like lightning along her shoulders and striking down her back.

Towel..? Towel.. what was a-Oh. Talia let out a breath she hadn't realized was stored in her lungs the entire time. She turned to look at the window for a moment to collect herself, wondering if the window would crack from the heat should she try to rest her face against it to cool it down. "O-Okay." Her voice wobbled, returning her gaze up to him. Oh.. oh Merlin please don't let him see it on my face. Can he tell? Her eyes darted to the armrest, burying her attentions into the corner of the chair. All she could do was nod her understanding to keep her distance while he worked and turned her attentions elsewhere, though she was sure her curiosity would have something else to say entirely.

She kept her gaze down until she was sure he was back to the table, lifting her eyes slowly to check before pulling her chin up along with it. A part of her bubbled and tingled at the opportunity to view him working but another was whirling with worry. When they had been on a case together she hadn't seen him do much more than consult and order her around. Pushing herself back into the chair, she leaned forward to peer around his back to get a better view. A cool shiver danced along her skin, vibrations in the air dissipating and stagnate. Talia's rational brain was trying to push the scratch of worry away that it was simply the weather outside creeping in... but a deeper, more visceral emotion was bringing forth the realization of the raw magic he was pulling on to do his work. Her breathing slowed as she leaned further on the edge of her chair, lips parting slightly in awe and anticipation. Fighting off the lightheaded sensation that was prickling at the base of her skull, she kept her eyes pinned to his every move.

The thought that she should be worried, afraid for the girl and maybe even him, what cursed images the girl was living, were buried so deep in the back of her mind. Instead she was almost hungry to soak in everything he was doing and learn from it. Fascinating... only the moan of the girl in pain had repeated itself to bring Talia back to reality. They were treating a patient, a sick and wounded girl.. fascinating probably wasn't the best thing to be right now. Still, she couldn't help but feel it.  Her eyes wide, they followed in wonder at the inky slime flowing into the pensieve.

St. Mungos had provided her with all sorts of mentors and healers to study from and watch up close... but-nothing.. nothing compared to this. The careful instruction of his fingers and hands as they moved, gliding through the air. It was what she imagined a conductor looked like when guiding an orchestra, not that she had ever seen one in person... but if she had to guess this would be so very similar. In that moment something within her shifted and though she wasn't sure entirely what it was, let alone aware of it yet... she too had been right. Things would be different just not in the ways she had envisioned prior should anything go wrong. Once again she was pulled from the trance he had placed her in, this time possibly more inadvertently than before, as he took a step back and finished his work.

"I know what you mean..." She sympathized with him. There were certain magical muscles so to speak she hadn't used in awhile and stretching them out this fast and this far was starting to be quite taxing. Except the body was one thing, a physical state of wounds and scarring... the mind an absolutely other beast to overcome. Her eyes gave him a steady once over before she patted the chair and stood up. "I can do that myself so I think it's time we swapped out. It's only fair considering all the heavy lifting you've done thus far." If the girl was still in this state she couldn't imagine what he had gone through prior to asking for her help. "If the transfiguration is as harrowing as you've said then you should rest while I tend the everything else. Will she be out for long? I doubt you've slept." The shower may have cleaned him up some but the lines at the corner of his eyes appeared deeper and his posture told her more than he might be willing to admit.

"If she's going to be out for some time then please, rest and I can wake you again when I'm done." Walking over to his side she placed a hand on his arm and offered a reassuring smile. "Nothing I haven't done before and unfortunately even if you are a Chief du... Wand-Holding-Extraordinaire," She smirked and tilted her head to one side playfully."It's something that only one set of hands can do at a time." Even if he could help and she did trust him, should something distract her or go poorly, Talia suspected he would blame himself. It would be easier for her to take responsibility and in truth it made her a little uncomfortable to work on such a delicate part of another being with him, just yet. She was being pulled in all sorts of directions, some hint of exhaustion sapping the strength she had to keep her mind neatly organized.

"Please?" Feeling like she had already done enough ordering around with him and giving instruction that the best course of action would instead be to simply ask. If he wouldn't do it for himself she at least hoped he would be able to see it in her eyes and do it for her.

Odhrán Ó Dálaigh

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Will she be out for long?

