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Lake / 🌷 Spring 70🗝 OpenRe: Just Leave Me Alone
Last post by Jake Carter - October 20, 2021, 10:54:50 pm
Riley had continued writing on the parchment. Jake didn't want to spy, but he didn't know what else to do. Except, what if Riley say him spying? That wouldn't be super great. He knew that. But, he didn't want to get bored. Plus, the silence was a bit awkward. Right when he was about to glance at what she was writing, the thought that he could do something other than spying crossed his mind. He could ask what homework she was doing. It wasn't really a thing Jake was good at doing, but he didn't want to get caught looking at her parchment. He sighed, and hoped she wouldn't think he was weird by asking her the question he had in mind. All he could do was hope. At least he was kind of good at hoping.

"What homework is that?" Jake asked, hoping, once again.

I really hope it isn't charms, he thought. If it is, I don't know what I'll do. I'll be doomed.

Odhrán wasn't sure what he had expected from her, but evidently not this. He felt beyond uncomfortable in his skin as his friend stormed towards the door and started banging on it. What if somebody heard her?! Part of him knew that being heard of course was the point of this exercise, but he couldn't deny that his nerves were flaring. He wasn't built for conflict. As overconfident and bossy as he could be, anyone who knew him well enough would probably that attest that he generally avoided conflicts unless it couldn't be helped.

He felt a lump forming in his throat and he wished he could be anywhere but beside Deitha. He had no idea what would expect them if the door was opened. Deitha scared people for a living and could hold her own in a fight, but him, well, he didn't have much experience with such things. His foray into Azkaban had shown that he had enough raw power to be able to defend himself, but handling nasty creatures was a whole other ballpark than handling dangerous wizards. What if they made things worse? What if somebody got hurt?

His breath was quickening and he was vaguely aware that if he didn't get a grip of himself he would be a liability to Deitha. Balling his hands into fists, he gathered his resolve. He was in control. He could do this. They would be okay.

He shifted his weight uncomfortably, feeling time had slowed down to a slow crawl.

"Go away," came a voice from inside the house.

Ah, somebody was here. He wasn't sure if that should scare him or make him feel relieved. Odhrán curled his fingers around his wand just in case. He gave Deitha another look, waiting for her to take charge in this strange situation. She probably had more experience with people like this.

"I think I heard someone inside," Odhrán said to Deitha. "I mean someone other than him. Sounds like someone might be in distress."

Having said it out loud his stomach plummeted further. Maybe, they should have left this to the authorities? His mind was instantly casting to the worst of possible scenarios. What if their perpetrator had found another victim? What if he had another young girl that would be in need of healing?

Should they blast through the door?
London / 🌷 Spring 70🗝 OpenRe: The Science of Friendship
Last post by Arun Bhargava - October 20, 2021, 09:32:22 pm
Arun found that watching her was just as fascinating as watching the veela singers and dancers on stage. While some men might have struggled to anchor their attention elsewhere, he had no such trouble. It was hard to say if it was his familiarity with their kind or the veela blood running through his own veins, but Arun was mostly immune to their magical pull. Calantha seemed to be as well. It wasn't too surprising. In Arun's experience women usually were unaffected, unless very much attracted to the same gender.

He averted his gaze back to the performers before she catch him observing her. The singers had started on a traditional Bulgarian tune, voices magically amplified to layer on top of another. There were only eight women on the stage, but it sounded like a choir of a hundred voices was singing in perfect harmony. Arun loved those pieces. They set the whole room in motion with a sort of spiritual energy that was so palpable that it could be felt.

The interval was upon them much quicker than anticipated. Ah, Calantha had worked out what they were watching. "Yes indeed, the best dancers and singers you can see in London on a school night. Of course on the weekends there is also the old opera that's worth a visit." He found himself talking aimlessly, trying to quell an unwanted flutter of his stomach.

"And I'd imagine most of them would be," he answered the question. "The effect of the songs only last a little while and most of the ladies are used to handling the attention they are getting and know not to take advantage of it. They usually don't last long with the theatre company if they talk one of the patrons out of all of their money. I've heard stories though. Rumjana downstairs has a few good ones from her dancing days, though I wouldn't want to speculate how true they are."

