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Started by Mooni, June 01, 2021, 04:12:13 am


June 01, 2021, 04:12:13 am Last Edit: Today at 03:43:43 am by Talia Bryce
Tossing out some characters here for others should they find them interesting.
I'm open to chatting more in DMs to plot or get more information should you need it!
Most of them I didn't have a plan for so they're pretty open to start with beyond relations to my characters.

Talia E. Bryce
✧ Maisie Cooper
✧ Megan Cooper
- Twins
- Both younger siblings to Talia, no specified ages simply marked as younger, born after 1943
- Both magical blood and attended Hogwarts

Kian T. Thorne
✧ 2 un-named younger siblings, one boy one girl
 (could be a first, second, third, fourth year Hogwarts student)
- Pureblood family, high social standing

Garrett W. Rynne
✧ Clara Unknown.
- Older by a year / two. Sister in name only, not blood related.
- Garrett hardly remembers her and has never found her when was parted from her as a child.
- Magical status unknown

✧ 2 Unknown blood related siblings
- Garrett does not know of them
- Older by a couple of years +
- Possible Muggle/Squib as he is Muggleborn

*More to come as I finish other apps!