"You should have a couple of hours. I did put some heft behind the spell. But she's been wearing through them rather more quickly than other patients. I think three hours for sure, after that reapplication might have to be a thing."

His thoughts were swirling around the treatment and which kind of options would be best for the patient. "I might have to repeat casting that spagyric treatment. Her arm will almost certainly need a motor function check, assuming we can do something to revert the damage there."  He swallowed. He didn't relish the idea of having to cast it again so soon. This last round had been draining enough. All the same, the patient relied on him to get these spells cast and administered.

"And no, I've not slept much, and doubt I'll be able to. I dosed for a few hours while waiting for you to wake up and help me. Ish. Sorta. In and out. I'll sit for a while if that is what you want."

He sank into the chair she had just vacated. The cheek! What had she just called him? He gave her a strange look somewhere between very tired, clearly amused, and mock angry. "Nurse Bryce!" he scolded her. "That is hardly an appropriate comment to make. I'll add a remark to your personnel file."

He kicked off his shoes as they were getting uncomfortable. Next he summoned a towel to him, heating it up between his hands in a simple spell. It went around his neck and shoulders before he leaned back trying to make himself more comfortable. His fingers combed through the strands of his dark hair, brushing it back and out of his face. Eyes fell shut.

"I trust you to let me know if you need me and not compromise patient care just because you think I need rest," he told her rather firmly, but then let her get on with whatever it was she wanted wanted to do next with the treatment.

And though he'd insisted he wouldn't be able to sleep, he drifted off pretty quickly into a fitful and uneasy type of rest, awkwardly trying to find a comfortable position and quite obviously failing to do so.

Talia Bryce

A couple hours would be more than she needed, at most. She watched him closely making sure he was actually going to sit and try to rest, not trusting he would wait til she turned around. Her back bristled ever so slightly at him calling her a nurse, joke or not she crinkled her nose at him and eyes narrowed.

"You have a file on me hmm?" Her features softened, a slender brow quirked up and arms slid across her chest. How did he manage to still have enough energy in him to tease her?

Compromise patient care... she clicked her tongue at his comment and rolled her eyes before turning to their patient. Rubbing her hands together, Talia scanned the girl's body but her attention was pulled away by the sound of Odhrán shifting in the chair. A hand out she gave a silent accio, wand flipping itself from the counter to her palm. Drawing in a breath she was about to begin when another shift of the cushions behind her grabbed at her focus. Turning to look over her shoulder she could see him moving uncomfortably, brows pulling in and out and mouth pulling from one side to the other. An invisible hand squeezed at her heart as she watched. Is this how he always was when trying to sleep?

Silently she stepped over to where he was sitting and lowered herself to eye level with him, a small twitch of his eyelids made her heart tense again. She wasn't sure it would do much to help but working with children at Mungos she had learned a few calming spells since they often came in dealing with immense fear or pain leading to restless sleep. Flexing her hand into a fist, she stared at his face and wondered if it was appropriate for her to do the same to him... would he be mad? Rationalizing it was for his own good and the patient's, she stretched her fingers out and laid them on the side of his face. Pouring herself into a spell, she focused her eyes on his face. Warm tendrils flowed from her arm and spread along her palm, muttering an incantation under her breath she transferred what she could to him hoping it would be enough at least for him to retain some comfort while she worked. He deserved that at least after everything. Feeling the last strands of magic slide from her hand to him, she lingered for a moment and let herself study the features on his face. They had been close at the conference... even at dinner, and then lunch but- catching herself leaning closer to him she stood up quickly and brushed her hands on her skirt, eyes flitting from him to the patient.

Returning to the table she worked her wand with both hands over the top of the girl's body, a faint glowing sputtered and blipped at the tip of her wand as it moved along the length of her body. "Oh... thank you... thank you, thank you." Talia whispered, a weight falling from her shoulders as her eyes closed. Nowhere near the damage she had been worried about. Opening her eyes, she bent her neck back and looked up at the ceiling, a smile spreading across her face. She let out a breath and bent over the girl's body, a hand sliding onto her shoulder with a gentle squeeze. Another victory for the day. Even if it was going to be a long venture back to healing, this girl wouldn't have everything taken from her.