He gave a nervous smile. "Want to get up and stretch your limbs before the show continues? We could grab a glass of something sparkling in the foyer as well..." Arun wasn't much of a drinker, but he felt comfortable enough in her company to allow himself a glass of something. It was as if some of his barriers were falling without her having to do anything much to win him over. Letting him take a moment seemed to be enough to put him at ease.

"Anyway, what do you think of the performance? I hope you're having a good time." His expression betrayed a hint of insecurity. It had been a while since he'd been to theatre with somebody else. Still, he had to admit that it was enjoyable and that maybe he should allow himself to socialise a bit more often.
Gryffindor Common Room / 🌷 Spring 70🗝 OpenRe: Serendipity
Last post by Shyla Bartlett - October 20, 2021, 09:18:31 pm
Shyla had started to feel a growing pit of nervousness to hear her new friends answer. She felt bad for striking that question on to her out of the blue and, as usual when she's nervous, she started playing with her fingers making her pick off the skin that was in patches from the past. She sighed and looked at her hands slightly and shook her head slightly

god Shyla. you need to stop this habit. you could seriously injure yourself se thought to herself as she tried to stop the growing pit of nervousness in her stomach from growing and hoped that she would stop picking at the skin on her hands.

She looked back up at Grace and tried to read her expression and tried to figure out what she was going to say: if she was going to accept or reject her. She wouldn't know what to do if Grace said no as she would feel really embarrassed with basically just ranting to her

She sighed of relief hearing her redhead friend speak with a smile. She nodded instantly with a shy smile "i- i would really like that. I know that if i carried on with not learning the spell, i would probably lose the bloody plot and just let myself fail Charms". She chuckled to herself and shook her head before looking back at Grace. One thing Shyla knew was that this was gonna be a great start to a friendship and she hoped it would last
Before Shyla could answer, she saw Easton poking his head out from under the desk. She giggled to herself before getting down to his level and petted him gently, causing him to come out from under the desk letting me pet him fully "hey there boy. haven't seen you in a while now have i?" she giggled instantly once she started licking her face. She let him continue for a few minutes before stopping him and looked up at the kind librarian.

Shyla smiled at Miss Pemberton and nodded softly "yeah I'm here to do some Charms homework and I was hoping if you could show me where the Char books were.. especially the ones with all the spells in as you know... i can't do the spells". She blushed out pf embarrassment and looked down at Easton before standing up and looked back at the librarian

"If that isn't too much of a bother as i know you would want to go back to reading a book right now"
Grace gave Shyla a bit of a doubtful look. Even though she'd managed to cast a levitation charm, she was somewhat less convinced that she would actually be able to teach it. She kinda wished Bobby was around. He always seemed to know what to say and how to explain things. Truthfully, it was starting to become a little irritating just how much of a know it all the third year Ravenclaw was. At the same time Grace had to admit that he really seemed to know what he was doing.

If she was entirely honest with herself, Grace had hoped she'd be a good student like that as well. She'd read a lot of books and she had studied a lot. She usually understood the theory behind her things. Her problems usually came in as soon as she was expected to actually cast a spell and not just study it and write about it.

She let out a faint sigh. Even if she doubted herself, she owed Shyla the attempt of trying to help her. After all, she'd just received help herself when she had needed it. Grace gave her new friend a soft smile.

"Of course, we can practice the spell if you like. Do you want to show me what you can do already?" From what Grace had seen and heard a lot of students seemed to have trouble with pronouncing the incantation correctly. Wingardium Leviosa really was a bit of a mouthful. As soon as you shifted the stress to the wrong syllable the spell seemed to become unstable. It was strange how such a thing could be the case when she knew that it was possible to cast spells silently without any incantation. One of these days she'd have to ask Professor Prendergast as to why that was. Preferably when he wasn't having another argument with her mother.
London / 🌷 Spring 70Re: Unnatural Selection
Last post by Aurelius Audish - October 20, 2021, 08:42:57 pm
Oh, Merlin. That woman was giving him sass and attitude again. As she snarked at him, his mind filled with other encounters he'd had with this woman, none of which he considered enjoyable. Had she been working in his department, he'd have gotten rid of her at the first opportunity. Audish wondered who her supervisor was and why they bothered to keep this lady around.

