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Only approved characters may post character. Of course you can get to know us out of character before in our Personal Introductions section and start working on your character in our WIP Area if you need help and input.

Floo.Network allows cursing as part of roleplaying content where it is appropriate to the character. The same rule does not apply to the out of character sections of the game. Please make sure you are polite and respectful to others even if your characters do not get along.

We will accept some adult content in designated areas of the game in appropriately flagged threads. Romance, casual relationships and sex are allowed as long as all participating players and characters are over the age of 16. We will not accept explicit content involving characters below the UK age of consent (16), animals, dead bodies or extreme fetishes. If reading such content is age restricted in your country, you are responsible for not reading such content. We reserve the right to remove offensive material at our discretion.

We will accept content involving mild violence in all areas of the game. If your role play situation involves excessive violence that may trigger or offend others it may only be posted in designated areas of the game in appropriately flagged threads. We reserve the right to remove offensive material at our discretion.

Character Creation
You may create as many major and minor characters as you desire. Floo.Network reserves the right to decline applications for characters with or without reason. We may also ask you to archive existing, inactive characters before accepting new characters.

Canon Characters and Relations
You may apply for playing a canon character at any time. We will not accept alterations to a canon's history, new relatives or long lost children. Characters that are only mentioned in passing, may be exempted from this rule at our discretion.

Character Demographics & Background
Floo.Network is a roleplaying game focused on Hogwarts and the British Isles. As such we only accept characters that are either British (including British Indian and Black British characters) or have a demonstrable link to the country (British ancestry, lived there for a long time). We reserve the right to decline characters that do not have a plausible background upon creation. We do this to maintain a base of characters who could realistically know each other and have threads. We don't want to see you stuck with a character that doesn't have any RP opportunities.

When you write a character of foreign origins, please try to avoid stereotypes or portraying the character in a way that may be offensive. As with everything else, please consider our setting and the time period we are based in when making your decisions.

We don't like asking for character edits, but we may occasionally do so if your background runs the risk of severely limiting your in character opportunities.

As a special request, we would like to to consider using statistically rare characteristics sparingly and only for characters you intend to play, rather than unplayed friends and family members of your character. Statistically rare characteristics include but aren't limited to orphans, twins, Quidditch captains, prefects, seventh sons of a seventh son, the brightest student of their year and similar.

If we see statistically rare characteristics used in a way that might be unfair to other players or in a way that creates an unusual abundance of one type of character, we may ask you to make some minor edits in the spirit of keeping things fair to all players.

Character Gender & Sexual Orientation
You may play characters of any gender and sexual orientation. We're a diverse bunch out of character and hope everyone will feel welcome here at Floo.Network.

When deciding on your character's preferences please keep in mind the time our game is set as well as the location it is set at. Be careful not to transpose modern terminology and concepts into a time period where they didn't exist. Be prepared that your chosen gender and orientation may not be perceived positively by other characters. While we do not tolerate any discrimination out of character, we do allow for historically appropriate portrayal of opinion and attitude in character as long as it follows all other role-playing guidelines.

If you are portraying a sexuality other than your own we ask you to do so respectfully and in a way that is appropriate to your character's age and cultural background. Please keep in mind our general policy regarding erotica.

Floo.Network is aware that JK Rowling has made many negative and inflammatory statements about people transgender and gender non-conforming people. While we love the Wizarding World and Harry Potter universe we do not share nor support her personal views on gender, sexuality, or identity.

Muggle World
Please remember that most muggle inventions do not work in the magical world and the time period during which Floo.Network is set. There were no iPhones and internet access wasn't publicly available on a wide scale until the mid 1990s. The aim of this role play is to portray a magical world set during the first rise of Lord Voldemort, not to deliver a representation of Britain in the 60s and early 70s. Please keep threads set in the muggle world to a minimum.

(Mental) Disorders & Illnesses
We expect you to be extremely careful in the depiction of any disorders. Our source material, the Harry Potter books, do not mention conditions very often and when they do they appear to be magical in nature. It generally appears that wizards can cure conditions of a mundane nature easily, but magical ones are more complex. If you are playing a character who has been in the magical world, it stands to reason they would have had some access to help for mundane conditions they may be suffering from. If you are playing a character with a condition, please carefully evaluate what help is available in the magical world and keep the terminology and wording appropriate to the setting.

Our source material doesn't mention religion very often, so it is likely that wizarding society is quite secularised. Characters may be of any or no religion, but please do not make their faith or lack thereof a major plot point in your roleplaying.

Out of character we welcome members of any faith or belief. Please remain respectful and polite towards others who may have views different than your own.

Pureblood Wizards of Money and Influence
Being a pureblood witch or wizard is a social construct. The books show us that even some of the most hardcore proponents of blood purity faked their own credentials. (Even Lord Voldemort went as far as changing his name to hide his muggle origins.) It therefore stands to reason that being a pureblood is more of a political statement than a reflection of biological facts. It is established that Muggle/wizards marriages were common for centuries prior to the Statute of Secrecy. Those self-describing as purebloods are unlikely to have any more wizarding ancestors than most halfblood witches or wizards.

We'd therefore ask that if you are going to create a new pureblood family and portray them as well respected and influential among other purebloods to stick to the traditional image of pureblood families. After all, why would you claim to be part of a political movement if you don't share its views and values? It is our understanding that the books and movies based traditional pureblood culture in the archaic customs and visual language of Victorian England. We'd like to maintain this look and feel where possible.

Of course, individual characters may rebel against their upbringing and some families may be more extreme than others in what they are willing to do in the name of blood purity. Naturally, there are also families who may have fallen out of favour in society. You are welcome to create a family of "blood traitors" if you are comfortable with the in character reactions this may receive from other purebloods.

If you have any doubts about your character and their background, we are always happy to answer questions in our WIP Area.

You may not determine the actions of a character other than your own. If you need to post about another player's character you may only to do with their permission.

Special Abilities
If you want your character to be extraordinarily good at something or have a rare ability it must be recorded in your character sheet. Failure to declare abilities in your sheet may result in suspension of the character until the sheet is amended and approved again. Special abilities include animagi, occluments, werewolves and more. You can find further details in our New Player Guide.

Writing Style
We expect posts and character sheets to be written from a third person perspective. Please make sure your posts are longer than a few sentences and legible to other role players. We generally welcome players whose first lanaguage is not English. However, if we cannot read and understand your posts because of language abilities, we may terminate your account.
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