Taking some time to tidy up the table, cleaning spells a flurry in Talia's mind, she waved her fingers trying to keep as silent as she was able. She was exhausted but a strange sort of victorious, self satisfied tired. They had done a great deal for this girl and having the rest of the treatment that Talia performed coming along without any complications or the girl waking meant had given her more and more hope for recovery. It was always a wonderful feeling when your patient was able to stabilize and come out on the other side of a long grueling process with little to no problem. Every ounce of dittany applied, bandages snug and in place, bones tended to and any speck of blood cleaned from her that Talia could get to, she gave a nod at her handiwork, rather.. their handiwork, her eyes set on the figure resting away in the chair just a few feet from her.

A long sigh left her as she smiled down at the girl, a few tools still in hand and needing to be put back. Tip-toeing her way to the counter, she pulled out one of the drawers and organized her things. Wait- Talia's eyes fell to the potions neatly set inside, placed into the snug little straps on the right hand side of her bag. Those weren't her labels... they were so crisply marked and- Odhrán. A smile blazed across her face, cheeks turning pink. He did nothing but amaze her every time she was around him. Whether his smart remarks, timed laugh instead of an angry quip, or small gestures like this. Satisfied the room was fairly back to normal, giving a quick cast at some of the remaining blood on the floor an table to vanish them, Lia nodded pleased with herself. Hopefully this would be a blessing to wake up to. Checking her watch she noted she had finished far earlier than expected, half wishing he had been awake to witness her finish time. An hour tops, possibly a new personal record despite being a little rusty from her time away.

Glancing around the room she didn't see anything else too out of place, her eyes trailed along the edge of the room to the window.. then to Odhrán. Curiosity prickled at her skin. Her fingers checked at the girl's vitals and was content with her being under as long as he had said she would. Slowly she gave into that little scratch at the back of her thoughts, stepping as quietly as she was able to the chair. He looked so peaceful to her, brows lifted on his face and lines so much softer and less serious than when he was awake. Creeping closer she could hardly hear him breathing.. in fact was he? A flicker of worry made her step closer, her foot sliding between his outstretched leg. Glancing over his chest she couldn't see if it was rising or falling, brown eyes loitering around the buttons undone on his shirt before peeling away.

Biting at her lower lip, she held her breath and leaned forward, hands on either side of the arm rests. His head was stretched onto the back of the chair so far she had to push up slightly on her toes to get a good view of his face. She couldn't stop herself, curiosity had taken hold and was getting the best of her. Just-a-little...further, her knee slid onto the chair to help lift her up the last little bit to see. Peering at him she bit back a smile, something dancing along the back of her neck and fingertips vibrated. A whirring in her head made her feel a little lightheaded but she couldn't remove herself from her spot and let herself hover over him, eyes trailing over his face and storing the image away in her thoughts.

Odhrán Ó Dálaigh

June 12, 2021, 08:14:05 pm #12 Last Edit: June 12, 2021, 08:22:17 pm by Royal_Poet
When Penny woke up it was much later than anticipated. 'Just let me close my eyes for fifteen minutes,' she had said, a good six, no seven hours ago. Now she was coming to in Healer Ó Dálaigh's treatment room, covered with a blanket. That was unexpectedly sweet. Had he really? Normally, he called her useless and annoying, but every so often his actions showed that her boss was not as much of a jerk as he let on. It was those moments that Penny lived for. Really, the only thing that made working for that crazy megalomaniac bearable.

She blinked several times, before willing herself to get up. Penny folded up the blanket and looked around. The wireless was still playing, filling the room with soft Christmas music. Seeing how Healer Ó Dálaigh wasn't in the room anymore, she turned it off. The rest of the room looked surprisingly clean. They're been smeared in blood by the time they'd come into the room to rest up - wow, that was all gone. Well, except her hands, and probably her face and clothes. She looked like she'd been through a battle.

Penny made her way to the upstairs bathroom, half expecting to find her boss on the way there, sleeping in his office with his head on the desk, one hand hanging in his pensieve. The first time she had seen him passed out like that it had scared her. Now, it had become an oddly comforting sight.

It took her a little while to get herself cleaned up, but once she had done so her mental faculties seemed to return. Where exactly was her boss? She was certain he would have never left without a note for her.