"I was reviewing her chart," he muttered grumpily, not sure why he even bothered to explain himself. He hardly owed this chick an explanation or justification. Even if she didn't report to him directly, he was still a senior at this hospital. He expected to be treated with respect, not like whatever that had just been. She was really getting a bit cocky for somebody who didn't even hold a healer qualification.

Calling him outdated, pfft. His methods were tried, trusted and clinically appropriate. He never understood the hurry the younger staff seemed to be in when it came to implementing new protocols. Did they not know that the vast majority of clinical trials ended in failure and that the comfort and quality of life of the patient was also a consideration? Audish always made sure to make his patients comfortable. Steady, but gradual improvement was better than radical and randomised outcomes. Well, at least that was how Chief Healer Audish justified a great many things in his head.

"You are welcome to watch and learn," he commented as he turned the page on the patient's chart. "Unlike some people in some departments I like to diligently review the case history before taking action. Medicine isn't trial and error." Well, it was sometimes, but the attitude of some of the younger staff members was driving him crazy. They went in prescribing potions and treatments before having completed a proper analysis of there cases. Sometimes, they got on with a case without having taken an arcanogram or any arithmantic reading. 'We'll know in a couple of hours if the treatment will be effective' was something they liked to say. It was atrocious.

He could feel his concentration slipping as a bit of anger seeped into his thoughts. He'd dedicated so many years to creating a good working environment and life thanked him with people like that woman. He couldn't wait for Dankworth to be back so he wouldn't have to deal with any of it.

Once fully caught up with the chart, Audish got up to learn over the patient. He produced his wand to cast a number of diagnostic charms, quietly and with a lot of routine. His mind was trying to come up with an action plan. Really, he needed to get rid of that woman, if not from the hospital than at least from this room. He didn't need a witness when all he wanted to do was make sure that this lady didn't wake up.

"Hmm, strange," he muttered as of to himself rather than playing to his audience. "Her heartbeat seems to be rather slower than it should be. I wonder if she is taking all her medications. Seems almost like she missed out on a much needed potion." Well, he thought it was more likely that Dankworth had missed to prescribe it, but maybe this was enough of a ruse to make that healer leave for a minute so he could get a quick obliviation in.
Rose had gotten lost in a book about some Slavic runes round at an excavation site near Varna. It probably wasn't very useful knowledge she was acquiring here, but she did enjoy getting lost in a topic she didn't know much about. It was fun to gain a little bit of an insight into something new. She eagerly turned the page when one of the students called for her. She let out a soft sigh, marked her place with a bookmark and made her way back to her desk.

"Good afternoon, Shyla," she greeted the Gryffindor that had just arrived. She was a first year and a classmate of her daughter's. Shyla visited the library pretty frequently and seemed like she was a studious type. "Did you stop by to do your homework? Take any table you like. Or if you're looking for some books, what can I help you find?"

Rose had the books organised systematically and in a way that should allow her students to find things by themselves easily, but she liked talking to the kids and helping them. Of course, not all were equally open to her assistance. In the corner of her eye she watched a Slytherin boy come inside, trying to make his way past them. Rose didn't know if the boy was weary of her for some reason, or if it was just that he was shy around everyone. Likely the latter.
Lake / 🌷 Spring 70🗝 OpenRe: Just Leave Me Alone
Last post by Riley Stagg - October 20, 2021, 07:18:16 pm
Riley had decided to carry on with her homework as she waited for an answer for her question... well questions but they were all linked to one question all together. She had decided to do as much homework as she possibly could in the time span of today. So far, she had done Transfiguration homework and the extra work she was given. She was doing Defence against the dark arts but that was a massive disadvantage to her as she didn't understand DADA at all.

She struggled a lot with DADA as she either daydreamed, struggled with the defence spells or just didn't understand at all. She tried asking for help from others but they wouldn't give any. She was too scared to ask the Professor for help so she left it and just decided to accept the fact that she was gonna fail DADA
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