"Healer Ó Dáleigh," she called into the stairwell, but no response came. Padding back downstairs she figured he was probably in the lab working on some potions. He never seemed to hear her when doing that. Next thing was probably to check in on the patient and then she'd check downstairs. He'd said something about wanting to get a consult before she'd passed out. So hopefully that had happened and the young lady was all better now.

She stepped up to the treatment room to find a sight before her eyes she certainly had not expected. The patient was resting peacefully. Healer Ó Dálaigh had passed out on a chair by the window and a very inappropriately dressed lady was leaning over him, about a breath away from what? Waking him with a kiss? Penny put her right hand on her hip and used her left to smooth over the fabric of her apron. Who the hell was she? As far as she knew, her boss wasn't married. And if this woman was not his wife, what in the name of Merlin was she doing?

Penny had asked Healer Ó Dálaigh about his personal life every so often, and he seemed like one of the most closed off people she had ever met. This scene playing out before her eyes - she struggled to imagine that he would appreciate it. 

"I don't think he'll turn into a prince," Penny commented to the stranger. "And If you're invested in the idea of remaining alive when he wakes up, maybe don't do that."

Talia Bryce

June 12, 2021, 08:43:33 pm #13 Last Edit: June 14, 2021, 01:48:09 am by Kian Thorne
'I don't think he'll turn into a prince-'

A woman's voice jolted her from the position over his sleeping form, catching herself hastily against the chair try keep from falling on top of him. Pushing herself up she stumbled back a few steps and looked to the woman, a terse expression and hand on her hip.

"Oh-I-Well- Yes-" Talia was all a fluster, her words jumping from one to the next and face burning red hot. How long had this woman been standing there?! She could only imagine how that had appeared! When she had arrived she assumed no one else had been in the clinic. 

"Sorry-I err, well y'see-" Ashamed, she struggled for the right response, an explanation of sorts. Was this another patient? Someone for today? Or his receptionist? Or- whatever she was, Talia knew that first impression had been blown clear out of the water.

Nervously she fiddled at the hem of her shirt and tugged the sleeves of her thermal further down her arms. "I'm so sorry. I just wasn't sure if he was well sleeping and-" Why was she explaining herself? Plus anything she would have said next might just be more incriminating.

Clearing her throat she walked closer to the woman and held out a hand. "I'm Professor Talia Bryce. Orr-Healer Ó Dálaigh's consult?" She felt as if she had just been a child caught red handed, elbow deep in the cookie jar.

Odhrán Ó Dálaigh

Penny's mouth opened and stood slightly agape when Professor Bryce straitened up and looked at her. Wow, she was that girl?!

"You look just like her."

Penny hadn't thought she was real, with those captivating dark eyes and and perfect hair. Instead, she had assumed her boss had made her up, like the fragile elfin faces and fantastical forests she'd occasionally caught a peak of in his notebook. In that case, maybe he was okay with that woman leaning over him and she had just interrupted a bit of a moment. How embarrassing.

"Penelope Darlington," she introduced herself. "I'm the new receptionist. Just started here last month." Oh boy, this was awkward. Exactly what was she supposed to say to this woman now.

"How is the patient? Can I notify the next of kin of any changes in her condition? I'm sure they are waiting most anxiously. Or is it too early to say?" Her voice trembled a bit as she flashed back on the horror of the previous night. When she's signed on for the job at Meridian she had thought it would be quiet and low key, giving her time to focus on her family. Instead, she had stepped into something quite over the top and intense.

"I see Ó Dálaigh's cast another spagyric incantation," Penny commented looking at the empty black bottle still standing on the counter. "Has he said anything about putting on another batch of the black potion?"

She stepped to the counter and looked at the potion bottles still there. Summoning a empty drinking glass, she poured some draught of peace into it, then a couple of drops of strengthening solution. "He'll fight you on this, but he should probably drink this when he wakes up. I've never seen him cast as much as he did last night. He must be knackered."

Looking around awkwardly, Penny hoped to be able to excuse herself and leave the room shortly.

Odhrán shifted in chair beside the window, letting out a yawny moan as his mind was forced back into semi-consciousness.